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  <header id="1" name="Eldon" walk="10 minutes flat walk" sun="Afternoon sun" rock="Short sandstone" acknowledgement="" intro="Eldon is a small sandstone crag with some great steep rock. It&apos;s pretty limited in scope and won&apos;t be everyone&apos;s cup of tea, but it has the advantages of a flat 10 minute walk in, fun routes on steep &amp; solid sandstone, and a pleasant sunny aspect. It&apos;s climbable in winter if the sun is out. There is quite a lot of other rock in the general area to be explored, for instance in the Rhyndaston Gorge and the Gravelly Ridge CA.&lt;br/&gt;Please respect the closed projects." history="The crag was found by Dave Humphries and Jon Nermut in 2013, and developed over the winter." access="Eldon is about 50 minutes drive from Hobart via Richmond and Colebrook. At Colebrook turn right on to Eldon Rd, towards Tunnack. Follow this up over the hill and down the other side. At the bridge head left, onto the gravel road. Follow this until it turns back to bitumen and up the hill. Park on the side of the road just before the gate marked &quot;Eldon Hill&quot;. The track starts 50m down the hill from this at a small rock shelf. Follow the red tapes up the hill until you hit an old 4wd track. Turn right on this and follow it out towards the ridge. Just before it heads back right inland, more red tapes head down to the crag.&lt;br/&gt;The crag and access walk are within the Spinning Gum Conservation Area which is public land." camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <gps id="26">
    <point code="ELD000" description="Eldon - Parking" easting="536508" height="470" northing="5296342" zone="55G" latitude="-42.48441" longitude="147.44421" pid="0"/>
    <point pid="1" latitude="-42.48717" longitude="147.43903" easting="536080" northing="5296038" zone="55G" code="ELD010" description="Eldon - Bonsai Buttress"/>
    <polyline pid="2" code="" description="Track to Bonsai Buttress">-42.484473,147.444237 -42.485478,147.443969 -42.486142,147.443798 -42.4863,147.443411 -42.486293,147.442714 -42.486324,147.442027 -42.486269,147.441394 -42.486269,147.441072 -42.486387,147.440836 -42.486743,147.440622 -42.487092,147.440343 -42.487171,147.439806 -42.487218,147.439388 -42.487218,147.439088</polyline>
  <text id="2" class="heading3">Bonsai Buttress</text>
  <image id="3" src="bonsaiCrag.jpg" height="750" legend="true" legendTitle="Bonsai Buttress" legendx="19" legendy="14">
      <path id="68544" points="607,570, 536,417, 513,304, 479,157, 500,80, 557,42,lower" d="M607,570C578.6,508.8 551.3690244077937,460.49106906886334 536,417C520.6309755922063,373.50893093113666 522.8778209330077,349.05672706284196 513,304C503.1221790669923,258.94327293715804 480.8496727021758,188.87128348364442 479,157C477.1503272978242,125.12871651635558 484.6184543105589,102.6779199267401 500,80C515.3815456894412,57.3220800732599 534.2,57.199999999999996 557,42" linkedTo="4"/>
      <path id="51960" points="624,571, 574,342, 575,202, 582,92, 558,44," d="M624,571C604,479.4 581.3717926997344,397.5141123714695 574,342C566.6282073002656,286.4858876285305 573.5898737712264,246.06644464917636 575,202C576.4101262287736,157.93355535082364 584.2964059698949,113.34306724961132 582,92C579.7035940301051,70.65693275038868 567.6,63.2 558,44" linkedTo="5"/>
      <path id="27064" points="659,580, 714,411, 732,286, 727,221, 690,143, 683,89, 705,36,lower" d="M659,580C681,512.4 701.8266237284363,460.02702224437996 714,411C726.1733762715637,361.97297775562004 730.2199589495372,312.01598458368755 732,286C733.7800410504628,259.98401541631245 734.3485243645436,246.01997581261242 727,221C719.6514756354564,195.98002418738758 696.887670143089,163.66301042926708 690,143C683.112329856911,122.33698957073292 679.9761951815765,110.56980770475433 683,89C686.0238048184235,67.43019229524567 696.2,57.2 705,36" linkedTo="6"/>
      <path id="46954" points="336,576, 301,434, 324,346, 220,219, 226,118,lower" d="M336,576C322,519.2 302.8956345533096,470.33299560510113 301,434C299.1043654466904,397.66700439489887 336.82676522399424,380.0463521377626 324,346C311.17323477600576,311.9536478622374 235.98175130010577,256.18203363698075 220,219C204.01824869989423,181.81796636301925 223.6,158.4 226,118" linkedTo="18"/>
      <path id="28799" points="198,587, 170,411," d="M198,587C186.79999999999998,516.6 181.20000000000002,481.4 170,411" linkedTo="20"/>
      <path id="92303" points="575,334, 627,192,label 682,113," d="M575,334C575.328769844327,277.99953651629784 610.2209536005181,226.65578742322896 627,192C643.7790463994819,157.34421257677104 660,144.6 682,113" linkedTo="22"/>
  <climb id="19" stars="" extra="3Þ" number="1." name="Minimalism" length="8m" grade="18" fa="Jon Nermut, Jun 2013.">Wall around to the left of the crag. A game of find the clean holds.</climb>
  <climb id="20" stars="" extra="3Þ" number="2." name="Luke&apos;s Climb" length="10m" grade="18" fa="Luke Einoder, June 2013.">Up the yellow corner on the left side of the crag. At the roof either step left on to the face, or better, head out right (needs some more cleaning).</climb>
  <climb id="21" stars="" extra="Þ" number="3." name="Project" length="" grade="" fa="">Start up the corner, then head right.</climb>
  <climb id="18" stars="" extra="2Þ" number="4." name="Project" length="" grade="" fa="">Project - start beneath the steep left side of the crag. Up R to pocket, then back left and up.</climb>
  <climb id="4" stars="*" extra="4Þ" number="5." name="Banzai!" length="10m" grade="23" fa="Jon Nermut, May 2013">Up the wall then head left through the bulge.</climb>
  <climb id="5" stars="*" extra="4Þ" number="6." name="He&apos;s Lichen It" length="10m" grade="22" fa="Guy Abell, June 2013.">Up the wall then through the steep bulge.</climb>
  <climb id="22" stars="**" extra="4Þ" number="7." name="She&apos;s Lichen It" length="10m" grade="23" fa="Guy Abell, June 2013.">Start up He's Lichen It and go right through the steep section to join Bonsai.</climb>
  <climb id="6" stars="**" extra="4Þ" number="8." name="Bonsai" length="10m" grade="22" fa="Dave Humphries, April 2013.">Very nice steep climbing up through the bulge using some awesome slots.</climb>
  <image id="7" src="pissAnt.jpg" height="631" width="600" legend="true" legendTitle="Piss Ant Buttress" legendx="423" legendy="11">
      <path id="12498" points="253,550, 244,325, 255,186, 249,73, 247,25,lower" d="M253,550C249.4,460 243.69355501586438,380.77298711268475 244,325C244.30644498413562,269.22701288731525 254.1020879962886,231.25476498705513 255,186C255.8979120037114,140.74523501294487 249.95368844341542,92.19297992373502 249,73C248.04631155658458,53.807020076264976 247.79999999999998,44.2 247,25" linkedTo="8"/>
      <path id="81322" points="427,572, 421,410, 407,294, 389,195, 357,160,lower" d="M427,572C424.59999999999997,507.2 424.3536855296817,456.6162288625753 421,410C417.6463144703183,363.3837711374247 412.9253113405834,333.8106855695447 407,294C401.0746886594166,254.1893144304553 395.6315395775458,212.77252606782287 389,195C382.3684604224542,177.22747393217713 369.8,174 357,160" linkedTo="9"/>
      <path id="27179" points="475,574, 467,402, 479,306, 474,220,lower" d="M475,574C471.8,505.2 466.42246973873864,440.6945275045106 467,402C467.57753026126136,363.3054724954894 477.67566800094454,340.4326319754427 479,306C480.32433199905546,271.5673680245573 476,254.4 474,220" linkedTo="10"/>
  <climb id="8" stars="**" extra="4Þ" number="9." name="Piss Ant" length="10m" grade="17" fa="Jon Nermut, April 2013.">Nice climbing up the pillar. There is a harder variant on the face to the right.</climb>
  <climb id="9" stars="" extra="3Þ" number="10." name="The Runt" length="8m" grade="17" fa="Dave Humphries, April 2013.">To the left of Rude Not To.</climb>
  <climb id="10" stars="*" extra="3Þ" number="11." name="Rude Not To" length="8m" grade="19" fa="Dave Humphries, April 2013.">Up the nice golden rock. Wish it was longer!</climb>
  <text id="11" class="heading3">Roof Area</text>
  <climb<text id="2527" starsclass="" extra="" number="12." name="" length="" grade="" fa=""text">This crag is about 50m south of the Bonsai crag and consists of two large 6-7m roofs. The rock isn't as good as on Bonsai, but is good enough.</climb>text>
  <image id="12" src="eldoncave.jpg" height="527" legendTitle="Eldon Roof" legend="true" legendx="628" legendy="10">
      <path id="62049" points="191,411, 189,325, 190,242, 203,176, 231,126, 255,39,lower" d="M191,411C190.2,376.6 189.19646052255652,358.2018283120535 189,325C188.80353947744348,291.7981716879465 187.482888848075,268.78925440263043 190,242C192.517111151925,215.21074559736954 195.36119336221674,197.6122334142161 203,176C210.63880663778326,154.3877665857839 222.86573068673368,147.43067107533625 231,126C239.13426931326632,104.56932892466375 245.4,73.80000000000001 255,39" linkedTo="13"/>
      <path id="83249" points="216,413, 212,340, 238,244, 304,202, 303,163, 284,97, 256,39," d="M216,413C214.4,383.8 208.22496626909395,368.99912275105095 212,340C215.77503373090605,311.00087724894905 220.6422263036901,270.03666054446484 238,244C255.3577736963099,217.96333945553516 294.23324111672673,214.17088414684827 304,202C313.76675888327327,189.82911585315173 305.91990827469016,178.32951844212323 303,163C300.08009172530984,147.67048155787677 293.1307412715063,121.08961526950591 284,97C274.8692587284937,72.91038473049409 256.71040525989565,64.75219067121694 256,39" linkedTo="14"/>
      <path id="44917" points="327,422, 410,321, 446,251, 447,197, 441,110,lower" d="M327,422C360.2,381.59999999999997 392.0151099982588,346.8438335319138 410,321C427.9848900017412,295.1561664680862 439.82286128540784,271.7017621786332 446,251C452.17713871459216,230.29823782136683 448.8323355901932,209.75000181509444 447,197C445.1676644098068,184.24999818490556 443.4,144.8 441,110" linkedTo="15"/>
      <path id="9252" points="403,403, 452,309, 470,260, 466,223, 447,197," d="M403,403C422.6,365.4 443.14094828227104,327.9081253079887 452,309C460.85905171772896,290.0918746920113 467.60814518803556,274.6928224163529 470,260C472.39185481196444,245.30717758364707 470.4174076606303,235.09985576607443 466,223C461.5825923393697,210.90014423392557 448.8323355901932,209.75000181509444 447,197" linkedTo="16"/>
      <path id="39353" points="402,335, 382,297,label 373,278, 414,221, 447,180," d="M402,335C394,319.8 385.813357042232,304.4952190140422 382,297C378.186642957768,289.5047809859578 369.73662751130064,285.750509660661 373,278C376.26337248869936,270.249490339339 401.31381837415086,237.80061890990828 414,221C426.68618162584914,204.19938109009172 446.44317032071814,192.86895258784764 447,180" linkedTo="17"/>
  <climb id="13" stars="" extra="3Þ" number="1312." name="A Pig and a Flingo" length="8m" grade="20" fa="Jon Nermut, May 2013.">Start at the left of the edge of the roof, and climb awkwardly up the face until you get to some nicer steep jugs.</climb>
  <climb id="14" stars="*" extra="4Þ " number="1413." name="A Clip and a Swingo" length="8m" grade="22" fa="Dave Humphries May 2013.">The jugs start huge and reduce to good at the top. Start at the left edge keeping right of APF. Round the lip and keep going to the anchors.</climb>
  <climb id="17" stars="" extra="4Þ" number="1514." name="Project" length="" grade="" fa="">Project (Dave). Start at the right side of the roof, out to the scoop, then head left to jugs and up crack on head wall.</climb>
  <climb id="15" stars="" extra="4Þ " number="1615." name="Project" length="" grade="" fa="">Project (open). Start at the right side of the roof, out to the scoop, then head straight out through the scoop to the lip.</climb>
  <climb id="16" stars="" extra="4Þ " number="1716." name="The Manxster" length="8m" grade="22" fa="Jon Nermut, Jun 2013.">Start in between the two roofs, climb the brown rock through the roof then awkwardly up on to the face.</climb>