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<guide version="3" pagesize="150" guidestars="*">
  <header id="562" name="Big Bend Bouldering area" access="From the centre of Hobart drive up Davey Street, which becomes Huon Road, for 9.6km. Just before Fern Tree a well sign posted road (Pillinger Drive) leads off sharply to the right and winds up the mountain. To reach Big Bend Bouldering area continue up a few more kilometres to a big leftwards bend in the road (9.1 km from the turn off). &lt;br/&gt;You can park at the bend itself (~3 spots) or pull off the road where you can." history="" intro="Mt Wellington offers some good opportunities for bouldering. Its a bit scattered, and dolerite is an acquired taste for bouldering. But there are lots of problems, particularly moderates with easy access for after work climbing." acknowledgement="" rock="Dolerite" sun="Mixed sun and shade" walk="5min to 30min" autonumber="false" camping=""/>
  <gps id="6">
    <point description="Res Gestae" height="1101" pid="8" code="MWB310" easting="518309" northing="5252016" zone="55G" latitude="-42.88424" longitude="147.22421"/>
    <point description="Gold Coast" height="1212" pid="14" code="MWB940" easting="517516" northing="5251576" zone="55G" latitude="-42.88822" longitude="147.21451"/>
    <point description="Lost World - Lost Block" height="1121" pid="15" code="MWB950" easting="518085" northing="5252031" zone="55G" latitude="-42.88411" longitude="147.22146"/>
    <point description="Lost World - The Horn" height="1122" pid="16" code="MWB960" easting="518260" northing="5252011" zone="55G" latitude="-42.88428" longitude="147.22361"/>
    <point description="Western Front - Shell Shock" height="1128" pid="17" code="MWB970" easting="517843" northing="5252069" zone="55G" latitude="-42.88377" longitude="147.21850"/>
    <point pid="18" description="Highball world" latitude="-42.88563" longitude="147.22437" easting="518321" northing="5251861" zone="55G"/>
  <text class="heading2" id="7">Lost World</text>
  <text class="intro" id="8">There are some unusually steep dolerite boulders on the way to Lost World. The rock is flakey and exfoliated with huge amounts of friction. Some of the landings are pretty bad, so a good spotter or thick mat is a good idea.</text>
  <text class="access" id="9">Park your car at the big bend just down from the summit of Mt Wellington, and then follow the directions and map below to find the problems.</text>
  <image id="10" height="524" width="800" src="Mt Wellingtonlostworldmap4.jpg"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="11">Stream Side</text>
  <text class="access" id="12">The first group of boulders can be seen downhill from the carpark. Follow the little stream down the hill. About 20m down is the first boulder, a short clean face with two faint grooves above a slopey ledge.</text>
  <problem id="13" name="       " extra="       " grade="V2" number="       " stars="       ">The left hand groove, with a hold on the arete to get started. Eliminating the arete will be pretty hard.</problem>
  <problem id="14" name="       " extra="       " grade="VE" number="       " stars="       ">The right hand groove is pretty easy if you use the crack to the right, but bloody hard without it and not done this way yet</problem>
  <text class="access" id="15">Follow the stream down for another 40 metres or so to a group of boulders with 2 prominent aretes and a V shaped corner</text>
  <image id="16" height="256" src="Mt Wellingtonstreamside.jpg"/>
  <problem id="17" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" number="" stars="">Just across from the main boulders is a small free standing boulder. Sitstart at the undercut arete to awkward top.</problem>
  <problem id="18" name="Moss" extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="1." stars="*">The arete left of the corner. Don't use the crack or layaways to the left. Jump up to the break then dyno up to the top break. Using the holds to the left is V0, and the crack to the left is VE</problem>
  <problem id="19" name="Old School" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="2." stars="       ">The V shaped corner and crack - bridge, chimney or crack climb it</problem>
  <problem id="20" name="Back in the House" extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="3." stars="*">Start below the faint arete between the two blocks and above a clear landing around to the right of OS and crank up to the top</problem>
  <problem id="21" name="It&apos;s a Beautiful Day" extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="4." stars="*">Start just to the right of Back in the House, and traverse left on the excellent rising horizontal line to finish around past Moss</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="22">Highball World</text>
  <text class="access" id="23">From Streamside follow the stream downhill for about another 50-60m. Head up and left when you can see these sizable buttresses. This area can also be reached easily directly downhill from the Yellow Dot boulder.</text>
  <image id="24" height="368" width="800" src="Mt Wellingtonhighballworld.jpg"/>
  <problem id="25" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="1." stars="       ">Up slab</problem>
  <problem id="26" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="2." stars="*">Right arete of slab</problem>
  <problem id="27" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="VE" number="3." stars="       ">Left arete and face of little pinnacle</problem>
  <problem id="28" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" number="4." stars="       ">Right arete of little pinnacle from sit start</problem>
  <problem id="29" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="5." stars="       ">Back face of pinnacle</problem>
  <problem id="30" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="6." stars="       ">Face behind pinnacle</problem>
  <problem id="31" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V?" number="7." stars="       ">Project - layback up left arete of steep face</problem>
  <problem id="32" name="Dopey Dog" extra="(SDS)" grade="V3/4" number="8." stars="*">Start at low jug on right arete of steep face</problem>
  <problem id="33" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="9." stars="*">Nice diagonal flake</problem>
  <problem id="34" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="10." stars="       ">Crimps on left side of face</problem>
  <problem id="35" name="Heart Shaped Box" extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" number="11." stars="       ">Right edge of short face</problem>
  <problem id="36" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="12." stars="       ">Face 2m right of HSB and just left of corner using pinch</problem>
  <problem id="37" name="Chicken wings to hell" extra="(Highball)" grade="V0" number="13." stars="" length="" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Project - crack system</problem>
  <problem id="38" name="Sunshine and snow" extra="(Highball)" grade="V4" number="14." stars="**">Seam and arete, finish up Highball to Hell.</problem>
  <problem id="39" name="Highball to Hell" extra="(Highball)" grade="V2" number="15." stars="**">Start right of the arete and after a couple of tricky moves climb the featured slab to the top</problem>
  <text class="text" id="760">These problem are on the near horizontal pillar below the highball lines pictured in the topo above.</text>
  <image id="761" height="359" src="Period of Transition.jpg"/>
  <problem id="40" name="Brexit" extra="(Hang)" grade="V5" number="16." stars="*" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Sit start under the roof (as per Period of Transition), go to the big sloper-jug on the left side of the column, mantel up to more slopers until you can reach over the top to jugs.</problem>
  <problem id="41" name="Period of Transition" extra="(Hang)" grade="V5" number="17." stars="***" fa="Marco D&apos;Alessandro, February 2018" length="">The belly of the incredible, near horizontal pillar. Hang start at the back of the column using the obvious sloper on the left (used to start the previous problem) and right hand low on the ok slopey rail on the right. Get a heel up and climb out the column, topping out at the very end by pinching your way up the arête to gain the lip.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="42">There are more problems to be done around to the right.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="43">Rainbow Face</text>
  <text class="access" id="44">This small face is in behind a scree pile downhill from Highball World. It is a little face with a crack/corner on its left and a leftwards curving arete on the right with a diagonal ramp in the middle of the face.</text>
  <problem id="45" name="       " extra="       " grade="VE" number="       " stars="       ">The easy handcrack in the left corner</problem>
  <problem id="46" name="Rainbow" extra="       " grade="V2" number="       " stars="       ">Start a bit right of the crack at the bottom of the rightwards leading ramp. Climb up this on slopers then straight up to the top</problem>
  <problem id="47" name="       " extra="       " grade="V?" number="       " stars="       ">Project - Start just left of the right hand edge of the face, but don't use any of the good holds on or around the arete. Instead climb the thin and bulgey face towards the top of the ramp and then to the top.</problem>
  <problem id="48" name="       " extra="       " grade="V0" number="       " stars="       ">Sit start at the right edge of the face and climb it using the right arete</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="49">Queen Slot</text>
  <text class="access" id="50">The next problems are on the Queen Slot Boulder. Follow the little stream down the hill about 100m past Stream Side or 50m past Rainbow until you see a square cut boulder on the left of the stream with an arete that faces Mt Wellington.</text>
  <problem id="51" name="       " extra="       " grade="VE" number="       " stars="       ">Up the middle of the face left of the arete</problem>
  <problem id="52" name="Queen Arete" extra="       " grade="V0" number="       " stars="       ">The arete</problem>
  <problem id="53" name="Queen Slot" extra="       " grade="V3" number="       " stars="       ">about 4 metres right of the arete is a very nice looking crack/groove</problem>
  <problem id="54" name="       " extra="       " grade="V1" number="       " stars="       ">start at Queen Slot and traverse leftwards right around the boulder. The only tricky bit is at the start.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="55">Res Gestae Boulder</text>
  <text class="access" id="56">To get to the next boulders start on the cairned track from the road, but at about the second or third red dot turn right and follow a roughly marked track for a few minutes to a group of boulders where the yellow dots start (Yellow Dot Boulder). There are a couple of easy crack and slab problems here.</text>
  <image id="57" height="256" src="Mt Wellingtonyellow.jpg"/>
  <problem id="58" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V3" number="1." stars="       ">Thin arete to right of corner, eliminate corner. Contrived.</problem>
  <problem id="59" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="2." stars="       "/>
  <problem id="60" name="Yellow Slab" extra="       " grade="V2" number="3." stars="       ">The thin slab on the right side of the Yellow Dot Boulder</problem>
  <text class="access" id="61">From the Yellow Dot Boulder follow the yellow dots down the hill for another 50m or so. Where the track takes a right hand turn down the hill there is a 3m high overhanging boulder with an OK landing on the left hand side of the track. This is Res Gestae boulder. If you can't find it from this description head to Lost World along any other track and locate the yellow dots about half way along the cliff top. Follow the track up to the boulder.</text>
  <image id="62" height="427" src="Mt Wellingtonresgestae.jpg"/>
  <problem id="63" name="Tools" extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" number="1." stars="*">Sit start underneath the nose of the boulder on underclings, as for Hammurabi. Move up and left to a very big jug, then throw from the jug to another good hold and an awkward top out. Starting from the jug is about V2</problem>
  <problem id="64" name="Hearsay" extra="(SDS)" grade="V5/6" number="1a." stars="">Start on the big jug on Tools, then traverse right around the nose and into the horizontal break/crack on Res Gestae to finish up that problem. The horizontal break/crack was loose and has now broken, taking with it two crimps. This problem can still be done, albeit a bit harder.</problem>
  <problem id="65" name="Hammurabi" extra="(SDS)" grade="V7" number="2." stars="*">Sit start underneath the steepest part of the boulder, at the nose and in between Tools and Res Gestae. Crank directly up through and over the nose. "Pretty Hard"</problem>
  <problem id="66" name="Res Gestae" extra="(SDS)" grade="V4/5" number="3." stars="*">This is the problem on the right hand side of the boulder. Sit start with your hands on the incut hold and the undercling. Move into the horizontal break (this has now broken so the problem is harder) with difficulty and then pull through the bulge on good holds and then to the top. Stand start is V2</problem>
  <text class="access" id="67">20m straight up the hill from RG is a bulgey wall with 3 obvious lines. Be careful of the bad landings</text>
  <problem id="68" name="       " extra="       " grade="V?" number="4." stars="       ">The left hand line needs some cleaning</problem>
  <problem id="69" name="Pull It Off" extra="       " grade="V0" number="5." stars="       ">The middle line with the big detached flake at the top</problem>
  <problem id="70" name="Pull Harder" extra="       " grade="V3" number="6." stars="       ">Climb the thin right hand seam without using the footholds or flake to the left on PIO or the blocky ledge to the right. An easier variant uses the footholds on PIO</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="71">The Pinnacles</text>
  <text class="access" id="72">If you head up the hill from the Yellow Dot boulder you will come to two pinnacles that are both about 5m high. There are several problems that have been done here by the Jacksons that I don't have the details for.</text>
  <image id="73" height="533" width="400" src="The Horn Topo.jpg" legend="true" noPrint="false">
  <problem id="74" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V3/4" number="1." stars="">Sitstart off the block, and climb the thin face to the left of the overhanging crack</problem>
  <problem id="75" name="Restless Ambition " extra="(SDS)" grade="V7V6" number="2." stars="***" fa="M Hitchcock 2017" length="">Sit start the front of the left hand pinnacle with the 30 degree overhanging finger crack. An excellent problem with challenging holds and movements.</problem>
  <problem id="76" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="" stars="">On the wall left of The Horn start at the left end head up to the scoop then to the top. Pikers version is V0. Landing is OK with two mats.</problem>
  <problem id="77" name="Small things..." extra="(SDS)" grade="V6V5" number="3." stars="**" length="" fa="">Start in the hollow below the left arete of The Horn. Move up to delicate moves on the arete and the top jugs. The stand start is a grade easier.</problem>
  <problem id="78" name="The Horn" extra="" grade="V1" number="4." stars="">The right hand arete of the right hand pinnacle. There are quite a few variations of this quite nice problem: One starts on the left and goes to the top at the arete (using whatever) and the other (the original and most obvious line) starts on the right. Also on the right side one can climb the face (heading slightly up right instead of left to the arete). All are about the same grade.</problem>
  <problem id="79" name="       " extra="       " grade="V1" number="       " stars="       ">About 3 or 4 metres to the right of The Horn is another boulder with a reasonably pleasant slab</problem>
  <text class="access" id="80">Walk around behind the right hand pinnacle to find an area with more boulders. The following problems are on the boulder straight ahead behind a pile of dead trees.</text>
  <image id="81" height="261" src="Mt Wellingtonmbug.jpg"/>
  <problem id="82" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="" stars="">Climb the slab left of millennium bug using the left arete.</problem>
  <problem id="83" name="Millennium Bug" extra="       " grade="V2" number="1." stars="       ">The thin seam through the slightly bulging face.</problem>
  <problem id="84" name="       " extra="       " grade="V0" number="2." stars="       ">Start just right of MB and climb the thin right trending crack</problem>
  <problem id="85" name="Party Like It&apos;s 1999" extra="       " grade="V2" number="3." stars="       ">About 3m to the right and up the hill from MB is a slabby arete. Climb it without using the boulders on the left or right</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="86">Red Dot Boulders</text>
  <text class="access" id="87">There are some good problems along the red dot track. From the big bend follow the red dot track up the hill for around 50 -100 metres to where the track makes a sharp right hand turn around a a group of boulders. After the right hand turn there is an overhung boulder that faces up the hill just off the track next to a cairn. This is Sweet Pussy. Downhill and to the left of here is a slightly overhung prow - this is Holy Shit.</text>
  <image id="88" height="386" src="Mt Wellingtonreddot1.jpg"/>
  <problem id="89" name="Sweet Pussy" extra="       " grade="V3" number="1." stars="       ">Sit start underneath the little overhang and climb it using the left arete and holds near the crack. A dynamic move to gain the sloper above the overhang, and then a fairly easy top out</problem>
  <problem id="90" name="Sunset" extra="       " grade="V4" number="2." stars="       ">Sit start 1 metre right of Sweet Pussy at the right arete with a big span between the crack and the hold way around to the right. Climb through the bulge using a toe hook to the right and a thin lay away to an awkward friction top out</problem>
  <text class="text" id="91">There are a couple of eliminates yet to be done on this boulder - just the crack; Sunset without the crack; and the traverse from around right to the left arete.</text>
  <image id="92" height="290" src="Mt Wellingtonreddot2.jpg"/>
  <problem id="93" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="1." stars="       ">Up face, don't use left arete/crack</problem>
  <problem id="94" name="Holy Shit" extra="       " grade="V3" number="2." stars="       ">Down and to the left of SP is a gently overhanging prow. Climb the steep face from its lowest point without using the the crack to the right (there is an easier variation using these holds). Thin and scary due to a dodgy landing</problem>
  <text class="text" id="95">Along the track a few metres from SP is an upwards pointing arrow painted in red on a rock. To the right of this is a decent sized pinnacle.</text>
  <image id="96" height="341" src="Mt Wellingtonreddot3.jpg"/>
  <problem id="97" name="Elegant Pinnacle" extra="       " grade="V1" number="1." stars="       ">Straight forward up the front of the pinnacle. The other faces are also climbable at a reasonable grade</problem>
  <image id="98" height="341" src="Mt Wellingtonreddot4.jpg"/>
  <problem id="99" name="       " extra="       " grade="V2" number="1." stars="       ">There is another detached pinnacle up and to the left of the previous one. There are a few variations: use everything; straight up the front; and the hardest variation is the right hand side of the front of the block without using any of the holds to the left of the groove in the middle of the face</problem>
  <text class="text" id="100">Directly above the Elegant Pinnacle is a red arrow painted on the rock.</text>
  <image id="101" height="341" src="Mt Wellingtonreddot5.jpg"/>
  <problem id="102" name="       " extra="       " grade="VE" number="1." stars="       ">the flake just to the right of the red arrow</problem>
  <problem id="103" name="Arrow Head" extra="       " grade="V1" number="2." stars="       ">The thin seam just to the right of the previous problem without using the flake to the left or the stuff to the right</problem>
  <problem id="104" name="       " extra="       " grade="VE" number="3." stars="       ">The groove/slab right of AH</problem>
  <text class="text" id="105">Above the previous problems, near the top of the hill, are another couple of pinnacles.</text>
  <image id="106" height="341" src="Mt Wellingtonreddot7.jpg"/>
  <problem id="107" name="Face Away" extra="       " grade="V0" number="1." stars="       ">the back arete of the pinnacle up and to the left which faces away from the summit of Mt Wellington. Climb the arete/slab on nice incut flakes</problem>
  <image id="108" height="341" src="Mt Wellingtonreddot6.jpg"/>
  <problem id="109" name="       " extra="       " grade="V?" number="1." stars="       ">To the right of the previous problem and directly above and back from Arrow Head is a tallish pinnacle/face with a series of seams up it. Climb directly up the face.</problem>
  <problem id="110" name="       " extra="       " grade="V2" number="       " stars="       ">About 30m to the right of the Elegant Pinnacle at the same level is a blunt arete/slab behind a dead tree with 3 forks. Climb the very thin and delicate seam up this above a bad landing</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="563">Red Dot Down Hill</text>
  <text class="text" id="111">There are several impressive prows next to the red dot track as it heads back down the hill to Lost World, but no one has had the balls to climb any of them (bad landings). As you come down the track there is an obvious overhanging arete (not climbed yet). Further down the tack goes left down a ramp.</text>
  <problem id="564" name="Chukin a Wobbly" extra="(SDS)" grade="V2/3" stars="**">Start on good incuts below the nose of the boulder above the ramp. Throw left to jugs then follow them up left. There may be a harder start from the right, but it didn't seem to climb well.</problem>
  <text id="565">Around here there are various bits of steep rock which either have bad landings, are too tall, or don't have any holds.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="112">Lost World Amphitheater</text>
  <text class="text" id="113">There are a very large number of nice boulders in the amphitheater below the Lost World cliffs. They have barely been touched to date, but there is a large amount of potential here. The bad landings and the walk put people off, but with a bit of vision there will be some excellent problems done here. The quickest and easiest way to get there is to follow the yellow dot track down to the top of the cliff, then take the red dot track down around the northern edge of the cliffs and down into the amphitheater. It takes about 15 minutes.</text>
  <text id="779" class="heading3">Small Time area</text>
  <image id="783" src="small time from track.jpg" height="475" width="500">
      <rect id="97519" x="181" y="115" width="105" height="48" style="yellow_outline" text="Small Time Area" arrowDirection="south"/>
      <rect id="74701" x="696" y="414" width="100" height="80" style="yellow_outline" text="Write some text"/>
  <text id="781" class="text">The small time area is below the start of the amphitheatre when coming down the red dot track. The problems in this area tend to be dry and sunny even in the depths of winter.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The easiest access is to head down the gully where the red dot track meets the amphitheatre proper. Head across the broken pillar to the flat block, then across to where you can see the small time boulder.</text>
  <image id="782" width="500" height="448" src="smalltime boulder.jpg" legend="true" legendx="319" legendy="399">
      <path id="41844" points="340.0,309.0, 423.0,89.0, 385.0,24.0," d="M340.0,309.0C373.2,221.0 418.3,118.7 423.0,89.0C427.7,59.3 400.2,50.0 385.0,24.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="785"/>
  <problem id="785" stars="*" extra="(SDS)" number="1." name="Small Time" length="" grade="V2" fa=""/>
  <image id="784" src="single handed.jpg" height="752" width="500" legend="true" legendx="316" legendy="511">
      <path id="77544" points="324.0,432.0, 386.0,178.0, 366.0,61.0," d="M324.0,432.0C348.8,330.4 380.7,225.2 386.0,178.0C391.3,130.8 374.0,107.8 366.0,61.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="786"/>
      <path id="8218" points="160.0,287.0, 227.0,95.0, 286.0,41.0," d="M160.0,287.0C186.8,210.2 212.4,123.5 227.0,95.0C241.6,66.5 262.4,62.6 286.0,41.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="787"/>
  <problem id="786" stars="***" extra="(Hang)" number="2." name="Single Handed" length="" grade="V5" fa="">Quality from start to finish.&lt;br/&gt;Start spanning the arete and the sharp rooflet where the block has fallen out.</problem>
  <problem id="787" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="3." name="Twinkle Toe" length="" grade="V5" fa="">Start pinching the bottom of the vertical rail and under the overlap.</problem>
  <text id="780" class="heading3">Main Amphitheatre</text>
  <problem id="788" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="1." name="Aged cheddar" length="" grade="V3" fa="">To the right of the path just after the balanced log is a steep face with a crack up it facing away from the track. Sit start compressing Left arete and crack.</problem>
  <text id="791" class="text">The next two problems are on the obvious triangular boulder with a mediocre landing on the right before central boulder.</text>
  <problem id="789" stars="**" extra="" number="2." name="Spaceship Rentals" length="" grade="V0" fa="">Run up slab then swing right and mantle tip of the spike.</problem>
  <problem id="790" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="3." name="The Dorsal Fin" length="" grade="V2" fa="">Start on hand jams with high heel then bust right and up arete to mantle the highest point.</problem>
  <image id="114" height="308" width="" src="centralboulder.jpg">null</image>
  <text class="text" id="115">This group of boulders is in the centre of the boulder field, below Lost Wanderer.</text>
  <problem id="116" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V?" number="1." stars="">Project - slab without arete.</problem>
  <problem id="117" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" number="2." stars="*">Sitstart left of arete</problem>
  <problem id="118" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="3." stars="*">Nice easy slab.</problem>
  <problem id="119" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="4." stars="*">Nice easy slab.</problem>
  <problem id="120" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" number="5." stars="">Start on left of boulder, hand traverse rightwards.</problem>
  <problem id="121" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V?" number="6." stars="">Project - straight up middle of face.</problem>
  <problem id="122" name="" extra="(Highball, Stand)" grade="VE" number="7." stars="*">Juggy slab above ankle breaking landing.</problem>
  <problem id="123" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V?" number="8." stars="">Thin face on front of Central Boulder.</problem>
  <image id="124" height="444" width="" src="shoeripper.jpg">null</image>
  <text class="text" id="125">This group of boulders is straight up the hill from Central Boulder.</text>
  <problem id="126" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="1." stars="">Nice slabby arete.</problem>
  <problem id="127" name="Whiskey Arete" extra="(Stand)" grade="V3" number="2." stars="">Hidden face and arete. Sit start is a project.</problem>
  <problem id="128" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="3." stars="">Slab just right of Whiskey Arete, a bit contrived.</problem>
  <problem id="129" name="The Shoe Ripper" extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="4." stars="">Slab above Whiskey Arete.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="130">This group of problems is in a large hole to the east of Central Boulder.</text>
  <image id="131" height="336" width="400" src="LWhole1.jpg" noPrint="false"/>
  <problem id="132" name="Simple" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="1." stars="">Straight up the arete. Try not to focus on the holes below.</problem>
  <image id="133" height="304" width="400" src="LWhole.jpg" noPrint="false"/>
  <problem id="134" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="2." stars="*">Up the arete. Variations include various wall holds and sit start.</problem>
  <problem id="135" name="Worry not" extra="" grade="V0" number="3." stars="">Pull on to arete and climb.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="136">The Lost Block</text>
  <text class="access" id="137">From the big bend walk west up the stream for about 30m and then head north straight up the hill to just below the ridge crest where you should find a very nice looking overhanging block with two striking aretes</text>
  <image id="138" height="427" src="Mt Wellingtonlostblock.jpg"/>
  <problem id="139" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V8" number="1." stars="**" fa="" length="">The left hand arete</problem>
  <problem id="140" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V9" number="2." stars="**">The right hand arete. Standing start is V3</problem>
  <image id="698" height="267" width="400" src="Lost block area-2.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="1460" d="M293.0,181.0C297.4,151.0 301.5,122.0 304.0,106.0C306.5,90.0 308.2,75.8 311.0,66.0C313.8,56.2 317.6,52.2 322.0,43.0" points="293.0,181.0, 304.0,106.0, 311.0,66.0, 322.0,43.0," linkedTo="141"/>
      <path id="31928" d="M165.0,131.0C162.1,123.8 156.9,122.2 154.0,115.0C151.1,107.8 152.7,99.2 155.0,94.0C157.3,88.8 161.7,88.2 164.0,83.0" points="165.0,131.0, 154.0,115.0, 155.0,94.0, 164.0,83.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="140"/>
      <path id="82447" points="365.0,182.0, 320.0,155.0, 299.0,140.0, 286.0,111.0, 294.0,52.0," d="M365.0,182.0C347.0,171.2 328.7,160.5 320.0,155.0C311.3,149.5 305.3,148.2 299.0,140.0C292.7,131.8 286.7,123.7 286.0,111.0C285.3,98.3 290.8,75.6 294.0,52.0" linkedTo="768"/>
  <problem id="141" name="Slap Happy" extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="3." stars="" fa="" length="">Up the middle of the slab 5m right of the lost block</problem>
  <text class="text" id="704">The next few problems are ~10m to the right of Slap Happy.</text>
  <climb<problem id="768" stars="" extra="" number="4" name="Slop Sad" length="" grade="V2" fa="">Start on the right of slap happy, traverse left topping on arete</climb>problem>
  <image id="699" height="333" width="500" src="Lost block area.jpg" legend="true">
      <path id="64141" d="M413.0,320.0C415.8,305.2 417.8,297.9 420.0,283.0C422.2,268.1 430.6,225.7 433.0,187.0C435.4,148.3 434.3,87.8 433.0,75.0C431.7,62.2 424.6,57.6 419.0,46.0" points="413.0,320.0, 420.0,283.0, 433.0,187.0, 433.0,75.0, 419.0,46.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="703"/>
      <path id="93166" d="M242.0,241.0C247.6,203.8 249.8,185.1 256.0,148.0C262.2,110.9 269.7,65.5 273.0,55.0C276.3,44.5 284.4,43.0 292.0,35.0" points="242.0,241.0, 256.0,148.0, 273.0,55.0, 292.0,35.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="701"/>
      <path id="49368" d="M217.0,189.0C221.4,159.0 225.2,137.1 228.0,114.0C230.8,90.9 229.7,66.0 233.0,56.0C236.3,46.0 245.0,45.8 253.0,39.0" points="217.0,189.0, 228.0,114.0, 233.0,56.0, 253.0,39.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="700"/>
      <path id="59742" d="M393.0,316.0C392.6,299.2 403.9,285.9 392.0,274.0C380.1,262.1 274.7,196.5 267.0,190.0C259.3,183.5 264.6,175.0 263.0,165.0" points="393.0,316.0, 392.0,274.0, 267.0,190.0, 263.0,165.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="702"/>
  <problem id="700" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" number="1" stars="" fa="T. Krauss 2017" length="">Sit start with RH in crack and good LH. Head up using crack and slopes.</problem>
  <problem id="701" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="2" stars="" fa="" length="">Crack.</problem>
  <problem id="702" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" number="3" stars="" fa="T. Krauss 2017" length="">SDS arete (#4) and while still low, head left and up crack.</problem>
  <problem id="703" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="4" stars="" fa="T. Krauss 2017" length="">Arete</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="142">The Western Front</text>
  <text class="text" id="143">The Western Front is a group of boulders that face west. The area contains a range of fun problems and tends to be ‘warm’ and sunny in winter and cool and shady on summer mornings.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;To get there walk up the gravel fire trail from the big bend, about two or three hundred metres, to just before the road reaches its highest. A small cairn marks a maze of tracks that eventually lead to the boulders (about 80m) then further on the hut (if in doubt head north until you hit the rocks).&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;A good reference point is the highest boulder on the hill, which is the top of Shell Shock (see Shell Shock for GPS data)&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The area comprises four tiers of boulders, the first tier can be found trending left as you head north, and eventually leads to Blitzkrieg. The second tier is above the first tier and starts at the Somme. The third tier is above the second tier and includes the Skinless area with the fourth tier being at the top of the hill and includes Shell shock.&lt;br/&gt;</text>
  <image id="144" height="569" width="800" src="WF topo.png">
  <text class="heading3" id="722">The First Tier</text>
  <text class="text" id="705">Follow the left trending tracks between a boulder and a series of small buttresses that continue to the Blitzkrieg area.</text>
  <image id="737" height="466" width="400" src="WF rockover.jpg">
      <path id="12515" d="M235.0,254.0C212.2,186.0 200.8,152.0 178.0,84.0" points="235.0,254.0, 178.0,84.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="706"/>
  <problem id="707" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="1." stars="" fa="" length="">Tombstone 4m right of the easy slab.</problem>
  <problem id="706" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="2." stars="" fa="" length="">Easy slab rockover.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="708">The next problems are on the Slab a dab boulder.</text>
  <image id="736" height="433" width="600" src="WF Slab A Dab.jpg">
      <path id="49444" d="M500.0,296.0C482.8,244.0 475.7,204.0 457.0,166.0C438.3,128.0 419.2,115.0 394.0,81.0" points="500.0,296.0, 457.0,166.0, 394.0,81.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="710"/>
      <path id="56294" d="M473.0,336.0C458.6,277.6 458.3,230.9 437.0,190.0C415.7,149.1 387.8,141.4 355.0,109.0" points="473.0,336.0, 437.0,190.0, 355.0,109.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="712"/>
      <path id="99589" d="M303.0,358.0C279.4,311.2 255.7,291.7 244.0,241.0C232.3,190.3 245.2,163.0 246.0,111.0" points="303.0,358.0, 244.0,241.0, 246.0,111.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="713"/>
      <path id="45437" d="M186.0,388.0C170.0,336.4 148.5,299.5 146.0,259.0C143.5,218.5 161.6,200.2 172.0,161.0" points="186.0,388.0, 146.0,259.0, 172.0,161.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="715"/>
      <path id="6832" d="M96.0,379.0C93.6,328.6 84.7,286.6 90.0,253.0C95.3,219.4 112.8,207.4 128.0,177.0" points="96.0,379.0, 90.0,253.0, 128.0,177.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="716"/>
  <problem id="709" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="3." stars="" fa="" length="">North Western arete of the bloc.</problem>
  <problem id="710" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="4." stars="*" fa="" length="">Two metres left of the arete is a large layaway edge.</problem>
  <problem id="712" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="5." stars="" fa="" length="">Starts on the next layaway line one metre left of the previous problem.</problem>
  <problem id="713" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="6." stars="" fa="" length="">Starts on the jug on the eastern side.</problem>
  <problem id="715" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="VE" number="7." stars="" fa="" length="">One metre left of previous</problem>
  <problem id="716" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="8." stars="" fa="" length="">Starts on jug on the southern side of the boulder. Finsih staright up or traverse around the boulder and finish up 6.</problem>
  <problem id="717" name="Slab a dab" extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="9." stars="*" fa="" length="">Hands free ascent of the slab (no hand dabs!)</problem>
  <text class="text" id="718">Opposite Slab a dab and right on the track is the Get off the couch tombstone.</text>
  <problem id="719" name="Get off the couch" extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" number="10" stars="*" fa="" length="">Sit on the pineapple grass couch. Pull up using the sidepull and left arete.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="738">The next buttress is four meres left of Get off the couch.</text>
  <text class="text" id="728">Currently the next three problems haven't been identified.</text>
  <problem id="147" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="" stars="">Arete and slab to left</problem>
  <problem id="148" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="" stars="">Nice slab with good edges right of arete</problem>
  <problem id="149" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="" stars="">Little pinnacle to the right</problem>
  <image id="749" height="281" width="500" src="WF Tier1 near BK.jpg">
      <path id="15347" d="M314.0,136.0C317.6,91.2 319.4,68.8 323.0,24.0" points="314.0,136.0, 323.0,24.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="179"/>
      <path id="81299" d="M225.0,175.0C218.6,114.6 215.4,84.4 209.0,24.0" points="225.0,175.0, 209.0,24.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="178"/>
      <path id="19957" d="M151.0,220.0C151.0,141.2 151.0,101.8 151.0,23.0" points="151.0,220.0, 151.0,23.0," arrow="true"/>
      <path id="48745" d="M115.0,224.0C111.8,139.6 110.2,97.4 107.0,13.0" points="115.0,224.0, 107.0,13.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="177"/>
      <path id="76620" d="M57.0,189.0C57.8,128.2 58.2,97.8 59.0,37.0" points="57.0,189.0, 59.0,37.0," arrow="true" linkedTo=""/>
  <problem id="179" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" number="14." stars="" fa="" length="">Arete behind tree. Start off block.</problem>
  <problem id="178" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="15." stars="" fa="" length="">Face</problem>
  <problem id="750" name="" extra="" grade="VE" number="16" stars="" fa="" length="">Up corner.</problem>
  <problem id="177" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="17." stars="" fa="" length="">Good holds up arete</problem>
  <problem id="751" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V?" number="18" stars="" fa="" length="">Face using cracks.</problem>
  <image id="175" height="711" width="400" src="WF Tier1 BK.jpg">
      <path id="20460" d="M135.0,508.0C147.4,355.2 153.6,278.8 166.0,126.0" points="135.0,508.0, 166.0,126.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="176"/>
      <path id="60733" d="M304.0,425.0C304.4,370.6 306.3,343.4 305.0,289.0C303.7,234.6 299.0,146.8 295.0,52.0" points="304.0,425.0, 305.0,289.0, 295.0,52.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="752"/>
  <problem id="752" name="Spring Offensive" extra="" grade="V2" number="19" stars="*" fa="" length="">Up arete fnishing up the block at the top.</problem>
  <problem id="176" name="Blitzkrieg" extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" number="20." stars="**" fa="" length="">Up steep finger crack.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="748">Highball Area</text>
  <text class="text" id="735">To the left of the scree is a series of highball butresses.</text>
  <image id="754" height="337" width="500" src="WF Highball area.jpg">
      <path id="65100" d="M230.0,103.0C225.6,79.0 223.4,67.0 219.0,43.0" points="230.0,103.0, 219.0,43.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="181"/>
      <path id="30941" d="M158.0,124.0C157.2,94.8 154.5,60.8 156.0,51.0C157.5,41.2 165.6,39.6 172.0,32.0" points="158.0,124.0, 156.0,51.0, 172.0,32.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="182"/>
  <problem id="181" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V3" number="21." stars="*" fa="" length="">Pop up from horizontal break and up high face</problem>
  <problem id="182" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V?" number="22." stars="" fa="" length="">Project - steep highball corner</problem>
  <problem id="183" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="23." stars="*" fa="" length="">Beautiful left curving hand crack</problem>
  <problem id="184" name="Schnitzel" extra="(Stand)" grade="V2/3" number="24." stars="" fa="" length="">Up face just left of arete and crack with a long reach to the top</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="727">The Second Tier</text>
  <text class="text" id="757">The Second tier is a range of short butresses that run for about 60 metres, finishing just below the Skinless area.</text>
  <image id="739" height="299" width="500" src="WF Tier1 Slab.jpg">
      <path id="86339" d="M260.0,166.0C255.2,119.2 252.8,95.8 248.0,49.0" points="260.0,166.0, 248.0,49.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="720"/>
      <path id="66173" d="M167.0,154.0C174.6,119.6 178.4,102.4 186.0,68.0" points="167.0,154.0, 186.0,68.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="721"/>
      <path id="54228" d="M89.0,176.0C100.2,148.0 110.9,118.4 117.0,106.0C123.1,93.6 129.0,89.2 137.0,78.0" points="89.0,176.0, 117.0,106.0, 137.0,78.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="724"/>
  <problem id="720" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="1." stars="" fa="" length="">Up right hand side using crack.</problem>
  <problem id="721" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V?" number="2." stars="" fa="" length="">Slab the blunt arete, head to slopey dish.</problem>
  <problem id="724" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="3." stars="" fa="" length="">Up left of weakness.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="758">Twenty metres left of the first boulder is a tilted plate of dolerite resting on surrounding boulders.</text>
  <image id="745" height="281" width="500" src="WF Tier2 UP and Down.jpg">
      <path id="19570" d="M296.0,137.0C257.2,103.0 226.6,67.3 199.0,52.0C171.4,36.7 146.3,34.9 121.0,40.0C95.7,45.1 76.6,67.2 69.0,78.0C61.4,88.8 70.2,97.8 71.0,111.0" points="296.0,137.0, 199.0,52.0, 121.0,40.0, 69.0,78.0, 71.0,111.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="746"/>
      <path id="31339" d="M183.0,206.0C160.2,142.4 148.8,110.6 126.0,47.0" points="183.0,206.0, 126.0,47.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="747"/>
  <problem id="746" name="Up  and Down" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="4." stars="" fa="" length="">Start on the right, complete to the sitdown finish!</problem>
  <problem id="747" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V?" number="5." stars="" fa="" length="">Start in the hole, climb the steep face on credit card crimps.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="759">Twenty metres left of Up and Down is the Somme boulder.</text>
  <image id="165" height="473" width="400" src="WF Somme.jpg">
      <path id="87125" d="M55.0,252.0C56.6,220.4 54.9,204.4 59.0,173.0C63.1,141.6 70.4,113.6 78.0,74.0" points="55.0,252.0, 59.0,173.0, 78.0,74.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="168"/>
      <path id="9431" d="M168.0,274.0C177.2,231.6 188.8,208.6 191.0,168.0C193.2,127.4 183.8,107.4 179.0,67.0" points="168.0,274.0, 191.0,168.0, 179.0,67.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="167"/>
      <path id="39787" d="M322.0,259.0C308.0,212.2 294.6,161.9 287.0,142.0C279.4,122.1 270.8,114.4 260.0,96.0" points="322.0,259.0, 287.0,142.0, 260.0,96.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="166"/>
  <problem id="166" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="6." stars="" fa="" length="">Arete</problem>
  <problem id="167" name="The Somme" extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="7." stars="*" fa="" length="">Face left of centre</problem>
  <problem id="168" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="8." stars="" fa="" length="">Crack around the arete.</problem>
  <image id="169" height="577" width="400" src="WF verdun.jpg">
      <path id="95719" d="M253.0,345.0C237.0,257.8 229.0,214.2 213.0,127.0" points="253.0,345.0, 213.0,127.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="170"/>
  <problem id="170" name="Verdun" extra="(Stand)" grade="V3" number="9." stars="**" fa="" length="">Face up middle using slopey ramp</problem>
  <problem id="171" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="10." stars="" fa="" length="">Slab between 2 ramps</problem>
  <problem id="731" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="11." stars="" fa="" length="">Arete left of Verdun.</problem>
  <problem id="172" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="12." stars="*" fa="" length=""/>
  <problem id="173" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="13." stars="*" fa="" length=""/>
  <problem id="174" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="14." stars="*" fa="" length=""/>
  <image id="730" height="305" width="600" src="WF Tier2 left end.jpg" legendTitle="Somme arrea">
      <path id="45538" d="M62.0,153.0C68.4,120.2 71.6,103.8 78.0,71.0" points="62.0,153.0, 78.0,71.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="734"/>
      <path id="79783" d="M133.0,169.0C162.2,147.4 191.1,131.8 206.0,115.0C220.9,98.2 218.6,83.8 227.0,63.0" points="133.0,169.0, 206.0,115.0, 227.0,63.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="733"/>
      <path id="6890" d="M278.0,146.0C281.2,109.2 282.8,90.8 286.0,54.0" points="278.0,146.0, 286.0,54.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="174"/>
      <path id="74287" d="M340.0,136.0C341.6,98.0 342.4,79.0 344.0,41.0" points="340.0,136.0, 344.0,41.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="173"/>
      <path id="31944" d="M396.0,147.0C386.8,109.4 382.2,90.6 373.0,53.0" points="396.0,147.0, 373.0,53.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="172"/>
      <path id="13437" d="M438.0,156.0C435.2,118.4 433.8,99.6 431.0,62.0" points="438.0,156.0, 431.0,62.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="731"/>
      <path id="57362" d="M532.0,166.0C528.0,132.0 526.0,115.0 522.0,81.0" points="532.0,166.0, 522.0,81.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="171"/>
  <problem id="733" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="v1" number="15." stars="" fa="" length="">Start on jug and finish right.</problem>
  <problem id="734" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="16." stars="" fa="" length="">Start on juggy rail and straight up.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="180">Moving around to the left takes you up to the Skinless area.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="740">Skinless Area</text>
  <text class="text" id="741">The Skinless area is the area with the hardest problems at the Western front, Time flies and the sit start to Passchendaele.&lt;br/&gt;The Skinless boulder is a squat free standing boulder that sits on a small plateau bordered by a series of buttresses.</text>
  <image id="755" height="281" width="500" src="WF Skinles 2.jpg">
      <path id="11213" d="M399.0,101.0C332.2,102.2 298.0,102.8 232.0,104.0C166.0,105.2 76.7,107.9 67.0,107.0C57.3,106.1 58.6,95.0 53.0,87.0" points="399.0,101.0, 232.0,104.0, 67.0,107.0, 53.0,87.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="164"/>
      <path id="71203" d="M104.0,136.0C90.4,113.2 74.9,99.5 70.0,79.0C65.1,58.5 74.8,47.8 78.0,27.0" points="104.0,136.0, 70.0,79.0, 78.0,27.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="163"/>
  <problem id="164" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" number="1" stars="*" fa="" length="">Traverse horizontal break from far right around arete then finish as for Skinless(?)</problem>
  <problem id="163" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V2" number="2" stars="" fa="" length="">SDS off jug then left to arete and up, avoid block.</problem>
  <image id="160" height="307" width="500" src="WF Skinless.jpg">
      <path id="21597" d="M167.0,169.0C171.4,139.8 173.5,108.8 178.0,96.0C182.5,83.2 191.8,81.0 201.0,71.0" points="167.0,169.0, 178.0,96.0, 201.0,71.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="161"/>
      <path id="17024" d="M203.0,160.0C229.4,149.2 243.2,145.1 269.0,133.0C294.8,120.9 349.1,94.6 363.0,85.0C376.9,75.4 386.7,60.0 388.0,51.0C389.3,42.0 377.2,42.6 370.0,37.0" points="203.0,160.0, 269.0,133.0, 363.0,85.0, 388.0,51.0, 370.0,37.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="162"/>
  <problem id="162" name="Skinless" extra="(SDS)" grade="V5" number="3" stars="*" fa="" length="">Sitstart on rail then right around arete on slopes then up. Dont use jugs at top until the finish.</problem>
  <problem id="161" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" number="4" stars="" fa="" length="">Sitstart on rail then straight up on slopes.</problem>
  <image id="762" width="900" height="317" src="IMG_2158.JPG" legend="true" legendx="0" legendy="208">
      <path id="72449" points="98.0,179.0, 93.0,113.0, 108.0,79.0, 116.0,66.0," d="M98.0,179.0C96.0,152.6 91.5,127.8 93.0,113.0C94.5,98.2 105.3,84.5 108.0,79.0C110.7,73.5 112.8,71.2 116.0,66.0" linkedTo="153"/>
      <path id="29148" points="163.0,131.0, 163.0,89.0, 150.0,64.0," d="M163.0,131.0C163.0,114.2 165.1,100.1 163.0,89.0C160.9,77.9 155.2,74.0 150.0,64.0" linkedTo="155"/>
      <path id="65103" points="790.0,198.0, 798.0,163.0, 793.0,131.0," d="M790.0,198.0C793.2,184.0 797.4,175.9 798.0,163.0C798.6,150.1 795.0,143.8 793.0,131.0" linkedTo="158"/>
      <path id="67961" points="302.0,175.0, 300.0,126.0, 306.0,72.0, 306.0,36.0," d="M302.0,175.0C301.2,155.4 299.2,145.6 300.0,126.0C300.8,106.4 305.0,86.4 306.0,72.0C307.0,57.6 306.0,50.4 306.0,36.0" linkedTo="156"/>
      <path id="40013" points="429.0,188.0, 434.0,128.0, 436.0,48.0," d="M429.0,188.0C431.0,164.0 432.8,152.1 434.0,128.0C435.2,103.9 435.2,80.0 436.0,48.0" linkedTo="765"/>
      <path id="39313" points="492.0,184.0, 470.0,158.0, 477.0,129.0, 455.0,46.0," d="M492.0,184.0C483.2,173.6 473.1,169.5 470.0,158.0C466.9,146.5 478.6,140.8 477.0,129.0C475.4,117.2 463.8,79.2 455.0,46.0" linkedTo="764"/>
      <path id="56491" points="675.0,161.0, 691.0,122.0, 691.0,75.0, 688.0,54.0," d="M675.0,161.0C681.4,145.4 687.9,138.6 691.0,122.0C694.1,105.4 691.4,83.5 691.0,75.0C690.6,66.5 689.2,62.4 688.0,54.0" linkedTo="763"/>
  <image id="654" height="533" width="400" src="image1.JPG" legend="true">
      <path id="31497" d="M119.0,378.0C121.4,333.2 123.9,310.9 125.0,266.0C126.1,221.1 125.6,155.6 126.0,82.0" points="119.0,378.0, 125.0,266.0, 126.0,82.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="157"/>
      <path id="15052" d="M197.0,481.0C202.6,443.8 207.5,425.5 211.0,388.0C214.5,350.5 223.2,238.8 225.0,178.0C226.8,117.2 223.2,86.8 222.0,26.0" points="197.0,481.0, 211.0,388.0, 225.0,178.0, 222.0,26.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="158"/>
      <path id="51084" d="M306.0,416.0C306.4,353.2 308.1,321.8 307.0,259.0C305.9,196.2 302.8,146.8 300.0,72.0" points="306.0,416.0, 307.0,259.0, 300.0,72.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="159"/>
  <problem id="159" name="       " extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="5" stars="" fa="" length="">Corner</problem>
  <problem id="158" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" number="6" stars="" length="" fa="">Up front of prow</problem>
  <problem id="157" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="7" stars="" fa="" length="">Up flakes</problem>
  <problem id="763" stars="" extra="(Highball, Stand)" number="8" name="Capitan Scary-pants" length="" grade="V1" fa="M Hitchcock 2018">Stand start on the boulder, climb the flake and top out. Easy, but poor landing.</problem>
  <text id="766" class="text">Behind the Capitan Scary-pants boulder, there is a small cave. The next boulder lives in there.</text>
  <problem id="767" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="9" name="The Dab Prince" length="" grade="V3" fa="M Hitchcock 2018">An interesting start at the bottom of the cave. Long moves out though jugs quickly lead to a mantle.</problem>
  <problem id="764" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="10" name="Dolerite Bite" length="" grade="V1" fa="M Hitchcock 2018">Sit start in the corner. Stem, jam, and jug haul your way out and up.</problem>
  <problem id="765" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="11" name="Sneazy" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock">Sit start the easy arete. Top out is hairy, but solid.</problem>
  <image id="756" height="664" width="400" src="WF Skinless area Wall.jpg">
      <path id="34528" d="M188.0,534.0C196.0,472.8 205.0,441.0 208.0,381.0C211.0,321.0 205.4,291.0 203.0,231.0C200.6,171.0 198.2,129.6 195.0,62.0" points="188.0,534.0, 208.0,381.0, 203.0,231.0, 195.0,62.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="156"/>
  <problem id="156" name="       " extra="(SDS)" grade="V5" number="12" stars="" fa="M Hitchcock 2018 (added SDS)" length="">Thin vertical cracks up face. Originally done as a stand start (V3), a sit start was added in 2018 (V5).</problem>
  <image id="152" height="525" width="400" src="WF Passchendaele.jpg">
      <path id="58451" d="M206.0,254.0C206.0,182.4 206.0,146.6 206.0,75.0" points="206.0,254.0, 206.0,75.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="155"/>
      <path id="54406" d="M108.0,329.0C101.6,270.6 90.6,212.1 92.0,183.0C93.4,153.9 107.6,142.2 118.0,115.0" points="108.0,329.0, 92.0,183.0, 118.0,115.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="153"/>
      <path id="48225" d="M167.0,374.0C181.4,338.4 188.6,320.6 203.0,285.0" points="167.0,374.0, 203.0,285.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="154"/>
  <problem id="155" name="Passchendaele" extra="(Stand)" grade="V1" number="13" stars="**" fa="" length="">Stand start to the right, up to incut then long balancey reach to top</problem>
  <problem id="154" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V8V6" number="13a" stars="**" fa="" length="">Sit start to Passchendaele from down left.</problem>
  <problem id="153" name="Time Flies" extra="(Stand)" grade="V10" number="14" stars="**" fa="" length="">The very slopey bulge, head up and right.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="744">Ten metres up and left of Time flies is Shell Shock.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="743">Shell Shock</text>
  <image id="150" height="466" width="400" src="WF Shell shock.jpg">
      <path id="38472" d="M149.0,246.0C156.2,170.0 159.8,132.0 167.0,56.0" points="149.0,246.0, 167.0,56.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="151"/>
  <problem id="151" name="Shell Shock" extra="(SDS)" grade="V3" number="1." stars="*">Thin shallow crack in middle of face of boulder right at top of hill. Only use crack</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="185">The Gold Coast</text>
  <text class="text" id="186">The Gold Coast boulders are the group of boulders/outcrops visible from the Western Front. The Gold Coast faces North and is warm on a sunny day and is about 25 mins from the car to the boulders. The boulders range from about 3-7m in height with the landings being a spread of good to evil. The problems range from mini-trad routes to serious highballs and are mostly just under or over vertical.</text>
  <text class="text" id="187">Park at Big Bend and follow the track towards the Western Front. Turn left (up the hill) at the point of departure for the Western Front. Head for the scree trending right. It is pretty easy going with a pad, as the scrub is low when you're not on scree.</text>
  <image id="675" height="600" src="original.jpg">
      <path id="11338" d="M78.0,438.0C77.2,434.5 69.8,441.5 69.0,438.0C68.2,434.5 48.0,298.2 34.0,205.0" points="78.0,438.0, 69.0,438.0, 34.0,205.0," arrow="true" labelText="1"/>
      <path id="53327" d="M192.0,513.0C166.8,379.8 154.2,313.2 129.0,180.0" points="192.0,513.0, 129.0,180.0," arrow="true" labelText="2"/>
      <path id="38551" d="M282.0,499.0C255.6,373.0 242.4,310.0 216.0,184.0" points="282.0,499.0, 216.0,184.0," arrow="true" labelText="3"/>
      <path id="39735" d="M442.0,533.0C420.8,427.0 410.2,374.0 389.0,268.0" points="442.0,533.0, 389.0,268.0," arrow="true" labelText="4"/>
      <path id="65066" d="M488.0,533.0C474.8,429.0 468.2,377.0 455.0,273.0" points="488.0,533.0, 455.0,273.0," arrow="true" labelText="5"/>
      <path id="52463" d="M504.0,500.0C506.4,450.4 482.7,417.5 510.0,376.0C537.3,334.5 590.4,322.6 644.0,287.0" points="504.0,500.0, 510.0,376.0, 644.0,287.0," arrow="true" labelText="6"/>
      <path id="5019" d="M701.0,522.0C695.4,427.2 693.7,372.7 687.0,285.0" points="701.0,522.0, 687.0,285.0," arrow="true" labelText="7"/>
      <path id="89151" d="M722.0,503.0C713.6,415.4 707.7,371.7 701.0,284.0" points="722.0,503.0, 701.0,284.0," arrow="true" labelText="8"/>
  <problem id="671" name="Better than Good Friday" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="1." stars="*" fa="Max Hopwood, Apr 2017" length="">Sinker jams all the way to the top.</problem>
  <problem id="190" name="Spray-on Tan" extra="(Stand)" grade="V4" number="2." stars="*" fa="" length="">Climb the slab.</problem>
  <problem id="191" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VEasy" number="3." stars="" fa="" length="">Just like the old days. Chimney and jam.</problem>
  <problem id="192" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VEasy" number="4." stars="" fa="" length="">Warm up 1.</problem>
  <problem id="193" name="" extra="(Stand)" grade="VEasy" number="5." stars="" fa="" length="">Warm up 2.</problem>
  <problem id="194" name="" extra="(SDS)" grade="V0" number="6." stars="" fa="" length="">Start in the corner and follow the crack.</problem>
  <problem id="672" name="Renzo&apos;s Arete" extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="7." stars="*" fa="Dylan Lehmann April 2017" length="">layback arete. awaits a sit start.</problem>
  <problem id="196" name="The World of One-Armed Jack" extra="(Stand)" grade="V2" number="8." stars="*" fa="" length="">Start on the obvious footholds. Interesting from there on.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="685">The following boulders can be found heading back west along the front of the gold coast area.</text>
  <image id="676" height="800" src="true levellers.jpg">
      <path id="69657" d="M330.0,675.0C319.2,461.4 313.8,354.6 303.0,141.0" points="330.0,675.0, 303.0,141.0," arrow="true" labelText="9"/>
  <problem id="677" name="True Leveller" extra="(SDS)" grade="V1" number="9" stars="**" fa="Dylan Lehmann April 2017" length="">fun moves leads to an exciting topout. large chockstone to the right is out</problem>
  <image id="687" height="800" width="600" src="gold coast finger crack.JPG" printLayout="auto">
      <path id="1946" d="M447.0,470.0C445.4,360.4 444.6,305.6 443.0,196.0" points="447.0,470.0, 443.0,196.0," arrow="true" labelText="10"/>
      <path id="70696" d="M171.0,432.0C168.2,377.6 164.1,320.1 164.0,296.0C163.9,271.9 167.6,260.0 170.0,236.0" points="171.0,432.0, 164.0,296.0, 170.0,236.0," arrow="true" labelText="9"/>
  <problem id="694" name="Cundalls Garden" extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="10" stars="" fa="Max Hopwood, Apr 2017" length="">Climb the lichenous face and dirty finger crack, making use of the good face holds.</problem>
  <image id="688" height="800" width="600" src="gold coast finger crack 2.jpg">
      <path id="39690" d="M346.0,525.0C344.0,466.2 346.3,434.0 341.0,378.0C335.7,322.0 327.8,294.6 319.0,239.0" points="346.0,525.0, 341.0,378.0, 319.0,239.0," arrow="true" labelText="11"/>
      <path id="71712" d="M478.0,710.0C482.8,634.4 485.7,561.5 490.0,521.0C494.3,480.5 508.4,461.7 509.0,421.0C509.6,380.3 517.3,340.4 493.0,301.0C468.7,261.6 434.8,263.2 396.0,238.0" points="478.0,710.0, 490.0,521.0, 509.0,421.0, 493.0,301.0, 396.0,238.0," arrow="true" labelText="12"/>
  <problem id="693" name="Mum to the Rescue " extra="(Stand)" grade="VE" number="11" stars="" fa="Max Hopwood, Apr 2017" length="">The obvious finger crack to hand jam at top.</problem>
  <problem id="689" name="Project" extra="" grade="" number="12" stars="" fa="" length=""/>
  <image id="678" height="800" src="throng.jpg">
      <path id="95734" d="M121.0,631.0C105.0,547.8 78.0,507.7 81.0,423.0C84.0,338.3 114.6,277.2 137.0,180.0" points="121.0,631.0, 81.0,423.0, 137.0,180.0," arrow="true" labelText="12"/>
      <path id="58375" d="M292.0,500.0C309.6,328.8 318.4,243.2 336.0,72.0" points="292.0,500.0, 336.0,72.0," arrow="true" labelText="13"/>
  <problem id="681" name="The Throng" extra="(Stand)" grade="V0" number="13" stars="*" fa="Dylan Lehmann April 2017" length=""/>
  <image id="690" height="800" width="600" src="chimney.jpg">
      <path id="17618" d="M289.0,533.0C277.8,391.0 272.2,320.0 261.0,178.0" points="289.0,533.0, 261.0,178.0," arrow="true" labelText="14"/>
  <problem id="692" name="Hedwigs Watchtower" extra="(Highball, Stand)" grade="VE" number="14" stars="" fa="Max Hopwood, Apr 2017" length="">The chimney with the striking rock at the top. Make use of the finger crack on chimney wall.</problem>
  <image id="691" height="800" width="600" src="off-width.jpg">
      <path id="49977" d="M302.0,659.0C286.0,537.4 269.0,401.4 262.0,355.0C255.0,308.6 243.8,272.5 239.0,240.0C234.2,207.5 235.5,181.7 233.0,158.0C230.5,134.3 226.0,122.5 224.0,99.0C222.0,75.5 223.4,63.6 223.0,40.0" points="302.0,659.0, 262.0,355.0, 239.0,240.0, 233.0,158.0, 224.0,99.0, 223.0,40.0," arrow="true" labelText="15"/>
      <path id="40256" d="M333.0,573.0C303.4,365.0 288.6,261.0 259.0,53.0" points="333.0,573.0, 259.0,53.0," arrow="true" labelText="16"/>
      <path id="78886" d="M359.0,519.0C351.0,433.4 342.3,331.1 339.0,305.0C335.7,278.9 327.7,258.1 324.0,241.0C320.3,223.9 318.1,215.4 316.0,198.0C313.9,180.6 314.5,160.0 311.0,135.0C307.5,110.0 303.2,95.4 298.0,69.0" points="359.0,519.0, 339.0,305.0, 324.0,241.0, 316.0,198.0, 311.0,135.0, 298.0,69.0," arrow="true" labelText="17"/>
      <path id="45105" d="M450.0,527.0C412.8,348.6 394.2,259.4 357.0,81.0" points="450.0,527.0, 357.0,81.0," arrow="true" labelText="18"/>
      <path id="87878" d="M396.0,253.0C403.2,219.4 414.9,194.3 414.0,169.0C413.1,143.7 400.2,133.6 391.0,110.0" points="396.0,253.0, 414.0,169.0, 391.0,110.0," arrow="true" lineStyle="dotted" labelText="19"/>
  <problem id="695" name="Attenuated Expectations" extra="(Highball, Stand)" grade="VE" number="15" stars="" fa="Max Hopwood, Apr 2017" length="">The off-width to hand crack.</problem>
  <problem id="696" name="Piggybacking Dylan" extra="(Highball, Stand)" grade="VE" number="16" stars="*" fa="Max Hopwood, Apr 2017" length="">Use the twin cracks either side of face and jam your way up.</problem>
  <problem id="697" name="The Bold and the Beautiful" extra="(Highball, Stand)" grade="V0" number="17" stars="*" fa="Max Hopwood, Apr 2017" length="">The conspicuous splitter crack between Piggybacking Dylan and The Rabble. Wide-hand jams to off-width at top.</problem>
  <problem id="683" name="The Rabble Direct Project" extra="(Highball)" grade="" number="18" stars="" fa="" length=""/>
  <problem id="684" name="The Rabble" extra="(Highball, Stand)" grade="VE" number="19" stars="**" fa="Dylan Lehmann April 2017" length="">good face climbing to safer ground out right</problem>
  <image id="682" height="800" src="the rabble.jpg">
      <path id="98611" d="M298.0,624.0C274.0,391.6 262.0,275.4 238.0,43.0" points="298.0,624.0, 238.0,43.0," arrow="true" labelText="18"/>
      <path id="8194" d="" points=""/>
      <path id="66536" d="M263.0,267.0C290.2,251.4 317.5,240.9 331.0,228.0C344.5,215.1 348.2,203.6 349.0,185.0C349.8,166.4 339.3,151.7 335.0,129.0C330.7,106.3 329.6,90.0 326.0,64.0" points="263.0,267.0, 331.0,228.0, 349.0,185.0, 335.0,129.0, 326.0,64.0," arrow="true" labelText="19"/>
      <path id="31716" d="M217.0,647.0C211.8,586.2 206.3,522.2 204.0,495.0C201.7,467.8 198.8,454.3 198.0,427.0C197.2,399.7 200.9,361.0 199.0,317.0C197.1,273.0 190.0,221.0 188.0,197.0C186.0,173.0 184.4,156.6 184.0,137.0C183.6,117.4 185.2,107.6 186.0,88.0" points="217.0,647.0, 204.0,495.0, 198.0,427.0, 199.0,317.0, 188.0,197.0, 184.0,137.0, 186.0,88.0," arrow="true" labelText="17"/>
      <path id="86246" d="M150.0,641.0C147.6,419.4 146.4,308.6 144.0,87.0" points="150.0,641.0, 144.0,87.0," arrow="true" labelText="16"/>
  <text id="769" class="heading3">Dreamland</text>
  <problem id="772" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="1" name="Warm sun, cool breeze" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2020">Short arete.</problem>
  <problem id="773" stars="**" extra="(Stand)" number="2" name="Commit to the adventure" length="" grade="V5/6" fa="M Hitchcock 2020">Hanging prowl. Slide your pad under the plants to avoid unnecessary damage.</problem>
  <problem id="774" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="3" name="Those plants are more valuable than your tick" length="" grade="V3" fa="M Hitchcock 2020">Start with LH sidepull and RH on arete. Move up and left to top out. Pay attention to the name and don't trample the plants (slide you pad under them - not above - to avoid unnecessary damage).</problem>
  <problem id="775" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="4" name="" length="" grade="Project" fa="">Hard start to an easier top. Unclimbed.</problem>
  <problem id="776" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="5" name="Not worth it" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2020">Squat on the rock with a good side pull. Not worth climbing, let alone fixing the landing.</problem>
  <problem id="777" stars="**" extra="(SDS)" number="6" name="Modern Movements" length="" grade="V2/3" fa="M Hitchcock 2020">Sit start on the lowest block, head up and leftish before topping out at the apex of the boulder.</problem>
  <problem id="778" stars="*" extra="(SDS)" number="7" name="New Block on the Kids" length="" grade="V2" fa="M Hitchcock 2020">Same start as Modern Movements, head right and up the detached block.</problem>