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  <header access="Access to Northern Buttress is from via a track that starts at the climbers&apos; car park. Where itthis track meets the Organ Pipes track, continue drectly opposite and up the hill on the signposted track to Northern Buttress. The track first meets the cliff base at a prominentconspicuous areteprow. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The Dark Side is the cliff left of this areteprow which ends at Chockstone Gully, a rock choked couloir that leads up to the Notch.  The Lower Cliff is found around the toe of prow to the right. Routes that start high up from the Notch are under the heading of Climbs from the areteNotch. whereSentinel mostRidge, one of these routes, starts at the morenotch popular routes are locatedand follows the skyline ridge to the very top of the Organ Pipes. Back down at ground level, routes on the Upper Cliff are accessed by scrambling right and up from the right hand end of the Lower Cliff.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Descent: There are numerous rap stations on Northern Buttress. Check individual route descriptions for details." acknowledgement="" history="" intro="Northern Buttress is the last major buttress at the right hand end of the cliff. Routes here are shorter, often easier to find and sunnier if located on the Lower Cliff. If you are not familiar with the Pipes then climbing on this buttress is less likely to end in an epic encounter. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Descriptions begin with climbs at the left hand end of the buttress in the Darkside area. Around the toe of the prominentconspicuous arêteprow right of the Darkside, is the Lower Cliff where the majority of routes are found. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The skyline ridge of Northern Buttress is split halfway along by a gap in the ridge called the Notch. When viewed from the Lower Cliff, Buttress Pinnacle is the knob on the skyline immediately left of the Notch. Routes that start right and above the Notch are described under the heading of Climbs from the Notch. Sentinel Ridge, one of these routes, starts at the notch and follows the skyline ridge to the very top of the Organ Pipes. Back down at ground level, routes on the Upper Cliff are accessed by scrambling right and up from the right hand end of the Lower Cliff.&lt;br/&gt;" rock="Dolerite cracks, faces and ridges up to 50m" sun="Morning sun" walk="20 min uphill" id="1" camping="" autonumber="true" name="Northern Buttress"/>
  <image id="3" width="" height="976" src="northern buttress.png">null</image>
  <text class="heading2" id="51">The Darkside</text>
  <text class="text" id="52">The>Climbs followingin climbsthis startarea onare in the leftshade handand sideall ofstart theleft toe of the prominentconspicuous areteprow. onFrom the shadytoe side of the buttress.prow, Traversetraverse left on a track at the base of the cliff then uphill tot he bottom of to a gullyrock containingchoked somecouloir large(Chockstone chockstonesGully). The first two routes start on the wall just left of the gully.</text>
  <image id="53" width="700" height="932" src="DarksidePrint.jpg" legend="true" legendx="510" legendy="20" legendTitle="The Darkside">null
  <climb id="64" name="Side Saddling Cheesecake " extra="5Þ ↓" grade="23" length="12m" number="1." stars="" fa="N. Selby, 2001.">Climb the face and arête Lleft of Jackson's Apprentices to a rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="63" name="Jackson&apos;s Apprentices " extra="↓" grade="24" length="11m" number="2." stars="" fa="Phil Steane (solo), Aug 1982. FFA: S. Parsons, D. Fife, Oct 1982.">The>Short shortand steep. wallLocated on the Lwall aton the footwall immediately left of Chockstone Gully. Follow the crack system up the middle of the buttress. Abseilto froma rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="62" name="Chockstone Gully " extra="↓" grade="7 " length="46m" number="3." stars="" fa="Unknown, 1950s.">This route gives perhaps the quickest access to the Notch and Buttress Pinnacle, though it is often damp. Start at the base of the obvious gully. The huge rectangular chockstone bridging the top of the gully is Chockstone Slab. The first 30m of the 'route is mainly a scramble ending at Chockstone Slab (also encountered on the Labyrinth and the Chasm routes). Climb up the slab and continue to the Notch. Climb to the top of Buttress Pinnacle and rap station (50m).</climb>
  <climb id="61" name="Skyline Minor " extra="↓" grade="9 " length="120m" number="4." stars="**" fa="Unknown, but a route was madecompleted up to the Pinnacle by J. Peterson and D. Webber incirca about 1958.">A>An climb historic route with several variations that follows the crest of the Northern Buttress ridge to thefinish summiton of Buttress Pinnacle. The route has many variations. Start at either the second or third chimney onleft of the south side of Northern Buttress. 1conspicuous prow. &lt;br/&gt;1a. 7m. (a) Easy Chimney: - The LHleft hand and less interesting chimney.(b)  &lt;br/&gt;1b. Cruddy Chimney: -The RHmore exciting chimney to the right. &lt;br/&gt;2. 40m. Scramble easily up to the Rright and join the skyline proper at the Second Platform. &lt;br/&gt;3. 15m. Skyline Traverse: - Continue easily up to the foot of the next prominent crack (Curving Crack) where the ridge steepens. RRight of this, climb up for 5m onto the top of a block on the ridge crest. An exposed traverse leads 4m across the north face to a stance on top of the Canopy Chockstone of Pulpit Chimney. 4&lt;br/&gt;4a. 15m. (a) Window Wall: - Up the face to the Lleft of Window Crack. (b)&lt;br/&gt;4b. Window Crack: - Up the crack on the Lleft wall of the chimney, continuing Rright and through Bottleneck Chimney to the Third Platform. (c)&lt;br/&gt;4c. Bottleneck Passage: - Squeeze through the tunnel behind the stance to the south side of the buttress, and climb 3m to the Third Platform. (d)&lt;br/&gt;4d. Bottleneck Chimney: - A narrow continuation of Pulpit Chimney. Belay above the constriction at the level of the Third Platform. &lt;br/&gt;5. 20m. Bottleneck Chimney Continuation:continuation - Straight up inside the wide chimney. At its top, cross over to the Rright of a large flake on the upper wall. Continue up airily on good holds until the angle eases. &lt;br/&gt;6. 20m. Traverse easily up to the Buttress Pinnacle. Abseil from rap station on Buttress Pinnacle (50m down through Chasmchockstones).</climb>
  <climb id="60" name="Pelf " extra="" grade="18" length="10m" number="5." stars="" fa="E. Peacock (solo), Feb 1983.">The small buttress L just to the right of BollardCruddy Chimney (Skyline Minor) and justleft R of theBollard Cruddy Chimney. Climb the thin line up the Lleft side of the wall. Walk and down climb off to the left.</climb>
  <climb id="59" name="Pommy Slide " extra="" grade="20" length="10m" number="6." stars="*" fa="D. Fife, Pete Steane, Dec 1987.">Shares>Sharing the same start as Pelf, this route is run out. Climb Pelf to the 2.5 cam placement and step Rright. Climb the Rright side of the block to the top. RunWalk out.and Walkdown climb off to the left.</climb>
  <climb id="58" name="Bollard Chimney " extra="" grade="15" length="10m" number="7." stars="" fa="Unknown.">The first chimney on the south side left of Northernthe Buttressprow, distinguished by a group of prominent spikes at its foot. Straight up the chimney, exiting Lleft of the overhang. Walk off Lleft.</climb>
  <climb id="57" name="Sorrow " extra="" grade="23" length="15m" number="8." stars="*" fa="M. Law, K. Carrigan, 1978.">The steep black streaked wall between Bollard Chimney and Southern Crack (Skyline Major) and Bollard Chimney that is often wet. Climb the wall directly. Scramble off to Lleft.</climb>
  <climb id="56" name="Great Pets " extra="" grade="23" length="18m" number="9." stars="" fa="D. Fife, Feb 1996.">Climb the thin face and cracks a few metres R of Sorrow. Scramble off Lleft.</climb>
  <climb id="55" name="Skyline Major " extra="↓" grade="14" length="93m" number="10." stars="**" fa="M. Douglas, T. Terry, Mar 1967. Piton Crack: R. Cox, R. Lidstone, 1962.">This climb is entwined with Skyline Minor, but follows the ridge crest more directly. Start at the lowest extremity of Northern Buttress. 1. 10m. conspicuous prow. Four alternatives lead to the first platform. (a)&lt;br/&gt;1a. 10m. Southern Crack: - Climb the first crack on the southleft hand side of the buttressprow. (b) R&lt;br/&gt;1b. Right Hook: - Starts at the foot of Southern Crack but traverses Rright to join up with the Nose. (c) Nose: &lt;br/&gt;1c. The Nose - Directly up the edgeprow of the buttress. (d)&lt;br/&gt;1d. Layback Crack: - The first steep hand-crack onaround the northernright side of the buttressprow. &lt;br/&gt;2. 13m. Piton Crack: - Up the cruxy vertical crack in the corner. &lt;br/&gt;3. 10m. Curving Crack: - Above the Second Platform where the ridge steepens is a conspicuous flaring chimney lying Lleft of the crest. Up this awkwardly. &lt;br/&gt;4. 20m. Traverse around Rright of thea small tower abovethen andclimb pass through the back of Bottleneck Chimney to thebelay Thirdleft Platformof on the southernskyline sideat of the buttress.Third 5.Platform.&lt;br/&gt;5a. 40m. (a) 16. Climb the crack immediately Lleft of Bottleneck Chimney. (b) &lt;br/&gt;5b. 9. Bottleneck Chimney: - Continue up the chimney (as for Skyline Minor) to the Buttress Pinnacle. (c)&lt;br/&gt;5c. Deception Crack: Climb directly up the crack on the Lleft from the Third Platform, then onto the summit of Buttress Pinnacle. Abseil from the rap station on the Buttress Pinnacle (50m down through Chasmthe chockstones).</climb>
  <climb<text idclass="54heading2" nameid="Jump Ship " extra="↓" grade="17" length="80m" number="11." stars="" fa="H. Jackson, S. Jarman (alt), Aug 1997.">A rising traverse that connects the lowest part of Northern Buttress to Centaur to make three colourful pitches. 1. 30m. Start at the layback option (1d) of Skyline Major. Climb this, then traverse across 20">Lower Cliff</text>
  <text class="text" id="22">This section contains the majority of routes on Northern Buttress. The climbing consists of crack and face climbs up a steep wall and its sunny aspect makes the Lower Cliff a popular venue in the cooler months. Descent: There are individual rap stations for Raspberry Jam and Crackers, toAll theSystems RGo arête and bridgeCentaur. acrossFor Andromedaother toin the All Systems Go buttress. Traverse acrossvicinity, mantle up and keep traversing climb to belay on the Pulpit.skyline 2.and 25m.along Followthe R-trending sickle crack of Reluctance crest to a prominent,memorable protruding50m pedestal.abseil Stepfrom on the veryButtress edgePinnacle ofrap thisstation. andThe bridgeabseil widelydescends acrossin Pulpitdevious Chimneyfashion tothrough Tearaway (crux). Continue up and around arête as for Tearaway, then traverse directly R across Conflict in the Cabal and Pegasus. From Pegasus, go diagonally up and R to reach Centaur. Belay 2m beneath small roof below hand crack of Centaur. 3. 25m. Finish up Centaur. Descent: rap station on Buttress Pinnacle, 50m down through Chasm.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="20">Northern Buttress Lower Cliff</some large chockstones and directly down the Chasm. Further right Boys Games and CEMC are both equipped with rap stations.</text>
  <image id="73" height="1500" src="Northern Buttress Lower Cliff - Left nls.jpg" legend="true" legendx="8" legendy="8" legendTitle="NorthernLower ButtressCliff LHSLeft Side">
      <path id="63397" points="171,1530, 168,1408, 153,1322, 195,1156, 227,1007, 246,903, 270,820,lower" d="M171,1530C169.8,1481.2 171.0106135096836,1442.789311667455 168,1408C164.9893864903164,1373.210688332545 149.27993410138507,1356.7206150537395 153,1322C156.72006589861493,1287.2793849462605 181.05899260507286,1215.3434774243522 195,1156C208.94100739492714,1096.6565225756478 218.64352581157982,1048.4546660719668 227,1007C235.35647418842018,965.5453339280333 238.25514562450488,936.6811108887812 246,903C253.74485437549512,869.3188891112188 260.40000000000003,853.2 270,820" linkedTo="50"/>
      <path id="91207" points="246,1516, 281,1248, 290,1076, 333,792,belay" d="M246,1516C260,1408.8 274.1447786756414,1316.5522132435858 281,1248C287.8552213243586,1179.4477867564142 282.1942419025515,1144.4504940853178 290,1076C297.8057580974485,1007.5495059146823 315.8,905.6 333,792" linkedTo="48"/>
      <path id="42997" points="321,1543, 320,1243, 358,1088, 370,983, 369,922, 344,905, 357,839, 380,781, 395,711, 422,541,lower" d="M321,1543C320.6,1423 314.826016293732,1306.6260158473503 320,1243C325.173983706268,1179.3739841526497 350.01677936559594,1129.512747298901 358,1088C365.98322063440406,1046.487252701099 368.38645398903947,1007.3498761654041 370,983C371.61354601096053,958.6501238345959 372.8241338888695,933.4724016666084 369,922C365.1758661111305,910.5275983333916 345.7303901191504,916.9685316574569 344,905C342.2696098808496,893.0314683425431 350.04157672237767,862.9679024006992 357,839C363.95842327762233,815.0320975993008 372.8971200069516,804.9254905028998 380,781C387.1028799930484,757.0745094971002 390.06377851028617,739.2069799412218 395,711C399.93622148971383,682.7930200587782 411.2,609 422,541" linkedTo="46"/>
      <path id="78344" points="522,1358, 528,1149, 523,845, 531,722, 553,569, 533,532, 531,380, 548,305,belay" d="M522,1358C524.4,1274.4 527.8369702070811,1232.6342837674038 528,1149C528.1630297929189,1065.3657162325962 522.6536107371838,894.3027384075024 523,845C523.3463892628162,795.6972615924976 525.6722549906519,771.0152540860023 531,722C536.3277450093481,672.9847459139977 552.8229172559239,585.8228606872241 553,569C553.1770827440761,552.1771393127759 534.9451912740568,548.7109613998517 533,532C531.0548087259432,515.2890386001483 528.9717571683746,410.6940748519313 531,380C533.0282428316254,349.3059251480687 541.2,335 548,305" linkedTo="43"/>
      <path id="991" points="581,1354, 582,1202, 589,1118, 584,1054, 581,882, 559,851, 564,695, 567,536, 592,391,belay" d="M581,1354C581.4,1293.2 580.8577250919474,1235.6971097875535 582,1202C583.1422749080526,1168.3028902124465 588.6530315962292,1143.67566187904 589,1118C589.3469684037708,1092.32433812096 584.8699412074661,1079.663265620251 584,1054C583.1300587925339,1028.336734379749 582.8585285096184,897.091251498101 581,882C579.1414714903816,866.908748501899 560.3766197613041,866.1428173743458 559,851C557.6233802386959,835.8571826256542 562.414935403302,757.4119184949822 564,695C565.585064596698,632.5880815050178 561.6019237252692,594.6076852685054 567,536C572.3980762747308,477.39231473149454 582,449 592,391" linkedTo="39"/>
      <path id="10540" points="673,1307, 653,1053, 643,786, 656,641, 639,437, 624,193,belay" d="M673,1307C665,1205.4 658.8586912017325,1154.7459372034223 653,1053C647.1413087982675,951.2540627965777 642.5759871855703,844.2310931816775 643,786C643.4240128144297,727.7689068183225 656.6673789398468,699.2288125016357 656,641C655.3326210601532,582.7711874983643 644.8339110180476,518.6747542526667 639,437C633.1660889819524,355.32524574733327 630,290.6 624,193" linkedTo="38"/>
      <path id="97855" points="794,1206, 784,970, 778,787, 752,588, 732,389, 695,135,belay" d="M794,1206C790,1111.6 786.7946918896332,1043.1859938597681 784,970C781.2053081103668,896.8140061402319 784.1138182377028,859.983705212577 778,787C771.8861817622972,714.016294787423 761.1852011550732,667.4719578199811 752,588C742.8147988449268,508.528042180019 741.9875964869022,468.3751089222233 732,389C722.0124035130978,309.6248910777767 709.8,236.6 695,135" linkedTo="36"/>
      <path id="83485" points="804,41,lower" d="M804,41"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="83643" width="147150" height="2224" text="50m - Through the Chasm" y="30" x="823"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="72435" width="3132" height="2224" text="32m" y="532" x="373"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="66504" width="3132" height="2224" text="25m" y="794" x="243"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="33341" width="6768" height="2224" text="The Chasm" y="818" x="929"/>
      <path id="59221" points="" d=""/>
      <path id="93791" points="366,1459, 381,1275, 391,1183, 399,1099, 432,1029, 452,871, 456,757, 471,661, 464,576, 424,539," d="M366,1459C372,1385.4 372.27497901794095,1304.9685503296812 381,1275C389.72502098205905,1245.0314496703188 387.5659997339144,1216.5768914906148 391,1183C394.4340002660856,1149.4231085093852 391.0360267043382,1128.9134606715102 399,1099C406.9639732956618,1069.0865393284898 424.99109008948585,1059.1515369735325 432,1029C439.00890991051415,998.8484630264675 447.9895758147145,916.4514740999022 452,871C456.0104241852855,825.5485259000978 452.49786423674095,795.7078163307581 456,757C459.50213576325905,718.2921836692419 469.49362097702704,695.0818253947635 471,661C472.50637902297296,626.9181746052365 471.8352670247322,596.3383527024964 464,576C456.1647329752678,555.6616472975036 440,553.8 424,539" linkedTo="45"/>
      <path id="4021" points="382,1273, 449,1233, 457,1174,label 459,1102, 404,1086," d="M382,1273C390.72502098205905,1243.0314496703188 434.61854883227653,1251.983515541395 449,1233C463.38145116772347,1214.016484458605 455.1872615994962,1197.7468730466 457,1174C458.8127384005038,1150.2531269534 470.82091262013796,1121.6271756711724 459,1102C447.17908737986204,1082.3728243288276 426,1092.4 404,1086" linkedTo="44"/>
      <path id="82295" points="733,1264, 727,1139, 708,1083, 722,978, 721,891, 734,805, 721,720, 710,667, 707,593, 704,527, 676,478, 670,415, 667,336, 645,306,belay 657,247, 669,199, 665,172, 647,140,belay" d="M733,1264C730.6,1214 730.2364255542833,1162.431721013011 727,1139C723.7635744457167,1115.568278986989 708.7342477171686,1106.6427764928283 708,1083C707.2657522828314,1059.3572235071717 719.6489772275496,1012.7227978700366 722,978C724.3510227724504,943.2772021299634 718.5925497210377,925.7074081883727 721,891C723.4074502789623,856.2925918116273 734,839.395348522729 734,805C734,770.604651477271 724.7098430936923,741.3315977887307 721,720C717.2901569063077,698.6684022112693 712.372440024367,688.5214202210444 710,667C707.627559975633,645.4785797789556 708.1315580902235,619.4030221052146 707,593C705.8684419097765,566.5969778947854 709.8755215804059,548.796289733764 704,527C698.1244784195941,505.20371026623604 682.5574251667493,499.6009299610568 676,478C669.4425748332507,456.3990700389432 671.6011973785878,440.26333641771816 670,415C668.3988026214122,389.73666358228184 670.3266631915126,350.504251514995 667,336C663.6733368084874,321.495748485005 646.6615513905124,320.78780737556065 645,306C643.3384486094876,291.21219262443935 652.6685391112982,266.3110964621289 657,247C661.3314608887018,227.6889035378711 667.8419957646428,209.85628970647406 669,199C670.1580042353572,188.14371029352594 668.8145139957745,182.22983298866802 665,172C661.1854860042255,161.77016701133198 654.2,152.8 647,140" linkedTo="37"/>
      <path id="54387" points="900,1119, 904,979, 889,924, 876,800, 870,700, 857,690, 856,654,lower" d="M900,1119C901.6,1063 905.284309972347,1001.7673131461517 904,979C902.715690027653,956.2326868538483 892.5241739429543,946.5295405638864 889,924C885.4758260570457,901.4704594361136 879.3867971825937,839.9285562579462 876,800C872.6132028174063,760.0714437420538 871.1166402655762,706.4647594322831 870,700C868.8833597344238,693.5352405677169 858.9101622243106,696.2762473084492 857,690C855.0898377756894,683.7237526915508 856.4,668.4 856,654" linkedTo="35"/>
      <path id="64668" points="721,107,lower" d="M721,107"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="83790" width="3132" height="2224" text="50m" y="93" x="678"/>
  <text<climb classid="text54" idname="22Jump Ship ">This section contains the majority of routes on Northern Buttress. The sunny RH side has crack and face climbs up a steep wall, whereas the LH side is more broken. Descent: There are separate rap stations for climbs from Raspberry Jam to Reluctance, and one at the top of Centaur. For all others, climb up and R along the ridge to a memorable 50m abseil from the Buttress Pinnacle rap station (backed up 2007). The abseil descends in devious fashion through some large chockstones and directly down the Chasm. Alternatively (and much less appealing) is a 25m abseil down to the southern side of the Buttress from the rap station and scramble down into Chockstone Gully: a notorious place to get your ropes jammed.</text>extra="↓" grade="17" length="80m" number="11." stars="" fa="H. Jackson, S. Jarman (alt), Aug 1997.">A rising traverse that connects the lowest part of Northern Buttress to Centaur to make three colourful pitches. &lt;br/&gt;1. 30m. Start at the layback option (1d) of Skyline Major. Climb this, then traverse across Raspberry Jam and Crackers to the right arête and bridge across Andromeda to the All Systems Go buttress. Traverse across, mantle up and keep traversing to belay on the Pulpit.&lt;br/&gt;2. 25m. Follow R-trending sickle crack of Reluctance to a prominent, protruding pedestal. Step on the very edge of this and bridge widely across Pulpit Chimney to Tearaway (crux). Continue up and around arête as for Tearaway, then traverse directly right across Conflict in the Cabal and Pegasus. From Pegasus, go diagonally up and right to reach Centaur. Belay 2m beneath a small roof below the hand crack of Centaur.&lt;br/&gt;3. 25m. Finish up Centaur to rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="50" name="Raspberry Jam and Crackers " extra="↓ " grade="18" length="28m" number="12." stars="***" fa="G. Body, B. Kennedy, L. Closs, Dec 1972.">Elegant face climbing on the wall Lleft of Andromeda. Harder now as most of the crux handhold has departed. Climb the newly exposed rock in the Rright-facing corner past a fixed pin (2001). One metre above this, hand-traverse Lleft and up to a Lleft-facing flake. Climb delicately up the thin face above (crux) to a small ledge at the base of a diagonal short corner. Climb the corner, then reach Lleft and mantle onto a ledge. Layback onto a block and finish up the short crack above. Protection is spaced, but adequate. Scramble off the back or abseil Abseil from rap station (28m).</climb>
  <climb id="49" name="Frostbite&apos;s for Wusses " extra="↓ " grade="20" length="25m" number="13." stars="*" fa="K. Robinson, P. Robinson, Jul 1997.">The arête Lright of AndromedaRaspberry Jam and RCrackers and left of Raspberrythe JamAndromeda and Crackerschimney. Gear difficult to place on lead, so pre-placed at crux on first ascent. Scramble off the back or abseil Abseil as for Raspberry Jam.</climb>
  <climb id="48" name="Andromeda " extra="↓ " grade="14" length="24m" number="14." stars="*" fa="Top roped by T. Christie, G. Wyatt, Feb 1965. First led by R. Williams, Mar 1967.">The>Once firstregarded majoras chimneya toserious theand Rinsecure ofclimb, thethis toeroute offollows the Buttress,first oncemajor regardedchimney asright "aof seriousthe andtoe insecure climb"of the prow. Climb straight up from the base of the chimney to a belay ledge. Continue up either of the Skyline routes, scramble off the back, or to abseil as for Raspberry Jam and Crackers.</climb>
  <climb id="47" name="Discipline " extra="↓" grade="20" length="32m" number="15." stars="*" fa="N. Deka, D. Stephenson, Dec 1990.">Contrived but surprisingly good climbing on the arête Rright of Andromeda. Climb straight up the arête past a small roof (crux), taking care not to stem across the Andromeda chimney. Climb the finger crack above and step Rright to continue up the wall just Lleft of All Systems Go to its belay ledge. DescentDescend asusing forthe All Systems Go rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="46" name="All Systems Go " extra="↓" grade="18" length="32m" number="16." stars="***" fa="R. Muhlen, B. Kennedy, 1976.">Go, go, go. Advanced route- finding up the wall Lleft of the Pulpit. Climb up the crack on Lleft of the Pulpit, moving Lleft at 3m up the flakes. Directly up the centre of the smooth wall to the horizontal then traverse Rright to the top of the Pulpit. Two ways: up the thin crack before either (1) a step back Lleft leads to a finger crack: follow crack through small roof to belay or (2) from the step Lleft, traverse further to the dark streaked crack and climb up to the roof. Traverse Rright via the undercling to join the finger crack and up past sassafras to the top and rap station (32m).</climb>
  <climb id="45" name="Reluctance " extra="↓" grade="20" length="36m" number="17." stars="*" fa="N. Deka, J. Richardson, Apr 1980. Direct Finish: N. Deka, F. Moon, Jan 1989.">The wall directly above the Pulpit. Climb to the top of the Pulpit and then continue up the wall above following the finger crack. Step Lleft to a ledge and either bail out easily up All Systems Go or better, continue up crack and wall to the Rright. DescentDescend asusing forthe All Systems Go rap anchors.</climb>
  <climb id="44" name="The Pulpit " extra="↓" grade="13" length="10m" number="18." stars="" fa="Unknown, circa 1960.">The >Two short alternatives to Pulpit Chimney. Starts as for All Systems Go and that follows the large rectangular flake tojust theleft L of Pulpit Chimney. &lt;br/&gt;1a. 9. Start up the short crack on the Lleft hand side of the flake, then traverse across the face of the Pulpit and intothen finish up the crack on the R.right Climbto thisreach andthe belay on top. &lt;br/&gt;1b. 13. Climb the short crack on and follow it all the Lway to the top of the Pulpit. &lt;br/&gt;2. Either descend or climb the wall above via a dog-legged crack onto a ledge which leads into Pulpit Chimney. Continue up the chimneyPulpit Chimney to Buttress Pinnacle rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="43" name="Pulpit Chimney " extra="↓" grade="12" length="75m" number="19." stars="**" fa="T. Christie, G. Wyatt, 1964.">One of the best beginner routes on the Pipes. Start at the major chimney Lleft of Pegasus. &lt;br/&gt;1. 40m. Climb directly up the chimney past the detached chockstones to a ledge below the Canopy Chockstone. Move Rright onto the face and mantelshelf up onto a ledge from where the chockstone can be surmounted. &lt;br/&gt;2. 35m. Continue asup for Bottleneck Chimney (Pitches 4 and 5 Skyline Minor,) pitchesto 4Buttress andPinnacle 5rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="42" name="Pulpit Crack " extra="↓" grade="20" length="40m" number="20." stars="" fa="S. Parsons, A. Adams, 1982.">Slightly contrived as it is possible to step Lleft into the Chimney at the crux. Starts towards the back of the Chimney on the RHright hand wall. &lt;br/&gt;1. Climb straight up the crack to belay on top of chockstone. &lt;br/&gt;2. Climb the finger crack in a corner on Rthe right wall. Descend from Buttress Pinnacle rap station.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="41" name="Tearaway " extra="↓" grade="18" length="53m64m" number="21." stars="**" fa="D. Hain, K. Kiernan, Jan 1975.">Worthwhile>Thoughtful and rewardingworthwhile. The crack upin the RHright sidehand wall of Pulpit Chimney offers an excellent sustained pitch. &lt;br/&gt;1. 38m 18. Climb up the Chimney a couple of metres until you can step Rright into the crack. Up this and then follow a weakness up and around Rright onto the nose. Make a few moves up and then step back Lleft and up to the base of the Lleft side of the Great Flake. Continue straight up the wide crack, moving out Rright to climb up the arête to the top of the Great Flake. A #4 friend or camalot is handy for the belay.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 14. Continue up the crack on the RHSright hand side and through the bulge as for Pegasus. Alternatively, step ofoff the Lleft hand end of the flake and up the short steep wall to finish up Pulpit Chimney exit. &lt;br/&gt;Descent: Continue onup ridgethe crest to Buttress Pinnacle rap station (50m).</climb>
  <climb id="40" name="Conflict In The Cabal " extra="↓" grade="20" length="45m75m" number="22." stars="**" fa="E. Peacock, L. Bottomley, Nov 1991.">Follow >No conspiracies exist here except perhaps the spaced protection on the top section. &lt;br/&gt;1. 45m 20. Follow Subterfuge to the vee under the roof then continue straight up instead of stepping around the arête. Continue straight up the face of the Great Flake. Runnersto arebelay fairlyon spacedtop on the top sectionwhere a #4 friend or camalot comes in handy.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 14. From the top of the Great Flake finish up Pegasus and follow the crest to Buttress Pinnacle rap station (50m).</climb>
  <climb id="39" name="Subterfuge " extra="↓" grade="20" length="45m75m" number="23." stars="***" fa="D. Fife, A. Adams, Phil Steane, Nov 1982.">The bold start is a great test for self-doubters. The line up the arête between Pegasus and Pulpit Chimney. &lt;br/&gt;1. 45m 20. Climb up to the thin crack which splits the bulge. Move up to a rest below a small overhang. Veer Lleft past this and climb the spectacular arête to the top of the Great Flake. Continue up the face above to the Pegasus ledge and belay&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 14. From the top of the Great Flake finish up Pegasus and follow the crest to Buttress Pinnacle rap station (50m).</climb>
  <climb id="38" name="Pegasus " extra="↓" grade="14" length="48m65m" number="24." stars="**" fa="Original route with LHleft hand finish:, Unknown ascentionists circa 1961. RHDirect finish:, T. Terry, A. Cross, Nov 1965.">A quality route on steep, clean rock. Start 4m toright the R of Pulpit Chimney at a squeeze chimney with two chockstones. &lt;br/&gt;1. 35m 11. Climb the chimney to the top of the huge detached flake. A #4 friend or camalot is handy for the belay.&lt;br/&gt;22a. 15m 1411. ContinueOriginal directly finish - From the huge flake, continue up the steep fist crack onto the R,next pastledge. a ledge,Below the final bulge traverse left across ledge and upacross into the steepchimney. bulgeClimb inthrough the cornerchimney to belay at the endother ofside theand difficulties. &lt;br/&gt;Easy scramble R along the skyline to the Buttress Pinnacle rap station (50m). descend by scrambling down the back of the buttress with care.&lt;br/&gt;Original2b. Finish:30m Belay14. onDirect theFinish huge- flake, then continue Continue up the fist crack to the next ledge, belowthen up the finalsteep bulge butin thenthe traversecorner Lto acrossthe ledgeend andof across into the chimneydifficulties. GradeScramble 11).right Climbalong through the chimneycrest toof the otherskyline sideto andButtress descendPinnacle byrap scrambling down the back with care.station (50m). &lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="37" name="Xanthos" extra="↓" grade="19" length="48m" number="25." stars="*" fa="T. McKenny, P. Robinson, Feb 2009.">Takes>Sustained, asteep distinctclimbing andthat separate direct line up the face between Pegasus and Centaur. Some some might see this as a mere construct, a gap filler, and so it is,... butThe the climbing however is surprisingly good and, in places, really steep. Takes a distinct and separate direct line up the face between Pegasus and Centaur. Protection is a bit sparse and difficult to arrange requiring lateral thinking may be required in places. &lt;br/&gt;1. 33m 19. Start at the base of the cliff to the Rright of Pegasus and follow a line straight up the wall, keeping roughly equidistant between the two neighbouring climbs. Follow a faint arête to the Rright of Pegasus (crux) to a small spike when a step Lleft can be made to the top of the Pegasus flake. &lt;br/&gt;2. 15m 17. Step back Rright onto the wall and trend up and gradually R,right keeping out of the Centaur crack. Up a steep wall past a good runner to the excellent finishing crack. Sustained, steep climbing.</climb>
  <climb id="36" name="Centaur " extra="↓" grade="17" length="48m" number="26." stars="***" fa="Some bits: A. Cross, R. Lawson, et al, Nov 1965. Other bits: J. Ewbank, V. Kennedy, Mar 1968.">A Pipes classic. This fine direct line starts midway between Pegasus and Thethe Chasm. Climb up on face holds to the foot of a black groove, andthen continue straight up the ever steepening crack past the through a small roof and hand crack above. Continue up the crack and over a chockstone (crux) just below the belay at top. Rap Traverse right 1m to the rap station (50m).</climb>
  <climb id="35" name="Adventure before Dementia" extra="↓" grade="19" length="18m" number="27." stars="" fa="T. McKenny, A. Adams, A. Brooks, Mar 2009.">Takes the LHleft hand arête of the Chasm. Start to the Rright of Centaur and climb the face till it steepens. Layback the edge to the top (crux). Protection adequate but a bit sparse – RPs are the go. Belay as for Sideshow.</climb>
  <climb id="34" name="Sideshow " extra="↓" grade="18" length="12m" number="28." stars="*" fa="D. Fife, A. Adams, Phil Steane, Nov 1982.">Companion line to Crasm Chack which also provides a good alternative start to Centaur. TheStart up the thin crack on the LHleft sidewall near the front of the Chasm, which also provides a good alternative start to Centaur. Climb the steep finger/ and hand crack to a small ledge on the arête. Either abseil from the chain or continue up the Rright-facing corner, past the scary flakes (as in Crasm Chack), then traverse Lleft to join Centaur and so on to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="33" name="Crasm Chack" extra="" grade="20" length="30m" number="29." stars="" fa="S. Parsons, D. Fife, Phil Steane, Nov 1982.">With littlesparse protection on the loose crux, the boys must have been feeling bold when they led this one. StartingStart inside Thethe Chasm on the Lleft wall, stepjust L right of Sideshow. Step left and up past loose holds (crux) to gain the thin crack line which splits the wall. Follow this and a line of loose flakes on the arête until it is possible to chimney up and belay on the large chockstones at the top of the Chasm. N.B. Note - A big rock has come out of the upper section (Feb 2012).</climb>
  <image id="74" height="1500" src="Northern Buttress Lower Cliff - Right nls.jpg" legend="true" legendx="5" legendy="5" legendTitle="NorthernLower ButtressCliff RHSRight Side">
      <path id="52141" points="11,636, 20,598, 55,446, 97,235,belay" d="M11,636C14.6,620.8 16.47588420241322,613.2177727623066 20,598C23.52411579758678,582.7822272376934 42.05359974982968,507.0330297508029 55,446C67.94640025017031,384.9669702491971 80.20000000000002,319.4 97,235" linkedTo="36"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="90436" width="678" height="228" text="The Chasm" y="1324" x="75"/>
      <path id="37897" points="233,211,lower" d="M233,211"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="10459" width="1398" height="228" text="50m Through the Chasm" y="195" x="248"/>
      <path id="16438" points="248,889, 231,703, 227,522, 292,501, 300,411, 299,328,belay" d="M248,889C241.20000000000002,814.6 235.1370235987533,775.2994124163077 231,703C226.8629764012467,630.7005875836923 219.10121615058168,548.156628484959 227,522C234.89878384941832,495.843371515041 276.98646835092075,523.8287946992849 292,501C307.01353164907925,478.17120530071514 298.6576483076649,444.1752632534255 300,411C301.3423516923351,377.8247367465745 299.4,361.2 299,328" linkedTo="29"/>
      <path id="3179" points="357,756, 315,675, 309,533, 257,507, 224,494, 225,413, 219,316, 233,211,belay" d="M357,756C340.2,723.6 322.6798708501047,710.6793999911113 315,675C307.3201291498953,639.3206000088887 316.58901253840656,554.9819673526258 309,533C301.41098746159344,511.0180326473742 269.8947967496655,512.9164361557289 257,507C244.10520325033448,501.0835638442711 228.57205906982085,507.43042351759874 224,494C219.42794093017915,480.56957648240126 225.9098228413122,445.38969315071427 225,413C224.0901771586878,380.61030684928573 217.46163543721215,354.8437052103936 219,316C220.53836456278785,277.1562947896064 227.4,253 233,211" linkedTo="28"/>
      <path id="47149" points="448,782, 444,620, 422,335,lower" d="M448,782C446.4,717.2 447.7639145708591,684.7103774297699 444,620C440.2360854291409,555.2896225702301 430.8,449 422,335" linkedTo="27"/>
      <path id="23687" points="713,724, 667,504, 618,327,lower" d="M713,724C694.6,636 684.0966081321965,575.4458255629684 667,504C649.9033918678035,432.5541744370316 637.6,397.8 618,327" linkedTo="69"/>
      <path id="38384" points="748,639, 642,320,belay 601,146,belay" d="M748,639C705.6,511.4 662.4323262396941,388.52474038210363 642,320C621.5676737603059,251.47525961789637 617.4,215.60000000000002 601,146" linkedTo="23"/>
      <path id="49068" points="832,574, 766,464, 681,301,belay 619,302, 570,283, 559,155,lower" d="M832,574C805.6,530 790.8356606033346,508.90155857424077 766,464C741.1643393966654,419.09844142575923 697.6675172499397,319.36828431626003 681,301C664.3324827500603,282.63171568373997 639.7508260779698,305.3649988234545 619,302C598.2491739220302,298.6350011765455 577.9441103770187,302.46307042369585 570,283C562.0558896229813,263.53692957630415 563.4,206.2 559,155" linkedTo="65"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="29862" width="628" height="228" text="The Notch" y="343" x="308"/>
      <path id="84224" points="872,529, 738,293,belay 682,84,lower" d="M872,529C818.4,434.6 771.9853297077484,372.59721957867396 738,293C704.0146702922516,213.40278042132607 704.4,167.6 682,84" linkedTo="11"/>
      <path id="23452" points="130,224,lower" d="M130,224"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_white" id="47741" width="318" height="228" text="50m" y="212" x="140"/>
  <climb id="31" name="The Chasm " extra="↓" grade="11" length="48m" number="30." stars="" fa="P. Sands, J. Spinks, 1960. Direct Finish: A. Bush, P. Robinson, Apr 1975.">A cavernous chimney splits the right side of the Lower Cliff, into which the abseil from Buttress Pinnacle descends. The route starts at the very back of the Chasm in the chimney on the left. &lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 11. Chasm Chimney: A fine chimney pitch giving access to the southern side of the buttress towards the top of Chockstone Gully. &lt;br/&gt;2a. 18m. Continue as from pitch (4) of the Labyrinth.&lt;br/&gt;2b. 18. Direct Finish. This pitch follows the continuation of the Chasm fracture to the top of the Buttress Pinnacle. From the base of Chockstone Slab climb to the top of a semi-detached flake on the R wall. Step L into the main V-chimney and continue up the crack to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="30" name="The Labyrinth " extra="↓" grade="9" length="56m" number="31." stars="" fa="Various stages due to T. Christie, R. Cox, R. Lawson, B. Potter, B. Proudlock, T. Terry, G. Wyatt, 1962-64. Stripper Direct: T. Christie, A. Keller, Feb 1966.">An amusing excursion with many variants that leads to the top of Buttress Pinnacle. The route starts at the very back of the Chasm at the dark chimney on the right. &lt;br/&gt;1. The Stripper: Energetic body-width manoeuvring in the dark, not suited to the portly. A narrow exit leads to the northern face at the foot of The Little Chasm. Climbs on Little Chasm Buttress arrive at the same point. &lt;br/&gt;2a. 8. The Little Chasm: Climb the chimney to the next cave. &lt;br/&gt;2b. 12. The Stripper Direct: Continue up the original chimney to a chockstone and then back to a stance in the Little Chasm, Godiva's Cavern. &lt;br/&gt;3a. The Little Chasm (cont): An interesting pitch onto the suspended chockstone. &lt;br/&gt;3b. Stripper Direct (cont): A diagonal chimneying traverse leads across the top of the Chasm to the base of Chockstone Slab. &lt;br/&gt;4a. Climb easily up the slab to the Notch. &lt;br/&gt;4b. Killer Crack: This strenuous crack lies on the R above the suspended chockstone. Above the crack a short wall leads to the Notch. &lt;br/&gt;4c. Chockstone Crack: Under the chockstone, on the north wall of the gully, overlooking the Chasm, a steep crack leads up towards the Notch. &lt;br/&gt;5. Balcony Traverse: A short traverse across the N.W. face of the summit block of Buttress Pinnacle to The Balcony, a large ledge 6m below the summit of the Pinnacle. &lt;br/&gt;6a. Balcony Crack: A stiff crack leads directly from The Balcony to the skyline a few metres from the summit of Buttress Pinnacle. &lt;br/&gt;6b. The Chicken Run: Traverse along The Balcony and back along the skyline.</climb>
  <climb id="32" name="Mira Mira" extra="Þ" grade="28" length="33m" number="32." stars="**" fa="N. Perndt, April 2013">"Mira mira on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" The line of bolts on the R side of the chasm which links up to Vanity. A funky, bouldery start leads to a lovely technical head-wall. Stick-clip the first bolt and avoid the temptation to bridge across to the other side near the top of the chasm. Finish as for Vanity up to DBB. Fully Bolted, Grade to be confirmed.</climb>
  <climb id="29" name="Vanity " extra="Þ ↓" grade="25" length="35m" number="33." stars="**" fa="C. Shepherd, 1984.">A sustained route up the Excellence buttress protected by 4 bolts plus some gear. Start up the easy line R of the Chasm (approach from the R) to gain the L end of the blocky pillar. Move straight up the thin wall (gear then bolts) to the horizontal break, traverse R - reversing the Excellence undercling (gear) - and climb the RH side of the face (bolts) to the top.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="28" name="Excellence " extra="↓" grade="22" length="35m" number="34." stars="**" fa="S. Parsons, A. Herington, Dec 1982.">An exciting climb up the steep buttress to the R of The Chasm. Scramble to the top of a blocky pillar below a short R-facing corner on the R side of the buttress. Start up the corner but step around L and climb the face (little protection) to the small roof. Undercling L on the horizontal break and climb the steep finger crack to easier ground.</climb>
  <climb id="25" name="Little Chasm Buttress " extra="" grade="10" length="22m" number="35." stars="" fa="Little Chasm Wall: R. Bennett, T. Christie, Oct 1965. Opossum Crack: T. Christie, F. Morley, May 1966.">Three small introductory routes, which can be used to bypass the first pitch of the Labyrinth. Start at the base of the buttress below the Little Chasm. Three alternatives: (a) Opossum Crack: From the RH side of the entrance to the Chasm, climb the crack/chimney between the buttress and the main cliff. (b) Little Chasm Wall: Start at the L of two large semi-detached boulders at the front of the buttress. Ascend the boulders and continue, first L then R, to the top. (c) The crack to the R of the detached boulders.</climb>
  <climb id="27" name="Boy&apos;s Games " extra="9Þ ↓" grade="22" length="30m" number="36." stars="*" fa="R. Parkyn, 1992.">A popular climb up the front of the buttress R of Excellence. Start by scrambling up the gully to the right Little Chasm Buttress then back left to a DBB at the start of the climb. Follow the bolts to the small ledge, then negotiate the overlap with some tricky and technical moves, and continue up the face to rap station. Fully bolted. Use DBB at base of route to rap back to the ground.</climb>
  <text id="72">These next climbs on the Plomat buttress are reached by scrambling up to the right of Little Chasm Buttress. Instead of going left to Boys Games, go right which takes you to the base of Game On.</text>
  <climb id="69" name="Game On" extra="10Þ ↓" grade="21" length="28m" number="37." stars="**" fa="Roger Parkyn, Claudio Trefny, Steven Goss, Nick Hancock, Aug 2011.">On the buttress uphill and R of Boys' Games and just to the L of the Plomat chimney. Goes to the belay for the second pitch of CEMC.</climb>
  <climb id="23" name="Plomat" extra="" grade="16" length="40m" number="38." stars="" fa=" R. McMahon, L. Closs, Sep 1973.">The chimney line 10m R of Little Chasm.&lt;br/&gt;1. 24m. Follow the off-width/chimney past an old peg to a good ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2. 9m. Continue up the tight chimney behind or over the big, dangerously loose block and out around the top one.&lt;br/&gt;3. 7m. Up to join third pitch of Sentinel Ridge.</climb>
  <climb id="65" name="CEMC" extra="Þ ↓" grade="22" length="36m" number="39." stars="*" fa="G. Phillips, J. Bresnehan, Dec 2010.">Climbing Edge Memorial Climb - RIP. Starts 13m R of Little Chasm, 3m further up the slope (R) from Plomat. &lt;br/&gt;1. 20m 20. Up hand crack for 7m till its possible to break out L to the face. Up this past 5 bolts to the ledge. Gear required #.5 #2 and #3 Camalots. Walk L along ledge to the arête. &lt;br/&gt;2. 16m 21/22. Up the arête. If you finish up the 3m finger crack it is about 21 (requires #.4 and #.5 Camolots). Alternatively, if you finish up the face it is about 22. Abseil from rings.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="13">Climbs from the Notch</text>
  <text class="text" id="14">These routes are onacessed thefrom UpperButtress CliffPinnacle and are usually done after a climb on the Lower Cliff. AccessThey either by rapping all start in close vicnity to the Notch which is accessed by an 8m abseil from the Buttress Pinnacle rap station for 8m into the Notch. Descent: As for Upper &lt;br/&gt;Descent off these routes vary. Yugi and Flying Grandfather have their own rap stations. Teenage Rockstars, No Longer Champions and Rosey Specs join Sentinel Ridge which is then followed to the top of the Organ Pipes. The best way off from here is to down climb nearby Exit Entry (see Rockaway and Amphitheatre area) or abseil from the Amphitheatre rap station and walk back down and around past the Darkside to the Lower Cliff.</text>
  <image id="77" height="800" src="Above the Notch.jpg" legend="true" legendx="422" legendy="10" legendTitle="FromClimbs from the Notch">
      <path id="35516" points="140274,775653, 140171,730689, 12178,661662, 112,625658," d="M140M274,775C140,757 142.95918177149645,747.7550906289786 140,730C137.04081822850355,712.2449093710214 143.20221492171578,679.0715702851174 121,661C98.79778507828422,642.9284297148826 55.00000000000001,639.4 11,625653C232.8,667.4 209.69525681483753,687.2231769829922 171,689C132.30474318516247,690.7768230170078 107.94250181732113,667.4924115759583 78,662C48.05749818267887,656.5075884240417 32.4,659.6 2,658" linkedTo="19"/>
      <path id="95168" points="164273,776635, 139162,548665, 135,500, 125,307, 118,93,belay" d="M164M273,776C153635C228.999999999999976,684.8 146.60300722936358,639.4310356556801 139,548C131.39699277063642,456.5689643443199 128.94867879699675,392.55470726826286647 194.87739204240907,697.1626661284437 162,665C129.12260795759093,632.8373338715563 141.8753289820036,566.5234533934403 135,500C128.1246710179964,433.47654660655974 128.22608255085143,384.23621165861965 125,307C121.0513212030032477391744914857,221229.4452927317371476378834138035 120.80000000000001,178.60000000000002 118,93" linkedTo="18"/>
      <path id="10478" points="132,438, 211,391, 200,230,label 209,132, 202,17,belay" d="M132,438C163.60000000000002,419.2 199.5742712713972,425.9492878757262 211,391C222.4257287286028,356.0507121242738 200.30396745509785,269.3637854351718 200,230C199.69603254490215,190.6362145648282 208.6303922645272,171.36322382785585 209,132C209.3696077354728,92.63677617214414 204.8,63 202,17" linkedTo="75"/>
      <path id="25172" points="342348,772796, 345,657, 367,594, 354,489, 313,267, 272,224, 258,92, 256,20,belay" d="M342M348,772C343796C346.28,726740.4 341342.28751601033935003691272145,683.4328860063844575022963298 345,657C348657C347.71248398966074996308727855,630.5671139936156424977036702 365.57210172571115,620.6541011200582 367,594C368.42789827428885,567.3458988799418 360.8953490550328,530.7551692776985 354,489C347.1046509449672,447.24483072230146 320.0252163962938,289.70344323192506 313,267C305.9747836037062,244.2965567680749 279.12553535435626,246.67215794567906 272,224C264.87446464564374,201.32784205432094 260.2527764892649,120.72290023812734 258,92C255.74722351073513,63.27709976187266 256.8,48.800000000000004 256,20" linkedTo="76"/>
      <path id="7247" points="279,652," d="M279,652"/>
  <climb id="19" name="Sentinel Ridge" extra="" grade="14" length="70m" number="40." stars="***" fa="Unknown, 1962-65. Zigzag Crack: A. Keller, K. Sparrboom, May 1968.">An atmospheric alpine style excursion that threads its way up the pinnacle skyline of Upper Northern Buttress. From the Best combined with a route on the Lower Cliff that finishes on Buttress Pinnacle such as Centaur. Abseil 8m into the Notch, scramble across the chockstone and up the crack opposite for 2m to a belay ledge. &lt;br/&gt;1. 15m. Hand traverse 4m Lleft to the base of a hidden corner. Up the corner, and chimneysqueeze tothrough a tight exit onto a platform. &lt;br/&gt;2. 16m. Step up and squeeze through to the back of a chimney in the RHright hand wall. UpClimb ver a bulge to gain RHSthe crest of the ridge. Cross the chockstones and mantle onto a broad ledge on the RHSright ofto pinnaclea belay. &lt;br/&gt;3a. 12m. Chimney Easier than it looks. Up the chimney and climb around the backleft side of a chockstone wedgedto betweenstand twoon pinnaclestop. andContinue up the chimney to exit Rright out onto a ledge. Easier than it looks. &lt;br/&gt;3b. 17. Harder than it looks. Climb the zigzag crack to the Lleft of wedged chockstone. Harder than it looks. &lt;br/&gt;4. 15m. Directly above is a tantalising gap in the skyline. Up, step Lleft and up to the top of a pinnacle. Step gingerly across the gap and climb up onto the belay ledge opposite. Scary, but the RPs help! &lt;br/&gt;5. 5m. Turn the pinnacle on either side (RHSthe right side is easier), descend carefully into the notch, cross it and belay on top of short pillar opposite. &lt;br/&gt;6a. 7m. Step Turn, face the city, slide into the body chimney, and traverse to the chockstone at the back. andFiinish finish up the dual handcracks. Combining pitch 5 &amp; 6a is possible. &lt;br/&gt;6b. 16. Harder than it looks and unpleasant. Climb up Lleft of the skyline to a platform some 5m below the top of the cliffs. Climb the choked crack on the right. TheTo best way off is to descend, down climb nearby Exit Entry or abseil from the Amphitheatre rap station and walk back down to the Lower Cliff.</climb>
  <climb id="18" name="Tombstone Direct" extra="" grade="15" length="15m" number="41." stars="" fa="M. McHugh, R. McMahon, C. Viney, Mar 1970.">Take care on this old-school climb, or you may end up with your own premature tombstone - desperate stuff. Start as for Sentinel Ridge at Thethe Notch, directly opposite the Northern Buttress rap station, on the east face of the Tombstone. Up the short crack and the chimney above.</climb>
  <climb id="75" name="Yugi Crack" extra="Þ↓" grade="26" length="15m" number="42." stars="**" fa="G. Phillips, G.Rowbottom, Mar 2011.">On the east face of the Tombstone, as for Tombstone Direct. Climb the short crack to a small overlap (#3 Camelot), under cling out R and follow the thin crack line to the top.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="76" name="Flying Grandfather" extra="" grade="20" length="18m" number="43." stars="*" fa="G. Phillips, W. Bartlet, Feb 2011. ">On the wall and cracks opposite the main rap station. Mixed climbing, take a rack as well as your quick draws. Scramble over to the base of the wall from the Notch, (8m R of the Yugi Crack), and traverse R and up to gain crack in the corner, just round the arête. Up finger and hand crack through the roof untill it is possible to break out L (crux) onto the face. Up this past 3 bolt runners, finishing off R.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="17" name="Teenage Rockstars " extra="" grade="19" length="15m" number="44." stars="" fa="M. Law, D. Bowman, Feb 1978.">Move up and Rright from the Notch to the north side of the Tombstone. Climb the steep widening crack between Flying Grandfather and Rosey Specs Crack.</climb>
  <climb id="16" name="No Longer Champions " extra="" grade="16" length="30m" number="45." stars="" fa="E. Peacock, S. Ford, Nov 1991.">A quaint pitch. Start in the crack immediately Rright of Teenage Rockstars, and about 15m lower down in some bushes. Climb the jam crack through a bulge and over a bush to a roof. Traverse Lleft under the roof to make an airy step onto a lichenous sloping ledge. Continue to top.</climb>
  <climb id="15" name="Rosey Specs Crack " extra="" grade="17" length="25m" number="46." stars="" fa="L. Closs, B. Kennedy, Oct 1970.">This climb on the north side of the Tombstone was the scene of some early epics. Start a couple of metres above Thethe Notch where small holds lead 3m Rright to the chimney on the north side of the Tombstone. Follow the chimney past a ledge until a crack can be reached on the Lleft. Jam a couple of metres up the crack and then follow a line Rright to another crack that continues to the top.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="4">Northern>Upper Buttress Upper Cliff</text>
  <text class="text" id="5">Routes on this section of Northern Buttress are reachedaccessed either by scrambling Rright from the Lower Cliff or driving to the summit, walking down and rapping in (See Descent below). Hand Jive and Cascade Crack are best accessed by scrambling Rright from Plomat (aon the Lower Cliff route). The top of the routes between The Numbwaiter and Teddy Bears Picnic are located near the top of Sentinel Ridge. Abseil To access the base of these routes abseil in from the top of Sentinel Ridge down the line of Kakapo Corner. &lt;br/&gt;Descent: EitherThe downclimbbest Exitway Entryoff (seefrom below)the andtop descendof gullyroutes tothat end at the Shipwrecktop (prominentof viewingSentinel pointRidge under the Columns) or abseil is to walk back up hill to the summit. If you have accessed these routes from the Amphitheatrebottom, rapeither station.down (replacedclimb innearby 2007,Exit chainsEntry (see Rockaway and blueAmphitheatre spotarea) onor abseil from the rock.Amphitheatre 30mrap tostation Amphitheatre(50m) Ledge and walk back down and Upperaround Cliffpast routes,the orDarkside 50m to the GullyLower floor)Cliff.</text>
  <climb id="12" name="Drunks Dilemma" extra="" grade="" length="" number="47." stars="" fa="">A climb, Drunks Dilemma, was put up around here by S. Penny, R. Lidstone and J. Peterson, 1962">A climb was put up around here in 1962, but can't be located from the original description.</climb>
  <climb id="11" name="Cascade Crack" extra="Þ" grade="25" length="70m" number="48." stars="**" fa="A. Keller, J. Veasey, Apr 1969. FFA: E. Peacock, Jan 1994.">So named as a whiskered gentleman taunted the climbers with cans of beer throughout the first ascent. The last pitch, previously an old aid line, has been retro-bolted and freed. Start in the gully Rright of Plomat. &lt;br/&gt;1. 25m 14. Scramble up the gully, trending Rright, to a small ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 25m 14. Climb the gully/chimney, which develops into a series of wide cracks, to a large ledge. &lt;br/&gt;3. 20m 25. Traverse Lleft to a crack. Up the crack, then move Rright and up the corner past the overhang. Three U-bolts protect the first third (technical crux) then a #2 Friend or #2 Camalot, small "Rocks" and cams protect the very sustained upper crack.</climb>
  <climb id="10" name="Hand Jive " extra="" grade="18" length="8m" number="49." stars="" fa="D. Stephenson, N. Deka, J. Otlowski, May 1989.">Not just a pleasant crack, but a nice face as well. Directly below Kakapo Corner, a small east facing buttress is split by a clean hand crack which can be reached by scrambling Rright from Plomat. Climb the crack past a bulge to the top of the flake, and then up the short wall to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="9" name="Teddy Bear&apos;s Picnic " extra="" grade="19" length="20m" number="50." stars="" fa="P. Cullen, K. Rosebery, B. Kennedy, 1977.">Just Lleft of Kakapo Corner is an obvious corner crack. Jam very awkwardly up the crack gaining a few rests on small ledges. Continue as for Sentinel Ridge.</climb>
  <climb id="8" name="Kakapo Corner " extra="" grade="21" length="20m" number="51." stars="*" fa="D. Bowman, L. McLeod, Dec 1977. FFA: M. Law, D. Bowman, Feb 1978.">Follows a shallow corner that meets the final pitch of Sentinel Ridge. Abseil to the ledge and jam the flake to the base of the corner. Continue past a short thin crux move to the top. Finish asup forfinal pitch of Sentinel Ridge.</climb>
  <climb id="7" name="The Nongs Are On Next " extra="" grade="18" length="35m" number="52." stars="" fa="A. Adams, G. Cooper, Jan 1991.">Nongs beware. The third line Rright of Kakapo Corner, best accessed by abseil.&lt;br/&gt;1. 17m. Up the wide vegetated crack to a big bushy ledge with large tea tree.&lt;br/&gt;2. 18m. Surmount the large tea tree with difficulty or aid and then up the clean hand crack to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="6" name="The Numbwaiter " extra="" grade="19" length="45m" number="53." stars="" fa="N. Deka, D. Stephenson, J. Otlowski, May 1989.">Wide but reputedly interesting. 10m Rright of Kakapo Corner, at the far RHright sidehand end of Northern Buttress, two facing corners form a shallow wide chimney. Climb the RHright hand crack until forced to chimney, then follow the LHleft hand crack to the top.</climb>