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<guide version="2"><header access="" acknowledgement="by Michael Berry, originally published in Craglets." history="" intro="THIS CLIFF IS CLOSED AT TIME OF PUBLICATION.&lt;br/&gt;The Grasstree Hill cliff-line is composed of steep sandstone and is up to 25m high. It is south facing so is quite chilly during the winter months. It is only about 300 metres walk from the road. The cliff is on private property so the land-owners wishes must be respected if access is to continue. His wishes are that you are quite (ie don't interrupt his quiet lifestyle). Try to be discreet as the cliff is only 300 or so metres from his house. To get there drive from Risdonvale along Grasstree Hill Road. The road ascends steadily until the top of the hill where it begins its descent to Richmond. Park on the top on the left in a gravel pull off. The cliff is now about five minutes walk to the west, follow the fence-line past a gate until you see the cliffs developing on your left." name="Grasstree Hill" rock="10-20m high sandstone buttresses" sun="Not much sun" walk="10 min" id="1"/><image noPrint="false" src="grasstree hill map.png" width="" id="2"/><text class="text" id="3">The first major buttress approached sports a large overhang. This buttress contains three routes.</text><climb extra="Þ" grade="18" length="" name="All That for This" number="" stars="" id="4" fa="Michael Berry, Feb 1994.">Climb the left arête of the overhang via three bolts. </climb><climb extra="Þ" grade="26" length="" name="Anne &amp; Alice" number="" stars="" id="5" fa="Michael Berry, Dec 1993.">Climb the right side of the overhang via four bolts (stick clip the first). The crux is at the top. </climb><climb extra="" grade="16" length="" name="Col the Carpet Cleaner" number="" stars="" id="6" fa="M.Berry, A.Terauds, Dec 1993.">Five metres right and around the arête from Anne &amp; Alice is a slabby wall. </climb><climb extra="Þ" grade="21" length="" name="Johanna" number="" stars="" id="7" fa="Michael Berry, Feb 1994.">20m Right of Col is a short, steep arête with three bolts. Climb the corner and arête. </climb></guide>