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There is good skiing over the Eliza Plateau, however it is quite exposed. Its about 2-3 hours solid walk to gain the altitude. The base of summit block can be reached in another couple of hours of easy skinning. While there are no feasible lines down from the summit (for anyone who values their life) there are several truly spectacular lines that drop down the huge south-east facing bowl between Shelf Camp and the summit block. The most obvious of these starts at the junction between the summit track and the circuit track and heads steeply down towards a vertical sided chute just visible from the top. One inside the chute, which is dead straight and more like a slot canyon, you can continue on for several hundred meters. This is only achievable in excellent snow conditions.      

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It also looks like there's a nice chute directly below the summit block (the climber's descent route), which goes for a couple of hundred meters before it ends in cliffs.