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  <header access="Teardrop Gully comprises two sections, the gully below Step Tier (Lower Teardrop Gully), and the gully above Step Tier (Upper Teardrop Gully). Access to most of the Lower Teardrop Gully has traditionally been from the bottom, scrambling up to the left of Summertime Buttress. However, this is now heavily vegetated and involves considerable bush bashing!&lt;br/&gt;Currently the best way to access climbs in Upper Teardrop Gully is from the summit carpark. From the Lookout Shelter head down and across the screes (see topo in the guide Introduction) heading in the general direction of the northern tip of Bruny Island. After several hundred metres look for the rusty pipe and cairn that mark the top of the gully (GPS MTW180). Alternatively head down the fence line from the television tower, and then head towards Constitution Dock from the bottom of the fence. Either way finding the top of the gully can be difficult if you&apos;ve never been there. The most common mistake is to find yourself too far south at the top of Avalanche Couloir, which looks similar from above.  " acknowledgement="" history="" intro="Teardrop Gully has some good cragging in the shade, on several distinct buttresses. The first bolted routes on the Pipes were done here in the early nineties, and the area has continued to produce some good sport and mixed routes. The cliffs are described roughly L to R, which is from the bottom of the gully to the top." name="Teardrop Gully" rock="Single pitch dolerite buttresses, quite a few sport routes" sun="Not much sun" walk="15 min down from the summit" id="1" camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <text class="heading2" id="25">Lower Teardrop Gully</text>
  <text class="text" id="26">This section offers some quality routes on steep buttresses.</text>
  <text class="text" id="27">Access to the lower gully is by heading straight up the Bulging Buttress track towards Cracked Pepper and branching off right where the path splits, traversing through to the grassy gully below a bit of a waterfall. For Farewell to Arms etc, scramble and bush bash 60m up scrubby corners and vegetated ledges left of Summertime Buttress.&lt;br/&gt;Descent: abseil (tape) off blocks on top of the buttresses. Abseiling back down the waterfall and gully line itself is not recommended nor is down climbing the often wet and slippery rocks.</text> 
  <text id="60" class="heading3">Summertime Buttress</text>
  <text id="61" class="text">The very first buttress on the left at the base of the gully, a series of short walls. A bit cold and dank in winter but comes into its own on a sunny summer’s morning.</text>
  <climb id="65" stars="" extra="3 Þ  ↓" number="1." name="The Bentwood" length="12m" grade="16" fa="T. McKenny and B. Bull, B. Maddison, Jan, 2017.">The buttress to the far left, past a deep chimney. Steep but fun climbing on good rock up the nose of the buttress, staying left at the top. Rap station (12m).&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="62" stars="" extra="↓ " number="2." name="Dave&apos;s Wall" length="12m" grade="18" fa="D. Humphries, J. Nermut, Mar 2014.">On the square, separate wall to the right of the Bentwood. Start low down on the left and climb the left hand side of the wall with good gear in the horizontals. Move right at the top to the DBB. Rap:12m.</climb>
  <climb id="67" stars="" extra=" ↓" number="3." name="Thor" length="11m" grade="15" fa="T. McKenny, B. Maddison and B. Bull, Jan 2015.">Good rock, good gear and good moves. Takes the right-hand arête of the wall to DBB. Rap: 11m.&lt;br/&gt; &lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="63" stars="" extra="↓ " number="4." name="Jon&apos;s Crack" length="12m" grade="13" fa="J. Nermut, Mar, 2014">Bridge up the clean corner to the R of Dave's Wall. A neat little climb with good protection. Rap off from DBB on left (12m).</climb>
  <climb id="64" stars="*" extra="5Þ ↓" number="5." name="Sleeping Dogs" length="12m" grade="18" fa="B. Bull and T. McKenny, I. Crossland, Dec. 2016">Steep climbing on good rock straight up the rounded arête, 3m right of Jon's Crack. Rap off from DBB 2m back (14m).</climb>
  <climb id="66" stars="*" extra="  5Þ ↓" number="6." name="Gone Viral" length="12m" grade="18" fa="B. Maddison, B. Bull and T. McKenny, Jan, 2017. ">Neat! The steep line to the right of Sleeping Dogs. Rap :14m.&lt;br/&gt; &lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="68" stars="" extra="4Þ ↓  " number="7." name="The Unrideable Chicken" length="10m" grade="19" fa="B. Maddison, T. McKenny,  S. Scott and B. Bull, Jan, 2017.">On the right hand side of the gully, opposite Gone Viral. Classy climbing with a sting in the tail.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="33">Farewell To Arms Buttress (LH Side)</text>
  <image id="56" src="teardrop3 nls.jpg" width="500" legend="true" legendTitle="Farewell To Arms Buttress" legendx="329" legendy="350" height="455">
      <path id="57471" points="153.0,390.0, 164.0,227.0, 173.0,144.0, 177.0,56.0,belay" d="M153.0,390.0C157.4,324.8 161.3,260.3 164.0,227.0C166.7,193.7 170.5,177.3 173.0,144.0C175.5,110.7 175.4,91.2 177.0,56.0" linkedTo="35"/>
      <path id="3796" points="126.0,340.0, 134.0,213.0, 137.0,107.0, 146.0,49.0,belay" d="M126.0,340.0C129.2,289.2 132.0,255.4 134.0,213.0C136.0,170.6 135.3,130.4 137.0,107.0C138.7,83.6 142.4,72.2 146.0,49.0" linkedTo="34"/>
      <path id="89813" points="192.0,426.0, 197.0,271.0, 206.0,168.0, 206.0,77.0,belay" d="M192.0,426.0C194.0,364.0 194.8,312.3 197.0,271.0C199.2,229.7 204.3,204.4 206.0,168.0C207.7,131.6 206.0,113.4 206.0,77.0" linkedTo="36"/>
      <path id="27490" points="246.0,393.0, 253.0,259.0, 240.0,123.0,belay" d="M246.0,393.0C248.8,339.4 254.2,312.7 253.0,259.0C251.8,205.3 245.2,177.4 240.0,123.0" linkedTo="37"/>
      <path id="73330" points="463.0,261.0, 452.0,168.0, 444.0,80.0,belay" d="M463.0,261.0C458.6,223.8 455.7,203.2 452.0,168.0C448.3,132.8 447.2,115.2 444.0,80.0" linkedTo="39"/>
  <text id="50" class="text">Scramble 60m up the vegetated ledges to left of Summertime Buttress to the first buttress on the left-hand side of Teardrop Gully.&lt;br/&gt;Climbs on the left-hand side of the gully are described from bottom to top (left to right).</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="17" length="32m" name="Out Of The Frying Pan" number="8." stars="" id="34" fa="S. Brennan, K. Bischoff, Apr 1981.">The chimney to the left of Farewell To Arms. Climb the tight chimney.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="30m" name="Farewell To Arms" number="9." stars="***" id="35" fa="D. Stephenson, N. Deka, Feb 1989.">The obvious crack system on the south face of the first buttress, clearly visible from the track. Start at the base of the buttress, between Out Of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire. Climb the sustained, flared cracks up the face to belay on a ledge just below the top of the buttress. Tape abseil to descend.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="22" length="30m" name="Into The Fire" stars="**" id="36" fa="S. Parsons, K. Bischoff, Apr 1981." number="10.">A sustained route following the prominent corners on the north side of the first buttress, clearly visible from the Organ Pipes Track. &lt;br/&gt;1. 7m. Climb the crack just right of the arête to a small ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 23m. Climb with difficulty into a shallow scoop using insecure small wires for protection (a peg was used here originally). Continue through a bulge using layaway holds to one more queasy experience, a sloping jug. Continue up to belay at a ledge.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="15" length="26m" name="Farouche" stars="" id="37" fa="K. Bischoff, S. Parsons, Apr 1981." number="11.">The crack right of Into The Fire. Follow the chimney to start with, and the corner at the top.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="38">Thought Insertion Buttress (LH Side)</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="19" length="27m" name="Thought Insertion" stars="*" id="39" fa="P. Bigg, S. Parsons, D. Fife, Jan 1982." number="12.">The enjoyable crack on the south face of the second buttress up the gully. The start can be done two ways. The crack on the left is probably the original start and is at least 20, despite the easier line existing closer to the right arête. The right-hand line has a very suspect flake on it at the roof though – beware. Finish up the crack line.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="15" length="25m" name="Morons In Motion" number="13." stars="" id="40" fa="I. Montoya, 1988.">It is not clear where this is! The original description says to climb the obvious crack around the arête right of Thought Insertion.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="20m" name="All Those Madmen" stars="*" id="41" fa="S. Parsons, P. Bigg, D. Fife, Jan 1982." number="14.">Worth a look. The crack around the corner to the right of Thought Insertion.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="20m" name="Second Edition" number="15." stars="*" id="42" fa="S. Parsons, M. Briggs, Jan 1982.">A fun route that follows the finger crack 2m right of All Those Madmen. Climb the crack, trending right at half height and through the bulge where the crack straightens (crux).</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="43">Wootang Ledge (RH Side)</text>
  <text id="59" class="text">The next five routes start from a wide vegetated ledge 50m up the right-hand side of Teardrop Gully and are described left to right.</text>
  <text class="text" id="44">Rap in to Upper Teardrop Gully; walk down past all the routes there, then to the left of the rock pedestal at the top of Step Tier as though going down to the Step Tier abseil chains; but a couple of metres down, around on the back of the pedestal (facing down Teardrop Gully) is another rap station (2 U-bolts); a 50m abseil from here will reach the ledge at the base of Wootang; a 25m abseil will reach the top of Cornered; also, a short abseil reaches the top anchors of Wootang, and then from there a 35m abseil reaches the ledge at the base (a 70m rope doubled over just makes it down for this option).&lt;br/&gt;It is also possible but not advisable to access from the bottom by scrambling up the right-hand side of the gully (steep and slippery, particularly when wet) Definitely worth roping up for.&lt;br/&gt;Descent: Top out or if you access from the bottom each route has a rap station to get back to the ledge, and a 40m abseil from bolts on the ledge (at the base of Wootang) gets you back down to the ground.</text>
  <image id="57" src="teardrop2 nls.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Lower Teardrop RHS" legendx="526" legendy="8" height="1289">
      <path id="48873" points="124.0,886.0, 138.0,678.0, 155.0,534.0, 163.0,427.0,lower" d="M124.0,886.0C129.6,802.8 132.9,735.8 138.0,678.0C143.1,620.2 150.7,576.7 155.0,534.0C159.3,491.3 159.8,469.8 163.0,427.0" linkedTo="48"/>
      <path id="84369" points="232.0,855.0, 247.0,609.0, 247.0,410.0, 235.0,242.0, 255.0,164.0,lower" d="M232.0,855.0C238.0,756.6 244.3,688.6 247.0,609.0C249.7,529.4 249.2,477.3 247.0,410.0C244.8,342.7 234.0,274.2 235.0,242.0C236.0,209.8 247.0,195.2 255.0,164.0" linkedTo="47"/>
      <path id="69649" points="269.0,861.0, 295.0,655.0, 298.0,470.0, 313.0,327.0,lower" d="M269.0,861.0C279.4,778.6 289.5,728.8 295.0,655.0C300.5,581.2 294.8,527.4 298.0,470.0C301.2,412.6 313.1,353.4 313.0,327.0" linkedTo="45"/>
      <rect id="30151" x="419" y="1040" width="51" height="22" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="Left Out" arrowDirection="none"/>
      <rect id="24883" x="490" y="938" width="64" height="22" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="Moonraker" arrowDirection="north"/>
      <path id="58583" points="413.0,1037.0, 377.0,990.0, 390.0,719.0, 387.0,553.0, 335.0,532.0, 333.0,391.0, 317.0,327.0," d="M413.0,1037.0C398.6,1018.2 378.7,1013.6 377.0,990.0C375.3,966.4 388.5,785.4 390.0,719.0C391.5,652.6 393.3,574.5 387.0,553.0C380.7,531.5 342.1,553.3 335.0,532.0C327.9,510.7 335.3,417.3 333.0,391.0C330.7,364.7 317.1,353.4 317.0,327.0"/>
      <path id="71346" points="282.0,93.0,lower 307.0,89.0, 325.0,81.0," d="M282.0,93.0C292.0,91.4 299.4,91.1 307.0,89.0C314.6,86.9 317.8,84.2 325.0,81.0" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="97373" points="521.0,901.0, 507.0,831.0, 497.0,791.0, 489.0,615.0, 485.0,539.0, 474.0,412.0, 465.0,319.0, 435.0,196.0,belay" d="M521.0,901.0C515.4,873.0 510.5,847.1 507.0,831.0C503.5,814.9 498.4,807.4 497.0,791.0C495.6,774.6 490.4,645.4 489.0,615.0C487.6,584.6 487.2,569.4 485.0,539.0C482.8,508.6 477.4,449.2 474.0,412.0C470.6,374.8 471.6,355.8 465.0,319.0C458.4,282.2 447.0,245.2 435.0,196.0" labelText=""/>
  <climb extra="Þ ↓" grade="25" length="45m" name="Five-Nil " number="16." stars="**" id="49" fa="D. McConnell, Jan 2007.">No natural gear required. Access from the top of the mountain is probably easiest. &lt;br/&gt;1. 20m 25. Start 5m up the gully left of Cornered and Wootang, with belay bolts on left. Climb the face and arête to a ledge and DBB (as for Cornered). &lt;br/&gt;2. 25m 19. Step right from the belay and ascend the blocky corner/arête system past many FH and the final U-bolt of Wootang. Either belay at the Wootang DBB and descend by abseil from here, or continue past another FH to the ledge above with the top DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ ↓" grade="23" length="20m" name="Cornered" number="17." stars="*" id="48" fa="A. Williams, early 2005.">Start approximately 5m left of Wootang. Climb the thin crack line just right of the arête, protected by small to mid-sized cams (some people think these small cams are quite dodgy), then continue up the shallow corner above past 3 FH to a DBB at the ledge.</climb>
  <climb extra="11Þ ↓" grade="25" length="35m" name="Wootang" number="18." stars="***" id="47" fa="A. Williams, Oct 2002.">A dedication to Lois Scarr. Start on the right-hand side of the wide face above the ledge at a DBB. Layaways on the face for the first 10m (crux) lead to a small ledge, continue up the face above to a DBB on the ledge at 35m. A short pitch (18) past one FH provides access to the top DBB if required.</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ ↓" grade="27" length="25m" name="Shaolin" number="19." stars="**" id="46" fa="A. Williams, Jan 2007.">The line of bolts to the left of The Colour of Magic. Scramble up the large corner then step right to gain the second bolt. Climb the shallow corner then move right into the thin layaway seam, following this until easier ground leads to the DBB of TCOM.</climb>
  <climb extra="Þ ↓" grade="26" length="24m" name="The Colour of Magic" number="20." stars="***" id="45" fa="A. Williams, Nov 2002.">The slightly overhanging arête above the extreme right of the ledge. Climb the initial layaway crack (0.5-3 Camalot), then undercling out right to the first bolt and continue up the arête to DBB.</climb>     
  <text class="heading2" id="2">Upper Teardrop Gully</text>
  <text class="text" id="3">This section is described from top to bottom (left to right). Note: There are still a couple of older routes with glue-in carrots, which usually have large heads and will only take the older RP brackets or sliding wires. These climbs are noted as such in their route description (all other bolted routes have either U-bolts or fixed hangers).</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="21">Sunny Side</text>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="18m" name="Donkey Aversion" number="21." stars="" id="24" fa="P. Robinson, A. Beech, S. Cameron, Jan 2010.">Start at the thin crack line immediately left of Dag on a Crag. Pleasant climbing just right of the arête.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ ↓" grade="20" length="18m" name="Dag On A Crag" number="22." stars="*" id="23" fa="M. Perchard, Apr 1992.">Known to have dished out some humiliation in recent times, the grade of this route could be suspect. Be warned. You also need brackets that can fit over carrots with large heads. On left-hand side of gully, at same height as Ano's Sojourn, are a series of broken outcrops. This route ascends highest one, just right of an orange wall. Power up initial section past 2 BRs and move L for a cam placement. Move back right, up ladder, left over bulge and right again, to finish up arête.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="16" length="18m" name="A Chill Wind" number="23." stars="" id="22" fa="S. Cameron, P. Robinson, A. Beech, Jan 2010.">Climb the short crack on the northern side of the buttress past a bush to a ledge. Arrange protection high in the corner, but take the face over the diagonal ledge on the left for nicer climbing to the top.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="4">Dark Side</text>
  <text class="text" id="5">This area was described in old guides as Teardrop Wall. Access via rap station down and left (facing out) from the top of Ano's Sojourn (15m rap; grade 4 to climb back out - and be wary of loose rock). Avoid the old approach; a short, but tricky down-climb into the head of gully (the scene of a serious accident in 2003).</text>
  <text class="text" id="6">Descent: Most bolted routes have their own lower-off, otherwise use the rap station just down on the buttress wall to the right of Ano's Sojourn.</text>
  <image id="55" src="teardrop nl.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Teardrop Gully" legendx="810" legendy="23" height="801">
      <path id="70871" points="189.0,237.0, 185.0,182.0, 178.0,57.0,belay" d="M189.0,237.0C187.4,215.0 186.3,204.0 185.0,182.0C183.7,160.0 180.8,107.0 178.0,57.0" linkedTo="53"/>
      <path id="91614" points="275.0,290.0, 272.0,233.0, 250.0,211.0, 239.0,67.0,belay" d="M275.0,290.0C273.8,267.2 275.8,244.9 272.0,233.0C268.2,221.1 252.4,223.2 250.0,211.0C247.6,198.8 243.4,124.6 239.0,67.0" linkedTo="8"/>
      <path id="68320" points="382.0,469.0, 376.0,383.0, 373.0,316.0, 384.0,277.0, 387.0,245.0, 378.0,209.0, 374.0,182.0,lower" d="M382.0,469.0C379.6,434.6 377.6,409.8 376.0,383.0C374.4,356.2 371.8,332.2 373.0,316.0C374.2,299.8 381.5,289.6 384.0,277.0C386.5,264.4 388.1,257.8 387.0,245.0C385.9,232.2 380.2,219.7 378.0,209.0C375.8,198.3 375.6,192.8 374.0,182.0" linkedTo="54"/>
      <path id="4787" points="322.0,112.0,lower" d="M322.0,112.0"/>
      <rect id="30330" x="334" y="99" width="3231" height="22" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="15m"/>
      <path id="24800" points="432.0,505.0, 431.0,445.0, 435.0,406.0, 439.0,338.0,lower" d="M432.0,505.0C431.6,481.0 430.5,460.7 431.0,445.0C431.5,429.3 433.8,421.6 435.0,406.0C436.2,390.4 437.4,365.2 439.0,338.0" linkedTo="9"/>
      <path id="66924" points="685.0,728.0, 698.0,695.0, 710.0,635.0,lower" d="M685.0,728.0C690.2,714.8 694.3,708.7 698.0,695.0C701.7,681.3 705.2,659.0 710.0,635.0" linkedTo="11"/>
      <path id="15599" points="688.0,615.0, 716.0,395.0, 697.0,361.0, 685.0,316.0,belay" d="M688.0,615.0C699.2,527.0 715.4,410.6 716.0,395.0C716.6,379.4 702.7,375.5 697.0,361.0C691.3,346.5 689.8,334.0 685.0,316.0" linkedTo="13"/>
      <path id="97549" points="738.0,680.0, 774.0,479.0,belay" d="M738.0,680.0C752.4,599.6 759.6,559.4 774.0,479.0" linkedTo="14"/>
      <path id="29327" points="774.0,675.0, 810.0,498.0,lower" d="M774.0,675.0C788.4,604.2 795.6,568.8 810.0,498.0" linkedTo="15"/>
      <path id="52851" points="814.0,684.0, 845.0,521.0,lower" d="M814.0,684.0C826.4,618.8 832.6,586.2 845.0,521.0" linkedTo="16"/>
      <path id="64593" points="837.0,683.0, 869.0,545.0,lower" d="M837.0,683.0C849.8,627.8 856.2,600.2 869.0,545.0" linkedTo="18"/>
      <path id="46960" points="462.0,508.0, 464.0,421.0, 458.0,395.0, 456.0,342.0,belay" d="M462.0,508.0C462.8,473.2 464.4,431.7 464.0,421.0C463.6,410.3 459.1,405.6 458.0,395.0C456.9,384.4 456.8,363.2 456.0,342.0" linkedTo="69"/>
  <text id="52" class="text">The first climb takes the crack line just up the slope to the left of Ano's Sojourn.</text>
  <climb id="53" name="Dave&apos;s Climb" length="10m" grade="17" fa="D. James, D. Rollins, Feb 2010." number="24." stars="" extra="">The crack climb to the niche, then awkward and thoughtful climbing to the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="10m" name="Ano&apos;s Sojourn" number="25." stars="**" id="8" fa="M. Collie, D. Fife, Apr 1981.">An entertaining workout to test your jamming skills. A distinct hand crack on the left-hand side of the gully (looking down) 20m below the top. Jam the straight crack through the overlap to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="54" name="Project" length="18m" extra="8Þ" fa="Dave Humphries" number="26.">The face 5m left of Turkey Slap, below the abseil bolts.</climb>
  <climb id="51" length="12m" grade="17" fa="T. McKenny, A. Adams, I. Snape, Feb 2011." name="Fire and Forget" number="27." extra="↓   " stars="">Start about 12m downhill from Ano's Sojourn, 3m left of Turkey Slap. Climb the short off-width on right of pillar, step out right onto wall and climb thin crack to top. Rap off Turkey Slap DBB.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ ↓" grade="24" length="12m" name="Turkey Slap  " number="28." stars="*" id="9" fa="D. McConnell, M. McMinn, A. Drenen, Jan 2007.">The bolted arête 15m downhill from Ano's Sojourn. Climb face and arête past a low crux to DBB.</climb>
  <climb id="5869" stars="*" extra="" number="29." name="Funemployment" length="14m" grade="16" fa="C. Lang, M. Roseavear, Nov 2020.">The crack 2m right from Turkey Slap. Start in the crack, back against a flake, up to the leftwards jag, then to the top of Turkey Slap pinnacle. Extend the DBB from Turkey Slap to belay or easily continue to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="58" stars="" extra="" number="30." name="You Are Not My Friend" length="15m" grade="17" fa="D. Rollins, C. Allen, Dec 2012.">But a big one helps protect the start. Start at short wide crack in a corner left of Sweepings. Up this to a ledge then continue up the steep flake crack. Belay in the back below the blocky chimney. A short and easy pitch leads to the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="13" length="20m" name="Sweepings" stars="" id="10" fa="S. Scott, M. Stone, Mar 1981." number="3031.">Start 3m to the left and above Suzerain, on a small platform behind Ceci N'est Pas Une Pipe. Up the crack in the wall which becomes a shallow corner, exiting right to finish.</climb>
  <climb extra="4Þ ↓" grade="19" length="10m" name="Ceci N&apos;est Pas une Pipe" number="3132." stars="*" id="11" fa="R. Parkyn, Nov 1991.">Pronounced 'sersi nay parz une peep'. Any the wiser? Pleasant face climbing up the downhill side of the lone chunk of rock in front of Suzerain.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="21" length="20m" name="Cocksure Propulsion" stars="" id="12" fa="M. Perchard, Mar 1991." number="3233.">Start 1m left of Suzerain. Climb the crack to a small roof, undercling and bridge past this, then layback the thin crack above. Step left and finish up the arête.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="32m" name="Suzerain" stars="**" id="13" fa="I. Lewis, L. Closs, Feb 1974." number="3334.">Sustained and technical, this is the hand crack in the prominent corner towards the right-hand end of the wall. Jam up to and past the overlap on the left wall. Continue up past a recess (crux) to a large ledge. Up the crack on the left to the top.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="22m" name="Built Like A Donkey" number="3435." stars="*" id="14" fa="R. Clarke, G. Fisher, Dec 1983.">Don't forget your #4 Camalots. This is the 'classic' fist (10cm) crack that splits the left-hand side of the blank wall, 4m right of Suzerain. Climb it with style and panache to keep your skin intact.</climb>
  <climb extra="6Þ ↓" grade="24" length="18m" name="Live Fast Die Young" number="3536." stars="*" id="15" fa="M. Perchard, Mar 1992.">Another technical and sustained number up the steep wall right of Suzerain. Climb a shallow corner 4m left of SBAPT then move right and up to a balancy mantle on the narrow ledge. Continue thinly up the fridge-like feature (crux), moving left to a flat hold at the last bolt. Finish out right.</climb>
  <climb extra="7Þ ↓" grade="22" length="18m" name="Sunk By A Pink Torpedo" number="3637." stars="*" id="16" fa="O. Prall, Feb 1992.">Starts and finishes 2m left of Fat Snatcher. Climb the tricky shallow corner/rib to a large sloping ledge. From the left end of this continue to the small ledge above, then up via the face holds to a punchy finish.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="8" length="14m" name="Fat Snatcher" number="3738." stars="" id="17" fa="Unknown. This is possibly the route taken by the final pitch of  route Explorer on Step Tier.">Better tighten your girth strap. The squeeze chimney 2m left of the Virus.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb extra="5Þ ↓" grade="21" length="12m" name="The Virus" number="3839." stars="*" id="18" fa="R. Parkyn, Nov 1991.">More technical dolerite face climbing. Follow the U-bolts up the wall left of Pretty Septic.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="14" length="17m" name="Pretty Septic" number="3940." stars="" id="19" fa="O. Prall, Nov 1991.">An interesting start. The open book corner that faces down the river, 1m left of Sheeza.</climb>
  <climb extra="" grade="18" length="17m" name="Sheeza" stars="" id="20" fa="M. Perchard, Nov 1991." number="4041.">A very picturesque route just above Step Tier. Clip the BR (carrot) from the left then follow the arête all the way to the top. Good pro is found in the cracks on the left.</climb>