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Cradle mountain offers some of the easiest accessable steep skiing in Tassie, the walk up the mountain is relatively easy and it is only a 4 hour walk to the summit, with good snow caving areas around the mountain as well.
There are several good areas to ski when the snow is good.

The easiest to access is a chute that starts at the notch immediately south of Marions Lookout. It requires a recent heavy fall but provides a fun, steep line that continues most of the way down to the Dove Lake Circuit track. Several other smaller chutes can be found on the western side of Crater Lake and on the ridge that leads down to Riggs Pass.

The chutes that are visable from the lake dove carpark offer some exciting skiing without the exposure, there are plenty of chutes to choose from in the area and there is chutes for varied abilities, ranging from 3m wide to 20m wide.

The main area of the mountain is to be found over the back, the area looks small from the summit but once down over the first ridge it becomes apparent that the area is very large. The backbowl is made up of three open faces, and two chutes that head down towards lake Rodway at the back of the mountain. (see Pic 1)


Mt Rufus has some good terrain and gets a reasonable amount of snow. It was considered as a place for a ski resort in the 50s, but measurement of the snow showed it wasn't reliable enough.
The track starts two main tracks start at Lake St Clair, it takes about 3 hours (question) to the snow line. The southern most of these climbs a a wide east facing slope which generally seems to hold the best snow. It offers some steep turns at the top and a long run down through the trees to the base. Watch out for cornices at the top as avalanches have occurred here.  

A third, less frequented track starts from the Rufus canal road and approaches the summit from the south, passing two old ski huts. The southern slopes are extensive and provide lots of gentle slopes with the odd steep drop, though the snow doesn't seem to be as reliable as the eastern face.  

More info here:
There is a small hut at the base of the slopes: see
Also of interest is an old map of the proposed ski field:

Mt Anne

There is good skiing over the Eliza Plateau, however it is quite exposed. Its about 2-3 hours solid walk to gain the altitude. There are some shots of Mt Anne under snow here: Mt Anne Gallery.