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  <header id="1" name="Mt Strzelecki" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="" history="" access="" camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Tom&apos;s Terror" length="50m" grade="14" number="1." id="2"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Asylum Slab" length="208m" grade="8" number="2." id="3"/>
  <climb stars="***" name="Arctic Zephyr" length="30m" grade="24" number="3." id="4"/>
  <image id="55" src="Circus Dreams.png" height="902" width="600" legend="true" legendx="6" legendy="9">
      <path id="67503" points="316,925, 316,921, 318,916," d="M316.0,925.0C316.0,923.4 315.7,922.6 316.0,921.0C316.3,919.4 317.2,918.0 318.0,916.0"/>
      <path id="18462" points="324,895, 337,693, 333,636, 331,587, 355,565, 364,556, 387,523, 425,528, 500,535, 558,546, 641,461, 582,413, 497,384, 442,327, 418,288, 392,242, 391,206, 347,150, 307,114, 263,117, 241,119, 239,107," d="M324.0,895.0C329.2,814.2 336.2,715.8 337.0,693.0C337.8,670.2 334.1,655.6 333.0,636.0C331.9,616.4 327.1,599.4 331.0,587.0C334.9,574.6 351.3,568.5 355.0,565.0C358.7,561.5 360.9,560.0 364.0,556.0C367.1,552.0 373.1,529.4 387.0,523.0C400.9,516.6 409.8,526.4 425.0,528.0C440.2,529.6 476.6,531.8 500.0,535.0C523.4,538.2 537.1,557.0 558.0,546.0C578.9,535.0 635.6,490.9 641.0,461.0C646.4,431.1 608.8,427.3 582.0,413.0C555.2,398.7 524.0,400.6 497.0,384.0C470.0,367.4 453.6,341.1 442.0,327.0C430.4,312.9 427.3,303.8 418.0,288.0C408.7,272.2 396.5,255.7 392.0,242.0C387.5,228.3 397.3,218.9 391.0,206.0C384.7,193.1 361.5,165.9 347.0,150.0C332.5,134.1 323.4,120.5 307.0,114.0C290.6,107.5 271.8,116.3 263.0,117.0C254.2,117.7 245.5,120.9 241.0,119.0C236.5,117.1 239.8,111.8 239.0,107.0" linkedTo="56"/>
  <climb id="56" stars="**" extra="21Þ" number="4." name="Circus Dreams" length="55m" grade="25" fa="Cleaned and bolted by John Fischer, FA Anna-Veronique L&apos;hoest on 01.02.2018">10 m right of Arctic Zephyr, fully bolted. Very unique, unusual and sustained climbing that lives up to the route name.&lt;br/&gt;Can be done in one or two pitches. When done in one pitch, bring seven extendables to avoid rope drag. &lt;br/&gt;1. 25m 24, 9 bolts to double bolt belay. Use extendables on second, third and fourth bolt to avoid rope drag. Climb up past second bolt to higher horizontal, then traverse and downclimb until able to gain the offwidth flare. Follow flaring crack to double bolt belay.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 25, 11 bolts to double bolt belay. Keep following crack and seam until it peters out (crux), climb up new crack until it's possible to traverse left. Use extendables on the four bolts from the beginning of the traverse to avoid rope drag. Follow golden slab to ledge with double bolt belay.&lt;br/&gt;Descent: rap off with two 50m ropes. rope stretch will see you safely to the ground on the left (avoid little gully on the right).&lt;br/&gt;Topo shows first pitch and beginning of the second pitch up to about the crux. Not visible is the traverse and golden slab.</climb>
  <climb stars="" name="Pedestal Route" length="88m" grade="14" number="45." id="5"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Hidden Exit" length="40m" grade="16" number="56." id="6"/>
  <climb stars="***" name="The Sound of One Hand Clapping" length="20m" grade="24" number="67." id="7"/>
  <climb stars="**" name="Slab of Stubbies" length="20m" grade="22" number="78." id="8"/>
  <climb stars="" name="The Slabs" length="20m" grade="15" number="89." id="9"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Impulsion" length="70m" grade="15" number="910." id="10"/>
  <climb stars="" name="The Count" length="82m" grade="17" number="1011." id="11"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Far From The Madding Crowd" length="145m" grade="19" number="1112." id="12"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Giraffe Territory" length="220m" grade="20" number="1213." id="13"/>
  <image id="53" src="Flinders Island - Into the Labyrinth.jpg" height="900" width="600" legend="true" legendx="9" legendy="12">
      <path id="10107" points="168,870, 180,820, 177,776, 173,710, 151,619, 130,541, 122,475, 118,430,lower" d="M168.0,870C172870.0C172.8,850.0 178.318670162178023,837.56055608391856 180.0,820C181820.681329837821980C181.7,802.43944391608154 178.120334134041681,793.60525067779786 177.0,776C175776.879665865958320C175.9,758.39474932220224 177.321143499713173,736.09305882519121 173.0,710C168710.678856500286830C168.7,683.90694117480889 158159.967287607365560,650.31329315452983 151.0,619C143619.032712392634440C143.0,587.68670684547027 135.250172745035483,567.06982328569351 130.0,541C124541.74982725496450C124.7,514.93017671430659 123.942301288685399,492493.966286920339770 122.0,475C120475.057698711314610C120.1,457.033713079660230 119.600000000000016,448.0 118.0,430.0" linkedTo="14"/>
      <path id="74277" points="191,875, 206,820, 209,745, 215,707, 215,652, 209,614, 200,572, 191,520, 182,481,lower" d="M191,875C197.0,875.0C197.0,853.0 202.872429064984579,842.58801230844466 206.0,820C209820.127570935015430C209.1,797.41198769155544 207.77825155588388,760.33973046501473 209.0,745C210745.22174844411620C210.2,729.66026953498537 214.009265724755070,722.35638126629624 215.0,707C215707.990734275244930C216.0,691.64361873370386 215216.990734275244930,667.35638126629624 215.0,652C214652.009265724755070C214.0,636.64361873370386 211.835888599882488,629.12473919937321 209.0,614C206614.164111400117520C206.2,598.87526080062689 203.231342144125532,588.87478675265559 200.0,572C196572.768657855874470C196.8,555.12521324734451 194.10662129563481,535.70569655015377 191.0,520C187520.89337870436520C187.9,504.29430344984633 185.6,496.6 182.0,481.0" linkedTo="52"/>
  <climb stars="***" name="Into the Labyrinth" length="50m" grade="24" number="1314." id="14" extra="Þ" fa=""/>
  <climb id="52" stars="***" extra="18Þ" number="1415." name="Amputechture" length="45m" grade="27" fa="Simon Bischoff 2016">An epic journey into the clouds. Start a few metres right from into the labyrinth. Powerful moves to good rest on small ledge. Straight off the ledge is the crux. Wonderful, technical climbing all the way to the top. Take 18 draws with at least 10 X 60cm extendable draws to reduce drag. Maybe appropriate to climb on double ropes if going ground up or it is easy enough to equip the route whilst rappelling down into the labyrinth to ensure minimal rope drag as the routes is quite wandery.</climb>
  <climb stars="" name="Titanic" length="270m" grade="21" number="1516." id="15"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Slip Sliding Away" length="40m" grade="17" number="1617." id="16"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Trade Winds" length="48m" grade="16" number="1718." id="17"/>
  <climb stars="" name="I Lovett" length="130m" grade="20" number="1819." id="18"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Disco in Furneaux" length="146m" grade="20" number="1920." id="19"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Zip" length="45m" grade="20" number="2021." id="20"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Whitemarx" length="45m" grade="22" number="2122." id="21"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Sea Breeze" length="165m" grade="15" number="2223." id="22"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Dick Van Dyke" length="182m" grade="12" number="2324." id="23"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Tip Toe Through The Tulips" length="80m" grade="14" number="2425." id="24"/>
  <climb stars="" name="The Edge of Reality" length="60m" grade="8" number="2526." id="25"/>
  <climb stars="" name="The Gang of Four" length="42m" grade="16" number="2627." id="26"/>
  <climb stars="" name="A Stitch in Time" length="65m" grade="17" number="2728." id="27"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Gollums Exit" length="25m" grade="8" number="2829." id="28"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Bonaparte&apos;s Retreat" length="10m" grade="18" number="2930." id="29"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Dark Star" length="43m" grade="13" number="3031." id="30"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Press Gang" length="50m" grade="11" number="3132." id="31"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Ship Of The Line" length="50m" grade="9" number="3233." id="32"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Commodore" length="50m" grade="12" number="3334." id="33"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Double Glaze" length="50m" grade="20" number="3435." id="34"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Promenade" length="63m" grade="12" number="3536." id="35"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Snake Route" length="100m" grade="5" number="3637." id="36"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Battle Cruiser" length="50m" grade="17" number="3738." id="37"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Thin Veneer" length="50m" grade="19" number="3839." id="38"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Apparition" length="50m" grade="20" number="3940." id="39"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Turkey Route" length="45m" grade="1" number="4041." id="40"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Guadalette" length="75m" grade="18" number="4142." id="41"/>
  <climb stars="" name="All Hands On Deck" length="85m" grade="13" number="4243." id="42"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Shanghied" length="85m" grade="14" number="4344." id="43"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Whitewater" length="130m" grade="12" number="4445." id="44"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Halyard" length="85m" grade="14" number="4546." id="45"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Adrift" length="115m" grade="17" number="4647." id="46"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Landlubber" length="100m" grade="16" number="4748." id="47"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Castaway" length="100m" grade="20" number="4849." id="48"/>
  <climb stars="" name="Slipshod" length="100m" grade="16" number="4950." id="49"/>
  <climb stars="***" name="The Impossible Dream" length="45m" grade="22" number="5051." id="50" extra="" fa="FA James Mcintosh and Stuart Willis (alt). 12/86 (Aided at M2) FFA Simon Bischoff and Larissa Naismith New year’s day 2017">One of the best crack lines on Granite to be found in Tasmania. There is a significant amount of effort involved in the access, but is a great adventure.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Access&lt;br/&gt;The first ascent team approached by Walking Northwest from the old farm house at the End of Big River Rd. It I possible that the scrub was less thick during their approach due to a possible fire some 20 years earlier. Nearly thirty years on from their ascent the tea tree forest below razorback is ferocious and would take significantly longer than the two hours suggested in the route description found in ‘Climb northern Tasmania’. Good luck.&lt;br/&gt;An alternative Access route can be found by following Cronleys Creek on the West Side of the mountain. Access the creek from the side of the road. Thrash up this for roughly a couple of hours until razorback can be seen on you right. Head up an over the ridge on the southern end of Razorback. Traverse along the bottom to the Northern end of the cliff where the obvious line can be seen. A small tent platform can be found near the base. Allow 3 to 4 hours.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Double rack of Camelots from #0.3 to #3 and 4x #4 (A #5 could be handy if you’re not into that sort of thing) 2 x 60m ropes for rappel&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. Grade 21 - Climb thin crack, which widens above small tree to double bolt belay for first ascent party. If you’re feeling bold back the anchor up and bring your second up. If not, back up the anchor and lower down retrieving all your gear from the small tree and above and pull back up the rope to anchor and continue climbing route as one pitch.&lt;br/&gt;2. Grade 22 - Continue up widening crack. Look in the thinner crack on the right for gear to save your larger gear. Climb to small alcove and rappel from chock stone backed up with the horn on side of alcove (dodgy).&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Recommend taking a drill to replace bolts on pitch one and put in a proper rappel. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb stars="" name="East Face" length="70m" grade="15" number="5152." id="51"/>