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  <header name="Doctors Rocks" id="1" walk="5" sun="Morning" rock="Volcanic" acknowledgement="By Moses Bassett and Ben Young" intro="Warning-These climbs are all quite new, lose in spots and don&apos;t get much traffic so helmets are highly recommended. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Local people have been climbing and fishing from the rocks at Doctors rocks forever and there is quite a good selection of bouldering to be had. In an attempt to get as much out of the area as possible a few short sport routes have been added. There is never going to be any mega classics but if you are in the area and want to get on a rope they are worth a go. The climbing is mainly vertical to less than, face climbing. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;There is currently 7 bolted routes and we are in the process of taking photos and writing them up. " history="Bolting was begun in early 2017 by Ben Young and Moses Bassett. " access="Doctors Rocks is well signposted and is just before the first turn-off to Wynyard if coming from Burnie. Access is easiest walking around the headland from the Burnie side.There is a gate to cross over the train track about 50m closer to Wynyard from the gravel parking area. Follow the well worn path and you will first pass the Mordor bouldering area and after scrambling over a boulder up against the headland you will be at Goodies Buttress. Continue your way around the headland and you will find the other three. " camping="" autonumber="false"/>
  <image id="11" src="Doctors Map.png" height="422"/>
  <text id="6" class="heading2">Goodies Buttress</text>
  <image id="10" src="Doctors Rocks 1.JPG" height="889" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="7912" points="261.0,104.0,lower" d="M261.0,104.0"/>
      <path id="75571" points="173.0,542.0, 137.0,464.0, 137.0,397.0, 143.0,321.0, 152.0,273.0, 153.0,192.0, 176.0,137.0," d="M173.0,542.0C158.6,510.8 143.5,490.0 137.0,464.0C130.5,438.0 135.9,423.8 137.0,397.0C138.1,370.2 140.7,340.4 143.0,321.0C145.3,301.6 150.5,292.5 152.0,273.0C153.5,253.5 148.9,215.5 153.0,192.0C157.1,168.5 166.8,159.0 176.0,137.0" linkedTo="7"/>
      <path id="42106" points="214.0,543.0, 217.0,400.0, 219.0,313.0, 221.0,266.0, 227.0,183.0, 216.0,135.0," d="M214.0,543.0C215.2,485.8 216.2,434.8 217.0,400.0C217.8,365.2 218.4,331.8 219.0,313.0C219.6,294.2 219.8,284.8 221.0,266.0C222.2,247.2 227.8,202.7 227.0,183.0C226.2,163.3 220.4,154.2 216.0,135.0" linkedTo="8"/>
      <path id="63300" points="279.0,536.0, 294.0,414.0, 296.0,349.0, 272.0,270.0, 274.0,213.0, 271.0,144.0," d="M279.0,536.0C285.0,487.2 291.6,439.9 294.0,414.0C296.4,388.1 299.9,374.7 296.0,349.0C292.1,323.3 275.6,292.5 272.0,270.0C268.4,247.5 274.2,235.8 274.0,213.0C273.8,190.2 272.2,171.6 271.0,144.0" linkedTo="9" arrow="false"/>
  <text id="4" class="text">These three climbs end at the DDB on the block above.</text>
  <climb id="7" stars="" extra="5Þ" number="1" name="Kitten Kong " length="8m" grade="16" fa="Ben Young &amp; Moses Bassett ">The line of bolts furthest left.</climb>
  <climb id="8" stars="*" extra="5Þ" number="2" name="Funky Gibbon" length="8m" grade="18" fa="Ben Young &amp; Moses Bassett">The center line of bolts</climb>
  <climb id="9" stars="" extra="3Þ" number="3" name="Punky Business " length="8m" grade="16" fa="Ben Young and Moses Bassett">The right line of 3 bolts with a cam at the top.</climb>
  <text id="15" class="text">From Goodies scramble in the Wynyard direction and the next climb is on the two stacked boulders.</text>
  <image id="17" src="Doctors Rocks 2.1.JPG" height="889" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="74165" points="210.0,873.0, 208.0,523.0, 212.0,400.0, 272.0,271.0, 293.0,195.0, 285.0,124.0,lower" d="M210.0,873.0C209.2,733.0 207.8,572.2 208.0,523.0C208.2,473.8 199.9,447.7 212.0,400.0C224.1,352.3 260.4,300.3 272.0,271.0C283.6,241.7 290.5,223.5 293.0,195.0C295.5,166.5 288.2,152.4 285.0,124.0" linkedTo="14"/>
  <climb id="14" stars="" extra="4Þ" number="4" name="Doom" length="9m" grade="18" fa="">Start in the hole below the bolts to get the most out of this climb. Bold move getting to the second boulder and fairly thin clipping. 4 Bolts to DBB. At the time of writing the jugs above the DBB are quite lose.</climb>
  <text id="18" class="text">The next two climbs are further around on a small wall that is part of the main core not on boulders. There is a small dirty scramble to the bottom of them and it's probably easiest to belay from the bottom of this.</text>
  <image id="19" width="500" height="839" src="Doctor Strangelove And How I Learnt To Love The Bomb.PNG">
      <path id="68720" points="170.0,627.0, 157.0,481.0, 159.0,373.0, 171.0,289.0, 197.0,199.0, 203.0,98.0,lower" d="M170.0,627.0C164.8,568.6 158.9,524.2 157.0,481.0C155.1,437.8 156.5,406.9 159.0,373.0C161.5,339.1 163.8,322.2 171.0,289.0C178.2,255.8 190.8,236.0 197.0,199.0C203.2,162.0 200.6,138.4 203.0,98.0" linkedTo="20"/>
      <path id="74696" points="349.0,545.0, 329.0,394.0, 359.0,302.0, 362.0,131.0,lower" d="M349.0,545.0C341.0,484.6 327.4,432.7 329.0,394.0C330.6,355.3 354.2,340.4 359.0,302.0C363.8,263.6 360.8,199.4 362.0,131.0" linkedTo="21"/>
      <path id="55357" points="357.0,148.0," d="M357.0,148.0"/>
  <climb id="20" stars="" extra="4Þ" number="5" name="Doctor Strangelove" length="" grade="19" fa="Ben Young and Moses Bassett ">Follow the line of bolt's straight up to DDB.</climb>
  <climb id="21" stars="" extra="2Þ" number="6" name="And How I Learn&apos;t Too Love The Bomb. " length="" grade="15" fa="Ben Young and Moses Bassett">Up the right side, easy climbing but the bolt's are a bit more spread out then the rest in the area.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="2"/>