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<guide version="3">
  <header id="1" access="The property at Bare Rock at Fingal is owned by  climbers Andrew Martin and his partner Alannah.  Andrew writes (July 2011):  1) Of paramount importance is the realization that the road up to Bare Rock is not council maintained, and in fact is paid for and maintained by the three private property owners (myself included). The other two have therefore asked that any climbers please drive slowly as this seems to really irritate them (the road gets chewed up very easily, as well as noise etc). Yes you arrive 1 minute later, but recent “Schumacher wannabes” have made some of the neighbours contemplate the need to allow further access. PLEASE drive slowly on the dirt road section.   2) A call prior to coming is ESSENTIAL. Please simply call me (or text) on 0418883418, each time that you intend on climbing here. The neighbours keep an eye out on my place due to a prior burglary. If I know you are coming, I can simply inform them of this fact, so they know not to come up and check on who the un-announced person is.   3) Although we would prefer that people go up the side boundary fence (as opposed to the main drive), this is quite often impossible due to the wet nature of the track. When driving up the main drive, please maintain “turtle speed”. Once past the house, you are more than welcome to park past the double shed at the right hand end of the car turning circle. There is room for at least 4 cars. Please don’t park on the turning circle, as the neighbours use this frequently.   4)The cliff is closed from AUGUST through to early DECEMBER, there is no room for negotiation here. Peregrine Falcon nesting occurs all over the cliff, as well as at least one pair of Wedge Tail Eagles in the immediate area. Part of the attraction of climbing at this cliff is the untamed beauty of the area, which I wish to maintain, partly through the protection of these magnificent birds&quot;.    To get to the cliff,  take the third RH turn, Legge Street, upon entering the town from the west and drive south towards the cliff (take my word for it, you can&apos;t miss it), turn L into Sorell Street, past several intersections. Continue straight ahead along a track heading towards the cliff to a locked gate (2.2 km from main road) with a sign reading &quot;Private Property&quot;. The track turns sharply L, past a rough sign for &quot;Alebert&quot; Street, descends past an old wooden shed then gains an old rocky road leading up R to a small hill. Take the RH track, past another gate, giving access to a paddock. Cross the paddock to a gate, passing a sign to Bare Rock on the way. Follow a rough road R just over its crest which leads to within 100 metres of the cliff face." acknowledgement="Original guide by Jon Tiller (thanks to Bob McMahon and Simon Parsons), first published in Craglets." history="" intro="&quot;It was not as if the black cliff at Fingal ever needed discovering. Perched up there in the paddocks behind the town, the black cliff streaked with orange is so obvious from the highway that I don&apos;t suppose anyone even notices it. The townspeople call it Bare Rock but I suspect the name is simply descriptive, like &apos;high mountain&apos; or &apos;rough road&apos;. Apart from the fact that it is there, I doubt whether it has much more significance for them.&quot; (Bob McMahon, Peaks 3).&lt;br/&gt;You cannot really miss Fingal Cliff, no matter which direction you come from, it&apos;s a huge 200 metre monolith of rock that jumps out and grabs you by the throat. Yes, it is dolerite but it has a unique structure which offers few natural lines and creates an incredible atmosphere for climbing. Even though Fingal Valley has a relatively high rainfall which makes the rock wet and greasy the faces dry very quickly, though the seepage lines remain wet for a long time. Also the climbing is of a serious nature due to patches of loose rock (helmets essential); height and exposure all contribute to its atmosphere. There is only a handful of routes to date (which take all if not most of the natural lines), but potential for 200m face climbs exist - The Sapphire Rose, Bisso of Orange and Finn Crisp being an indication of what might be possible.&lt;br/&gt;There are some questions about the grade of some of the climbs at Fingal, in these cases I have used the highest of the grades given to me. Reasons being that it is a serious cliff and this is reflected in the climbs. So if you find them easy or hard, too bad, that is the nature of climbing. Small quadcams, wires and RP&apos;s are very useful at this cliff and double ropes are essential. And remember, when it&apos;s hot on this cliff, you can get fried to a crisp!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The following areas are covered within this Bare Rock guide (in the below order):&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;*The Boneyard&lt;br/&gt;*Bare Rock Left&lt;br/&gt;*Rap-In Area Between The Boneyard and The Great Roof&lt;br/&gt;*Bare Rock Right&lt;br/&gt;*The Great Roof - Easter Rising Trilogy Face&lt;br/&gt;*The Great Roof - Supernaut Face&lt;br/&gt;*New Horizons&lt;br/&gt;*The Block&lt;br/&gt;*Bare Rock Bouldering" rock="200m slabby dolerite. Mostly trad with a couple of sport routes." sun="10am until 6pm (Summer)." walk="10 - 45min" camping="" autonumber="true" name="Bare Rock"/>
  <text class="indentedHeader" id="2">Descent: The abseil route down joins Sapphire Rose and takes the steepest and longest part of the cliff. The line is sensational and not to be missed. The first abseil (about 60m to the L of the top of MacDonagh as you are looking at the cliff) requires that you rap off a tree (festooned with tape) for about 30m to the first chain. Three more raps lead to the bottom. Alternatively one can walk off easily via a taped and cairned track down the LH (east) side. A steep and loose descent gully can also be used on the far R of the cliff if you must. Take the second gully on the R as you are walking along the top.</text>
  <gps id="70">
    <point description="Bare Rock (approx)" code="" zone="55G" northing="5386789" easting="582301" longitude="147.98862" latitude="-41.66640" pid="0"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="25">The Boneyard</text>
  <text id="60" class="text">Gerry Narkowicz has put together most of the information for this area on his blog.&lt;br/&gt;For access information;br/&gt;For more information on everything else</text>
  <image id="126" width="1200" src="Boneyard Topo.jpg" height="800" legend="true" legendTitle="Boneyard" legendx="8" legendy="7">
      <path id="80660" points="768.0,595.0,label 792.0,487.0, 808.0,438.0,label 821.0,400.0, 838.0,337.0,label 856.0,269.0,lower 903.0,78.0,lower" d="M768.0,595C777595.0C777.6,551.8 788789.9889563618470,507.39739238748764 792.0,487C795487.0110436381530C795.0,466.60260761251246 802.91984252212599,453.240472433622242 808.0,438C813438.08015747787410C813.1,422.759527566377768 820821.97080974467540,400.39893348943664 821.0,400C821400.02919025532460C821.0,399.60106651056346 831.26267905412813,362.216829825977642 838.0,337C844337.73732094587190C844.7,311.783170174022368 849.15103170124462,296.29050445196363 856.0,269C862269.84896829875540C862.8,241.709495548036417 884.19999999999992,154.4 903.0,78.0" linkedTo="35"/>
      <path id="92393" points="678.0,570.0, 701.0,507.0,label 707.0,473.0, 705.0,395.0, 707.0,333.0, 710.0,269.0,lower" d="M678.0,570C677570.63426132113670C677.6,556.010495533480 697.04420129245250,520.23146464248632 701.0,507C704507.95579870754750C705.0,493.768535357513668 706.50709492393295,486.80134212987958 707.0,473C707473.49290507606710C707.5,459.19865787012052 705.0,419.812899870833358 705,395C705.0,395.0C705.0,370.187100129166652 706.01613545920860,357.79338642794438 707.0,333C707333.98386454079140C708.0,308.20661357205572 708.8,294.6 710.0,269.0" linkedTo="47"/>
      <path id="38926" points="687.0,630.0,label 678.0,570.0, 660.0,540.0,label 645.0,514.0, 607.0,504.0, 609.0,470.0, 621.0,424.0, 612.0,388.0,label 593.0,340.0, 598.0,318.0, 621.0,290.0, 651.0,282.0, 658.0,260.0, 658.0,246.0,lower" d="M687.0,630C683630.0C683.4,606.0 678.36573867886334,583584.989504466520 678.0,570C677570.63426132113670C677.6,556.010495533480 666.09569136804331,550.34420353364933 660.0,540C653540.90430863195670C653.9,529.65579646635077 654.93211354220989,520.74634127395387 645.0,514C635514.06788645779020C635.1,507.25365872604623 608.85043019989219,517.49725557568385 607.0,504C605504.14956980010790C605.1,490.502744424316235 606.58494124686226,483.407739974316774 609.0,470C611470.41505875313780C611.4,456.592260025683236 618.43510620043534,438.619894657519076 621.0,424C623424.56489379956470C623.6,409.380105342480934 616.6938257317467,402.08147719523771 612.0,388C607388.3061742682540C607.3,373.91852280476239 594.76983267353388,348.849163367668848 593.0,340C591340.23016732646620C591.2,331.150836632331162 595.09790790542841,326.54504894512755 598.0,318C600318.90209209457160C600.9,309.45495105487255 610.72651485838757,296297.978216322604740 621.0,290C631290.27348514161250C631.3,283.021783677395260 643.82688040128748,287.81604291787518 651.0,282C658282.17311959871260C658.2,276.18395708212492 657.22357207060742,265.545913781376275 658.0,260C658260.77642792939260C658.8,254.454086218623765 657.22357207060742,251.545913781376245 658.0,246.0" linkedTo="46"/>
      <path id="82953" points="367.0,765.0,label 378.0,665.0, 356.0,641.0, 363.0,610.0,label 378.0,556.0, 395.0,489.0, 398.0,449.0, 399.0,400.0, 400.0,364.0,lower" d="M367.0,765C371765.400000000000030C371.4,725.0 377.24412198744162,678.00110181600510 378.0,665C378665.75587801255840C378.8,651652.99889818399490 359.344800787444973,653.26426955396483 356.0,641C352641.655199212555030C352.7,628.73573044603527 359.814744045829468,622.30667073202263 363.0,610C366610.185255954170540C366.2,597.69332926797747 372.26836219916273,577.67275543441617 378.0,556C383556.73163780083730C383.7,534.32724456558393 392.05200217137641,504.77178838313628 395.0,489C397489.94799782862360C397.9,473.22821161686382 397.279606451962253,465.02875644384010 398.0,449C398449.720393548037750C398.7,432433.97124355615990 398.661139566056937,414.401568442579734 399.0,400C399400.338860433943070C399.3,385.598431557420276 405.348776719056563,375376.981259850686740 400.0,364.0" linkedTo="32"/>
      <path id="68516" points="379.0,665.0, 400.0,617.0,label 415.0,576.0, 424.0,530.0, 440.0,436.0, 436.0,410.0, 426.0,384.0, 400.0,364.0," d="M379.0,665C379665.75587801255840C379.8,651652.99889818399490 393.451691272965955,633.18887435294532 400.0,617C406617.548308727034050C406.5,600.81112564705478 410.356054259124164,592.8343033106758 415.0,576C419576.643945740875840C419.6,559.1656966893252 420.70412476384327,548.4569013224785 424.0,530C427530.29587523615680C427.3,511.543098677522045 438439.952986330670740,446.47013669329295 440.0,436C441436.047013669329260C441.0,425.52986330670715 438.735533737241447,420.16055388118252 436.0,410C433410.264466262758560C433.3,399.83944611881758 432.867344613448449,392.77494033940638 426.0,384C419384.132655386551560C419.1,375.22505966059372 405.348776719056563,375376.981259850686740 400.0,364.0" linkedTo="54"/>
      <path id="38017" points="400.0,743.0, 415.0,675.0, 439.0,592.0, 455.0,510.0, 471.0,456.0, 483.0,407.0, 495.0,347.0, 510.0,264.0,lower" d="M400,743C406.0,743.0C406.0,715.8 408.0345200196990,701702.96890966731930 415.0,675C421675.9654799803010C422.0,648.03109033268070 431.12658694523381,624.47782885091065 439.0,592C446592.87341305476620C446.9,559.52217114908945 449.84015504108898,531.9293410753729 455.0,510C460510.15984495891110C460.2,488.070658924627931 465.70650061064227,475.47251561085195 471.0,456C476456.29349938935780C476.3,436.52748438914815 478.66081272599077,426.70714220279237 483.0,407C487407.33918727400930C487.3,387.29285779720773 490.459024031735345,371.05035420229071 495.0,347C499347.540975968264660C499.5,322.94964579770939 504.0,297.2 510.0,264.0" linkedTo="44"/>
      <path id="65803" points="260.0,789.0, 286.0,703.0, 300.0,630.0, 319.0,594.0, 336.0,515.0, 328.0,480.0, 336.0,403.0,lower" d="M260.0,789C261789.825212713070750C261.8,765.10630630161921 278.74623613990537,731.83371134387648 286.0,703C293703.25376386009470C293.3,674.16628865612362 295.28192112067973,645.58395751048226 300.0,630C304630.71807887932030C304.7,614.41604248951784 314.13564251999591,609.53891972779085 319.0,594C323594.86435748000410C323.9,578.46108027220925 334.869749006186749,529.31651258830113 336.0,515C337515.130250993813260C337.1,500.68348741169897 328.0,494.3610584568134 328,480C328.0,480.0C328.0,465.6389415431876 332.8,433.8 336.0,403.0" linkedTo="42"/>
      <path id="91032" points="260.0,787.0, 245.0,729.0,label 232.0,657.0, 280.0,425.0,lower" d="M260.0,787C261787.825212713070750C261.8,763.10630630161921 250.045619526683770,752.42609065960324 245.0,729C239729.954380473316230C240.0,705.57390934039686 228.652707719800767,686.07362437658781 232.0,657C235657.347292280199240C235.3,627.92637562341229 260.8,517.80000000000018 280.0,425.0" linkedTo="41"/>
      <path id="90756" points="452.0,720.0, 471.0,636.0, 494.0,531.0, 520.0,424.0, 551.0,305.0, 562.0,257.0,lower" d="M452.0,720C459720.0C459.6,686.4 463.5270054824845,669.62847532882186 471.0,636C478636.4729945175160C478.5,602.37152467117824 484.31755157087643,572.89140953008589 494.0,531C503531.68244842912360C503.7,489.10859046991421 509.228508250270242,466.70801991998117 520.0,424C530424.77149174972980C530.8,381.29198008001893 546.19569208253562,324.10284338610851 551.0,305C555305.80430791746440C555.8,285.89715661389159 557.6,276.2 562.0,257.0" linkedTo="58"/>
      <path id="91123" points="500.0,697.0, 522.0,583.0, 543.0,487.0, 572.0,361.0, 583.0,309.0, 598.0,252.0,lower" d="M500.0,697C508697.0C508.8,651.4 514.11482147363741,621.50901140781725 522.0,583C529583.88517852636260C529.9,544.49098859218285 534.36319102132294,525.34743186532633 543.0,487C551487.63680897867710C551.6,448.65256813467377 568569.98335828346680,381.31796920841433 572.0,361C575361.01664171653320C575.0,340.68203079158577 580.09790790542841,317.54504894512755 583.0,309C585309.90209209457160C585.9,300.45495105487255 592.0,274.8 598.0,252.0" linkedTo="33"/>
      <path id="46754" points="556.0,677.0,label 575.0,608.0, 591.0,549.0, 607.0,505.0, 610.0,469.0, 622.0,424.0, 637.0,380.0,label 647.0,333.0, 653.0,281.0," d="M556.0,677C563677.0C563.6,649.4 568.55055656860956,631.58653597765676 575.0,608C581608.44944343139050C581.4,584.41346402234334 585.44371670812234,566.88428684573149 591.0,549C596549.55628329187770C596.6,531.11571315426861 608.85043019989219,518.49725557568385 607.0,505C605505.14956980010790C605.1,491.502744424316235 607.58494124686226,482.407739974316774 610.0,469C612469.41505875313780C612.4,455.592260025683236 619.43510620043534,438.619894657519076 622.0,424C624424.56489379956470C624.6,409.380105342480934 632.07409492996071,397.930294454943079 637.0,380C641380.92590507003930C641.9,362.069705545056931 643.9333958760329,351352.97461301705160 647.0,333C650333.0666041239680C650.1,314.02538698294840 650.6,301.8 653.0,281.0" linkedTo="45"/>
      <path id="38725" points="605.0,505.0, 590.0,454.0,label 579.0,412.0, 573.0,361.0," d="M605,505C599.0,505.0C599.0,484.6 594.67589334269717,470.725310802724157 590.0,454C585454.32410665730290C585.3,437.274689197275853 582.12280175536511,429.083562544056461 579.0,412C575412.87719824463490C575.9,394.916437455943549 569570.98335828346680,381.31796920841433 573.0,361.0" linkedTo="118"/>
      <path id="31760" points="716.0,615.0,label 727.0,568.0, 740.0,507.0, 758.0,439.0, 759.0,371.0,lower 751.0,349.0, 753.0,313.0, 756.0,261.0,label 758.0,227.0,lower" d="M716.0,615C720615.0C720.4,596.2 722.81150033881288,586.84824847534218 727.0,568C731568.18849966118720C731.2,549.15175152465792 734.17071246939922,531.25735778862943 740.0,507C745507.82928753060080C745.8,482.742642211370547 754.23614260705692,465.94129502317199 758.0,439C761439.76385739294310C761.8,412.05870497682811 757758.95640113358670,380.30542322551863 759.0,371C760371.04359886641330C760.0,361.69457677448147 751752.96352294761890,358.31405516031613 751.0,349C750349.03647705238110C750.0,339.68594483968397 754.42331900744584,327.35179999174474 753.0,313C751313.57668099255420C751.6,298.64820000825536 755.20927080402562,274.600542170760436 756.0,261C756261.79072919597440C756.8,247.399457829239544 757.2,240.6 758.0,227.0" linkedTo="34"/>
      <path id="59409" points="792.0,486.0, 783.0,433.0,label 774.0,384.0,lower" d="M792.0,486C795486.0110436381530C795.0,465.60260761251246 786.46317153011235,452.624638670635936 783.0,433C779433.53682846988770C779.5,413.375361329364074 777.6,403.6 774.0,384.0" linkedTo="48"/>
      <path id="72557" points="835.0,568.0, 844.0,496.0, 839.0,463.0, 820.0,400.0," d="M835.0,568C838568.0C838.6,539.2 843.49177225159065,509.34097839574543 844.0,496C844496.50822774840940C844.5,482.65902160425467 842.23800955563022,475476.95203822252110 839.0,463C835463.76199044436980C835.8,450.04796177747890 819820.97080974467540,400.39893348943664 820.0,400.0" linkedTo="49"/>
      <path id="17523" points="821.0,400.0, 822.0,400.0, 800.0,363.0,label 794.0,329.0, 797.0,295.0,lower" d="M821.0,400C821400.02919025532460C821.0,399.60106651056346 822.19744220778332,400.347874366094463 822.0,400C821400.80255779221670C821.8,399.652125633905547 805.06650161616561,375.84720052670588 800.0,363C794363.93349838383440C794.9,350.15279947329422 792.53577989344295,340.22568748360452 794.0,329C795329.46422010655710C795.5,317.77431251639558 795.8,308.6 797.0,295.0" linkedTo="72"/>
      <path id="58078" points="752.0,312.0, 735.0,279.0,label 731.0,195.0,lower" d="M752.0,312C750312.57668099255420C750.6,297.64820000825536 737.62320851819616,293.61501888709236 735.0,279C732279.37679148180390C732.4,264.38498111290774 732.6,228.600000000000026 731.0,195.0" linkedTo="61"/>
      <path id="71055" points="1139.0,410.0, 1137.0,333.0, 1142.0,244.0, 1145.0,209.0,lower" d="M1139.0,410C1138410.0C1138.2,379.2 1136.4432766692144,363.805357636829348 1137.0,333C1137333.5567233307860C1137.6,302.194642363170662 1139.15082301961182,257.7594400516318 1142.0,244C1144244.84917698038820C1144.8,230.240559948369052 1143.8,223.0 1145.0,209.0" linkedTo="39"/>
      <path id="9920" points="1102.0,427.0, 1100.0,422.0, 1103.0,381.0, 1110.0,318.0, 1143.0,244.0," d="M1102.0,427C1101427.0C1101.2,425.0 10991100.95318354112150,424.15355710840882 1100.0,422C1100422.04681645887850C1100.0,419.84644289159128 1101.42612013227314,397.36835062435934 1103.0,381C1104381.57387986772690C1104.6,364.63164937564076 1102.89375633661589,342.338884547090743 1110.0,318C1117318.10624366338420C1117.1,293.661115452909267 1140.15082301961182,257.7594400516318 1143.0,244.0" linkedTo="38"/>
      <path id="10754" points="1071.0,443.0, 1066.0,304.0, 1063.0,246.0, 1061.0,202.0,lower" d="M1071,443C1069.0,443.0C1069.0,387.4 1066.9426145078789,327.211882256498262 1066.0,304C1065304.0573854921220C1065.1,280.788117743501748 1063.86260014517269,263.59704296151916 1063.0,246C1062246.13739985482740C1062.1,228.40295703848094 1061.8,219.6 1061.0,202.0" linkedTo="52"/>
      <path id="90487" points="1049.0,448.0, 1047.0,389.0, 1032.0,364.0, 1013.0,342.0, 1014.0,295.0,lower" d="M1049.0,448C1048448.0C1048.2,424.4 1049.31324949217973,400.4301739613594 1047.0,389C1044389.68675050782030C1044.7,377.5698260386416 1038.81513916530668,373.42092766968864 1032.0,364C1025364.18486083469340C1025.2,354.57907233031146 1014.40968361710254,353.54178461502695 1013.0,342C1011342.59031638289750C1011.6,330.45821538497315 1013.6,313.8 1014.0,295.0" linkedTo="37"/>
      <path id="47670" points="1008.0,467.0, 1010.0,405.0, 1012.0,343.0," d="M1008.0,467C1008467.0C1008.8,442.2 1009.2,429.8 1010.0,405C1010405.0C1010.8,380.2 1013.40968361710254,354.54178461502695 1012.0,343.0" linkedTo="66"/>
      <path id="98783" points="871.0,551.0, 870.0,486.0, 868.0,372.0, 870.0,294.0,lower" d="M871.0,551C870551.0C870.6,525.0 870.43574456156434,511512.999425506673560 870.0,486C869486.56425543843570C869.6,460.000574493326440 868.0,403.210254725009862 868,372C868.0,372.0C868.0,340.789745274990148 869.2,325.2 870.0,294.0" linkedTo="50"/>
      <path id="36397" points="928.0,521.0, 927.0,469.0, 908.0,436.0, 906.0,369.0, 905.0,315.0,lower" d="M928.0,521C927521.0C927.6,500.2 930.4886231959445,483.82664858276218 927.0,469C923469.5113768040560C923.5,454.17335141723792 911.130345251341,450.90640595876199 908.0,436C904436.869654748660C904.9,421.09359404123811 906.53546445661725,390.59706641689336 906.0,369C905369.46453554338280C905.5,347.40293358310674 905.4,336.6 905.0,315.0" linkedTo="36"/>
      <path id="38018" points="963.0,494.0, 962.0,370.0, 960.0,313.0,lower" d="M963.0,494C962494.0C962.6,444.4 962.37808117761814,392.81089771629198 962.0,370C961370.62191882238190C961.6,347.18910228370812 960.8,335.8 960.0,313.0" linkedTo="51"/>
      <path id="33958" points="760.0,370.0, 779.0,353.0,label 794.0,329.0," d="M760.0,370C761370.04359886641330C761.0,360.69457677448147 772.49022588942265,360.85002172157869 779.0,353C785353.50977411057740C785.5,345.14997827842141 792.53577989344295,340.22568748360452 794.0,329.0" linkedTo="67"/>
      <path id="4228" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="8217" points="688.0,536.0, 674.0,476.0,label 674.0,450.0, 678.0,381.0, 684.0,280.0,lower" d="M688.0,536C682536.0C682.4,512.0 675.67102626164987,486.26487560727733 674.0,476C672476.32897373835020C672.3,465.73512439272277 673.56249290934376,460.39079340308654 674.0,450C674450.43750709065630C674.4,439.60920659691356 676.37655113819484,408.598630650688166 678.0,381C679381.62344886180520C679.6,353.401369349311844 681.6,320.4 684.0,280.0" linkedTo="64"/>
  <climb id="79" name="Smoke on the Water" stars="*" extra="Þ" number="1." length="30m" grade="24" fa="Paul Thomson 09-01-2015">Good climbing, but quite a bit of loose rock. Start up Fire in the Sky, then follow the line of bolts heading leftwards and up.</climb>
  <climb id="59" name="Fire in the sky" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="2." length="30m" grade="23" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 08-04-12.">Easiest route at the Boneyard, Good warm up. Start is 30m left of the main Boneyard face on a lower terrace. Abseil 10m off anchors for Redneck Love, across fixed line to base of route beside large tree. Has cleaned up to be a classic. Terrific face climbing all the way.</climb>
  <climb id="41" name="Project" number="3." stars="" extra="Þ" length="" grade="" fa="">Project - Andrew Martin</climb>
  <climb id="42" name="Redneck Love" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="4." length="35m" grade="25" fa="Andrew Martin, Jul 2012.">Furthest line of bolts left on the Boneyard. A terrific natural line with some excellent climbing. At the end of the fixed line is a double bolt belay. Traverse left for a couple of metres then up the thin crack/seam with mixed bolts and gear. The technical crux is the bulge low down on the route, but the redpoint crux is the fiery move just below the anchors. Mixed gear: cams 0.5 - 3, 3 wires and 2 hexes plus 16 draws. At least 4 slings will help as well.</climb>
  <climb id="32" name="Heaven Can Wait" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="5." length="30m" grade="24" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 15-07-2011.">Fully bolted.</climb>
  <climb id="54" name="Dopamine" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="6." length="30m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz May 2012">Climb Heaven Can Wait for the first 5 bolts then head right and up. Superb, thin, sustained face climbing to join the anchors of HCW.</climb>
  <climb id="44" name="Latex Evening" stars="*" number="7." length="40m" grade="22" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 18-03-2011.">The big crack bordering the LHS of the orange shield. Overhanging handcrack (18) to thin face, followed by superb fingerlock/layback crack on great rock, then an airy conclusion over the roof.</climb>
  <climb id="58" name="Chase That Feeling" stars="***" extra="Þ " number="8." length="35m" grade="28/29" fa="Chris Coppard 25-3-2012.">Fully bolted.</climb>
  <climb id="33" name="Velvet Morning" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="9." length="30m" grade="26" fa="Ingvar Lidman 07-2011.">Awesome climbing up the seam in the middle of the shield&lt;br/&gt;Fully bolted.</climb>
  <climb id="45" name="Barbarella!" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="10." length="35m" grade="27" fa="Ingvar Lidman 05-2014">Climb the right-trending crack with several hard sequences (heading right across Chainsaws, Guns and Dogs at the apex where the cracks meet), then up into more thin cruxy technical face climbing, and through roof to anchors.</climb>
  <climb id="118" name="Queen of the Galaxy" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="11." length="32m" grade="26" fa="Paul Thomson 22-06-2016">Links the lower half of Barbarella into the upper part of Velvet Morning via 4 new bolts and 8m of new (and tough) face climbing, eliminating the rests on both routes in the process. Hard for the grade, but worth the effort.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Climb Barbarella to the 7th bolt, and continue through the Shield crux to where it traverses sharply right (just before the 8th bolt). Straight up via new bolt, and continue up passing 3 more bolts to rejoin Velvet Morning at the undercling jug (hold shared with Chainsaws, Guns and Dogs). Step left into Velvet morning passing 3 bolts, and the nails roof-turn to the anchor.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Named for the Subtitle (secondary title) to the Jane Fonda softcore porno: Barbarella.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="46" name="Chainsaws, Guns and Dogs" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="12." length="30m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 11-01-2011.">Climb the left trending jamcrack out to the middle of the shield (heading left across Barbarella at the apex where the cracks meet), then sustained face climbing in awesome position to the roof. Traverse right for 5m under roof and layback over to anchors (shared with Barbarella).</climb>
  <climb id="64" name="project Garry Phillips" stars="" extra="Þ" number="13." length="25m" grade="" fa="">Starts up white powder then heads left. Thin, powerful and sick climbing all the way.</climb>
  <climb id="47" name="White Powder" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="14." length="25m" grade="31" fa="Garry Phillips 9-6-2012">Climbs the first 3 bolts of CGD then heads right. Fantastic climbing all the way.</climb>
  <climb id="61" name="Jet Stream" stars="***" number="15." length="35m" grade="28" fa="Garry Phillips 10-6-2012" extra="Þ">Climb Vapor Trail to just above the first anchors (25) then heads left via a V5 boulder problem and up to anchors.</climb>
  <climb id="34" name="Vapour Trail" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="16." length="30m" grade="27" fa="Garry Phillips 14-07-2011..">Steep climbing up the bulging prow. There is a lower off at 25m. (grade 26 to here)</climb>
  <climb id="67" name="Legends Never Die" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="17." length="25m" grade="27" fa="Garry Phillips 20-04-2013">Climb Vapour Trail to just below the anchors, then head right up the steepest part of the crag via a rad boulder problem.</climb>
  <climb id="48" name="Giving the Dog A Bone" stars="**" number="18." length="20m" grade="23" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 14-01-2012.">Up Passchendaele for 15m to junction with left trending thin jam crack. Very steep thin jamming to anchors. Trad route</climb>
  <climb id="35" name="Passchendaele" stars="***" number="19." length="50m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 09-07-2011..">The prominent overhanging crack in the centre of the Boneyard. Tassie's answer to Trojan at Arapiles. Jamming of various widths which just keeps going out, and out and out to a crux fingerlocking section. Awkward gaining the pod after the crux, then hold it together on 22 corner to the anchors. 8 bolt pitch of 22 face climbing for 2nd pitch.</climb>
  <climb id="72" name="Triple Direct" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="20." length="30m" grade="29" fa="Garry Phillips 24/5/14">Start up Angel Of Pain (26), then cross over Passchendaele (0.75 and 0.5 cam) and move left to gain the upper section of Legends Never Die. Super sustained with a desperate crux below the anchors on flailing arms.</climb>
  <climb id="49" name="Angel Of Pain" stars="***" number="21." length="25m" grade="26" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 06-05-2012." extra="Þ">Next line right of Passchendaele. 8 bolts worth of steep face climbing and thin crack, followed by the top crux of Passchendaele and up to its anchors. Take medium wires plus purple, green and red camalot. Superb route.</climb>
  <climb id="50" name="Garry&apos;s Project" number="22." stars="" extra="Þ" length="" grade="" fa="">Closed</climb>
  <climb id="36" name="No Space In Time" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="23." length="25m" grade="28" fa="Ingvar Lidman 06-2011.">Climb the steep crack (2 medium wires and a #.75 and .5 camolots) then the fantastic face above. Classic climbing all the way.</climb>
  <climb id="51" name="Atomic Vampire" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="24." length="" grade="27" fa="Ingvar Lidman 02-2012">Fantastic power endurance climbing up the colourful streaks. A classic route.</climb>
  <climb id="66" name="Marks Project" stars="" extra="Þ" number="25." length="15m" grade="" fa="">Project, Direct start to 2 fast to Furious&lt;br/&gt;Thin, powerful and sick climbing</climb>
  <climb id="37" name="Too Fast Too Furious" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="26." length="15m" grade="27" fa="Garry Phillips 17-07-2011.">Power up for for the bulge then traverse left (staying low and avoiding the jugs that have now appeared up high) and up to chains.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="52" name="Crack A Boner" stars="*" extra="" number="27." length="20m" grade="24" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 12th April, 2014">Stiff for the grade. An old project of Doug Fife's. The overhanging crack on the RHS of the Boneyard face in between 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tiger Bean. A brutal exercise in steep jamming which gets you pumped all the way to the anchors. Well protected. Gear: camalots yellow micro, purple, red x 2, and medium to large nuts.</climb>
  <climb id="38" name="Tiger Bean" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="28." length="15m" grade="28" fa="Garry Phillips 07-2011.">Powerful start then up the cool orange wall above. Drop a grade if you head way out left near the 3 rd bolt!</climb>
  <climb id="39" name="Bad to the Bone" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="29." length="15m" grade="25" fa="Garry Phillips 07-2011.">Last route on the right hand side of the wall. Thin and technical climbing all the way.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="40">Bare Rock Left</text>
  <image id="3" width="" src="bareRockLeft2.jpg" noPrint="false" height="547"/>
  <climb id="4" name="Fagus" stars="" extra="" number="30." length="160m" grade="16" fa="R.Schmidt, J.Butler, 1976.">This climb follows the line of the chimney on the far LH end of the cliff, beyond the McCavity/Batten chimney. Climb up the face just L of the start of Boneyard to about the second belay of Boneyard and climb the chimney.</climb>
  <climb id="5" name="McCavity-Batten Memorial Route" stars="" extra="" number="31." length="177m" grade="17" fa="R. McMahon, R, Staszewski, 1979 (Alt).">This route takes the line always confused with Faggus. Climb the first and second pitches as for Boneyard, but on the second pitch, instead of moving R up the ledge, go straight up from the belay - a delightful dolerite slab (17). The third pitch is a bold, sustained 50m pitch through a bulge of fairly loose rock in places and tight bridging in a huge chimney (17). The last pitch typically worthless.</climb>
  <climb id="6" name="Boneyard" stars="" extra="" number="32." length="240m" grade="15" fa="R.McMahon, M.McHugh, P.Jackson (alt.), 1969.">A long and wandering route with much loose rock. An interesting experience! Start: Along the LH end of the cliff, a mossy nose of rock is the first pitch.&lt;br/&gt;1. 37m. Climb the nose to a small ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2. 40m. Move up and over onto easier angled rock. Move R along a ledge for a metre then climb the slab above to belay on a large ledge beneath a huge chimney line splitting the upper bulging yellow head wall (McCavity - Batten route).&lt;br/&gt;3. 30m. Move across R delicately, then scramble to below a corner leading up to the obvious diagonal line below the head wall.&lt;br/&gt;4. 37m. Ascend the crack to belay on the ledge constituting the diagonal line.&lt;br/&gt;5. 46m. Scramble along out R along the line until the ramp narrows. Move delicately across (crux) to belay beside a large block.&lt;br/&gt;6. 50m. Move up and over block and continue up the obvious L slanting line to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="95" name="Rainbow in the Dark" stars="*" extra="Þ" number="33." length="130m" grade="21" fa="Gerry Narkowicz (L), Paul Thomson (S) 06-03-2016">Locate the start on the slab directly below the rightmost end of the Boneyard. To get there, follow orange tags towards Bare Rock in rough alignment as the road to the shipping container.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 18. Up surprisingly steep box groove and slab finale.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 21. Steep moves and thin crux to start, then onward to great slabbing and another crux.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;3. 25m 19. Up face and slab (unpleasant start) with tricky face moves at the top.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;4. 20m 19. More slab, with a hard first sequence, and a desperate one to gain the belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;5. 25m 19. Up, with a few challenging moves on deteriorating rock. Easy chossy climbing to arrive at the righthand end of The Boneyard.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Rap the route (5 x 30m raps or 2 x 60m raps), or climb at The Boneyard and exit via the fixed lines.</climb>
  <climb id="7" name="Fionn McCool" stars="*" extra="" number="34." length="178m" grade="19" fa="R.McMahon, M.McHugh (alt.), 1971.">Pitches 1 and 3 are excellent but the others are fairly ordinary. Start in the centre of the cliff in a shallow chimney below the subtle leftward leaning line that the routes follows.&lt;br/&gt;1. 48m 19. Climb the chimney and bridge over the bulge (crux). Delicate face climbing above leads to the base of a wide, dirty corner. Up the corner to belay on a small grassy ledge. Note: On the first ascent the bulge was passed on the L up a flake before stepping R into the crack. This flake is no longer present, making this pitch the crux of the climb.&lt;br/&gt;2. 40m 15. Climb the L side of the groove and move L to below the corner that a huge detached flake forms on its RH side with the wall. Move up the corner and belay on top of the flake.&lt;br/&gt;3. 40m 17. Follow the diagonal crack out L in an incredible position past a junction with another crack running at right angles. (These form an "X " visible from the ground high on the face.) Continue on up the main crack, make a move L over a steep wall (17) and then climb on around the nose, finishing easily straight up to a large ledge.&lt;br/&gt;4&amp;5. 50m 9. From the R side of the ledge follow the easy but loose line out to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="8" name="Little Pinocchio" stars="" extra="" number="35." length="95m" grade="A2+" fa="M.Perchard, J.Clarke, 1998.">An interesting excursion up the blank face to the R of Fionn McCool and about 20m L of The Sapphire Rose. An intimidating bolting dilemma on lead, but a pleasant enough second now, though don't overestimate the soundness of the rock nor the potential for good air time.&lt;br/&gt;1. 25m. Climb the pedestal.&lt;br/&gt;2. 35m. Blast straight up the blank wall to the leftward rising crack-line.</climb>
  <climb id="96" name="Black Fire" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="36." length="130m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz">A varied multipitch up the main face, which is more "fun" than some of the sustained slab multis nearby. Marred by sections of friable rock.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start at base of ramp leading up to Sapphire Rose (et al.) below belay point 6m off the ground (Bisso of Orange belay). The line of bolts trending righy from this foreshortened belay is Bisso of Orange.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;It is best to belay from the ground and climb past the Bisso of Orange belay as a giant 40m pitch.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 40m 21. Up easy start passing interim belay, and continuing up technical slab for 40m to belay. The rock quality deteriorates as this pitch progresses.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 25. Follow line of bolts right off belay (Ignore the line of bolts heading left of the belay - The Black Fire Pitch 2 Variant), up technical slab on fragile rock to steep bulge. Turn steep bulge with a big throw to finish, then technical finale trending left to join another line of bolts at the belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;3. 35m 21. More thin slabbing on better rock, with a very profound crux at half height.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;4. 20m 20. Easy slabbing upwards with a brief hard move past a rooflet, to belay on ledge below Orange Crush.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Either rap from here (3 x raps with double ropes) or finish up Orange Crush or Bisso of Orange.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="97" name="Black Fire - Pitch 2 Variant" stars="**" extra="Þ " number="37." length="30m" grade="27" fa="Ingvar Lidman">A harder variant to Pitch 2, which tackles the extremely fingery bulge to the left.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Climb Pitch 1 of Black Fire.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 27. Follow the line of bolts left off the belay (Ignore the line of bolts heading right off the belay - Black Fire Pitch 2), and up slab to roof. Hard moves through the roof, then tricky traversing back right to regain Black Fire just below the belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Continue as for Black Fire Pitch 3.</climb>
  <climb id="9" name="Bisso of Orange" stars="***" extra="12Þ" number="38." length="185m" grade="26" fa="Marc Tierney, Michael Fox, Kim Robinson, Feb 2006.">Between Fionn McCool and Sapphire Rose is a line of BRs that breaches the headwall at the top. The establishment of this route involved hardwork from several parties over a number of years. The route is fully bolted so it’s really a case of follow your nose and belay at the double bolts. Excellent sustained climbing on reasonable rock (some loose holds). 1. 25m 16. six BRs. 2. 30m 22. ten BRs. 3. 30m 22. ten BRs. 4. 35m 22. twelve BRs. 5. 25m 26. ten BRs (maybe 22,M1). 6. 35m 21. twelve BRs.</climb>
  <climb id="98" name="Into the Mystic" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="39." length="150m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 08-06-2013">A varied and sustained climb up some of the best rock here. A contender for the best Multipitch on Bare Rock&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Starts as for P1 of Sapphire Rose.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 35m 22. Up Sapphire Rose P1 for 15m, then follow fixed hangers leading left and up with hard slab moves to the belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 20m 25. Up small corner/flake then onward through sustained thin crimping.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;3. 25m 24. Traverse scarily left from the belay then upwards with increasing difficulty to belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;4. 45m 22. A marathon Pitch of sustained thin slabbing. Up.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;5. 25m 24. Steep moves on blocky slopers up the orange headwall to final crux as the last moves of the climb.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;3 x raps (25m, 50m, 50m) to get back to the ground.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="100" name="Mystic Sapphire (Sapphire Rose Pitch 3 Variant)" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="40." length="20m" grade="22" fa="Gerry Narkowicz and Andrew Martin, June 2013.">Links The Sapphire Rose into Into the Mystic at Pitch 3 via a traverse, avoiding the crux pitches of Into the Mystic and making a super-sustained grade 22 multipitch.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Climb Pitches 1 and 2 of The Sapphire Rose.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;3. 20m 22. From the belay at the start of Pitch 3 of Sapphire Rose, traverse left past 5 bolts to gain the belay at the end of Into the Mystic Pitch 3. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Continue up Into The Mystic Pitch four.</climb>
  <climb id="10" name="The Sapphire Rose" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="41." length="78m" grade="22" fa="S.Edwards, S.Eberhard, 1994.">A classic modern route of sustained quality and consistency. The route ascends the blank looking face in the middle of the cliff, between Finn McCool and Finn Crisp. Rack: seventeen quick-draws and two ropes.&lt;br/&gt;1. 35m 22. Fifteen bolts to chain. Ascend the juggy wall, pull through the roof and then head straight up to a good resting spot. Continue up the wall above to the L end of a diagonal line rising to the R. Make a spectacular and sustained traverse R to belay on a small foot ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2. 15m 21. Five bolts to chain. Traverse delicately L and then straight up the tricky face to the belay ledge.&lt;br/&gt;3. 28m 21. Nine bolts to chain. Take care getting to the first bolt, then climb the superb face above to belay below the final head-wall. Steep slab climbing at its best!&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="99" name="Morning&apos;s Minion" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="42." length="30m" grade="23" fa="Andrew Martin 01-06-2013">A brilliant pitch of technical slab and face climbing, which can be done as an alternate (direct) first pitch to The Sapphire Rose, or as a single pitch in its own right.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Starts 5m right of The Sapphire Rose. Up slab, then crux past technical face on orange rock, to final moves through rooflet to gain the 1st belay of The Sapphire Rose.</climb>
  <climb id="101" name="Ride the Lightning" stars="***" extra="Þ " number="43." length="" grade="27" fa="Andrew Martin, Ingvar Lidman (Pitch 5).">Varied and engaging, with every pitch featuring quality climbing. Possibly the best multipitch on Bare Rock.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Starts 5m right of Morning's Minion.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 26. Up slab to rooflet, through rooflet and into technical, thin face climbing (crux) and up easier ground to a final hard sequence below the belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 15m 22. Weird slab climbing. Move left off the belay and up. Bizarre moves right, then up slab with a few thin moves to the belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;3. 40m 20. Consistently brilliant technical slabbing with hands-off rests after every sequence. Follow the line of bolts up.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;4. 20m 25. Up with powerful moves through the initial bulge (a 3-move boulder problem, harder if you're short), and up easier steep terrain to the anchor.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;5. 30m 27. Brilliant climbing. Up slightly steep orange streak via much thinness and technicality. Gain the black rock and up to the belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;6. 50m 4. A doddly exit pitch to top-out. Easy climbing but with much loose rock. Be careful.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Top out and walk down via the Boneyard access track, or rap back down the route (2 ropes required).</climb>
  <climb id="102" name="Thunderstruck" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="44." length="30m" grade="26" fa="Ingvar Lidman.">Starts a few metres right from the belay at the start of Ride the Lightning Pitch 4.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="103" name="CLOSED PROJECT - Gerry&apos;s Project." stars="" extra="Þ" number="45." length="?" grade="?" fa="">CLOSED PROJECT - Please stay off this.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Starts 7m right from the belay at the start of Ride the Lightning Pitch 4 (right of Ingvar's 26).</climb>
  <climb id="11" name="Padraic Pearse" stars="*" extra="" number="46." length="270m" grade="21" fa="R.McMahon, B.Maddison, 1980 (alt).">Climb the front face of the ramp and from the top climb up overhanging leftwards corner. When they finish, climb through the overlap (crux) and up face to the R, joining Finn Crisp on the large ledge with a tree. Continue up Finn Crisp to pass the head-wall.</climb>
  <climb id="12" name="Finn Crisp" stars="**" extra="" number="47." length="200m" grade="18" fa="J.Friend, W.Stevens, 1976.">Starts at the huge grassy, R- leading ramp. May not as of yet had a second ascent in its entirety. Scramble up the ramp and from the top move up and R on the face. Follows the lichen streaked nose of rock up the blank face left of MacDonagh.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="75">Rap-In Area Between the Boneyard and The Great Roof</text>
  <text class="text" id="76">A small collection of rap-in, climb-out routes (though they can be accessed by climbing Black Fire or Bisso of Orange) in the middle of the wall, clearly recognisable by the broad, vibrant orange streak at the top of the wall (Orange Crush).&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Access by rapping in from the top. Walking up from the Boneyard access track, locate the moderately sized cairn just past the marked turn-off up to the major campsite/parking area atop Bare Rock (on your left), and head straight down the hill (carefully). The anchors are located by the cliff edge surrounded by a lot of loose rock. Rap 35m (with a possible re-belay after 15m) to the 2 belays above The Obsidian Obsession Project, and Orange Crush. Rap again 30m (bouncing to stay in contact with the wall) to a small but cozy ledge and chain anchor.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Alternatively, access the routes by climbing Black Fire or Bisso of Orange.</text>
  <climb id="113" name="Amber Allure" stars="**" extra="16Þ" number="48." length="32m" grade="25" fa="Paul Thomson 30-03-2016">The "easy exit" from the Orange Crush ledge can be used as a way of climbing Black Fire to the top of the cliff (at a similar grade), as a way of exiting Orange Crush Ledge, or as a fun single pitch in its own right.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;From the belay, move left and up, following incipient crack to bulge. Left at bulge and up onto ledge. Hard moves off ledge, then easier climbing up and right to a final punchy finish on small crimps.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Can JUST lower back to the belay on a 60m rope (tie a knot in the end!)&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="114" name="Amber Allure Direct" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="49." length="25m" grade="27" fa="Garry Phillips 15-06-2016">Climbs Amber Allure to the 6th bolt, then heads directly up the steep, thin face (where AA traverses left through the bulge) via punchy moves, the join Amber Allure just before it's top headwall.</climb>
  <climb id="119" name="CLOSED PROJECT - Ingvar&apos;s Project" stars="" extra="Þ" number="50." length="25m" grade="" fa="">CLOSED PROJECT - PLEASE STAY OFF!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Climbs Obsidian Obsession for 4 bolts, then breaks off left to tackle the bulge via extremely powerful and fingery moves, to rejoin Obsidian Obsession at its last bolt. Through bulge to anchor.</climb>
  <climb id="77" name="CLOSED PROJECT - The Obsidian Obsession" stars="" extra="11 Þ" number="51." length="25m" grade="" fa="">Paul Thomson's multi-year siege. Please stay off this.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Heading left from the belay, climb the Black section of rock with varied and intense climbing past 11 bolts.</climb>
  <climb id="78" name="Orange Crush" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="52." length="25m" grade="29" fa="Ingvar Lidman.">Possibly the proudest position on Bare Rock. Powerful, reachy and extremely fingery climbing up the vibrant, broad orange streak in the upper centre of Bare Rock.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Heading right from the belay, make your way up the orange streak and through the bulge to the belay.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="120">It's possible to climb Bisso of Orange Pitch 5 (25m 26**) in isolation, belayed from the Orange Crush Ledge.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Traverse right from the belay to the first bolt of Bisso of Orange Pitch 5, place a long runner on the first bolt, then continue up the pitch as normal.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="26">Bare Rock Right</text>
  <image id="13" width="" src="bareRockRight2.jpg" noPrint="false" height="685"/>
  <climb id="57" name="God Monster" stars="***" extra="" number="53." length="125m" grade="25" fa="Ingvar Lidman January 10 2012">A fantastic and varied route with superb face climbing, hard thin slab then a steep headwall. Start at the line of bolts 30m left of Macdonagh at the left hand side of the huge curving arched roof.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 22. Follow the lip of the roof to anchor just before the line traverses right.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 22. Continue following the lip of the arch as you traverse right, then directly up past 4 more bolts to belay.&lt;br/&gt;3. 30m 25. (11B) Climb the slab to gain a left leading seam over a small overlap. Follow the seam before veering rightwards to regain the centre of the slab. Straight up the slab to belay at rings.&lt;br/&gt;4. 35m 25. (12B) Step left and climb the steep and exposed orange wall to a small stance. Continue straight up passing a couple of awkward bulges before blasting up the final headwall. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Descent: 3 raps of 35m, 30m and 60m. Double ropes essential. Gear: 22 draws – a few longer draws handy on 1st pitch</climb>
  <climb id="80" name="Godhead&apos;s Lament" stars="**" extra="11Þ" number="54." length="25m" grade="24" fa="Paul Thomson 04-02-2016">A mighty steep pitch that can be climbed as a single pitch, or as a harder start to God Monster.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Starts 6m right of God Monster on the steep underside of the arch that God Monster traverses around.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Up via much steepness (by Bare Rock standards) remaining on the underside of the arch (stemming for the first 4 bolts as necessary), finishing up at the anchor at the end of God Monster Pitch 1 after the last ringbolt on the face (you shouldn't be clipping any of bolts on God Monster).</climb>
  <climb id="81" name="Influence of a Drowsy God" stars="**" extra="17Þ" number="55." length="35m" grade="26" fa="Paul Thomson 09-03-2016">Extremely steep.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Starts up Godhead's Lament, breaking right at the 2nd last bolt (10th bolt from the ground) and continuing to climb the arch through even more ridiculously steep terrain past 7 more bolts.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Anchors located below the lip and to the right to facilitate cleaning on lower-off.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="14" name="MacDonagh" stars="***" extra="" number="56." length="199m" grade="17" fa="R.McMahon and P.Jackson, 1969. 1b) R.McMahon and E. Mallinson. ">A fine route following the crack line L of the massive roof on the cliff's RH end. It has three variant starts on the lichenous pillar below the line of the climb (L, middle and R) with the LH one the best.&lt;br/&gt;1. 58m 12. At the bottom of the gully on the L side of the pillar, start to the R behind the trees where a subsiduary slab meets the face and climb the excellent crack/corner. At the top of the crack, traverse a metre or so R and climb the wall to belay.&lt;br/&gt;2. 37m 16. From the L side of the top of the pillar move up the R side of a 3m high block, then step down L into the crack. Follow the crack to belay where it narrows.&lt;br/&gt;3. 37m 12. Up the fantastic crack in a shallow corner to below the roofs. Move R to where a crack splits the overhang at its narrowest and belay.&lt;br/&gt;4. 30m 17. Up and around the overhang on jams (crux) and continue up the side of the very large flake to belay on its top.&lt;br/&gt;5. 37m 12. Move a metre L then up the slab to the top. A fine pitch, unusual for dolerite. Finish up easy but loose ground above. (Editor's note: there's a lot of poxy old choss heaps in the state which get described as "fine routes"; this is, however, a genuinely pleasant and interesting climb).</climb>
  <climb id="15" name="MacDonagh Variant Finish" stars="" extra="" number="57." length="85m" grade="18" fa="Pete Steane, Doug Fife, Gerry Narkowicz, 1983.">1. 40m. From the top of pitch 3 climb the corner and ramp up L.&lt;br/&gt;2. 45m. Move R up bulge (no pro), and finish up last pitch of Finn Crisp.</climb>
  <climb id="16" name="Hardly Worth the Effort" stars="" extra="" number="58." length="140m" grade="A2+" fa="G.Phillips, S.Harper, May 1997.">In his original write up for the CCT Circular, Garry said the route was "Hardly worth the effort"; he might be wrong (if you can follow his route description!). The route name was not supplied, and the one above was originally an interim one, but it seems to have stuck.&lt;br/&gt;1. As for MacDonagh to "obvious" ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2. Crank free straight out of belay up slab to "obvious" ledge under roof. Aid and free climb onto the ledge. Aid up to carrot. Aid through crack (two fixed wires). Bat hook past second carrot up the crack in the slab.&lt;br/&gt;3. Do a massive traverse rightwards to climb behind the arête. Free climb rightwards under roof until triple carrot (?) belay.&lt;br/&gt;4. Aid out L through roof crack. Traverse rightwards until double bolt belay.&lt;br/&gt;Rack: Double sets of cams and wires, assorted pins (mostly knife blades), two hooks. Three double rope abseils reach back to the ground.</climb>
  <climb id="17" name="Conan MacMorna" stars="*" extra="" number="59." length="180m" grade="17" fa="R.McMahon, B.Maddison, 1980.">Starts: Two thirds of the way up the R side of the mossy pillar.&lt;br/&gt;1. Climb up the R side of mossy pillar (dirty). At two-thirds height belay on a block at the same level as the traverse.&lt;br/&gt;2. Hand traverse R to base of a rising diagonal crack. This is a fine traverse in the same league as the one on Skink, Mt Arapiles.&lt;br/&gt;3. Follow the rising diagonal that cuts back a little L to the base of a black leftward leaning corner. There is a direct variant third pitch called Red Sonja, see below.&lt;br/&gt;4. Climb the L facing corner (which curves leftwards into a roof after about 10m), turn the roof at the top (crux), move slightly R on the orange face and then boldly straight up the orange face to a belay under the big roof.&lt;br/&gt;5. Traverse out R on the face under great roof (easy but great fun).</climb>
  <climb id="18" name="Red Sonja" stars="" extra="" number="60." length="25m" grade="18" fa="Sam Edwards, Jon Tiller, 1994.">A direct 3rd pitch of Conan McMorna. From the belay after the second pitch of Conan McMorna climb straight up the crack, on the L side of the orange triangle of rock. At the top of the crack, move L to a flake and then straight up. Walk along the ledge to join Conan McMorna. at the start of the 4th pitch. This is a much better alternative to pitch 3 of Conan McMorna.</climb>
  <climb id="116" name="Yesterday&apos;s Hero" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="61." length="40m" grade="21" fa="G. Narkowicz 30-04-2016">A great long pitch of technical slabbing, with a few roofs to keep things spicy.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start as for Tomorrow's Dream, climbing directly up to the ledge. Then up following technical black slab for 35m, with varied moves of increasing difficulty.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Combine with P3 of Tomorrow's Dream for a brilliant 2-pitch multi following some of the best rock in the area.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="115" name="Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="62." length="180m" grade="26" fa="P1 - G. Narkowicz; P2 - Equipped by G. Narkowicz, FFA - P. Thomson (Belayed by G. Narkowicz); P3, P4 &amp; P5 - P. Thomson (Belayed by G. Narkowicz); P6 &amp; P8 - P. Thomson (Belayed by J McCarthy; P7 - P. Thomson (Belayed by Ingvar Lidman).">A Symphony of Rock!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The line of bolts continuing directly up from the top of Pitch 1 of Tomorrow's Dream is part of a multipitch being developed that tackles the entire Bare Rock face, around the roof, and up the headwall to the top.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Bring 2 x 60m ropes (or 1 x 80m rope), 16 quickdraws, and plenty of muscles.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 16. 12 Bolts - "The Easy Slab Pitch" - As for Tomorrow's Dream Pitch 1.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 20m 24. 6 Bolts - "The Funky Roof-Turn Pitch" - Straight up the orange face above the belay, to hard (and funky!) moves getting into the roof, turning the lip and getting established on the face. Easier slab climbing above to belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;MOVE BELAY UP 5M to RINGS JUST BELOW SHORT SLAB (5m left of Tomorrow's Dream Pitch 3).&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;3. 12m 21. 6 bolts - "The Hard Slab Pitch" - Climb the short, technical black slab above. Up past 2 bolts, then traverse right (to avoid very bad rock), and the up via hard moves.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;4. 45m 23. 14 Bolts - "The Tenuous Traverse Pitch" - Hard moves off the belay around the bulge, then sustained insecure traversing left below the roofs for 4 bolts. Traverse more easily left to below the final roof. Turn the roof, then continue up Black-and-Yellow streaked slab to belay just below The Great Roof. Some strategically placed long runners will be crucial for mitigating rope drag.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;5. 15m 26. 8 Bolts - "The Outrageous Roof Pitch" - Head directly left from the belay, staying at the same height as the bolts (via desperate sloper-slapping and heel hooking) to a penultimate move to bridge the void between the end of the roof and the Easter-Rising Ledge-system. Stay low (you shouldn't need to touch the Guano) and traverse left along the ledge to belay below the Black Streak. (The next line of Fixed Hangers to the right is Enchanted to a Stone).&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;6. 15m 25. 8 bolts - "The Bouldery Black-Streak Pitch" - Step left off the belay and up past 2 bolts to boudery climbing with a powerful, juggy finale to belay on ledge.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;7. 15m 24. 7 bolts - "The Technical Stemming Pitch" - Left past a bolt to join Enchanted to a Stone just before the crux of that route. Up through the stepped roofs to belay on top of headwall.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;8. 25m 12. 6 bolts - "The Junky Exit Pitch" - Just an exit pitch. Head up off the belay, traverse right, up a bit, then more right, and a touch more up to belay at top of cliff. Average rock, but not too terrible.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;DESCENT:&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Top out, and walk back down the Approach/Descent Gully at the far Right-Hand side (looking out) of the summit of Bare Rock.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Pitches 1 - 4 (up to The Great Roof) can be rapped with 2 x 60m ropes down the line of the climb to reach the ground.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;For Pitches 5 - 8, you can rap the Easter Rising face to the Belay below Pitch 6 (on the ledge above the Great Roof) being careful not to get stranded in space from the steepness, then rap 30m straight down to a belay on its own in the middle of nowhere. Then rap 35m again diagonally right (looking in) to the anchors at the top of Yesterday's Hero. Be careful not to get the rope stuck in the crack, or to pull any loose rock onto yourself. Then rap 40m to the ground.</climb>
  <climb id="28" name="Tomorrow&apos;s Dream" stars="**" extra="13Þ" number="63." length="100m" grade="19" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, Andrew Martin, Oct 2010.">More or less a direct line up the face to the big roof and bisecting Conan Macmorna at one stage. Start 20m right of Conan Macmorna.&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 16. Delightful climbing up the black slab to a narrow ledge, then traverse right for 5m to the next line of bolts up a steeper slab to double bolt belay at apex of orange triangle of rock. 12 bolts.&lt;br/&gt;2. 25m 17. Ignore the line of bolts going directly up from the belay (Unknown Project). Climb the big diagonal of Conan Macmorna to the right for 15m with trad gear (ignoring another line of bolts at 5m - The Tomorrow's Dream Pitch 2 Variant), to a point opposite bolt on left face . Traverse left spectacularly via 2 bolts on small rail to middle of face, then straight up to belay at chains on big ledge. 2 bolts plus cams size 1-4 and long slings.&lt;br/&gt;3. 45m 19. Move belay 5m right to another double bolt belay. Lovely face moves up the next black face for 4 bolts, followed by a 10m section of mank up to the base of the amazing orange headwall. Superb face climbing (crux) up the orange wall on Arapiles like rock, to belay at chains on ledge below big roof. 13 bolts. Either rap from here (two raps to ground with double 60m ropes) or continue up to Supernaut area (see below).&lt;br/&gt;Gear: 16 draws required, cams 1-4, double 60m ropes. 20 draws if doing Supernaut.</climb>
  <climb id="94" name="Tomorrow&apos;s Dream - Pitch 2 Variant" stars="*" extra="Þ" number="64." length="30m" grade="22" fa="Gerry Narkowicz">A fully bolted, though somewhat harder variant to Pitch 2 of Tomorrow's Dream, which means you can leave the trad gear at home.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Climb Pitch 1 of Tomorrow's Dream.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 22. Start as for Tomorrow's Dream Pitch 2. Ignore the line of bolts going directly up from the belay (Unknown Project). Traverse right for 5m to gain a line of bolts heading directly up the black slab above. Head up the slab with a few thin moves to regain Tomorrow's Dream just below the belay.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Continue as for Pitch 3 of Tomorrow's Dream.</climb>
  <climb id="121" name="Tomorrow Dream - Pitch 3 Variant - ANDREW&apos;S PROJECT" stars="" extra="Þ" number="65." length="35m" grade="" fa="">CLOSED PROJECT - PLEASE STAY OFF!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Andrew's bolted variant to Pitch 3 of Tomorrow's Dream.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start as for Tomorrow's Dream Pitch 3, then after 10m take the rightmost line of bolts up to the ledge. Mostly gr21/22, but with a hard crux in the gr24 range.</climb>
  <climb id="63" name="The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="66." length="30m" grade="23" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 27/7/12">Start 40m right of Tomorrow's Dream. A superb one pitch slab climb. A bouldery crux low down on the steep bulge, then delightful moderate climbing becoming increasingly thinner until the thinnest move of all near the top providing another crux. There are 2 alternate finishes: at the last bolt move left to big jug and chin up onto block to gain ledge - easy; or go right for 2 more thin moves making it more sustained.</climb>
  <climb id="92" name="Cock Rocket" stars="*" extra="Þ" number="67." length="30m" grade="26" fa="Ingvar Lidman.">Rodney's old "Rocketman" Project, tried by many and finally Sent by Ingvar Lidman.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Starts 5m right of The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Up to powerful, slopey crux on caramel-coloured rock. Easier climbing above culminates in a fingery, reachy upper crux around the square-cut roof. Climb the technical face above to the anchor.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="85">The Great Roof - The Easter Rising Trilogy</text>
  <image id="125" width="1000" src="Easter Rising Face and Headwall Topo.jpg" height="750"/>
  <text class="text" id="86">Accessed by climbing Tomorrow's Dream, and traversing left on easy terrain past several bolts and a fixed rope.</text>
  <climb id="62" name="Terrible Beauty" stars="*" extra="20 Þ " number="68." length="45m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 14/7/2012">Due to hard-to-clip bolt placements, this is best climbed by placing the draws on the upper 2/3rds on the abseil in.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start 3m left of MacDonagh's 4th pitch at a single bolt belay. Excellent steep climbing, with 2 definite cruxes - not as sustained as Easter Rising but the crux moves are harder. Through roof and up orange face to cross Macdonagh after about 15m. Step right out of Macdonagh and up through leftwards slanting stepped roofs (first crux). Rest on small stance and move right and over next roof (crimpy pull through roof - the crux). Lovely face climbing on steep ground with big holds for another 4 bolts to a small ledge below the last roof. Strenuous through the blocky roof to the final corner and the same anchors as Easter Rising.</climb>
  <climb id="56" name="Easter Rising" stars="***" extra="22 Þ " number="69." length="45m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 12/1/12">A candidate for the best pitch of bolted 25 in Northern Tas.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start just right of the guano patch at the base of Macdonagh's 4th pitch. Up the steep face (crux) passing 5 bolts to a small ledge. Move 2m left and continue up through steep territory with a small roof providing another crux. The route continues with some hard moves in between good rests on large footholds, though slightly overhanging all the way. A spekky traverse move to gain the left slanting corner near the top with another couple of potentially heartbreaking pumpy moves. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Named after the Easter rising of 1916 against British rule in Ireland, of which Macdonagh was one of the leaders. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Access: Two ways: either climb Tomorrows Dream, then traverse left along the easy bolted slab (7 bolts, grade 3) to the base of the route. Then rap down Tomorrows Dream to descend - two 60m ropes. Or walk to the top and rap in, then top out. There are rings at the top 20m right of the top of Macdonagh. Rap 15m down slightly to the left to another set of rings at the top of Easter Rising. There are 4 bolts up through the choss after finishing Easter Rising so you can top out.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Take half a dozen extendable draws for potential rope drag!</climb>
  <climb id="89" name="Enchanted to a Stone" stars="***" extra="Þ " number="70." length="40m" grade="24" fa="Gerry Narkowicz 02-12-12">Climbs the first 4 bolts of Easter Rising to the ledge, then takes the rightmost line of bolts up the orange wall to a ledge/ramp. Then tackle the tough and tricky crux finale with extremely technical stemming through a series of sharply overhanging stepped roofs.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="117">Pitch 6 of Agony and Ecstasy in Eight Parts climbs the black streak 3m right of where Enchanted to a Stone leaves Easter Rising).</text>
  <climb id="122" name="Ingvar&apos;s Project - CLOSED PROJECT" stars="" extra="Þ  " number="71." length="20m" grade="" fa="">CLOSED PROJECT - PLEASE STAY OFF!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Ingvar's Flake Project. Climbs the black flake trending right from the belay below Pitch 7 of Agony and Ecstasy in 8 Parts. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Up rightward leaning flake via hard moves to blunt arete. Up arete, then back left across featured black streak to rejoin Enchanted to a Stone at its last bolt.</climb>
  <climb id="123" name="Rise of the Masked Lapwing - CLOSED PROJECT" stars="" extra="15Þ" number="72." length="30m" grade="" fa="Equipped by Paul Thomson 01-07-16">PAUL T'S PROJECT - PLEASE STAY OFF!&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Takes the line of best rock and position on all of Bare Rock, starting from a good belay ledge, and featuring sustained steep climbing (non-stop gr25 climbing for 25m) with big and complex moves on mostly good holds.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start at the belay below Pitch 6 of Agony and Ecstasy in 8 Parts (below the black streak). Access via rap-in for Easter Rising face, climbing the first 5 pitches of Agony and Ecstasy, or via Tomorrow's Dream-Easter Rising linkup (5 pitches to the black streak ledge).&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Traverse right to a bolt. Up arete (staying on leftside) to another bolt, move up and right into a steep stemming stance (bolt). Hard moves out of the stance and onto the blunt arete (bolt), then sustained rightwards traverse past 3 more bolts to glue in rings. Sustained steep and powerful moves up to rooflet (bolt), traverse right under the rooflet to join Gazza's Project (past 1 more bolt) and up it (past 2 more bolts) to anchor.</climb>
  <climb id="87" name="Green Spandex" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="73." length="25m" grade="26" fa="Chris Copphard.">A Rap-in, Climb-out line starting from a fully-hanging belay on the very lip of The Great Roof.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Follows a diagonal right-trending seam-crack.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="82">The Great Roof - Supernaut Face</text>
  <text class="text" id="83">Accessed by climbing Tomorrow's Dream, and traversing right on easy terrain past several bolts.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;It's also possible to rap-in from the top. The rap point above the climbs can be seen from a position on the righthand side (looking in) at the top of Bare Rock, perpendicular to the Supernaut face.</text>
  <climb id="65" name="Peppa Pig" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="74." length="20m" grade="25" fa="Garry Phillips Feb 2013.">Starts 7m left of Into the Void. Ramble up the slab. Then do a techo sequence of moves to get into the roof. Powerful moves through this and the corner above. Traverse left and up to the chains of Master of Puppets.</climb>
  <climb id="71" name="Mr Potato" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="75." length="18m" grade="25" fa="Garry Phillips Feb 2014.">Your friend and mine. Starts up Peppa Pig but at the top of the corner head up and right past 3 BR.</climb>
  <climb id="68" name="CLOSED PROJECT - Master of Puppets" stars="" extra="" number="76." length="" grade="" fa="">Andrew Martins Project - Please stay off this,</climb>
  <climb id="91" name="Master of Puppets - Pitch 2" stars="**" extra="Þ" number="77." length="20m" grade="20" fa="Andrew Martin 02-01-11">The 2nd Pitch of Master of Puppets can be climbed on its own by rapping in from anchors 10m right looking out) of the Supernaut top anchors. The rap point above the climbs can be seen from a position on the righthand side (looking in) at the top of Bare Rock, perpendicular to the Supernaut face.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Rap 45m (with an interim belay) to a hanging corner above the huge roof. Engaging, technical face climbing.</climb>
  <climb id="29" name="Fairies Wear Boots" stars="***" extra="20Þ" number="78." length="45m" grade="27" fa="Ingvar Lidman, Jan 2011.">The route on the left of the face rising leftwards out to the arete above the big roof. Start 10m down left of Supernaut and belay on the abseil chains on the slab. Up 4 bolts via the steep face (25) to stance at base of right trending hanging corner. Go left across the severely overhanging face (crux) out to the arete in an outrageous position of exposure. Continue up the arete (23) for 5 bolts to join Supernaut. Continue up Supernaut for the last 8 bolts (about grade 21). Gear required 20 draws</climb>
  <climb id="30" name="Into the Void" stars="***" extra="20Þ" number="79." length="45m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz Feb 2011.">Up first 4 bolts of Fairies Wear Boots to stance at hanging corner. Up corner to right with a tricky move (23) then straight up wall with superb face climbing to join Supernaut. Continue up the last 8 bolts of Supernaut. Access via Tomorrows Dream. 20 bolts</climb>
  <climb id="27" name="Supernaut " stars="***" extra="16Þ" number="80." length="45m" grade="24" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, 3 July 2010.">The magnificent orange and black face up R of the big roof on the far RH side of the cliff. Access via Tomorrow's Dream. From the chains at the top of the 3rd pitch of Tomorrow's Dream, traverse right along narrow ledge with 2 bolts to tree, then up easy slab to double bolt belay (about 20m). The start of the route is 10m higher up to the right. Step off the slab and scramble up to point opposite the climb and belay on flat stance where there is a single belay bolt. Up the overhanging seam for 3 bolts (crux) then a rising traverse on superb orange rock out towards the arête (this section about grade 23). Climb just R of the arête (great exposure) for a sustained section of grade 21 face climbing for 20m to the top. 16 bolts. Descent: 4 raps from the top with chains, first to ledge below Supernaut, then reverse narrow ledge section to chains above Tomorrows Dream. Double 60m ropes required.</climb>
  <climb id="84" name="Heaven and Hell" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="81." length="45m" grade="25" fa="Gerry Narkowicz">Climb Supernaut for 5 bolts, then head slightly right and more directly up on orange rock via sustained, thin, varied, and tricky-to-read sequences to the anchors.</climb>
  <climb id="73" name="Neon Knights" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="82." length="40m" grade="24" fa="Gerry Narkowicz. 22/4/14">Climb the first 4 bolts of Supernaut, then head right and up on perfect orange stone for sustained, excellent technical climbing. An old fashioned bridging problem in the upper corner may provide a redpoint crux for some.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="19">New Horizons Buttress</text>
  <text class="text" id="20">A small buttress on the hillside to the east of Bare Rock. Scrub bash across the valley from the bottom of the main crag to the small buttress near the top of the hill.</text>
  <climb id="21127" name="Froot Loops" stars="***" extra="" number="83." name="The Way Of The Beanie" length="20m12 m" grade="1622" fa="MarcAndrew TiernyMartin, Gerry Narkowicz, Robert McMahon, 5 Jun 1984.">Corner on L of cliff.Oct 2013.">Straight up the planar black face (about 30 m left of the next route). This short route packs in a lot of climbing. A dyno is, arguably, the easiest way to dispatch the crux.</climb>
  <climb id="22" name="White Death" stars="" extra="" number="84." length="20m" grade="16" fa="Robert McMahon, Gerry Narkowicz, Marc Tierny, 5 Jun 1984.">Hand crack to the R.a few meters left of The Fool.</climb>
  <climb id="129" stars="*" extra="" number="85." name="The Fool" length="15 m" grade="20" fa="Doug Fife, Oct 2012. ">Bolted, but not quite enough to be a safe lead. AM's advice is to TR it after doing BLB.</climb>
  <climb id="23" name="Black Leather Barbarian" stars="**" extra="" number="8586." length="20m" grade="20" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, Robert McMahon, Marc Tierny,  5 Jun 1984.">Narrow black face.>Up the middle of the black, streaked, face. A few meters before the top, diagonal leftwards, around the arete, to the anchors on The Fool.</climb>
  <climb id="24131" stars="" extra="" number="87." name="NewDripping Horizons" stars="Wet Crack" length="15 m" grade="17" fa="Andrew Martin, October 2012.">The dihedral in the upper left of the alcove. Andrew says it is a nice climb ...</climb>
  <climb id="132" stars="**" extra="" number="8688." name="Captain Awesome" length="15 m" grade="23.99" fa="Andrew Martin, Nov 2012. ">Go up and rightwards across the brown and black face, desperately milking as much value as you can from the miserably small side-pulls. Great stuff.</climb>
  <climb id="21" name="Froot Loops" stars="" extra="" number="89." length="20m" grade="2016" fa="Marc Tierny, Gerry Narkowicz, Robert McMahon, Marc Tierny, 5 Jun 1984.">Steep>Left facing corner. on RAccording to Gerry it is "not as grovelly as it looks".</climb>
  <climb id="74" name="Judge Dread" stars="***" extra="Þ" number="8790." length="15m" grade="28" fa="Ingvar Lidman 25/5/14">The main face at New Horizons buttress. A beautiful line of natural holds on perfect dolerite. Grade 25 face climbing to a desperate boulder problem at three quarter height.</climb>
  <climb id="134" stars="***" extra="" number="91." name="The Mullets Edge" length="18 m" grade="24" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, Oct 2012. ">Superlative arete. Occasionally climbing on the face right of the arete.</climb>
  <climb id="135" stars="" extra="" number="92." name="Andrew&apos;s Arse Crack" length="18 m" grade="20" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, Oct 2012.">The offwidth. Apparently, "it had to be done". The climbing itself may be even worse than the name; but you'll have to climb it to find out. Don't expect much gear.</climb>
  <climb id="24" name="New Horizons" stars="**" extra="" number="93." length="20m" grade="20" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, Robert McMahon, Marc Tierny, 5 Jun 1984.">Steep corner on R. Hard in the middle ... maybe more than 20.</climb>
  <climb id="136" stars="**" extra="" number="94." name="Captain Mullet" length="18 m" grade="26" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, Oct 2013.">Thin stuff on bolts.</climb>
  <climb id="137" stars="**" extra="" number="95." name="Old Horizons" length="18 m" grade="26" fa="Gerry Narkowicz, Oct 2013.">More thin stuff. This is the right-most of the established climbs, so is the first one you see on arrival.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="109">The Block</text>
  <text class="text" id="110">The monstrous chunk of Bare Rock that broke off to form The Great Roof now resides in the gully that runs Parallel to Bare Rock, directly below The Great Roof. This block is so massive, that it has a swathe of short, sporty route bolted on all sides of it.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Access by finding the block in the gully, directly below The Great Roof.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="111">Bare Rock Bouldering</text>
  <text class="text" id="112">The gully that runs parallel to Bare Rock hosts a number of established boulder problems of reasonable quality.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS.</text>