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More price drops! See individual items for details

As a preamble, the gear that I am selling is all in good condition. Some of it is has been around for a while - quite a while in some instances - but it has all been looked after well. None of the cams or wires have frayed bits. Slung nuts have had their slings replaced periodically as needed. Quickdraw dogbones are all in good condition as are any slings that are listed. People who know me will attest that I look after my gear well and dispose of anything that is dodgy. I've tried to price everything reasonably in the hope that I won't have to field endless offers.  However, if you have any general questions or think I'm wildly optimistic about the worth of any items please contact me on douglascharlesbruceatgmaildotcom. If you're genuinely interested in a particular item and want a closer look I can send more detailed pictures if you don't live locally. Just send me your email address.


There's still a lot of good stuff here, go on ... you can always use another cam ...

Photos attached 

Camming Devices

all with dedicated biners, mostly colour-coded. See photo below. 

BD Camelots. All of the cable-stemmed cams are gone except for the 0.3. Price drop on all of the SS-stemmed cams from $55 to $50 - or make it $45 each without a biner -

    • 0.30   x : 1 $60 SOLD
    • 0.40    x 2: $50 
    • 0.50    x 1: $50
    • 0.75    x 1: $50
    • Size 1 x 1: $50
    • Size 2 x 1: $50 SOLD


Wild Country Flexible Friends: 

These babies aren't so fashionable in Downunderland nowadays, but are in excellent condition and slide in beautifully.

1.5 x 2: $55 each  Price drop: $50 each or both for $90    or make it $40 for each without the biners - or $75 for the pair without the biners -


Only the Green left: take it away for $50 - or make it $40 without the biner

This is an original Alien, made in the USofA and regarded as better made than the newer Fixe "Aliens". As Alex said when he walked away with the other two, "You just can't get these anywhere."



DMM Wallnuts: ALL SOLD

Metolius Curved Nuts SOLD

20 Miscellaneous Wires (mostly Wild Country Rocks)

  • $5 each (except for the big HB nut - that's $7) or $90 for the lot


Nuts on Cord ALL SOLD

Miscellaneous biners

There are 36 of these. Everything from a couple of beautiful, weightless Climbing Technology biners to BD Livewire biners to hoary old Bonatti Kong biners and plenty in between. If you know you're climbing gear you'll know what you're looking at. Prices range from $5 to $10. Open to offers on bunches. Make  bid and I'll make a call, I just can't be bothered working out package pricing for this mixed bag. 

NB: all the older $5 biners are gone. There are now 26 biners left. Prices from $7 for the likes of standard BD straight gate or wire gate biners to $9 for super lightweight Climbing Technologies or super bombproof BD Hotwire biners.


BD Hollowpoint Pack

20 litre capacity. Tough. You can haul this sucker and it won't rip apart.