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In case you missed the front page of today’s Mercury, please read 

This secret approval for test drilling on the mountain raises serious questions about how development is approved in this state under the Hodgman government.

It also begs several other questions:

Is it OK for a senior government minister of Mr Gutwein’s experience to approve a decision of this magnitude, one day out from his government assuming a caretaker role?

How is it that Premier Hodgman stated that he had no knowledge of the decision? Is it Mr Gutwein acting unilaterally? Why is Mr Hodgman unable to control his deputy?

Why wasn’t there a media release announcing this approval? What’s behind Mr Gutwein’s attempt at secrecy?

What are the chances of a consultative and transparent development approval process in this state if this covert approval is an example of how things will be run if the Liberal Party win another term of government?

I am seriously concerned about the implications of this decision and the manner in which it was executed.

Al Adams




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  1. yes dubious. so hard to have faith in pollies when this sort of stuff goes on.


  2. Al Adams AUTHOR

    The Mt Wellington Cable Car Company have proposed the following for the summit:

    • Cafe
    • Restaurant
    • Whisky and wine bar

    Soft tourism, it’s the new cancer despoiling our sacred places.