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  <text class="heading1" id="1">Flinders Island</text>
  <text class="text" id="2">Flinders Island has a lot of bouldering potential. It is mostly undeveloped as of yet. The following text is from Nick Hancock, and is included here with his permission.</text>
  <text class="text" id="3">Located off the northeast coast of Tasmania, Flinders Island is home to a largely undeveloped, and magnificently varied, granite, climbing wonderland. Extensive multi-pitch cliffs vie for attention, along with a myriad of shorter climbs and an almost unlimited number of boulders. To visit the island is much more than just another climbing holiday, it means a return to the Australia of old, a place where nature and the landscape dominates, and the few inhabitants are really friendly and genuinely interested in what you are doing there. Flinders Island is so much more than the perfect climbing destination, it is an oasis of unspoilt mountains and beaches, where encounters with wildlife, both above and below the surface of the ever present sea, is as important as the designer boulders and the vast number of, so far, untrodden lines.</text>
  <text class="text" id="4">The coastal boulders are what really makes Flinders Island unique, and with the current popularity of the sub-sport, are likely to become the major drawcard for climbers in the future. This is real bouldering, the aim being to get to the top of seemingly impossible summits, with the nearby crystal clear seas providing a welcome distraction, if it gets too hot to send your latest piece de resistance!</text>
  <text class="heading2" id="5">Killiecrankie</text>
  <text class="text" id="6">She Oak Point and Blyth Point in the far north of the island have a great collection of easier problems to about V3 in a beautiful situation, with countless new possibilities.</text>
  <text class="text" id="7">Surrounding Killiecrankie Castle and on the headland just to its north is a great collection of beautiful boulders with many harder problems up to V6, a couple of which were inspected on a top rope first. The campsite boulders have been presumably climbed on previously, but most topos, descriptions and grades are from Mike Hitchcock's experience in May 2010. Problems graded as "V?" were listed as such since weren't climbed during that trip. Those that have climbed them, and especially those that have made the FAs are encouraged to edit Mike's descriptions, grades, etc.</text>
  <problem extraname="(Highball, Stand)" Killer Crank" id="8" fa="Nick Hancock" grade="V6" namelength="Killer Crank" number="       " extra="(Highball, Stand)" stars="***" id="8">The standout problem of the island can be found on a huge leaning boulder directly opposite to the entrance to The Castle. Very reminiscent of Midnight Lightning in Yosemite's Camp 4, and like that climb needs a cool head to top out on the V2 climbing that comes after the crux!</problem>
  <problem idname="60Killer Crank Right" starsid="**60" extrafa="(HighballT. Krauss, Stand)2014" numbergrade="V6" namelength="Killer Crank Right" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V6(Highball, Stand)" fastars="T. Krauss, 2014**">Start as for Killer Crank, but head out right via lng move/dyno after crux move, to finish via right arete.</problem>
  <problem idname="66Killicrankie High Violet" starsid="**66" extrafa="(HighballJ. Trainer, Stand)" number="" name="Killicrankie High VioletSome Time In The Past" grade="V11" length="" gradenumber="V11" faextra="J. Trainer(Highball, Some Time In The Past"Stand)" stars="**">Right hand arete of the boulder from a stand start to the top.</problem>
  <text idclass="28heading3" classid="heading328">Killiecrankie Castle</text>
  <text id="26">The following problem is inside Killiecrankie Castle.</text>
  <problem name="" id="29" namefa="" grade="VE" extralength="(SDS)" stars="" number="" lengthextra="(SDS)" fastars="">Climb up and out the back of the hut. Harder if you exclude the rafters.</problem>
  <text id="30">The following boulders and problems are located on the boulders backing onto the climbers hut.</text>
  <text idclass="51heading3" classid="heading351">Front Boulder</text>
  <text id="52">This is the largest of the boulders in the small group next to the climbers hut.</text>
  <problem id="53" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE">Climb the slab and runnel.</problem>
  <problem id="54" grade="VE">On the western side of the boulder next to the trees. Jump to the pocket and mantle onto the slab.</problem>
  <text idclass="25heading3" classid="heading325">Middle Boulder</text>
  <image id="20" height="473" src="topo1sm.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Middle Boulder" height="473">
  <problem name="" id="31" numberfa="1M. Hitchcock 2010" grade="V1" extralength="(SDS)" starsnumber="1" nameextra="(SDS)" lengthstars="" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010">Climb the right arete of the petite stand alone boulder.</problem>
  <problem idname="32" numberid="232" namefa="M. Hitchcock 2010" grade="V3" extralength="(Stand)" starsnumber="2" lengthextra="(Stand)" fastars="M. Hitchcock 2010">Start on the obvious rightfacing hold in centre of face and righthand crimp. Pull on and head up to topout.</problem>
  <problem idname="33" numberid="333" starsfa="*M. Hitchcock 2010" grade="V4" extralength="(SDS)" namenumber="3" lengthextra="(SDS)" fastars="M. Hitchcock 2010*">Start matched on the low crimp then boulder up right following the arete.</problem>
  <problem idname="34" gradeid="V334" extrafa="(SDS)M. Hitchcock 2010" starsgrade="V3" numberlength="" namenumber="" lengthextra="(SDS)" fastars="M. Hitchcock 2010">Starting on the same crimp as #3 this problem climbs the point of the boulder.</problem>
  <text idclass="49heading3" classid="heading349">Back Boulder</text>
  <text id="50">The next boulder south has some great overhanging problems.</text>
  <image id="21" height="410" src="topo3s.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Back Boulder" height="410">
  <problem idname="35"Professor number=Prawn"1" starsid="**35" namefa="Professor PrawnM. Hitchcock 2010" grade="V3/4" extralength="(SDS)" lengthnumber="1" faextra="M. Hitchcock 2010"(SDS)" stars="**">This climb is actually on the Middle Boulder. Climb the crack from a sitdown start. Harder than it looks.</problem>
  <problem name="Lieutenant Lobster" id="36" namefa="Lieutenant LobsterT. Krauss, Dec. 2014" grade="V3" extralength="(SDS)" stars="***" number="2" lengthextra="(SDS)" fastars="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014***">Start on double sidepulls. Rather powerful moves lead to a gigantic jug.</problem>
  <problem idname="37Demoted Dogfish Dyno" gradeid="V437" extrafa="(Stand)M. Hitchcock 2010" numbergrade="3V4" starslength="" namenumber="Demoted Dogfish Dyno3" lengthextra="(Stand)" fastars="M. Hitchcock 2010">Start on the crimp rail, dyno to the top.</problem>
  <problem name="Superintendent Sunfish" id="38" numberfa="4T. Krauss, Dec. 2014" grade="V5" namelength="Superintendent" Sunfishnumber="4" extra="(Stand)" stars="**" length="" fa="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014">Climb up the centre of the face, starting on crimps.</problem>
  <problem name="Sergeant Major Mako" id="39" numberfa="5" grade="V3" extralength="(SDS)" starsnumber="**5" nameextra="Sergeant Major Mako(SDS)" lengthstars="**" fa="">From a right undercling and lefthand pocket follow big moves to the top.</problem>
  <image id="40" height="473" src="topo2fxs.jpg" legend="true" legendTitle="Back Boulder" height="473">
  <problem idname="41Squeeze The Loppers" numberid="641" namefa="SqueezeM. TheHitchcock Loppers2010" grade="V4/5" extralength="(Stand)" starsnumber="**6" lengthextra="(Stand)" fastars="M. Hitchcock 2010**">Squeeze onto the blank arete and up.</problem>
  <problem idname="61Colonel Cray Stand" starsid="**61" extrafa="(Stand)T. Krauss, Dec. 2014" numbergrade="V6" namelength="Colonel Cray Stand" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V6(Stand)" fastars="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014**">Stand Start with left hand on gaston sloper and right hand on gaston 'bottle-top'. Move left and up via slopers.</problem>
  <problem idname="42Colonel Cray Sit" numberid="742" namefa="ColonelT. Cray SitKrauss, Dec. 2014" grade="V6" length="" number="7" extra="(Hang)" stars="***" length="" fa="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014">Sit start as for the V3, Up the centre of the overhanging face.</problem>
  <problem name="Captain Crab" id="43" numberfa="8M. Hitchcock 2010" grade="V3" extralength="(SDS)" starsnumber="**8" nameextra="Captain Crab(SDS)" lengthstars="" fa="M. Hitchcock 2010"**">Starting on sidepulls of #7 slap out right and up, sitstart preferred but reachy so you might have to hang start.</problem>
  <text idclass="44heading3" classid="heading344">Far Back Boulder</text>
  <text id="45">This boulder is four meters south of the back boulder. Climbing is on the southern downhill side.</text>
  <problem id="46" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)">Up the South-western arete starting on the low horizontal crack.</problem>
  <problem id="47" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)">Layback the crack to the right.</problem>
  <problem id="48" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)">Big moves up large ledges on the face to the right.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="9">Boat Harbour and its nearby Sentinel Island offer many opportunities on not so small boulders, as do Twelve Hour Point and Roydon Island, near West End, but to make the most of these areas you'll need access to a boat of some kind.</text>
  <image idwidth="55" legendid="true55" widthheight="auto" heightlegend="autotrue">
      <path id="54537" points="10,9"/>
      <rect idwidth="69823100" xstyle="8yellow_outline" yid="969823" width="100" height="80" style="yellow_outline" text="Write some text" y="9" x="8"/>
  <text class="heading2" id="10">Emita</text>
  <text class="text" id="11">A bit further south near Emita is the most amazing boulder I have ever seen. Castle Rock is a massive block over 15 metres high, set in a magnificent location with the sea lapping its foot, and a perfect crack running horizontally around it at half height. Unfortunately this crack is way out of reach unless you have a very long stick, and are happy about jumaring up to a blindly placed cam. If you are then I can thoroughly recommend an ascent at 18 M2.</text>
  <text class="text" id="12">Of more free climbing interest is the collection of boulders around Settlement Point. Allports Beach, Port Davies, Bird Island, Lillies Beach and Sawyers Bay have a virtually unlimited supply of problems, up to V4 so far, mostly above soft sandy landings, on perfect fine grained granodiorite, like that found at the Bluestone Bay cliffs of Freycinet.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The two problems described below are on large boulders a few minutes walk around the coastal track from Allports Beach at Emitta.</text>
  <problem idname="68Prestidigitation" starsid="68" extrafa="Dave James, February 2015." numbergrade="V0" namelength="Prestidigitation" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V0" fastars="Dave James, February 2015.">squeeze through bottom of corner crack (legerdemain) into hidden chimney and up to exit. Probably even funnier with friends.</problem>
  <problem idname="70Legerdemain" starsid="70" extrafa="Dave James February 2015, previous ascencionists likely" numbergrade="V0" namelength="Legerdemain" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V0" fastars="Dave James February 2015, previous ascencionists likely">The steep RF corner crack.</problem>
  <image id="69" height="531" src="DSC_3242.JPG" height="531" legend="true">
      <path id="71849" pointsarrow="303,454, 275,435, 269,411,"true" linkedTo="68" d="M303.0,454C291454.0C291.8,446.4 281.137512381761271,442.76214801222758 275.0,435C268435.862487618238730C268.9,427.23785198777252 271.4,420.6 269.0,411.0" linkedTopoints="68" arrow="true"303,454, 275,435, 269,411,"/>
      <path id="64975" pointsarrow="252,436, 256,368, 235,289,true" d="M252.0,436C253436.0C253.6,408.8 259.130153801097041,395.066624044780271 256.0,368C252368.869846198902960C252.9,340.933375955219739 243.4,320.6 235.0,289.0" arrowpoints="true252,436, 256,368, 235,289,"/>
      <path id="18577" points="71,347, 88,178, 112,130," d="M71.0,347C77347.0C77.8,279.4 84.014675269838220,199.09306015719771 88.0,178C91178.985324730161780C92.0,156.90693984280239 102.399999999999994,149.2 112.0,130.0" points="71,347, 88,178, 112,130,"/>
  <problem id="71" stars="" extra="" number="" name="Sleight of hand" lengthid="71" grade="V0" fa="Dave James, June 2010.Previous ascencionists likely" grade="V0" length="" number="" extra="" stars="">step up then move left to flake on southern end of Fraud boulder.</problem>
  <problem idname="57Fraud" starsid="57" extrafa="Dave James, june 2010. previous ascencionists likely" numbergrade="v0" namelength="Fraud" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="v0" fastars="Dave James, june 2010. previous ascencionists likely">on southern end of northwest boulder. step up on flake at double dimples and onto slab.</problem>
  <image id="67" height="531" src="DSC_3241.JPG" height="531" legend="true">
      <path id="34242" pointslinkedTo="429,426, 431,309, 445,269, 390,191,57" d="M429.0,426C429426.0C429.8,379.2 429.281340404542163,325.86434728042989 431.0,309C432309.718659595457840C432.7,292.13565271957021 450.56371823419876,285.01265247891320 445.0,269C439269.43628176580130C439.4,252253.98734752108680 412.0,222.2 390.0,191.0" linkedTopoints="57429,426, 431,309, 445,269, 390,191,"/>
      <path id="96043" pointslinkedTo="360,430, 387,326, 326,264, 345,199,71" d="M360.0,430C370430.0C370.8,388.4 393394.980903777709330,360.0832360911691 387.0,326C380326.019096222290670C380.0,291.9167639088319 334.505203827526265,289.71811633561517 326.0,264C317264.494796172473740C317.5,238.28188366438493 337.4,225.0 345.0,199.0" linkedTopoints="71360,430, 387,326, 326,264, 345,199,"/>
  <problem idname="56chicanery" starsid="56" extrafa="dave james june 2010. previous ascencionists likely." numbergrade="v0" namelength="chicanery" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="v0" fastars="dave james june 2010. previous ascencionists likely.">Handcrack on northern end of east facing wall on 'Boulder' nearest trail.</problem>
  <image id="58" height="784" src="allports.JPG" height="784" legend="true">
      <path id="66815" pointslinkedTo="380,635, 434,250, 429,105,56" d="M380.0,635C401635.0C401.6,481.0 428.65733347295737,307.788025700665868 434.0,250C439250.34266652704270C439.3,192.211974299334142 431.0,163.0 429.0,105.0" linkedTopoints="56380,635, 434,250, 429,105,"/>
  <text class="heading2" id="13">Trousers Point</text>
  <text class="text" newid="false14" number="null." idnew="14false">Last but not least is Trousers Point, at the south west tip of the island below Strzelecki. There is a massive boulder in the paddock on the way out to the point with the semi-highball Love Life (V0). There is potential for some more problems on this attractive boulder but they are high. There is more climbing on some awesome freestanding coastal boulders just west of the campground.</text>
  <text idclass="80heading3" classid="heading380">Love Life Boulder</text>
  <image newwidth="false500" numberid="null.15" height="333" src="lovelife4small.jpg" widthlegend="500true" idnumber="15null." heightnew="333" legend="true"false">null
      <path id="85206" points="248,220, 230,173, 239,139, 259,114, 240,67, 222,37,linkedTo="16" d="M248,220C248.0,220.0C248.0,220.0 231.553595358059946,186187.982358222539370 230.0,173C228173.446404641940060C228.4,159.017641777460630 233.350922399029544,150.492950981284745 239.0,139C244139.649077600970460C244.6,127.507049018715265 258.822152590514358,126.805013482965938 259.0,114C259114.177847409485650C259.2,101.194986517034072 246.06108667800411,79.613612816386956 240.0,67C23367.93891332199590C233.9,54.386387183613054 229230.99433100856810,48.4861077709312065 222.0,37.0" linkedTo="16"/>
      <path id="34191" points="248,220, 248230,220173, 254239,189139, 277259,162114, 300240,13267, 310,100, 282,76, 222,37,"/>
      <path id="34191" linkedTo="63" d="M248,220C248.0,220.0C248.0,220.0 248.0,220.0 248,220C248.0,220.0C248.0,220.0 248.351637405406764,200.296725189186473 254.0,189C259189.64836259459320C259.6,177.703274810813537 268.090090754748361,173.040539716942250 277.0,162C285162.909909245251640C285.9,150151.959460283057750 293.699115349824077,143.838025706391148 300.0,132C306132.300884650175930C306.3,120.161974293608862 317.24228921759682,111.286684494956053 310.0,100C302100.75771078240320C302.8,88.713315505043957 293294.96213251774730,84.63176607814726 282.0,76C27076.03786748225270C270.0,67.36823392185284 229230.99433100856810,48.4861077709312065 222.0,37.0"/>       <path id="59886" points="248,220, 210248,180220, 173254,156189, 153277,116162, 135300,94132, 134310,75100, 171282,5476, 222,37,"/>
      <path id="59886" linkedTo="62" d="M248,220C248.0,220.0C248.0,220.0 223.41916787487474,191.45102325322645 210.0,180C196180.58083212512530C196.6,168.54897674677365 184.732721171398087,169.173581666131162 173.0,156C161156.267278828601920C161.3,142.826418333868848 158.94160183580069,125.694192468937837 153.0,116C147116.05839816419940C147.1,106.305807531062173 138.199926541762152,100.905104642749899 135.0,94C13194.800073458237850C131.8,87.094895357250111 128.908831175456879,80.656854249492387 134.0,75C13975.091168824543130C139.1,69.343145750507623 155.376747289686224,60.7464045794536747 171.0,54C18654.623252710313780C186.6,47.2535954205463263 229230.99433100856810,48.4861077709312065 222.0,37.0" linkedTopoints="62"/>
      <path id="57041" points="359,199, 341,140, 310,101, 282,76248,220, 210,180, 173,156, 153,116, 135,94, 134,75, 171,54, 222,37,"/>
      <path id="57041" linkedTo="64" d="M359.0,199C351199.0C351.8,175.4 349.912014362645559,157.824028725291048 341.0,140C332140.087985637354450C332.1,122.175971274708962 317.24228921759682,112.286684494956053 310.0,101C302101.75771078240320C302.8,89.713315505043957 293294.96213251774730,84.63176607814726 282.0,76C27076.03786748225270C270.0,67.36823392185284 229230.99433100856810,48.4861077709312065 222.0,37.0" points="359,199, 341,140, 310,101, 282,76, 222,37,"/>
  <problem extraname="(Highball, Stand)" Love Life" id="16" fa="Nick Hancock" grade="V0" namelength="Love Life" number="       " starsextra="*(Highball, Stand)" idstars="16*">On the massive boulder in the paddock on the way out to the point</problem>
  <problem idname="63Love Life Right" starsid="63" extrafa="(Highball, Stand)" numbergrade="V3/4" namelength="Love Life Right" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V3/4(Highball, Stand)" fastars="">Start as for Love Life but head right through the buldge and mantle out right to top the boulder.</problem>
  <problem idname="62Love Life Left" starsid="62" extrafa="(Highball, Stand)" numbergrade="V2" namelength="Love Life Left" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V2(Highball, Stand)" fastars="">Start as for Love Life and head left all the way to the arete before topping the boulder</problem>
  <problem idname="64And the Cow said Mantle" starsid="64" extrafa="(Highball, Stand)" numbergrade="V4/5" namelength="And the Cow said Mantle" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V4/5(Highball, Stand)" fastars="">Start about 4 metres right of Love Life on good slopers and mantle out right, then top the boulder via easy slap.&lt;br/&gt;Easy variant exists a bit to the left.</problem>
  <image idwidth="81800" srcid="IMG_0466.jpg81" height="600" widthsrc="800IMG_0466.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="34399" points="186,362, 190,307, 194,238, 206,204, 222,169, 222,135,linkedTo="82" d="M186.0,362C187362.0C187.6,340.0 188.579848946222976,329.012341333544160 190.0,307C191307.420151053777030C191.4,284285.987658666455840 191.786208147265378,252.25128505197923 194.0,238C196238.213791852734630C196.2,223.74871494802087 200.57700850176766,217.363800477786984 206.0,204C211204.42299149823240C211.4,190.636199522213026 218.92788944455139,182.248476770372552 222.0,169C225169.07211055544870C225.1,155.751523229627458 222.0,148.6 222.0,135.0" linkedTo="82points="186,362, 190,307, 194,238, 206,204, 222,169, 222,135," lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="42421" points="348,318, 352,248, 350,212, 331,133, 321,105,linkedTo="83" d="M348.0,318C349318.0C349.6,290.0 351.72793134632387,262.419638644837334 352.0,248C352248.27206865367620C352.3,233.580361355162646 352.59077831918076,226.187595557417862 350.0,212C347212.40922168081930C347.4,197.812404442582148 334.11105851919331,144.478733157023675 331.0,133C327133.88894148080670C327.9,121.521266842976335 325.0,116.2 321.0,105.0" lineStyle="dotted" linkedTo="83points="348,318, 352,248, 350,212, 331,133, 321,105," lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="44813" points="417,322, 418,254, 424,194, 439,173, 423,141, 395,114,linkedTo="85" d="M417.0,322C417322.0C417.4,294.8 416.68292186207657,278.083714522029251 418.0,254C419254.31707813792350C419.3,229.916285477970729 421.40937025650784,203204.992429010612680 424.0,194C426194.59062974349220C426.6,184.007570989387320 439.19473496908632,183.320953361575423 439.0,173C438173.80526503091370C438.8,162.679046638424587 431.555358935359156,152.471958572413435 423.0,141C414141.444641064640850C414.4,129.528041427586575 406.2,124.8 395.0,114.0" linkedTo="85points="417,322, 418,254, 424,194, 439,173, 423,141, 395,114," lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="47671" pointslinkedTo="474,309, 482,209, 464,160, 454,138,86" d="M474.0,309C477309.0C477.2,269.0 483.398237919455944,229.83374499989378 482.0,209C480209.601762080544060C480.6,188.16625500010632 467.5463082418095,168169.99242447030150 464.0,160C460160.4536917581910C460.5,151.00757552969850 458.0,146.8 454.0,138.0" linkedTopoints="86474,309, 482,209, 464,160, 454,138,"/>
  <problem idname="82Project - Love Life Direct" starsid="82" extrafa="(Highball)" numbergrade="V8+" namelength="Project - Love Life Direct" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V8+(Highball)" fastars="">Project sit or stand right up the middle of the graffiti-face. Holds are there, just very small in big-ish moves between them. Tried in Dec, 2014.</problem>
  <problem idname="83Project - Right Left Arete" starsid="83" extrafa="(Highball, Stand)" numbergrade="V7+?" namelength="Project - Right Left Arete" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V7+?(Highball, Stand)" fastars="">Project - Right Left Arete&lt;br/&gt;Tried in Dec, 2014. Holds are there, very hard start, hard upper mid section easy top slab.</problem>
  <problem idname="85Project - Right Right" starsid="85" extrafa="(Highball)" numbergrade="v5+?" namelength="Project - Right Right" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="v5+?(Highball)" fastars="">Project Right Right - Tried in Dec, 2014 Holds are plenty, hard start.</problem>
  <problem idname="86Center Road" starsid="86" extrafa="(Highball, Stand)" numbergrade="V4?" namelength="Center Road" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V4?(Highball, Stand)" fastars="">Climbs roughly right centre of boulder</problem>
  <text idclass="88text" classid="text88">This next boulder is located off the road near the Love Life Boulder but to the East. It is visible from the road and approach takes about 2 minutes of bush bashing.</text>
  <image idwidth="87800" srcid="IMG_0471.jpg87" height="600" widthsrc="800IMG_0471.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="80004" points="374,364, 380,302, 415,272, 396,193, 340,121, 314,86,linkedTo="89" d="M374.0,364C376364.0C376.4,339.2 372.49419478818085,318.84229462164318 380.0,302C387302.50580521181920C387.5,285.15770537835692 412.322041976724563,290.24358903356392 415.0,272C417272.677958023275440C417.7,253.756410966436058 412.53425049737535,220221.981039303250440 396.0,193C379193.46574950262470C379.5,165.018960696749560 351.172209269515352,134.391853495246864 340.0,121C328121.827790730484650C328.8,107.608146504753146 324.4,100.0 314.0,86.0" linkedTo="89points="374,364, 380,302, 415,272, 396,193, 340,121, 314,86,"/>
      <path id="19817" pointslinkedTo="466,362, 448,279, 410,196, 341,122,90" d="M466.0,362C458362.0C458.8,328.8 458.8590889272059,311.18944217707192 448.0,279C437279.1409110727950C437.1,246.81055782292818 426.53425049737535,223224.981039303250440 410.0,196C393196.46574950262470C393.5,168.018960696749560 352.172209269515352,135.391853495246864 341.0,122.0" linkedTopoints="90466,362, 448,279, 410,196, 341,122,"/>
      <path id="27807" points="550,367, 546,332, 539,272, 520,243, 375,115,linkedTo="91" d="M550.0,367C548367.0C548.4,353.0 547.62077589386736,345346.99760999249010 546.0,332C544332.37922410613270C544.4,318.00239000750990 542.88876867529229,285.31155431157713 539.0,272C535272.11123132470780C535.1,258.68844568842297 530.01757958138180,252.589999965103356 520.0,243C509243.98242041861820C510.0,233.410000034896654 433.0,166.2 375.0,115.0" linkedTo="91points="550,367, 546,332, 539,272, 520,243, 375,115,"/>
  <problem idname="89Linke Rinne" starsid="89" extrafa="(SDS)T. Krauss, Dec. 2014" numbergrade="V5?" namelength="Linke Rinne" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V5?(SDS)" fastars="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014">Sit start the left water runnel, hard start and mantel.</problem>
  <problem idname="90Middle Riddle" starsid="90" extrafa="(SDS)T. Krauss, Dec. 2014" numbergrade="V6?" namelength="Middle Riddle" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V6?(SDS)" fastars="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014">Sit start the middle runnel, left hand out left, hard to pull off the ground and gain the first two moves or so</problem>
  <problem idname="91Right Runnel" starsid="91" extrafa="(SDS)T. Krauss, Dec. 2014" numbergrade="V5?" namelength="Right Runnel" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="V5?(SDS)" fastars="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014">Sit start right runnel, feel like offwidth bouldering. Hard start and grunty moves to mantel</problem>
  <text idclass="93text" classid="text93">This next boulder is around 30-50 metres south of the previous boulder.</text>
  <image idwidth="92800" srcid="IMG_0473.jpg92" height="1067" widthsrc="800IMG_0473.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="69032" points="274,604, 246,507, 226,355, 188,187, 189,104,linkedTo="94" d="M274.0,604C262604.0C262.8,565.2 253.644161774663646,546.65408920606767 246.0,507C238507.355838225336360C238.4,467.34591079393233 236.93679169150219,415.340919677252943 226.0,355C215355.06320830849790C215.1,294.659080322747067 192.842053367533658,219.847443114890328 188.0,187C183187.157946632466350C183.2,154.152556885109682 188.6,137.2 189.0,104.0" linkedTo="94points="274,604, 246,507, 226,355, 188,187, 189,104,"/>
      <path id="80530" points="506,531, 495,401, 473,310, 388,175, 284,74,linkedTo="95" d="M506.0,531C501531.599999999999970C501.6,479.0 500.530560001618655,438.03799273811280 495.0,401C489401.469439998381350C489.5,363364.96200726188720 489.024809633517750,343.846794179205748 473.0,310C456310.975190366482250C457.0,276.153205820794262 424.24880342584892,220.263056129631423 388.0,175C351175.75119657415110C351.8,129.736943870368587 325.6,114.399999999999994 284.0,74.0" linkedTo="95points="506,531, 495,401, 473,310, 388,175, 284,74," lineStyle="dashed"/>
  <problem idname="94Unten Ohne Party" starsid="*94" extrafa="(Stand)T. Krauss, Dec. 2014" numbergrade="v4?" namelength="Unten Ohne Party" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="v4?(Stand)" fastars="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014*">Stand start under the lowest bit of the big undercling. Grab it and climb straight up</problem>
  <problem idname="95Hourglass Stem" starsid="95" extrafa="(Stand)T. Krauss, Dec. 2014" numbergrade="VE" namelength="Hourglass Stem" lengthnumber="" gradeextra="VE(Stand)" fastars="T. Krauss, Dec. 2014">Stem your way up between the two blocks. Good fun, easy climbing</problem>
  <image newwidth="false500" numberid="null.17" height="193" src="trousers2small.jpg" widthnumber="500null." idnew="17" height="193"false">null</image>
  <problem extraname="(Highball, Stand)" Knob Jockey" id="18" fa="Nick Hancock" grade="V4" namelength="Knob Jockey" number="       " starsextra="*(Highball, Stand)" idstars="18*">On the freestanding coastal boulders just west of the campground</problem>
  <problem extraname="(Stand)" Knob Job" id="19" fa="Nick Hancock" grade="V4" namelength="Knob Job" number="       " starsextra="*(Stand)" idstars="19*"/>
  <text idclass="73heading2" classid="heading273">Strzelecki</text>
  <text idclass="74indentedHeader" classid="indentedHeader74">Ball Rock West Boulderfield&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Several problems have been done here in December 2013. Mostly easy aretes and slabs up to V4.</text>
  <image idwidth="76900" srcid="IMG_0682.jpg76" height="675" widthsrc="900IMG_0682.jpg"/>
  <image idwidth="77900" srcid="IMG_0683.jpg77" height="675" widthsrc="900IMG_0683.jpg"/>
  <image idwidth="78900" srcid="IMG_0684.jpg78" height="675" widthsrc="900IMG_0684.jpg"/>
  <image idwidth="79900" srcid="Bluewhale Boulder.jpg79" height="675" widthsrc="900Bluewhale Boulder.jpg"/>