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  <header id="1" autonumber="true" camping="" walk="15 min uphill" sun="Morning sun" rock="Broken dolerite faces and cracks, up to 100m" intro="Central Buttress spans the extensive area between Great Tier and Flange Buttress and is the climbing area nearest to the Organ Pipes Track. The Arena is an amphitheatre of single pitch routes high up and at the far left hand end of Central Buttress where it abuts Great Tier. The longer routes right of here on the Central Buttress main face provide climbs of two pitches or more. The routes at the right hand end of Central Buttress progressively become shorter and the cliff more scrubby, culminating with Circus Wall before it merges into Pooch Gully and Flange Buttress." history="" acknowledgement="" access="To access the Arena, drive to the summit, walk down to locate the top of the Arena between Pooch Gully and Teardrop Gully. Climbs in the Arena are accessed by abseil. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The Central Buttress main face is accessed from the climbers&apos; carpark. Walk left along the Organ Pipes Track past the access track to Flange Buttress for another 50m, before arriving at a track junction signposted as Central Buttress (GPS MTW040). Head straight up this track past a junction that heads left to Great Tier. After another 20m up the hill the track forks. Taking the left fork provides access to the base of routes between Improbability Drive and Acid Test. Most of these routes start from Battle Cruiser Ledge, a ramp that rises left of Third Bird and terminates at Linda. From the Organ Pipes Track, Third Bird is the conspicuous crackline that passes through a small roof. For routes that start off this ledge, the rap station at the top of Battle Cruiser provides return access (down the line of Linda) to the left hand end of Battle Cruiser Ledge. Taking the right fork provides access to the bottom of routes on Kacktus Buttress. For climbs in this area there are rap routes on Peregrine and Remembrance. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;For access to the routes on Circus Wall walk down from the summit to locate the top of Pooch Gully. Routes start right of Pooch Gully and are accessed by abseil." name="Central Buttress"/>
  <text id="56" class="heading3">The Arena</text>
  <text id="59" class="text">The Arena is the conspicuous amphitheatre on the upper LH end of Central Buttress where it abuts Great Tier. The route names have an all too obvious Romanesque theme. Access is from the Mt Wellington summit. Approach as for Upper Teardop Gully (or by walking along the cliffedge from the top of Pooch Gully) to the rusty pipe marking the Upper Teardrop Gully access track. Head down the track until it flattens out, then head left to locate the top of The Arena. Access to the start of the routes is via abseil - you can suss out your rap point from the opposite side if needed.</text>
  <image width="500" height="667" id="112" src="Arena South.jpg" legendy="11" legendx="10" legendTitle="Arena South" legend="true">
      <path id="41166" linkedTo="81" d="M216,638C217.2,629.6 218.5336263242086,625.4724551102103 219,617C219.4663736757914,608.5275448897897 222.67980477596493,564.2138873949834 222,529C221.32019522403507,493.7861126050165 216.64172207813456,385.3360806346099 214,358C211.35827792186544,330.6639193653901 201.39204886292725,318.3590588697303 199,291C196.60795113707275,263.6409411302697 198.39999999999998,221.4 198,175" points="216,638, 219,617, 222,529, 214,358, 199,291, 198,175,belay"/>
      <path id="79503" linkedTo="80" d="M261,555C263,493 264.42508561300286,462.01225398801137 266,400C267.57491438699714,337.98774601198863 268.4530896967965,293.5972097139417 269,240C269.5469103032035,186.40279028605826 269,159.6 269,106" points="261,555, 266,400, 269,240, 269,106,belay"/>
      <path id="85428" linkedTo="79" d="M299,573C310.2,514.6 317.74563545670134,461.8935056550605 327,427C336.25436454329866,392.1064943449395 352.30159091213415,378.26945558859484 360,343C367.69840908786585,307.73054441140516 364.8091123793847,275.07876091586974 370,230C375.1908876206153,184.9212390841303 386.8,99.80000000000001 398,13" points="299,573, 327,427, 360,343, 370,230, 398,13,belay"/>
  <climb id="81" number="1." name="Menhir" fa="P. Robinson, A. Wilson, Mar 2001." stars="*" length="40m" grade="20" extra="">The wide crack system to the R of the large pillar on the L side of the Arena. Climb the chimney and the ensuing off-width crux. Sounds great doesn't it? Nice climbing follows to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="80" number="2." name="Asterix" fa="P. Robinson, B. Terry, Mar 2001." stars="*" length="27m" grade="15" extra="">A neat little route located on the south side of the Arena amphitheatre. Viewed from the top of Centurion it is the second north-facing crack line from the L (R of Menhir and L of Gladiator). Abseil off a large bollard to the sassafras bush down below (or the spike just above). Follow the pleasant crack to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="79" number="3." name="The Den" fa="P. Robinson, B. Terry, Mar 2002." stars="" length="35m" grade="16" extra="">The line R of Asterix on south side of the Arena. Watch out for loose rock. Follow the cracks past myrtle tree and sloping pineapple grass ledge, with a crux near top.</climb>
  <climb id="78" number="4." name="Gladiator" fa="N. Deka, T. McKenny, Apr 1990. FFA: D. Rollins, J. Jane, Feb 2013." stars="*" length="35m" grade="21" extra="">A distinctive line on the L side of The Arena, broken by a few ledges. Start on a broad sloping ledge at the base of an open corner L of Catacomb. Climb the corner to the first ledge, where an awkward seam and face continues past an alcove to a stance. A thin finger crack past an old peg leads into an easier hand crack, which finishes at a belay ledge with a tree. Double ropes are handy. A short pitch of thrutching up the back leads to the top of the cliff.</climb>
  <image width="500" height="667" id="114" src="ArenaBack Wall(top)2.jpg" legendy="6" legendx="332" legendTitle="The Arena" legend="true">
      <path id="7375" linkedTo="76" d="M132,640C122.79999999999998,556.8 115.49550020901782,488.8356268289059 109,432C102.50449979098218,375.1643731710941 98.16004379430194,346.87296247297377 92,290C85.83995620569806,233.12703752702623 76.39999999999998,137 66,35" points="132,640, 109,432, 92,290, 66,35,belay"/>
      <path id="69908" linkedTo="75" d="M178,639C170.8,563.8 166.11019764830726,506.33123425967125 160,451C153.88980235169274,395.66876574032875 149.3068515342314,368.1859576401162 142,313C134.6931484657686,257.8140423598838 130,223.6 122,164" points="178,639, 160,451, 142,313, 122,164,belay"/>
      <path id="69600" linkedTo="74" d="M287,641C282.6,582.6 281.11728298069016,551.4869313637724 276,495C270.88271701930984,438.51306863622756 266.78689880574206,410.4222633559848 261,354C255.21310119425797,297.5777366440152 248.4,228 240,144" points="287,641, 276,495, 261,354, 240,144,belay"/>
      <path id="71142" linkedTo="73" d="M310,641C306.8,611 305.31591542993675,595.9874091055148 302,566C298.68408457006325,536.0125908944852 292.44261843591545,486.25990898002954 287,433C281.55738156408455,379.74009101997046 277.1768982629391,329.1697096763875 274,292C270.8231017370609,254.8302903236125 269.8,236.2 267,199" points="310,641, 302,566, 287,433, 274,292, 267,199,belay"/>
      <path id="29855" linkedTo="72" d="M329,641C325,609.8 322.7763916478224,594.2278540108388 319,563C315.2236083521776,531.7721459891612 308.79369363543026,480.7404157278585 303,426C297.20630636456974,371.2595842721415 292.56628940675836,325.73001713422906 290,289C287.43371059324164,252.26998286577094 288.2,233.8 287,197" points="329,641, 319,563, 303,426, 290,289, 287,197,belay"/>
      <path id="71884" linkedTo="69" d="M391,642C379.8,542 374.13285215681117,462.45267633564094 363,392C351.86714784318883,321.54732366435906 339.6,287.6 324,218" points="391,642, 363,392, 324,218,belay"/>
      <path id="73130" linkedTo="78" d="M70,660C55.99999999999997,550.8 37.98776493621163,402.3945854340396 35,387C32.01223506378837,371.6054145659604 20.6,368.4 11,356" points="70,660, 35,387, 11,356,belay"/>
  <climb id="76" number="5." name="Catacomb" fa="T. McKenny, D. Gardner, May 2001." stars="*" length="30m" grade="17" extra="">The chimney/crack line L of Centurion. Climb the open corner and continue into the tight chimney. Exit out L onto the wall when the chimney becomes a squeeze, and follow the steep crack to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="75" number="6." name="Centurion" fa="D. Fife, P. Mackenzie, Feb 1983." stars="*" length="30m" grade="18" extra="">The prominent crack in the centre of the buttress. A thin crack on the R can be used to avoid the overhanging offwidth crack at the start. Continue up the hand crack to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="74" number="7." name="The Spear" fa="D. Stephenson, N. Deka, Dec 1989." stars="**" length="30m" grade="21" extra="">Exciting moments to be had on the prominent hanging pillar R of Centurion. The gear is not the best. Bridge the offwidth corner 5m R of Centurion for 8m to a small roof. Traverse R under this onto the face of the column. Climb the finger crack past a problematic niche, surmount the large flake above, and continue more easily to the top.</climb>
  <image width="500" height="667" id="113" src="N.Arena-best.jpg" legendy="8" legendx="331" legendTitle="Arena North" legend="true">
      <path id="1913" linkedTo="73" d="M105,544C81.39999999999999,467.2 64.0990001339124,411.16980813009826 46,352C27.900999866087606,292.83019186990174 19.000000000000007,263.2 1,204" points="105,544, 46,352, 1,204,"/>
      <path id="61855" linkedTo="72" d="M124,524C116,495.2 112.886382573763,480.538959419585 104,452C95.113617426237,423.461040580415 83.77908005594608,395.32875256299917 72,357C60.22091994405391,318.67124743700083 54.138886772486785,287.5759738562092 41,247C27.861113227513215,206.4240261437908 18.799999999999997,187 4,147" points="124,524, 104,452, 72,357, 41,247, 4,147,"/>
      <path id="28172" linkedTo="69" d="M157,520C141,450 132.1392750416807,415.19118428415595 117,345C101.86072495831931,274.80881571584405 93.49643827659158,227.10808181380997 80,163C66.50356172340842,98.89191818619001 59.00000000000001,67 45,3" points="157,520, 117,345, 80,163, 45,3,"/>
      <path id="66226" linkedTo="68" d="M225,586C209.8,496.4 197.86161122228873,421.4194025689913 187,362C176.13838877771127,302.5805974310087 165.59569613807037,262.1717137737694 157,214C148.40430386192963,165.82828622623063 146.2,141.4 139,93" points="225,586, 187,362, 157,214, 139,93,belay"/>
      <path id="60349" linkedTo="66" d="M287,638C286.59999999999997,578.8 285.3697232425572,528.4468822040101 286,490C286.6302767574428,451.5531177959899 292.13584649912184,428.26470272350883 291,394C289.86415350087816,359.73529727649117 289.02059182776145,342.0755033684587 280,309C270.97940817223855,275.9244966315413 254.80247589087375,248.24956614923485 240,207C225.19752410912625,165.75043385076515 219,142.8 205,100" points="287,638, 286,490, 291,394, 280,309, 240,207, 205,100,belay"/>
      <path id="19217" linkedTo="67" d="M286,453C274.8,404.6 266.5184947305993,366.5750668477265 258,332C249.4815052694007,297.4249331522735 242.20911623560875,280.8440618054423 235,246C227.79088376439125,211.1559381945577 227.20000000000002,193.2 222,158" points="286,453, 258,332,label 235,246, 222,158,"/>
      <path id="83940" linkedTo="63" d="M439,587C440.6,528.6 443.59125779203777,475.14513749018084 443,441C442.40874220796223,406.85486250981916 441.7630228356931,372.5318335983609 435,356C428.2369771643069,339.4681664016391 404.6071647410811,347.59473934969196 398,331C391.3928352589189,314.40526065030804 393.1619386472092,255.1168742141562 392,248C390.8380613527908,240.8831257858438 386,239 382,233" points="439,587, 443,441, 435,356, 398,331, 392,248, 382,233,belay"/>
      <path id="26430" linkedTo="64" d="M348,252C335.2,231.6 324.45617226143537,223.5497926971609 316,201C307.54382773856463,178.4502073028391 304.3554503999619,144.80937413315144 300,124C295.6445496000381,103.19062586684858 297.29874859984,86.90002589516723 289,72C280.70125140016,57.09997410483277 270.9016789012876,53.295780006902355 256,45C241.09832109871243,36.704219993097645 197.6987493632952,21.371091172653507 192,18C186.3012506367048,14.628908827346493 187.8,9 185,3" points="348,252, 316,201, 300,124, 289,72, 256,45, 192,18, 185,3,"/>
  <text id="103" class="text">Right of the Spear and left of Obelix is a large 3m wide chimney feature.. Climbing in it is a kind of 3D experience. Circus Maximus is the LH corner. Circus Minimus takes the RH line in the chimney.</text>
  <climb id="73" number="8." name="Circus Maximus    " fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, Mar 2007." stars="*" length="30m " grade="20" extra="">Classical. Up the LH side of the chimney to the bulge (a head torch was used on the first ascent to find gear placements underneath it!) and follow the blank corner (crux), which becomes a finger and thin hand-sized crack. Follow the chimney, which higher up becomes awkward and a little run out to reach a large ledge. Take LH line and avoid weighting the loose blocks at the top too much by carefully chimneying past them.</climb>
  <climb id="72" number="9." name="Circus Minimus         " fa="P. Robinson, C. Hewer, K. Robinson, 1 Apr 2007. (a suspicious date for a first ascent...)" stars="" length="30m" grade="17" extra="">A jolly outing that takes the RH side of the chimney. Climb the crack in the slippery V-chimney to a small roof and chimney L of this to the large ledge. Follow the clean crack system on the R to a bulge, hand jam around it, and climb directly to the top.</climb>
  <text id="65" class="text">The next routes are located immediately to the R of the Circus duo in the main Arena amphitheatre. Access is again by abseil (tape). Identifying your route of choice is significantly enhanced by looking across from the opposite side of the amphitheatre.</text>
  <climb id="69" number="10." name="Obelix" fa="P. Robinson, T. McKenny, Apr 2001." stars="" length="40m" grade="18" extra="">The corner two lines R of The Spear. Climb the chimney and overhang, then follow the corner all the way to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="68" number="11." name=" Legionary" fa="P. Robinson, B. Terry, Mar 2002." stars="**" length="35m" grade="17" extra="">Continually interesting climbing that is atmospheric on a misty day. The corner line R of Obelix with a dirty start. Double ropes are handy. Climb the line for 5m before moving L of the corner up the short clean crack behind a large flake. When it runs out, move R into the corner for a few metres before climbing the hand crack on the L wall to the overhang. Traverse L out of the corner into the steep, exposed line above. Climb up to the large platform (belay possible) and finish up the short wall as for Caledonian.</climb>
  <climb id="67" number="12." name="Caledonian Variant" fa="P. Robinson, B. Terry, Mar 2002." stars="*" length="45m" grade="19" extra="">Start as for Caledonian to the ledge, keep R of the arête for a few metres, then traverse L from the arête to climb a steep and exposed finger crack.</climb>
  <climb id="66" number="13." name="Caledonian" fa="P. Robinson, T. McKenny, J. McKenny, Feb 2002." stars="" length="45m" grade="16" extra="">Right of Obelix on the RH side of the Arena amphitheatre are two obvious lines.. The far RH line has a short crack leading to a large grassy ledge followed by a curving arête. Climb the L trending arête, keeping just R of it. Above the arête are two short walls.</climb>
  <text id="60" class="text">The next four climbs are located on a separate buttresses just R of the main Arena amphitheatre. The base of these climbs is reached by a 50m rap from the large ledge immediately right of Obelix (the same ledge where Caledonian finishes). The abseil finishes to one side of a steep 25m buttress. Watch out for loose blocks on the way down.</text>
  <image height="880" id="115" src="N of Arena(4).jpg" legendy="6" legendx="333" legendTitle="Arena North" legend="true">
      <path id="13849" linkedTo="66" d="M114,464C122.8,427.2 131.25819993011982,409.5392505532181 136,372C140.74180006988018,334.4607494467819 140.793465907551,313.10852270571405 138,274C135.206534092449,234.89147729428595 126.58134353197383,151.65249663432968 118,120C109.41865646802617,88.34750336567032 86.003110573574,67.00622114714801 77,49C67.996889426426,30.993778852851996 66.2,20.8 59,2" points="114,464, 136,372, 138,274, 118,120, 77,49, 59,2,"/>
      <path id="3896" linkedTo="67" d="M136,368C122.4,343.2 110.24842212466149,333.05482456888967 102,306C93.75157787533851,278.94517543111033 93.70162917560572,244.57443663245937 86,204C78.29837082439428,163.42556336754063 69.49868371103251,124.68850494298984 61,90C52.50131628896749,55.31149505701016 46.599999999999994,38.400000000000006 37,4" points="136,368, 102,306, 86,204,label 61,90, 37,4,"/>
      <path id="52740" linkedTo="63" d="M320,553C308.4,489 300.7111864675605,457.3137066059193 291,393C281.2888135324395,328.6862933940807 271.88116269646787,228.37904946601773 267,202C262.11883730353213,175.62095053398227 251.17689948476652,153.65919894760822 244,139C236.82310051523348,124.34080105239178 224.37547186230535,121.72435200515983 220,106C215.62452813769465,90.27564799484017 215.2,56.8 212,24" points="320,553, 291,393, 267,202, 244,139, 220,106, 212,24,belay"/>
      <path id="15119" linkedTo="62" d="M384,713C375.2,635.8 369.84713903761957,597.3026675408053 362,520C354.15286096238043,442.69733245919474 339.4782425269178,266.48570028775777 337,250C334.5217574730822,233.51429971224226 324.4,228.4 316,214" points="384,713, 362,520, 337,250, 316,214,belay"/>
  <climb id="64" number="14." name="The Steps" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, Jan 2004." stars="" length="25m" grade="12" extra="">This route is used as an exit pitch for its three companion routes. Starting from the top of the Telopea buttress, follow walls and the ridge to an exposed step across, which leads to the abseil ledge R of Obelix. Watch out for that loose block on the R just below the top.</climb>
  <climb id="63" number="15." name="Cheers to Dave" fa="K. Robinson, P. Robinson, Jan 2004." stars="**" length="30m" grade="21" extra="">A tribute to alpine guide Dave Gardner, who died in 2003 climbing on Mt. Tasman. A wild position on a narrow arête, on the buttress L of Telopea. From the foot of Telopea, climb easily to the thin buttress on the L. The route follows the nose all the way, finishing on an airy perch.</climb>
  <climb id="62" number="16." name="Telopea" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, Jan 2004." stars="**" length="25m" grade="20" extra="">A classic. Straight up the front of the buttress through two bulges, with a steep headwall to finish.</climb>
  <climb id="61" number="17." name="The Spirit" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, Jan 2004." stars="*" length="30m" grade="19" extra="">Takes the nose of the buttress, followed by the wall on the R. Start 5m below and R of Telopea. Follow the nose until one can move R up the wall via exciting layback moves to a ledge. Climb the wall and crack system just R of the nose to the top.</climb>
  <text id="85" class="heading3">Starseeker Area</text>
  <text id="119" class="text">Originally called the Starseeker Buttress, this area forms the south end of Central Buttress. Access is either off the Great Tier track (marked with a guide post) to the south, where the track takes off right under the crags, or at the signposted track leading left from the Central Buttress track to join up with the Great Tier track. Several routes were put up here in the dim and distant past, most of which have been overgrown and neglected. &lt;br/&gt;Walk north for approximately 50m from the Great Tier track junction under a massive (unclimbed) triangular overhang to the foot of a small sub-buttress below a sharp orange arête, the left edge of the aptly named “Pillar of Crud”.The base of the rock is marked low down in white paint 4-1A, the original number from the 1969 Guide! All the routes start from around this point: the early climbs have all had very few ascents over the past 50 years and are now loose and heavily vegetated. On that basis their descriptions and grades should be treated with caution....</text>
  <text id="137" class="text">The first climb starts just to the south (left) of the toe of the buttress. It is one of the earliest recorded climbs on the Pipes, first climbed prior to 1960.</text>
  <climb id="138" number="18." name="Whose Route" fa="Route re-discovered by J. Elliot, B. Higgins, 1960" stars="" length="100m" grade="9" extra="">Start on the left of the lowest point of the buttress. &lt;br/&gt;1. 40m Negotiate a series of short steps leading to a broad scrubby ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 23m Climb a recess in a water-scarred wall and then follow an obvious gully, which is often wet and slippery. &lt;br/&gt;3. 7m Climb the steep crack past an old peg of unknown origin. &lt;br/&gt;4. 10m Continue via the obvious chimney to a platform near the top of the buttress. &lt;br/&gt;5. 20m Make an exposed step left and ascend 5m to a flake. Descend a metre and continue to traverse left and up to easy ground. &lt;br/&gt; &lt;br/&gt; J. Elliot, B. Higgins, 1960. &lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="120" number="19." name="Death Rattle       " fa="T. McKenny, A. Beech, March 2013." stars="" length="42m" grade="16" extra="">A modern take on the arête, a direct line which appears to include at least part of the 2nd pitch of Starseeker on "The Tower". Start just to the L of the foot of the small sub-buttress. &lt;br/&gt;1.16 30m. Climb the short, angular corner/chimney on the left to the steep arête which is climbed direct on at times dubious rock to an exposed finish. Belay on ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2.15 12m. Ignore the leering off width chimney thing above and instead climb the seductive hand crack round on the left, starting behind the hakea bush. Better now the massive rattling block has departed in a cloud of shrapnel. Descent: 42m abseil from sling on tree.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <text id="47" class="text">The next climbs all share the same start, at the very foot of the buttress, and include several shared pitches.... if you can find them! The first to be climbed was Sand's Gory (P. Sands, J. Spinks) in 1961 although the exact line can not now be traced with certainty. From the original description it appears to climb up and then right to join a deep, dark, cavernous chimney, capped with a large chockstone, to the left of what is now Linda, and continuing up as for Linda above the chockstone.</text>
  <climb id="54" number="20." name="D. F. Variation" fa="M. Douglas, J. Fairhall, May 1962." stars="" length="100m" grade="10" extra="">Graded at 10, this route may be somewhat harder. This route climbs up and then right before veering back left high up, crossing over Starseeker to join Whose Route at the foot of the 7m crack on the south side of the buttress. Start just right of the lowest point of Central Buttress. &lt;br/&gt;1. 16m. Climb directly up the now loose and vegetated blocks at the toe of the buttress to a substantial ledge (also the first belay of Starseeker). &lt;br/&gt;2. 20m. Move easily diagonally and up to the R, to belay at the foot of two chimneys. Easy but scrubby.&lt;br/&gt;3. 10m. Ascend the LH chimney/crack to a large ledge. (The RH chimney is Sand's Gory)&lt;br/&gt;4. 14m. A semi-circular traverse L crossing a deep cleft and Starseeker leads to a wide chimney on the south side of the buttress. &lt;br/&gt;5. 10m. Climb the chimney to the prominent chockstones and traverse L to the 7m crack of Whose Route (pitch 3). &lt;br/&gt;6. 30m. Continue as for Whose Route (pitches 4 and 5).</climb>
  <climb id="53" number="21." name="Starseeker" fa="R. Williams, J. Whelan, Oct 1966." stars="" length="95m" grade="16" extra="">Once a "mildly entertaining route" (but now loose and vegetated!) of some variety following a fairly direct line up the buttress. Start on the right (north) side of the very foot of Central Buttress, someway below an orange 18m column – the delightfully named Pillar of Crud. &lt;br/&gt;1. 16m. Climb up the loose blocks and vegetation to a large ledge beneath the face of The Pillar of Crud, as for D. F. Variation. &lt;br/&gt;2. 16m. Crux. Climb up loose rock and out left on the face of The Pillar of Crud, using holds "carefully". &lt;br/&gt;3. 18m. Follow the chimney, moving left at the top to a ledge. &lt;br/&gt;4. 21m. Climb up to and sidle left of a blank wall then ascend with some difficulty to a short narrow chimney to join the platform on Whose Route. &lt;br/&gt;5. 24m. Climb the obvious chimney (as for Whose Route) to the next platform and then directly to the top. Finish on the ridge leading to the summit.</climb>
  <climb id="52" number="22." name="Diddles" fa="R. Mansfield, M. Tillema, 1970." stars="" length="125m" grade="12" extra="">The climb follows a deep and hidden chimney line high on the south side of the Starseeker Buttress, to the left of Improbability Drive. Start as for Starseeker and D. F. Variation, at the lowest point of the buttress. Climb pitches 1, 2, and 3 of D. F. Variation to start. &lt;br/&gt;4. 10m. From the large ledge move to the obvious chimney in the corner. &lt;br/&gt;5. 20m. Climb the deep hidden chimney to the left and belay in a cave. &lt;br/&gt;6. 20m. Traverse right onto a chockstone in the right hand chimney. Follow this chimney to a platform, shared with Whose Route. &lt;br/&gt;7. 30m. Continue to the top via the chimney.</climb>
  <text id="121" class="text">A route by Batten, Tillema and Mansfield in April 1970 (Tuberculosis 140m 14M1), was described in an earlier edition of the guide as starting left of Linda but details are less than definitive.</text>
  <text id="130" class="heading3">Below Battle Cruiser Ledge</text>
  <text id="131" class="text">Below the Battle Cruiser Ledge there is a cluster of small faces with some short but quality routes on them. Walk north along the track that goes between the Great Tier and Central Buttress until directly under the lowest point of the Buttress, below the black corner of Battle Cruiser. About 20m further on an old track leads up left through the steep bush to the faces. Alternatively rap off the Battle Cruiser ledge from the Three Stooges rap station.&lt;br/&gt;The track passes under the Three Stooges climb and continues left to a small face at the far south end of the track.</text>
  <climb id="132" number="23." name="Disability" fa="J. Nermut, D. Humphries, Apr 2014." stars="" length="12m" grade="17" extra="">The flakey face just left of Bad Back. There is OK gear in the vertical then horizontal cracks.</climb>
  <climb id="134" number="24." name="Bad Back" fa="J. Nermut, D. Humphries, Apr 2014." stars="" length="12m" grade="18" extra="5Þ">The bolted face to the right of the dirty crack. Climb either to the L or R of the bolts.</climb>
  <text id="141" class="text">To the right of Bad Back on the next face is another, slightly longer bolted route.</text>
  <climb id="142" stars="*" extra="7Þ " number="25." name="The Three Stooges" length="20m" grade="18" fa="The Three Stooges aka B. Bull, T. McKenny and S. Scott, Nov 2015.">A bit of fun. Climb the middle of the face, moving right near the top. Mantle with style, and move back left to finish up the left hand arête. Rap off (20m).</climb>
  <text id="143" class="text">A small track about 20m to the right of the last climb leads to a steep pillar of rock.</text>
  <climb id="144" stars="*" extra="4Þ" number="26." name="Living the Dream " length="12m" grade="18" fa="M. Bailey, B. Bull, D. Bruce and T. McKenny, Dec 2015.">A hard bouldery start up and right and then follow the vertical arête above. DBB.</climb>
  <text id="98" class="heading3">Battle Cruiser Ledge</text>
  <text id="99" class="text">With the exception of Linda, all other routes between Improbability Drive and Youth With a Mission are accessed from the Battle Cruiser Ledge. The ledge starts L of Third Bird and continues in a leftward rising traverse that ends overlooking the Linda chimney.</text>
  <text id="100" class="text">Descent: Rap anchors at the top of Battle Cruiser down the line of Linda (75m; 1x 50m to Linda chockstone, 1x 25m to Battle Cruiser ledge). Take care where you run the rope, as they sometimes jam when pulling.</text>
  <image width="900" height="1317" id="125" src="battlecruiser.jpg" legendy="7" legendx="718" legendTitle="Battle Cruiser Ledge" legend="true">
      <path id="67165" linkedTo="106" d="M288,1104C288.8,1068.4 288.7159752145196,1050.5858297690284 290,1015C291.2840247854804,979.4141702309715 293.90347933724405,952.0332920723104 295,910C296.09652066275595,867.9667079276896 300.49068820082107,810.2601211296186 296,785C291.50931179917893,759.7398788703814 269.10152568568424,746.1607977620827 263,730C256.89847431431576,713.8392022379173 259.63349132191235,704.2626385221107 259,687C258.36650867808765,669.7373614778893 257.7970705236814,640.7624128252348 259,621C260.2029294763186,601.2375871747652 262.2682972792802,591.4441352290137 266,572C269.7317027207198,552.5558647709863 269.9909343129139,540.9445207598382 278,522C286.0090656870861,503.0554792401618 310.43371997712455,478.8668948271399 318,449C325.56628002287545,419.1331051728601 317.1449483997812,393.26332742450813 316,372C314.8550516002188,350.73667257549187 320.84085026069164,337.8837937434893 311,319C301.15914973930836,300.1162062565107 254.13535706932646,255.38844439503825 242,230C229.86464293067354,204.61155560496175 230.0932765748238,187.70855581275984 235,160C239.9067234251762,132.29144418724016 274.72766672862133,53.79813811961849 276,38" points="288,1104,label 290,1015, 295,910, 296,785, 263,730, 259,687, 259,621,label 266,572, 278,522,belay 318,449, 316,372,label 311,319, 242,230, 235,160,label 276,38,lower-left"/>
      <path id="23537" linkedTo="105" d="M236,521C236.79999999999998,489.8 244.0505611806979,472.4460644127298 238,443C231.9494388193021,413.5539355872702 205.15353940426104,405.049351148733 206,375C206.84646059573896,344.950648851267 235.6060469280207,331.17146605840236 242,301C248.3939530719793,270.82853394159764 239.6,254.8 238,224" points="236,521, 238,443, 206,375,label 242,301, 238,224,"/>
      <path id="92990" linkedTo="44" d="M117,1178C117,1167.6 116.18996826015373,1162.3684062700322 117,1152C117.81003173984627,1141.6315937299678 118.0143429564292,1128.8038690189774 122,1114C125.9856570435708,1099.1961309810226 138.65227947095087,1091.2201780331034 138,1074C137.34772052904913,1056.7798219668966 116.54157401832514,1019.7437391578965 117,982C117.45842598167486,944.2562608421035 134.0724428833852,864.1979697348664 141,827C147.9275571166148,789.8020302651336 155.84012377317168,772.1539523121901 163,735C170.15987622682832,697.8460476878099 164.99279582856158,673.2989900603465 178,635C191.00720417143842,596.7010099396535 220.39698661234607,535.5168686179891 235,523" points="117,1178, 117,1152, 122,1114, 138,1074, 117,982, 141,827, 163,735, 178,635, 235,523,belay"/>
      <path id="25945" linkedTo="41" d="M366,1128C356.4,1008.8 346.7568266375759,886.4391052404275 342,830C337.2431733624241,773.5608947595725 331.655363651738,717.0140865258361 329,689C326.344636348262,660.9859134741639 325.2087161822437,643.9147374150684 322,619C318.7912838177563,594.0852625849316 320.26572928600257,575.9736058610513 312,557C303.73427071399743,538.0263941389487 295.174333280911,529.5482585854402 278,518" points="366,1128,label 342,830, 329,689, 322,619,label 312,557, 278,518,"/>
      <path id="15418" linkedTo="38" d="M558,1149C546,998.6 541.0194253920233,923.3151840715419 528,773C514.9805746079767,622.6848159284581 497.30177554619615,460.8369228506833 492,387C486.69822445380385,313.1630771493167 485.6401529716546,276.0145311142312 487,202C488.3598470283454,127.98546888576878 494.2,84.4 499,6" points="558,1149, 528,773, 492,387, 487,202,belay 499,6,"/>
      <path id="37825" linkedTo="37" d="M807,1123C780.6,1024.6 751.7220109627777,902.5201583246279 741,877C730.2779890372223,851.4798416753721 700.0689880289189,858.839118604557 686,835C671.9310119710811,811.160881395443 671.4799129093745,787.6203928848491 669,755C666.5200870906255,722.3796071151509 670.1713995776003,700.3251843718707 673,664C675.8286004223997,627.6748156281293 694.9991082234501,549.9950315306506 688,511C681.0008917765499,472.0049684693494 642.9206060187541,467.7822597543562 631,430C619.0793939812459,392.2177402456438 633.9984498634683,366.11194009971985 629,324C624.0015501365317,281.88805990028015 594.351297680885,107.93883542496185 591,93C587.648702319115,78.06116457503815 571.3407741251394,76.25130567346142 570,61C568.6592258748606,45.748694326538576 577.8,25.6 583,2" points="807,1123, 741,877, 686,835, 669,755, 673,664, 688,511,belay 631,430, 629,324, 591,93, 570,61,belay 583,2,"/>
      <path id="41811" d="" points=""/>
      <path id="93197" d="" points=""/>
      <path id="7167" linkedTo="44" d="M202,488C207.7362870189736,492.73867188523906 192.4660522609247,477.57063351935346 191,473C189.5339477390753,468.42936648064654 189.4660522609247,464.57063351935346 188,460C186.5339477390753,455.42936648064654 187.60138169670205,452.7834196395754 188,448C188.39861830329795,443.2165803604246 189.8,433.6 191,424" points="202,488, 191,473,label 188,460, 188,448, 191,424," lineStyle="dotted" arrow="true"/>
      <rect width="140" height="22" id="57055" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="50m + 25m down Linda" y="29" x="292"/>
      <path id="23461" d="M116,578" points="116,578,"/>
      <path id="10209" d="M551,1077" points="551,1077,"/>
      <path id="39398" d="" points=""/>
      <path id="29781" linkedTo="42" d="M298,815C322.4,785 349.1380434211319,750.9700415877297 359,740C368.8619565788681,729.0299584122703 383.4492482576772,730.3175473480758 387,716C390.5507517423228,701.6824526519242 393.969972092661,640.0902236256175 390,615C386.030027907339,589.9097763743825 381.1387659619048,574.7029230212988 362,558C342.8612340380952,541.2970769787012 297.174333280911,530.5482585854402 280,519" points="298,815, 359,740, 387,716, 390,615,label 362,558, 280,519,"/>
      <path id="24677" linkedTo="40" d="M464,1125C456,1079 449.5700314099152,1056.3570356051005 444,1010C438.4299685900848,963.6429643948994 433.099626984719,885.8295001118967 433,867C432.900373015281,848.1704998881033 440.1240875277178,839.6088454088848 443,821C445.8759124722822,802.3911545911152 448.62434351336145,781.7618167594942 450,757C451.37565648663855,732.2381832405058 450.38444992166075,719.7970199471173 450,695C449.61555007833925,670.2029800528827 435.32690914239987,651.6277965141697 448,628C460.67309085760013,604.3722034858303 484.6,602.2 509,585" points="464,1125, 444,1010, 433,867, 443,821, 450,757, 450,695, 448,628, 509,585,"/>
      <path id="59505" d="M202,489C207.7362870189736,493.73867188523906 221.39698661234607,535.5168686179891 236,523" points="202,489, 236,523,"/>
      <path id="80175" linkedTo="42" d="M312,319C310.8,255 309.7500197014948,197.40100871653465 309,159C308.2499802985052,120.59899128346535 310.87341017728454,78.36869199374196 307,63C303.12658982271546,47.63130800625803 276.72766672862133,51.79813811961849 278,36" points="312,319, 309,159,label 307,63, 278,36,"/>
      <path id="10946" linkedTo="134" d="M132,1310C135.6,1288.4 135.81526241748983,1277.2753024937485 141,1256C146.18473758251017,1234.7246975062515 153,1217 161,1191" points="132,1310, 141,1256,label 161,1191,lower"/>
      <path id="6516" linkedTo="135" d="M609,1168C597,1092.4 585.5767988909375,1031.943231072047 579,979C572.4232011090625,926.056768927953 572.9654103911581,899.2025894147051 569,846C565.0345896088419,792.7974105852949 559.4388852275206,701.2408894342881 555,657C550.5611147724794,612.7591105657119 542.8556846734796,584.4552225423731 539,547C535.1443153265204,509.5447774576269 535.3993471763611,490.58246702226995 534,453C532.6006528236389,415.41753297773005 532.8,396.6 532,359" points="609,1168, 579,979, 569,846, 555,657, 539,547, 534,453, 532,359,lower"/>
      <path id="49695" points="693,1173, 665,1051, 646,952, 643,858, 617,773, 592,687, 573,623, 587,567, 592,468,lower" d="M693,1173C681.8,1124.2 673.3878290633328,1090.4406430424797 665,1051C656.6121709366672,1011.5593569575202 650.2606015691206,989.3770955836486 646,952C641.7393984308794,914.6229044163514 648.6861708893815,893.0973996275615 643,858C637.3138291106185,822.9026003724385 627.1618090376124,807.0719479496418 617,773C606.8381909623876,738.9280520503582 599.5165565058529,712.6246244517714 592,687C584.4834434941471,661.3753755482286 573.9612239453618,646.0693746886833 573,623C572.0387760546382,599.9306253113167 584.1907149766662,589.9178515061441 587,567C589.8092850233338,544.0821484938559 590,507.6 592,468" linkedTo="145" arrow="false"/>
  <climb id="50" number="27." name="Improbability Drive" fa="S. Parsons, D. Fife, Phil Steane, 1982." stars="***" length="45m" grade="20" extra="↓" guide.action="submit""44""0" guide.type="climb">Succulent and sensuous! Superb climbing up the steep south facing buttress L of Linda. Start from the LH end of Battle Cruiser Ledge overlooking Linda. Climb the Linda chimney for one pitch (up past the lower rap station) to a belay on the highest large ledge on the L wall. &lt;br/&gt;1. 15m. Make an improbable step around to the L side of the arête and climb straight up the thin flake to belay on a small ledge. This pitch can also be started from the ledge 10m below. &lt;br/&gt;2. 30m. Climb the hand crack L of the belay ledge and where it blanks out into a shallow niche, head R to face holds and up just L of the arête. Step back L above the niche and continue up the crack system to belay at the pinnacle summit. Descent: rap-station off the summit pinnacle (50m) to the Linda chockstone. Then the 25m abseil back to the Battle Cruiser ledge.</climb>
  <climb id="49" number="28." name="Organic Man" fa="E. Peacock, G. Cooper, Nov 1982." stars="*" length="35m" grade="20" extra="↓" guide.action="submit""43""0" guide.type="climb">Takes the steep wall L of Linda. Start as for Improbability Drive. &lt;br/&gt;1. 15m. Climb straight up the face R of the arête until it is possible to step around the L side of the arête onto a ledge. Belay here (as for Improbability Drive). &lt;br/&gt;2. 20m. Step back around the arête and continue up the face R of the arête until forced to move L again into Improbability Drive. Descent as for Improbability Drive.</climb>
  <climb id="48" number="29." name="Linda" fa="J. Moore, J. Veasey, Jan 1968. (3b): K. Prinz, L. Wood, A. Bowden, 1975." stars="" length="125m" grade="15" extra="↓">The original finish is recommended. Linda starts at the base of the buttress at an obvious gully-line on the R of the south face, which contains a huge chock stone at 30m. &lt;br/&gt;1. 30m. From ground level climb straight up the wall to belay atop the large chockstone. &lt;br/&gt;2. 30m. Up the chimney and take the RH crack to belay at the base of a huge corner. &lt;br/&gt;3a. 30m 15. Original finish: Climb the R wall for 5m then step R. Continue up to a small ledge, then straight up for 6m (crux). Step R onto the arête and belay 5m higher, around the corner. &lt;br/&gt;3b. 30m 18. Linda Direct: Follow the chimney to the L of the huge corner, which becomes offwidth and poorly protected. &lt;br/&gt;3c. 30m 15. Linda Chimney: Climb the R wall for 5m, then step R and climb up to a ledge. Continue up the chimney. &lt;br/&gt;4. 35m. Easily to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="46" number="30." name="Hyperspace" fa="N. Deka, D. Bruce, D. Batten, Mar 1988." stars="*" length="35m" grade="20" extra="↓">A well-protected and quality alternative to the first pitch of Starship Trooper, taking the steep RH wall of the Linda chimney. From the LH end of Battle Cruiser Ledge step around the arête into the chimney. Climb up and into the crack on the R wall to an overhang, which is passed on the L. Move back R and continue up to belay as for Starship Trooper pitch 2..</climb>
  <climb id="44" number="31." name="Starship Trooper" fa="K. Carrigan, M. Law, 1978." stars="**" length="74m" grade="22" extra="↓">A thoughtful and subtle route up the arête L of Battle Cruiser Pitch 1 provides an excellent first pitch to Space Cowboy. &lt;br/&gt;1. 28m 20. Climb onto a small ledge 4m L of Battle Cruiser. Step L and follow the thin groove line just R of the arête to the same belay as Battle Cruiser. Small wire and cam placements. &lt;br/&gt;2. 46m 22. Step around the LH side of the arête and follow the thin cracks to a ledge near the arête. Continue up and abseil as for Battle Cruiser.</climb>
  <climb id="105" number="32." name="Space Cowboy" fa="D. Stephenson, J. Otlowski, Mar 1989." stars="***" length="46m" grade="19" extra="↓">Face climbing that is arguably better than sex. An alternative 2nd pitch to Starship Trooper and Battle Cruiser – start from the belay ledge shared by both routes at the top of their first pitches. Climb directly above the belay into a small left-facing corner to the right of the arête. Layback the flake above to a spectacular rest below a small overhang. Step right and climb straight up a short wall (crux) to join Battle Cruiser at the diagonal trending flake. Continue up the rest of Battle Cruiser to the rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="106" number="33." name="Battle Cruiser" fa="M. Law, D. Bowman, 1978." stars="***" length="68m" grade="18" extra="↓">Both pitches are magnificent. Shares the same start as Twice, at the black streaked corner 6m left of Faust. &lt;br/&gt;1. 28m 18. Climb the corner to the roof, continue through it via the left hand line (crux) and up the thin crack to the ledge. Belay left of the base of the Twice corner. &lt;br/&gt;2. 40m 17. Follow the corner of Twice for 6m to where a steep, diagonal flake system leads out left towards the arête. Layaway and bridge the airy flake system until it eases. Continue up right of the arête to reach rap station (50m to Linda chockstone, 25m to Battle Cruiser ledge).</climb>
  <climb id="42" number="34." name="Twice" fa=" I. Lewis, L. Closs, Sep 1973." stars="*" length="90m" grade="18" extra="↓">Companion line to Battle Cruiser. Start as for BC at the black streaked corner 6m L of Faust. &lt;br/&gt;1. 34m. Climb up until 2m below the roof. Step R to the sloping ledge and crossing Once, continue up and R, belaying in Faust. &lt;br/&gt;2. 10m. Traverse L to a belay at a ledge at the base of the big corner. It is possible to combine (1) and (2) and climb directly to this belay. &lt;br/&gt;3. 46m. Move straight up the corner through the overhangs to Battle Cruiser rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="41" number="35." name="Once" fa="M. Law, K. Carrigan, 1978." stars="*" length="33m" grade="20" extra="↓">Requires strong fingers and lots of gym work. Start 2m R of Twice and climb the thin crack to a sloping ledge below the roof. Layback and finger jam straight through it via the RH line (crux) to belay as for Battle Cruiser. Abseil off (tape anchor) or finish up either Twice or Battle Cruiser.</climb>
  <climb id="40" number="36." name="Thrice" fa="G. Cooper, Pete Steane, 1987." stars="" length="85m" grade="15" extra="↓">An alternative start to Faust that ascends the ephemeral flake system between Once and Faust. &lt;br/&gt;1. 45m. Climb carefully up past a seriously loose flake at 4m then up a short corner above. Ascend the short wall and after approximately 25m step R into Faust. Climb past needle bush, through the overhang to the belay ledge on Faust.&lt;br/&gt;2. 40m. Continue as for the second pitch of Faust.</climb>
  <climb id="39" number="37." name="Bumps and Angles" fa="P. Robbins, 1990." stars="" length="60m" grade="23" extra="↓">Are you feeling bold? This route follows the thin line up the face between Faust and Twice. Either step out L of the corner chimney of Faust (approx 30m up pitch 1) and up the line or climb the line directly through both the overlaps. Small wires constitute protection and it is unknown whether the route continues straight up or veers R back into Faust. Rap anchors as for BC.</climb>
  <climb id="38" number="38." name="Faust" fa="J. Moore, R. Williams, Mar 1967." stars="**" length="85m" grade="16" extra="↓">Are you ready to sell your soul in exchange for earthly delights? Follows the left facing chimney corner in the middle of Central Buttress. An indifferent start leads to some fabulous climbing.&lt;br/&gt;1. 45m. Up the chimney/corner past a needle bush at 25m. Follow the line through an overhang to a belay ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 40m. Climb the awkward short crack (#4 Camalot is handy), then up the classy corner to a belay ledge where an arrow is etched into the rock. Descent: From the arrow traverse left and down a vegetated trough for 10m to reach the rap station at top of Battle Cruiser.</climb>
  <climb id="135" number="39." name="Cognitive Dissonance" fa="J. Nermut, D. Humphries, Jan 2015." stars="**" length="28m" grade="22" extra="12Þ">The line up the face and arête between Faust and Spartan Ethics. There is a thin and balancy crux between the 2nd and 3rd bolts, and another tricky move at the roof, the rest is about 20.</climb>
  <climb id="145" stars="**" extra="10Þ" number="40." name="Thesaurus" length="24m" grade="21" fa="Roger &amp; James Parkyn, Heather &amp; Nick Hancock, May 2016.">Steep start then keep following the U's.</climb>
  <climb id="37" number="41." name="Spartan Ethics" fa="(1) S. Parsons, D. Bowman, Dec 1979. (2) D. Bowman, R. Wells, Feb 1978. (3) N. Deka, D. Stephenson, Apr 1988." stars="**" length="100m" grade="20" extra="">Sustained and consistent. An inverted small L-shaped roof/flake marks the start of this route. &lt;br/&gt;1. 30m. Climb a shallow corner to the small roof at 5m, which is turned on the L. Ascend a series of walls up and R to a ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 35m. Climb onto the block on the L and then up a thin crack to a small tree. Step back R and jam the crack to the top, belaying at some blocks near the Faust corner. &lt;br/&gt;3. 35m. Continue up the line of shallow corners on the upper wall R of Faust to a small ledge. Head up and L over a bulge into a hanging corner and continue to the top.&lt;br/&gt;Descend by first climbing up the short rock step behind where the route finishes, and then heading L and down a vegetated ramp with some down climbing sections, circling around to the Battle Cruise rap station from above.</climb>
  <climb id="36" number="42." name="Youth With a Mission" fa="(1) P. Steane, Mar 1996. (2) P. Cullen, D. Bowen, M. Burton, Feb 1982." stars="*" length="70m" grade="20" extra="↓">A steep and strenuous start leads to a curious crack line. 2m R of Spartan Ethics is a crack line up the wall. &lt;br/&gt;1. 27m 20. Wade through scrub for 3m to the base of the wall. Up the hand crack which thins (crux), then step R to a flake when the crack falters and climb up this and over the top. Continue up the wall above to a spacious belay ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 35m 17. Mantle above the belay to gain the base of the curious crack line. Climb past a wobbly wafer and follow the line through a small roof to a ledge. Continue up the crack for another 3m before hand traversing R into Mephistopheles. Climb this for 3m and belay. &lt;br/&gt;3. 8m. From the end of the hand traverse, continue traversing R around the arête and down slightly to the first belay of Third Bird. Rap station off to the R (48m).</climb>
  <text id="83" class="heading3">Third Bird Area</text>
  <image width="900" height="1443" id="126" src="third-bird.jpg" legendy="9" legendx="10" legendTitle="Third Bird" legend="true">
      <path id="19671" linkedTo="32" d="M728,1415C726,1350.6 724.1840268705768,1301.1919281272735 723,1254C721.8159731294232,1206.8080718727265 726.5187048614936,1160.6889428014188 721,1136C715.4812951385064,1111.3110571985812 689.8337364502776,1108.8321362739748 685,1084C680.1662635497224,1059.1678637260252 672.4839224826541,958.1773730232785 670,874C667.5160775173459,789.8226269767215 667.9937002225213,526.8648518381331 667,474C666.0062997774787,421.13514816186694 659.2595377416603,394.86900524545524 660,342C660.7404622583397,289.13099475454476 667.1999999999999,207 672,117" points="728,1415, 723,1254, 721,1136, 685,1084, 670,874, 667,474,belay 660,342, 672,117,belay"/>
      <path id="546" d="M696,133" points="696,133,lower"/>
      <path id="24647" d="M742,433" points="742,433,lower"/>
      <rect width="68" height="22" id="93703" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="37m (sling)" y="121" x="708"/>
      <rect width="31" height="22" id="54297" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="48m" y="422" x="756"/>
      <path id="8075" linkedTo="33" d="M397,1298C433.4,1089.6 461.28365356197025,938.6950117752652 488,777C514.7163464380297,615.3049882247348 533.6051614416582,484.63254089580823 550,372C566.3948385583418,259.36745910419177 572.8,202.8 588,90" points="397,1298, 488,777, 550,372, 588,90,belay"/>
      <path id="71136" linkedTo="37" d="M181,1406C182.6,1324.4 191.1755326995905,1228.9477790527585 185,1202C178.8244673004095,1175.0522209472415 129.03344187867953,1193.4794146656852 126,1166C122.96655812132047,1138.5205853343148 149.10598863103235,1094.4014690973177 168,1048C186.89401136896765,1001.5985309026823 251.06146977018173,872.2336744085269 262,832C272.93853022981824,791.7663255914731 248.14552819075138,769.1268308554916 255,728C261.8544718092486,686.8731691445084 289.3071431736042,631.9892845011839 306,568C322.6928568263958,504.0107154988161 335.6790093640811,429.78257810238705 339,406C342.3209906359189,382.21742189761295 326.835350509411,367.7559164535413 337,346C347.164649490589,324.2440835464587 379.88965386482477,314.2068990034536 396,284C412.11034613517523,253.79310099654643 412.7166068766156,226.91492428181806 417,196C421.2833931233844,165.08507571818194 414.21285032771516,148.11915002145884 419,118C423.78714967228484,87.88084997854118 432.2,74.2 441,45" points="181,1406, 185,1202, 126,1166, 168,1048, 262,832,belay 255,728, 306,568, 339,406, 337,346,belay 396,284, 417,196, 419,118, 441,45,belay"/>
      <path id="73289" linkedTo="38" d="M6,1046C54.40000000000001,885.2 104.8576857775437,713.9551136149032 127,644C149.1423142224563,574.0448863850968 170.88457003191644,511.38640931065333 188,471C205.11542996808356,430.61359068934667 227.24552133570143,399.53924034425995 241,375C254.75447866429857,350.46075965574005 265.0313772923918,339.9046195860534 276,314C286.9686227076082,288.0953804139466 311.4,217.39999999999998 335,153" points="6,1046, 127,644, 188,471, 241,375,belay 276,314, 335,153,belay"/>
      <path id="5034" d="" points=""/>
      <path id="22192" linkedTo="135" d="M5,1214C17.799999999999997,1168.8 24.996618048872808,1143.3990426983364 37,1101C49.003381951127196,1058.6009573016636 54.62208241118012,1037.2912184284678 67,995C79.37791758881988,952.7087815715321 94.82914242715506,904.0386255481344 109,855C123.17085757284494,805.9613744518656 132.41124817599194,764.4079980068126 143,732C153.58875182400806,699.5920019931874 166.10400265507786,672.1724080709529 175,653C183.89599734492214,633.8275919290471 190.6,625.4 201,607" points="5,1214, 37,1101, 67,995, 109,855, 143,732, 175,653, 201,607,lower"/>
  <climb id="33" number="43." name="Mephistopheles" fa="J. Moore, R. Williams, Apr 1967." stars="" length="105m" grade="16" extra="">Bring your flame-thrower or a chainsaw, and don't be surprised to meet Tarzan swinging through the trees... a bit vegetated. Follows the scrub-laden chute near the start of Battle Cruiser Ledge, just R of Youth with a Mission and 8m L of Third Bird. &lt;br/&gt;1. 20m. Climb the chute to a ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 20m. Continue up the line to a belay where the chimney eases to a cleft with a sloping back. &lt;br/&gt;3. 25m. Climb the cleft and chimney to a large ledge. &lt;br/&gt;4. 40m. Climb the chimney on the L for 8m, negotiate the overhang, and continue up the face via a crack to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="32" number="44." name="Third Bird" fa="I. Lewis, L. Closs, Aug. 1973." stars="***" length="85m" grade="18" extra="">A reputation for quality and difficulty that is well deserved. Follows the conspicuous crack line through a small roof up the face just right of Mephistopheles. Starts at an in-situ belay bench. There is a story behind the name. "Two crows skimmed by the crag lower down. 'Hey Lew - two black birds.' He looked out at them and nodded. 'Three black birds is bad luck isn't it?' I called down. He shrugged. Seconds later a third crow sailed effortlessly past us. 'Hey Lew!' He looked up. I pointed at the gliding bird. 'Third bird!' "&lt;br/&gt;1. 48m 16. Climb the right hand side of the subsidiary pillar then up the line to the top of a small pinnacle. Climb past an in-situ knife blade and up the hand crack to belay on a large ledge 8m below the roof (rap station visible further right).&lt;br/&gt;2. 37m 18. Up the line and jam through the roof to the ledge (crux). Negotiate the thin crack and bulge above and continue up on excellent rock to a pillar studded with copious slings. Rap from the pillar (37m) down to the rap station right of the ledge, then from here rap to the ground (48m).</climb>
  <climb id="31" number="45." name="Infidel" fa="S. Bischoff, T. O&apos;Sullivan, April 2012." stars="" length="28m" grade="21" extra="">Thought provoking pitch on the black streaked wall between Third Bird and Banana Republic. Somebody has previously drilled holes for bolts for a direct line but it has bomber though slightly spaced gear if you are willing to look laterally for it. Start 2m R of Third Bird behind the tree and make an unprotected rising traverse R on delicate rock to the top of the initial Banana Republic hand crack (before it opens out into the niche) or climb the crack direct. Traverse back L onto the black streaked face. Climb up face and rock steps above to belay at single U-bolt. Finish up Banana Republic or rap off.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="30" number="46." name="Banana Republic" fa="D. Stephenson, N. Deka, 1988." stars="" length="100m" grade="18" extra="">Advanced route finding R of Third Bird; don't forget your compass. &lt;br/&gt;1. Climb the hand cracks on the wall several metres R of Third Bird, with some interesting moves through the niche above, to a belay on a scrubby ledge at single U-bolt. &lt;br/&gt;2. Move L and climb the shallow corners and flakes just R of Third Bird, to belay at the rap anchors on the ledge below the overhang. &lt;br/&gt;3. Move back R and continue up the wide cracks above to the top, taking care not to stray onto Third Bird. Descent: abseil as for Third Bird, or traverse L and down the scrubby corner/gully to the Battle Cruiser rap anchors.</climb>
  <climb id="29" number="47." name="Butt Funky" fa="(1) P. Cullen, D. Bowman, M. Burton, Feb 1982. (2) D. Fife, Pete Steane, Dec 1990. " stars="**" length="95m" grade="20" extra="↓">A sustained and energy sapping second pitch that offers excellent climbing. Pockets of vegetation are evident towards the top of the first pitch. This is awaiting the services of a benevolent gardener.&lt;br/&gt;1. 45m 18. Climb the prominent fist crack about 10-15 metres R of where the track meets the cliff, and below and slightly L of the prominent arête high above. After the crack continue up through a zone of vegetation for 15m to belay on a ledge L of the base of the arête. This pitch was once uniquely named, 'I'm No Ordinary Top Bunk Cock Pounder Because Jesus Loves Me.'&lt;br/&gt;2. 50m 20. Up the face just L of the arête for 15m (crux). Step around the arête to a small ledge and then proceed up the crack above. Stay just R of the arête, passing the roof on your L, and climb to the top. Descend using the Acid Test rap stations.</climb>
  <climb id="28" number="48." name="High Flyers" fa="P. Robinson, T. McKenny (alt.), Apr 2005." stars="*" length="42m" grade="18" extra="↓">Starts high up on the buttress between Acid Test and Butt Funky. Climb pitchs 1 and 2 of Acid Test to start. All up including High Flyers, this gives four reasonable pitches (112m total). &lt;br/&gt;1. 33m 16. Follow the line directly above two abseil bolts at the top of pitch two of Acid Test. Pleasant climbing with an excellent and steep hand crack at the top. &lt;br/&gt;2. 9m 18. The LH side of the headwall following thin cracks to rap station. Abseil off as for Acid Test rap stations.</climb>
  <climb id="27" number="49." name="Acid Test" fa="G. Phillips, D. Fife, Apr 1996. Pitch 2b alternative: T. McKenny, J. Nermut, March 2013." stars="**" length="115m" grade="20" extra="↓">Inspired perhaps by the proposed 2012 forestry peace deal, this route has undergone a severe tidy up and is now remarkably cleaner in both vegetation and loose rock. Located 2m R of the Butt Funky fist crack, 2m L of a deep chimney.&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 18. Climb up the crack and wall to a hakea tree, then from the block behind the tree climb the steep crack/flake then up R on easier ground to a double U-bolt belay. &lt;br/&gt;2a. 40m 19. Climb up and then R onto the buttress and follow the weakness directly up the middle of the face (well protected) to a U-bolt belay. &lt;br/&gt;2b. 15m 19. Alternatively, step across R directly from belay, over the top of the chimney, and climb steep but interesting thin crack up the arête, staying out of the chimney to the R. From a ledge at 10m either move L into Acid Test or make a difficult move up and R to the U-bolt belay on Heat (45m rap to bottom).&lt;br/&gt;3. 40m 20. Up the crack on the R to the buttress above. Follow a thin line up the buttress until one can step L around the arête to a 6m long crack. At the top of this move back R and climb the excellent face above to a large ledge. &lt;br/&gt;4. 5m. Up the wall above to a rap station. Three rap stations provide safe descent. The final station is directly on the wall below the start of pitch 2 and is out of view until virtually on top of it.</climb>
  <climb id="122" number="50." name="Heat" fa="D. Humphries, J. Nermut, Mar 2013 &amp; Jan 2014." stars="**" length="103m" grade="21" extra="Þ">An interesting sport climb that takes a series of distinct buttresses separated by ledges all the way to the top. Start down to the R of Acid Test on the next buttress, at the lowest point.&lt;br/&gt;1. 18m 21. Up the face fairly easily until interrupted by the crux between the 3rd and 5th bolts. Continue up to a large ledge and DBB. 7 bolts.&lt;br/&gt;2. 28m 21. Step R from the belay into the black streak. Great climbing up that until the streak runs out, then head to the left hand side of the pillar to a ledge and climb the arete above to finish at a DBB. 11 bolts.&lt;br/&gt;3. 32m 20. Climb the arete straight up from the belay for 20m past 7 bolts to a large ledge, where you can see the Acid Test DBB on the wall to the L. And now for an intermission - continue up Acid Test for 12m, heading right and aiming for the bottom of the right hand arete of the large buttress above, where you will find a DBB. Take a few slings or medium sized pieces for this section, which is easy but not bolted. Be careful lowering or abseiling this pitch with a 60m rope as you can only just get down with rope stretch.&lt;br/&gt;4. 25m 21. Straight up the steep and sustained arete, 10 bolts to DBB. &lt;br/&gt;Rap down in either 2 or 4 abseils.</climb>
  <text id="124" class="text">The following routes start at a very vegetated chimney reached by continuing up and R from Heat.</text>
  <climb id="129" number="51." name="Wedgetail" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Mar 2014." stars="**" length="28m" grade="22" extra="12Þ">The orange arete to the left of Transfusion, flanked by greenery. Start 5m up to the R of Heat. Sustained climbing on edges and flakes to the top of the pillar.</climb>
  <climb id="88" number="52." name="Transfusion" fa="T. Costigan, A. Keller, Mar 1968. Pitch 1a T. McKenny, J. Nermut, Jan 2014." stars="" length="119m" grade="13" extra="">Starts on the LHS of Kacktus Buttress in a chimney with a huge chock stone at 26m. One of the oldest climbs on the Pipes, with the original painted numbers, 4-8, from the 1969 guide still visible on the rock. Old fashioned climbing in a deep, dark chimney - originally graded Hard V Diff(10)! &lt;br/&gt;1a. 26m. Climb and scrub-bash past the initial bushes to belay on the huge chockstone. Above the trees the line is relatively clean.&lt;br/&gt;1b. 26m.17. An alternative and possibly even less attractive variant has been added up the vegetated wall on the R . Start a couple of metres R of chimney and climb through the bulge to the steep wall above with a surprisingly thoughtful finish at the DBB on Peregrine. Climb back L and down to top of chockstone.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m. Easy chimney for 16m, then narrows. Face R and thrutch up past 2 chockstones, and belay in cave just under 2 large diagonal chockstones. &lt;br/&gt;3. 27m. Crux. Thread way up between chockstones until chimney fades out into 2 cracks. Jam and climb up L crack for 6m, then step into R one and climb to large ledge. &lt;br/&gt;4. 36m. This is the top pitch of Spink’s Gory (route 4-9 in the 1969 Guide). Climb straight up V shaped chimney after entering it from the R. Cross ledge trending R and climb chimney until able to exit on the L.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="25" number="53." name="Chicken Run" fa="M. Tillema, P. McHugh, 1970." stars="" length="120m" grade="12" extra="">A major botanical excursion. Shares the same first pitch as Transfusion in a chimney with a huge chock stone at 26m. &lt;br/&gt;1. 26m. As for Transfusion. Up awkwardly past the bushes to belay on the huge chockstone. &lt;br/&gt;2. 21m. Traverse R across a ledge and continue past the Peregrine pitch 1 anchor and through the scrub up to the base of an obvious corner. &lt;br/&gt;3. 15m. Up the crack to belay on a large ledge. &lt;br/&gt;4. 60m. Scrubby walls and cracks lead to the top.</climb>
  <text id="82" class="heading3">Kacktus Buttress</text>
  <text id="19" class="text">Kacktus Buttress forms the right hand side of Central Buttress, and is the first sub-buttress L of Pooch Gully. All routes in this section of Central Buttress start at ground level and finish at the top of the buttress, which is around 50m high (with the exception of Roast Chicken). Descent from these routes is by the Peregrine or Remembrance rap stations.</text>
  <image width="" height="921" id="92" src="kacktus 1 sm.jpg" legendy="14" legendx="630" legendTitle="Kacktus Buttress" legend="true" legendFooter="" noPrint="false">
      <path id="14070" linkedTo="24" d="M178,823C179.2,818.2 180.28013549115664,815.8950786601349 181,811C181.71986450884336,806.1049213398651 196.85971277648744,716.513595968208 203,653C209.14028722351256,589.486404031792 209.47729547251058,526.1154047234978 213,480C216.52270452748942,433.8845952765022 216.15521907298225,404.5192339292282 225,365C233.84478092701775,325.4807660707718 257.30618538719875,310.4072191920189 260,270C262.69381461280125,229.59278080798111 250.4,156 244,80" points="178,823, 181,811, 203,653, 213,480, 225,365, 260,270, 244,80,belay"/>
      <path id="128" linkedTo="91" d="M242,831C244.8,789.8 245.7324775552426,762.1274566452439 249,728C252.2675224447574,693.8725433547561 256.27534482751565,677.0805948282316 260,643C263.72465517248435,608.9194051717684 266.3088160073658,557.3595116698756 269,545C271.6911839926342,532.6404883301244 280.3706336762797,529.7727202760456 287,519C293.6293663237203,508.22727972395444 303.7760225088155,492.53754597884284 309,480C314.2239774911845,467.46245402115716 316.00580504517256,460.5459062595234 317,447C317.99419495482744,433.4540937404766 317.1020312678799,381.40718932374995 317,371C316.8979687321201,360.59281067625005 316,355.4076894650062 316,345C316,334.5923105349938 318.5813458939432,309.63775384010466 317,294C315.4186541060568,278.36224615989534 310.0567957079268,265.17038712378053 307,256C303.9432042920732,246.82961287621944 297.83226901271826,243.63054143288264 297,234C296.16773098728174,224.36945856711736 298.92295572067553,194.2072896479533 300,175C301.07704427932447,155.7927103520467 301.22634029415866,146.1555248230863 303,127C304.77365970584134,107.84447517691372 307.2,91 310,67" points="242,831, 249,728, 260,643, 269,545, 287,519, 309,480, 317,447, 317,371,lower 316,345, 317,294, 307,256, 297,234, 300,175, 303,127, 310,67,lower"/>
      <path id="83313" linkedTo="23" d="M502,703C484.8,676.2 470.841245151756,659.5003173011773 459,636C447.158754848244,612.4996826988227 444.17977223813523,597.6738435960134 437,574C429.82022776186477,550.3261564039866 430.204896857736,537.3383732842268 422,514C413.795103142264,490.66162671577314 400.08168023815716,469.6940170618699 392,446C383.91831976184284,422.3059829381301 380.50756458324094,409.90847486019317 378,385C375.49243541675906,360.09152513980683 377.87307740260724,317.0807802599664 377,297C376.12692259739276,276.9192197400336 376.54249674643404,266.5797273553192 372,247C367.45750325356596,227.42027264468078 354.5062928999065,202.8192821574518 348,172C341.4937071000935,141.1807178425482 339.59999999999997,109 334,67" points="502,703, 459,636, 437,574, 422,514, 392,446, 378,385, 377,297, 372,247, 348,172, 334,67,belay"/>
      <path id="12657" linkedTo="22" d="M553,815C542.6,763.8 534.9157965825226,730.8130136427993 527,687C519.0842034174774,643.1869863572007 517.431509272588,620.8977524473798 510,577C502.5684907274121,533.1022475526202 491.5045828453815,479.63562196772773 484,433C476.4954171546185,386.36437803227227 471.32297063733307,340.78382267010926 468,316C464.67702936266693,291.21617732989074 467.30252680395284,276.30231159045064 460,254C452.69747319604716,231.69768840954933 439.33882485725655,219.67764971451314 431,203C422.66117514274345,186.32235028548686 418.4929911694458,177.81872745210472 413,160C407.5070088305542,142.18127254789528 399.2,106 390,70" points="553,815, 527,687, 510,577, 484,433, 468,316, 460,254, 431,203, 413,160, 390,70,belay"/>
      <path id="89117" linkedTo="21" d="M794,808C793.2,726.4 797.7734386657202,628.2278229722186 792,604C786.2265613342798,579.7721770277814 752.4314086367277,593.2991242362764 738,573C723.5685913632723,552.7008757637236 711.8738795446261,512.0554953321815 701,476C690.1261204553739,439.94450466781853 696.6116838121027,415.82381700159385 681,384C665.3883161878973,352.17618299840615 637.6982660334559,335.3728325418199 623,317C608.3017339665441,298.6271674581801 597.7466511003046,286.86550011977107 589,269C580.2533488996954,251.13449988022893 583.1653234226304,239.55635040219667 576,221C568.8346765773696,202.44364959780333 564.6887619583333,184.49970521347032 550,168C535.3112380416667,151.50029478652968 510.9398027150103,147.38090286584418 503,139" points="794,808,label 792,604, 738,573, 701,476,label 681,384, 623,317, 589,269, 576,221, 550,168, 503,139,"/>
      <rect width="31" height="22" id="75753" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="30m" y="53" x="270"/>
      <rect width="31" height="22" id="55150" style="black_text_on_solid_white" text="15m" y="357" x="270"/>
      <path id="92785" linkedTo="117" d="M344,869C362,813 385.0928965751033,769.7697748684876 389,729C392.9071034248967,688.2302251315124 370.5414732483135,664.0419458254173 367,629C363.4585267516865,593.9580541745827 369.4519458174218,570.5949258592238 370,541C370.5480541825782,511.4050741407761 371.0690654738163,490.6976180029279 370,467C368.9309345261837,443.3023819970721 373.8002393064939,426.1712770474574 364,408C354.1997606935061,389.8287229525426 338.8,390 322,378" points="344,869, 389,729, 367,629, 370,541, 370,467, 364,408, 322,378,"/>
      <path id="1418" linkedTo="118" d="M93,909C110.6,819 130.76337459196736,733.6095202911687 137,684C143.23662540803264,634.3904797088313 136.6565576120735,596.6069414779529 137,559C137.3434423879265,521.3930585220471 132.96125393441233,502.12052728552425 139,465C145.03874606558767,427.87947271447575 167.71151093006435,363.70203779139854 171,350C174.28848906993565,336.29796220860146 177.8104803538758,328.8080121733897 175,315C172.1895196461242,301.1919878266103 156.77868495802124,255.32743000007943 148,237C139.22131504197876,218.67256999992057 119.37788881782798,216.27464974804016 118,196C116.62211118217202,175.72535025195984 134.25567518874104,150.37907454162894 141,134C147.74432481125896,117.62092545837108 154.14095658110818,104.57882839522131 160,94C165.85904341889182,83.42117160477869 170.2,79 177,69" points="93,909, 137,684, 137,559, 139,465, 171,350, 175,315, 148,237,lower 118,196, 141,134, 160,94, 177,69,lower"/>
      <path id="38633" points="737,572, 670,497,label 624,423, 586,347, 551,285, 525,218, 510,167, 503,139,lower" d="M737,572C710.2,542 691.0605019763163,524.770042428948 670,497C648.9394980236837,469.22995757105195 640.6067652738985,452.65493798910455 624,423C607.3932347261015,393.34506201089545 599.3164818906417,372.1736233001173 586,347C572.6835181093583,321.8263766998827 563.1742090613931,310.7454585068803 551,285C538.8257909386069,259.2545414931197 531.9790778097579,238.08612637930332 525,218C518.0209221902421,197.91387362069668 513.0971271014487,178.12150186429298 510,167C506.9028728985513,155.87849813570702 510.9398027150103,147.38090286584418 503,139" linkedTo="140"/>
      <path id="43926" points="" d=""/>
  <climb id="118" number="54." name="Peregrine" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut (alt), Feb 2013." stars="**" length="48m" grade="23" extra="Þ ">Start 5m down and L from Roast Chicken and Remembrance. &lt;br/&gt;1. 28m 20. A back-to-basics pitch that starts with some hollow flakes, then some nice face climbing, until you end up on a ledge with a Hakea. From here do a move around left to find the belay. A small cam or wire adds some extra protection for the last move. 9 bolts.&lt;br/&gt;2. 20m 23. Get what you came for - step L and climb the great technical arête. 10 bolts.</climb>
  <climb id="24" number="55." name="Roast Chicken" fa="P. Robinson, R. Mansfield, Dec 1980." stars="*" length="120m" grade="14" extra="">A direct start to Chicken Run that avoids the trip into the rainforest, but still quite vegetated past the first pitch. Starts at the LH crack line on the front of the buttress just L of Remembrance. &lt;br/&gt;1. 20m. Climb up past two small chockstones to a ledge on the L. &lt;br/&gt;2. 40m. Climb a minor overhang and continue up the line until it joins the foot of pitch 3 of Chicken Run at the corner. Continue up this and belay. &lt;br/&gt;3. 60m. As for pitch 4 of Chicken Run.</climb>
  <climb id="91" number="56." name="Remembrance" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Dec 2012." stars="**" length="45m" grade="21" extra="Þ">A great route up the left side of the Pugnacious wall.&lt;br/&gt;1. 15m 20. Start just R of Roast Chicken. Climb the flakey wall to the bulge at 8m, which is quite a bit harder if you don't use the edge of Roast Chicken. Head R and up to gingerly climb up over the huge flake to the belay. 7 bolts.&lt;br/&gt;2. 30m 21. Up the wall from the belay to gain the arête at the fourth bolt. Excellent continuous face and arête climbing to DBB at the top. 13 bolts.</climb>
  <climb id="117" number="57." name="V" fa="S. Young, Jan 2013. Re-ascended in its more broken form by J. Trainer, 2015." stars="**" length="17m" grade="26" extra="8Þ">A fun little sport climb starting 5m R of Remembrance and climbing to the same anchor. Climb up and into shallow R facing corner, continue up to steep bulge. Jugs lead to good side-pulls on the face above. Head up and R before stepping back L to lower-off. Was originally 25, now 26 since a hold broke off. Slightly trickier if you are short.</climb>
  <climb id="23" number="58." name="Pugnacious" fa="A. Herington, S. Scott, Pete Steane, Feb 1990." stars="**" length="50m" grade="22" extra="↓">An exquisite single pitch route that takes a line up the centre of the steep wall it shares with Remembrance. Break L out of Rooster from below the first overhang, and follow the curving line of thin layaways and underclings, finishing up the open corner / crack system in the middle of the face. Descent: Remembrance rap station on the LH end of the pillar (45m).</climb>
  <climb id="22" number="59." name="Rooster" fa="P. Robinson, C. Rathbone, Jan 1981. Direct finish: T. McKenny, C. Walch, Mar 2005." stars="*" length="45m" grade="14" extra="↓">Takes the chimney line immediately R of Pugnacious wall, marked by a dark roof a few metres up. Start under the roof, after scrambling carefully up into a cave. Climb up through several bulges, avoiding the last vegetated roof either to the R or out to the L. Continue to the notch at 35m, step L and continue up the groove and arête past the small hakea. Descent: Remembrance rap station (45m).</climb>
  <climb id="140" number="60." name="Oopsy Daisy " fa="G. Phillips and J. Breshnehan,  2014." stars="**" length="40m" grade="23" extra="">Sustained climbing up the fused corners to the L of Kactus. &lt;br/&gt;Start as for Kactus Direct. Climb to the horizontal break (cams and wires), then trend L and up the fused corners. When the corners finish step L onto the south face and head for the top.&lt;br/&gt;Gear List:&lt;br/&gt;• set of cams from .1 to .5 cams&lt;br/&gt;• Set medium wires&lt;br/&gt;• 3x 30cm quick draws&lt;br/&gt;• 12x quick draws&lt;br/&gt;Note: A bolted direct start into this route would ruin it as well as the two other established trad routes either side of it.</climb>
  <climb id="21" number="61." name="Kacktus" fa="D. Fife, P. Cullen, Dec 1987. Direct start/finish: T. McKenny, P. Robinson, Feb 2005." stars="**" length="40m" grade="20" extra="↓">Follows the front face of the pillar R of Rooster . With the direct start this is a great pitch – steep and committing, but with adequate protection. Start at the very base of the pillar, 3m R of a detached sub-pillar. Climb the thin crack to ledge then traverse L 2m. Climb the face above direct (keeping to the R of the fused corners) to a ledge. Continue on L with difficulty past a small flake on the L, directly up a thin crack to easier but not trivial ground above.&lt;br/&gt;Tape abseil from top of buttress (40m) or continue up as for Rooster to Remembrance rap station.</climb>
  <climb id="139" number="62." name="Alpine Style" fa="D. Humphries, J. Nermut, Jan 2015." stars="*" length="22m" grade="20" extra="8Þ">This route takes an orange face around the back of Kacktus Buttress that is most easily visible and accessible from Princess and Nefarious. A short scramble leads up to the start. A bit manky at the start, then good face climbing up higher.</climb>
  <text id="3" class="heading3">Circus Wall</text>
  <text id="109" class="text">Pooch Gully marks the RH end of Central Buttress where it meets Flange Buttress. High up on the LHS of Pooch Gully as viewed from the base of cliff, is Circus Wall, a large reddish wall with a prominent line up through an inverted L-shaped crack. This route is Arthur's Circus. Routes on this wall are accessed from the mountain summit and all are 60m or less in length.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Access, From the summit walk down to the top of the cliff and and the patch of snow gums. Follow the cliff line around to the R as viewed by looking towards Hobart, past Pooch Gully still along the cliff tops to the start of Circus Wall.&lt;br/&gt;Alternate Access, It is possible to access Circus Wall from the top of the 3rd pitch of Heat scramble right on a bushy ledge.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;For routes between High Wire and Double Trouble Triple Treat descend to a prominent cairn that marks the top of Arthur's Circus. From here, rig an anchor and rap 50m to the base.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Further to the R as viewed looking towards Hobart is a short buttress with a small overhang. Scotch Mist and its companion line are found here, topped by a combined finishing pitch. Both routes are best done as two pitches. Abseil from a point just R of On the Road Again.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</text>
  <image height="827" id="116" src="Arthurs Circus(2nd best).jpg" legendy="586" legendx="9" legendTitle="Circus Wall" legend="true">
      <path id="5791" linkedTo="18" d="M86,205C90.8,172.2 92.40189524298432,151.36373076887944 98,123C103.59810475701568,94.63626923112055 108.8,81 116,53" points="86,205, 98,123, 116,53,belay"/>
      <path id="85297" linkedTo="17" d="M110,224C119.2,204.8 127.68570833009329,191.76573195405658 133,176C138.3142916699067,160.23426804594342 138.8827092132059,151.59974883236927 140,135C141.1172907867941,118.40025116763073 140,97.2 140,72" points="110,224, 133,176, 140,135, 140,72,belay"/>
      <path id="89218" linkedTo="15" d="M261,588C262.2,516.4 262.8484001427951,459.0123366557581 264,409C265.1515998572049,358.9876633442419 269.02253552520824,295.7198302504638 268,284C266.97746447479176,272.2801697495362 255.5898509357358,270.83204820833646 251,260C246.4101490642642,249.16795179166354 243.56943510260564,239.34976458566203 243,225C242.43056489739436,210.65023541433797 242.21732691968307,160.82259093315642 246,134C249.78267308031693,107.17740906684357 257.4,95 265,69" points="261,588, 264,409, 268,284, 251,260, 243,225, 246,134, 265,69,belay"/>
      <path id="41233" linkedTo="14" d="M268,331C279.6,317.8 293.1739768296226,315.15113834996777 297,298C300.8260231703774,280.84886165003223 295.8363679402927,237.4604712041633 297,201C298.1636320597073,164.5395287958367 303.4087826056059,122.263478168177 303,110C302.5912173943941,97.736521831823 294.8614047346579,85.65351183664478 293,81C291.1385952653421,76.34648816335522 289.4,74.4 287,70" points="268,331, 297,298, 297,201,label 303,110, 293,81, 287,70,belay"/>
      <path id="67985" linkedTo="12" d="M377,598C377,522.4 377.47741495941733,432.6797819870987 377,409C376.52258504058267,385.3202180129013 376.75651494154494,363.31824183632585 372,350C367.24348505845506,336.68175816367415 348.75411603861403,339.03292830891246 347,325C345.24588396138597,310.96707169108754 350.0456638321875,201.1162992322588 348,158C345.9543361678125,114.8837007677412 339.59999999999997,93.8 334,51" points="377,598, 377,409, 372,350, 347,325, 348,158, 334,51,belay"/>
      <path id="12381" linkedTo="11" d="M471,700C471.4,586 472,466.6015503643059 472,415C472,363.3984496356941 472.5389983830181,318.16506620507823 471,286C469.4610016169819,253.83493379492174 466.87047517625604,220.47613455164995 462,206C457.12952482374396,191.52386544835005 437.80821062369546,194.0131260266796 435,179C432.19178937630454,163.9868739733204 435.59999999999997,111.80000000000001 436,67" points="471,700, 472,415, 471,286, 462,206, 435,179, 436,67,belay"/>
      <path id="59041" linkedTo="90" d="M505,738C510.6,659.2 515.1361011287646,582.3989164775223 519,541C522.8638988712354,499.6010835224777 527.4,479.2 533,438" points="505,738, 519,541, 533,438,lower"/>
      <path id="6587" linkedTo="10" d="M517,436C517.8,392 519.5973287517493,370.0032180455286 519,326C518.4026712482507,281.9967819544714 516,259.4 514,215" points="517,436, 519,326, 514,215,belay"/>
      <path id="1072" linkedTo="8" d="M595,740C595,681.6 601.2560480884092,652.0639463205483 595,594C588.7439519115908,535.9360536794517 567.8504532055076,492.4027641301697 563,443C558.1495467944924,393.5972358698303 570.5529335185213,360.02928869051976 568,319C565.4470664814787,277.97071130948024 553.6002734460809,258.8504282011986 549,218C544.3997265539191,177.1495717988014 545.4,145.4 543,97" points="595,740, 595,594, 563,443,belay 568,319, 549,218,belay 543,97,lower"/>
      <path id="89215" linkedTo="89" d="M580,442C586,401.6 593.4399687612857,371.8539511656811 595,341C596.5600312387143,310.1460488343189 590.2771870559841,278.43221373262 589,264C587.7228129440159,249.56778626737994 586.6,242.4 585,228" points="580,442, 595,341, 589,264, 585,228,lower"/>
      <path id="82895" linkedTo="7" d="M734,755C730.8,664.2 729.0876643774549,548.2006516897895 726,528C722.9123356225451,507.79934831021046 697.7307066670267,512.3911452879398 687,495C676.2692933329733,477.60885471206024 669.3979027774953,443.90181134059173 668,434C666.6020972225047,424.09818865940827 673.6996596319981,419.9150953060142 675,410C676.3003403680019,400.0849046939858 681.6794468277889,386.6727423631954 676,373C670.3205531722111,359.3272576368046 652.239262518985,360.26134506834603 648,345C643.760737481015,329.73865493165397 642.2128803696628,276.97547199309605 641,247C639.7871196303372,217.02452800690395 642.0995710999174,197.29013529810044 641,172C639.9004289000826,146.70986470189956 637.4,134.2 635,109" points="734,755, 726,528, 687,495, 668,434, 675,410,belay 676,373, 648,345, 641,247, 641,172, 635,109,lower"/>
      <path id="46512" d="" points=""/>
      <path id="88073" linkedTo="6" d="M727,528C723.9123356225451,507.79934831021046 720.3835082255143,448.52889252051693 715,402C709.6164917744857,355.47110747948307 704.4185538319146,332.52482428092173 699,286C693.5814461680854,239.47517571907827 691.2,206.2 686,153" points="727,528, 715,402,label 699,286, 686,153,belay"/>
      <path id="97717" linkedTo="86" d="M824,509C814.8,466.6 809.2729906360903,445.59058142283527 801,403C792.7270093639097,360.40941857716473 771.9904505722733,246.55500262035775 770,231C768.0095494277267,215.44499737964225 772.4,207.6 774,192" points="824,509, 801,403, 770,231, 774,192,belay"/>
      <path id="88712" linkedTo="87" d="M856,491C860,473.4 858.1362170666434,457.54897710572214 866,447C873.8637829333566,436.45102289427786 891.1157838245014,447.76843235099733 897,436C902.8842161754986,424.23156764900267 903.5665779297605,395.28539857057774 903,373C902.4334220702395,350.71460142942226 896.6046951568405,340.1399088331441 894,318C891.3953048431595,295.8600911668559 891.4979758857104,279.5562148307297 889,254C886.5020241142896,228.44378516927028 884.2,212.6 881,185" points="856,491, 866,447, 897,436, 903,373, 894,318, 889,254, 881,185,belay"/>
  <climb id="18" number="63." name="Scotch Mist" fa="K. Robinson, P. Robinson, Feb 2009." stars="" length="30m" grade="17" extra="">1. 20m. Climb the face around the corner, L of the overhang. When it blanks out go up the R arête for 3m until one can move back onto the face. Mantelshelf onto a ledge and continue to a large platform. &lt;br/&gt;2. 10m. Straight-ahead with a finger crack on the L, followed by easier ground.</climb>
  <climb id="17" number="64." name="Faith, Hope and Deliverance" fa=" P. Robinson, K. Robinson, Feb 2009." stars="" length="30m" grade="17" extra="">The small overhang R of Scotch Mist. &lt;br/&gt;1. 20m. Up through the overhang to a large flake and follow short walls to the large platform. &lt;br/&gt;2. 10m. As for Scotch Mist.</climb>
  <climb id="15" number="65." name="On the Road Again" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, 1 Feb 2009." stars="**" length="55m" grade="17/19" extra="">A pleasant wall climb which starts halfway up the first pitch of High Wire. Abseil in as for High Wire, a 50m rope is just enough with the stretch. &lt;br/&gt;1. 42m. Climb approximately 20m of High Wire, to just past the crux arete (18/19), and move onto the L wall. Climb just L of the nose, keeping clear of the blocks to the L, and go straight up the middle of the wall (17) to the base of a hand crack. Follow this to the ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 13m. As for High Wire.</climb>
  <climb id="14" number="66." name="High Wire" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, 24 May 2008." stars="**" length="55m" grade="19" extra="">Clean and varied climbing on the S buttress which has a huge diedre in the upper half. Start at a hand crack in the lower face. &lt;br/&gt;1. 42m. Climb the crack which splits the aesthetic clean wall to a challenging exit onto the ledge. Exciting moves up the nose (crux) to the base of the diedre. Pleasant and straightforward climbing follows. Move onto the L face a few metres below the top and belay on the platform. &lt;br/&gt;2. 13m. Traverse L and up easily to finish.</climb>
  <climb id="12" number="67." name="Clowning Around" fa="N. Deka, T. McKenny, Mar 1988." stars="" length="60m" grade="18" extra="">The hand crack 15m L of Arthur's Circus. &lt;br/&gt;1. Climb the crack past an offwidth section to some ledges, then move up the shallow corner and wall above to belay on the R, adjacent to the gully. &lt;br/&gt;2. Up the awkward overhang, and then back L and up the face to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="11" number="68." name="What a Circus" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, Apr 2008." stars="" length="58m" grade="19" extra="">Like one of those old time ventures. The big line L of Centre Stage. Abseil 55-60m to the start of a corner chimney. &lt;br/&gt;1. 24m 17. Up the corner to a large flake, passing it on the R. Continue up, passing the tea tree easily to a bulge split by a wide crack on the R. Climb the crack with some difficulty and continue to the ledge. &lt;br/&gt;2. 20m 16. Climb the pleasant thin crack on the L and directly over the block at the top to exit on a large ledge. Up the step and follow the clean line on the L to the bushy ledge shared by Centre Stage and Circus Taz. &lt;br/&gt;3. 14m 19. The inviting wide crack on the L, which becomes offwidth (crux). You’ve guessed it, a #4 Camalot comes in handy.</climb>
  <text id="9" class="text">The next two climbs are located L of Circus Taz and are accessed by abseiling down Circus Taz (all the way down for Clown Face or about 35m down for the ledge at the start of Centre Stage). Alternatively the rap station for Arthur's Circus works well (and avoids the ledge and bushes at the top of CS)</text>
  <climb id="90" number="69." name="Clown Face" fa="R. Parkyn, D. Rollins, Oct 2012. " stars="**" length="20m" grade="23" extra="9Þ ↓">A classy face of orange rock in a great location. Nice climbing too. Starts at "ground" level (about 45m from the top) and finishes at the Centre Stage start-ledge. The crux is passing the bulge near BR #7.</climb>
  <climb id="10" number="70." name="Centre Stage " fa="P.Robinson, K. Robinson, Apr 2007." stars="**" length="20m " grade="18 " extra="">A hidden gem. The clean finger crack splits the wall L of Circus Taz and finishes on the large bushy ledge. Layback and finger jam to your heart's content. Sustained and good fun. Exit by climbing pitch 3 of Circus Taz. "A Phil Robinson classic which may even be enjoyed by the masses!" quoth Kim.</climb>
  <climb id="8" number="71." name="Circus Taz" fa="P. Robinson, A. Beech, May 2004." stars="*" length="60m" grade="18" extra="">The chimney and L-facing corner L of Arthur's Circus. &lt;br/&gt;1. 26m. Follow the chimney to the overhang (crux). Climb through this and follow the crack to a ledge on the L at the foot of a corner. &lt;br/&gt;2. 22m. Follow the corner to a large bushy ledge. &lt;br/&gt;3. 12m. From R end of ledge, up past awkward blocks to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="89" number="72." name="Circus Interruptus" fa="R. Parkyn, D. Rollins, Oct 2012.  " stars="**" length="20m" grade="21" extra="6Þ ↓">A cute pitch that follows the middle part of the arête R of Circus Taz, starting at the Centre Stage belay ledge. Crank through the lower bulge on jugs then climb the beautiful arête and face above. The crux is near the top. From the belay it is possible to swing across L into Circus Taz and exit up that (take some mid-sized cams). Alternatively, lower back to the start and climb Centre Stage, followed by pitch 3 of Circus Taz.</climb>
  <climb id="7" number="73." name="Arthur&apos;s Circus" fa="L. Wood, C. Ditto Rathbone, Dec 1976." stars="**" length="55m" grade="19" extra="">A hard crack to start. Locate the base of the reddish wall immediately below the inverted L-shaped crack. Start at the extreme RH end of a large scrubby ledge, below the obvious jam-crack. &lt;br/&gt;1. 15m. Up the crack to an obvious square-cut ledge, then traverse L for 3m to a stance below an off-width crack. &lt;br/&gt;2. 40m. Climb the corner on the RH side of the offwidth to the detached flake. Squeeze into the chimney, move L to the crack, and continue to the top, going inside where necessary.</climb>
  <climb id="6" number="74." name="Line Tamer" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, Nov 2004." stars="**" length="50m" grade="20" extra="">A sky-rocketing crack up a great natural line. Start as for Arthur's Circus at the base of the reddish wall, below the inverted L-shaped crack. 1. 50m. Climb the crack (18) for 10m to the square cut ledge where Arthur's Circus traverses L. Climb straight up from here to a small sloping ledge where the crack widens. Continue to a bulge and a 2m off-width section (crux) with a fist jam at its base. Either layback elegantly or shakily to the ledge above. Follow the crack to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="86" number="75." name="Polymorpha" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, A. Kuylaars,  May 2011." stars="*" length="35m" grade="18" extra="">Varied crack climbing in a clean corner at the far R of Circus Wall. Start as for Double Trouble. 1. 35m. A fist jam to start, then move up the crack system to the Lomatia shrub. Climb steeply past this to a ledge and up to a finger crack (crux), then climb the wall with a flake on the L and chimney on the R to a tricky exit onto a slab. Follow ledges to L and finish directly up the 3m boulder.</climb>
  <climb id="87" number="76." name="Double Trouble or Triple Treat                 " fa="P. Robinson, C. Hewer, K. Robinson, Jan. 2012. " stars="" length="37m" grade="17" extra="">A traverse, a wall and cracks with a few perched blocks on the way. The pillar at the RH end of Circus Wall 4m R of Line Tamer. Abseil in to a block at the bottom of the corner at the far R of Circus Wall. Climb 4m up the L edge of the wall to gain a hand traverse without footholds. Place some gear and head R without hesitation, for 4m to the nose. Steeply up the nose until one can move to easier ground (a belay here would avoid rope drag). Climb gently over two large stacked blocks just R of the nose to hand cracks and move carefully past a loose flake to the top of the pillar, joining Polymorpha for the last few metres.</climb>
  <text id="127" class="text">A little further R of Circus Wall proper in Upper Pooch Gully is Euphrasia:</text>
  <climb id="128" number="77." name="Euphrasia" fa="P. Robinson, K. Robinson, Jan 2014." stars="" length="45m" grade="18" extra="">A pleasant route following various short steep cracks on the nose of the buttress immediately south of upper Flange Buttress, approx. 15m R of Circus Wall. Abseil (50m rope) into the depths of Pooch Gully using the U bolts on the sloping boulder at the top of Flange Buttress (GPS MTW170).&lt;br/&gt;1. 30m 17. Climb the corner for a few metres until one can hand traverse L onto a ledge on the arête. Follow the arête past a number of widish cracks using mantel shelves and layaways rather than jams. Finish with an awkward exit, taking care not to touch the block at the top. Belay on a large ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2. 15m 18. Climb past two shelves and follow the steep, widening crack system to the top. Keep out of the V-chimney by bridging and using a layaway on the R wall.</climb>
  <climb id="136" number="78." name="Diemenica" fa="K.Robinson, C.Hewer, Jan. 2014" stars="" length="45m" grade="18" extra="">The wall R of Euphrasia split by a hidden crack.&lt;br/&gt;Climb the corner for a few metres and the crack in the L wall to a ledge R of Euphrasia, joining back into Euphrasia for the last 10m.</climb>