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  <header id="404" name="The Firewall" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="" intro="The Firewall is a beautiful little crag of steep red and orange rock. Its north-easterly aspect sees sun until mid-afternoon, and the crag is sheltered from strong winds. It doesn’t rain much in the area, but when it does most of the routes are steep enough that both the climbs and belay areas stay dry (although sections of the cliff may seep after prolonged heavy rain).&lt;br/&gt;With a comfortable flat belay areas, a concentration of routes at a range of grades, and its relative closeness to Hobart, the Firewall is a great winter sport climbing crag.&lt;br/&gt;Follow the " history="" access="From the main parking area walk down the old fire trail for about 50m, and then follow a red taped track from off left (marked with cairn) through the parkingbracken areathen (thisdown trackthe continuesspur toline (as for the Colosseum). RoutesThe arespur describedends fromat leftthe to right.&lt;br/&gt;For the Barbecue Crag, take the left hand car track at the fork to the barbecue where there is limited parking. " history="" access=""top of a small cliff (Riverside) just above the river. The left side of the Firewall area is visible about 100m to the north (left as you face downhill). The red taped track to the Colosseum continues down to the river to the north of Riverside, but part way along this descent, a yellow taped track leads off left about 100 metres across north to the Firewall, just over half a kilometre from the car and about 10mins walk. " camping="" autonumber="true"/>
  <climb name="The Arsonist" id="265" fa="Jon Nermut, Dave Humphries, Jan 2018." grade="17" length="12m" number="1." extra="Þ" stars="**">Takes the right hand side of the black and orange slab that's up to the left of Lucifer and where the track meets the cliff. Nice climbing.</climb>
  <climb name="Lucifer" id="106" fa="Tony McKenny, Stu Scott 2017" grade="17" length="18m" number="2." extra="Þ" stars="">Start up in the corner left of the direct start, up the slab to one U and then head right to the arête. Straight up from the U has been top roped, but you end up joining Lucifer at the arete anyway.</climb>
  <climb name="Lucifer Direct. " id="17" fa="Stu Scott, Tony McKenny, Justin Otlowski May 2017" grade="21" length="18m" number="3." extra="Þ" stars="*">Bouldery start through a bulge just near where the track meets the cliff, then head right to the arête and up.</climb>
  <text class="text" id="92">The access track from Riverside reaches the cliff just to the right of Lucifer Direct at a steep slab capped by a roof. The slab has a prominent crackline up its centre, and a left facing layback system on its right side.</text>
  <image id="119" width="600" legendTitle="Firewall" legend="true" height="1067" src="fire2.jpg" legendx="424" legendy="9">
      <path id="64200" points="148.0,717.0, 136.0,684.0, 126.0,643.0, 120.0,614.0, 118.0,583.0, 116.0,566.0, 105.0,546.0, 88.0,521.0, 68.0,506.0, 51.0,486.0, 43.0,455.0, 37.0,423.0, 46.0,391.0, 58.0,369.0, 70.0,350.0, 84.0,329.0, 100.0,302.0, 108.0,271.0,lower" d="M148.0,717.0C143.2,703.8 140.0,697.5 136.0,684.0C132.0,670.5 128.6,654.5 126.0,643.0C123.4,631.5 121.6,625.7 120.0,614.0C118.4,602.3 118.6,589.8 118.0,583.0C117.4,576.2 118.3,572.5 116.0,566.0C113.7,559.5 109.8,553.8 105.0,546.0C100.2,538.2 94.8,528.3 88.0,521.0C81.2,513.7 75.3,512.9 68.0,506.0C60.7,499.1 55.6,495.4 51.0,486.0C46.4,476.6 45.8,467.5 43.0,455.0C40.2,442.5 36.4,436.0 37.0,423.0C37.6,410.0 42.4,400.3 46.0,391.0C49.6,381.7 53.5,376.8 58.0,369.0C62.5,361.2 65.1,357.5 70.0,350.0C74.9,342.5 78.6,337.6 84.0,329.0C89.4,320.4 95.2,313.6 100.0,302.0C104.8,290.4 104.8,283.4 108.0,271.0" linkedTo="93"/>
      <path id="28734" points="200.0,686.0, 198.0,654.0, 195.0,628.0, 184.0,604.0, 182.0,568.0, 196.0,544.0, 212.0,523.0, 209.0,486.0, 210.0,443.0, 216.0,403.0, 225.0,367.0, 228.0,335.0, 240.0,302.0, 245.0,258.0, 256.0,213.0, 251.0,193.0, 232.0,191.0, 208.0,199.0, 190.0,206.0, 176.0,209.0, 156.0,204.0, 144.0,182.0, 141.0,150.0, 132.0,131.0, 138.0,110.0, 145.0,89.0, 152.0,73.0,lower" d="M200.0,686.0C199.2,673.2 198.9,664.4 198.0,654.0C197.1,643.6 197.8,638.1 195.0,628.0C192.2,617.9 186.2,614.3 184.0,604.0C181.8,593.7 179.8,578.9 182.0,568.0C184.2,557.1 190.1,552.8 196.0,544.0C201.9,535.2 209.7,533.3 212.0,523.0C214.3,512.7 209.4,500.8 209.0,486.0C208.6,471.2 208.6,459.1 210.0,443.0C211.4,426.9 213.1,417.6 216.0,403.0C218.9,388.4 222.8,379.7 225.0,367.0C227.2,354.3 225.1,347.5 228.0,335.0C230.9,322.5 237.0,315.7 240.0,302.0C243.0,288.3 241.9,275.4 245.0,258.0C248.1,240.6 255.2,221.2 256.0,213.0C256.8,204.8 256.6,198.2 251.0,193.0C245.4,187.8 239.6,189.9 232.0,191.0C224.4,192.1 215.3,196.4 208.0,199.0C200.7,201.6 195.7,205.3 190.0,206.0C184.3,206.7 181.7,208.3 176.0,209.0C170.3,209.7 162.3,209.3 156.0,204.0C149.7,198.7 146.7,191.7 144.0,182.0C141.3,172.3 142.9,158.2 141.0,150.0C139.1,141.8 132.6,139.4 132.0,131.0C131.4,122.6 135.4,118.3 138.0,110.0C140.6,101.7 142.5,95.5 145.0,89.0C147.5,82.5 149.2,79.4 152.0,73.0" linkedTo="94"/>
      <path id="89212" points="274.0,676.0, 276.0,637.0, 272.0,606.0, 265.0,578.0, 265.0,551.0, 274.0,515.0, 280.0,478.0, 292.0,446.0, 304.0,413.0, 315.0,387.0, 316.0,348.0, 320.0,312.0, 324.0,274.0, 324.0,241.0, 316.0,220.0, 316.0,187.0, 320.0,164.0,lower" d="M274.0,676.0C274.8,660.4 276.4,649.5 276.0,637.0C275.6,624.5 274.1,617.3 272.0,606.0C269.9,594.7 266.4,588.7 265.0,578.0C263.6,567.3 263.5,561.7 265.0,551.0C266.5,540.3 271.0,529.5 274.0,515.0C277.0,500.5 276.5,491.2 280.0,478.0C283.5,464.8 287.3,458.8 292.0,446.0C296.7,433.2 299.9,423.5 304.0,413.0C308.1,402.5 312.9,398.1 315.0,387.0C317.1,375.9 315.0,362.5 316.0,348.0C317.0,333.5 318.4,326.4 320.0,312.0C321.6,297.6 323.3,287.2 324.0,274.0C324.7,260.8 325.3,249.9 324.0,241.0C322.7,232.1 317.3,228.9 316.0,220.0C314.7,211.1 315.3,196.3 316.0,187.0C316.7,177.7 318.4,173.2 320.0,164.0" linkedTo="95"/>
  <climb name="Project RSAn apple a day keeps the Canadians away" id="403" fa="Ryan Sklenica, 2019" grade="27" length="10m" number="4." extra="" stars="*">Where the track meets the cliff, on the far left of the overhang. More like a v8, climbs better than it looks. Start left of the first bolt coming back right and blasting up the short arete, very thin climbing.</climb>
  <climb id="410" stars="" extra="" number="5." name="Quenched" length="10m" grade="23" fa="">Start as for unquenched but traverse right along the seam rather than doing the mantle then jump to finish up ‘Apple a day’ only one bolt to finish back jump to clean.</climb>
  <climb name="Unquenched" id="93" fa="O Gervasoni August 2017" grade="2221" length="8m" number="56." extra="4Þ" stars="**">Start just left of the crackline. Crank leftwards onto the overhanging rounded arête, then up and over bulge via pockets and horizontals to slab (DBB). Lower off, or step right to finish as for Welcome to the Dark Ages.</climb>
  <climb name="Welcome to the Dark Ages" id="94" fa="O Gervasoni, August 2017" grade="2122" length="19m" number="67." extra="9Þ" stars="**">Start up the prominent crack line. A tricky layback sequence leads to the overlap. Make a technical traverse 4m left then finish up the pillar / arête feature to DBB.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb name="Project OGHold Back the Rain" id="95" fa="Owen Gervasoni, July 2019" grade="26" length="8m" number="78." extra="4Þ" stars="*">The tendon tearing steep slab of impeccable stone underneath the roof.</climb>
  <image id="118" width="600" legendTitle="Firewall" legend="true" height="1067" src="fire1.jpg" legendx="422" legendy="14">
      <path id="91036" points="233.0,827.0, 224.0,794.0, 231.0,756.0, 240.0,728.0, 239.0,695.0, 223.0,672.0, 214.0,632.0, 205.0,599.0, 191.0,566.0, 196.0,526.0, 213.0,504.0, 238.0,472.0, 247.0,434.0, 250.0,388.0, 252.0,353.0, 268.0,332.0, 278.0,308.0, 279.0,277.0, 280.0,240.0,lower" d="M233.0,827.0C229.4,813.8 224.4,807.7 224.0,794.0C223.6,780.3 228.2,767.4 231.0,756.0C233.8,744.6 238.5,739.7 240.0,728.0C241.5,716.3 242.3,705.7 239.0,695.0C235.7,684.3 227.1,682.4 223.0,672.0C218.9,661.6 217.3,645.3 214.0,632.0C210.7,618.7 209.5,611.9 205.0,599.0C200.5,586.1 192.8,580.2 191.0,566.0C189.2,551.8 192.3,536.5 196.0,526.0C199.7,515.5 206.2,512.8 213.0,504.0C219.8,495.2 231.2,486.1 238.0,472.0C244.8,457.9 244.8,449.5 247.0,434.0C249.2,418.5 249.1,402.0 250.0,388.0C250.9,374.0 248.8,363.1 252.0,353.0C255.2,342.9 262.8,341.0 268.0,332.0C273.2,323.0 276.0,318.2 278.0,308.0C280.0,297.8 279.7,289.4 279.0,277.0C278.3,264.6 279.6,254.8 280.0,240.0" linkedTo="96"/>
      <path id="36129" points="244.0,656.0, 244.0,625.0, 250.0,599.0, 259.0,567.0, 287.0,564.0, 305.0,565.0, 314.0,544.0, 312.0,516.0, 315.0,489.0, 306.0,459.0, 300.0,431.0, 298.0,400.0, 298.0,350.0, 307.0,327.0, 292.0,291.0, 297.0,254.0, 304.0,228.0, 308.0,202.0, 323.0,187.0, 337.0,180.0, 358.0,169.0, 374.0,155.0, 376.0,134.0, 374.0,115.0, 375.0,84.0, 382.0,64.0,lower" d="M244.0,656.0C244.0,643.6 242.9,635.6 244.0,625.0C245.1,614.4 247.3,609.3 250.0,599.0C252.7,588.7 250.8,574.7 259.0,567.0C267.2,559.3 279.8,564.3 287.0,564.0C294.2,563.7 299.2,569.3 305.0,565.0C310.8,560.7 312.7,553.0 314.0,544.0C315.3,535.0 311.8,526.9 312.0,516.0C312.2,505.1 316.1,499.8 315.0,489.0C313.9,478.2 308.9,470.1 306.0,459.0C303.1,447.9 301.5,442.4 300.0,431.0C298.5,419.6 298.3,412.4 298.0,400.0C297.7,387.6 296.8,359.8 298.0,350.0C299.2,340.2 308.0,336.8 307.0,327.0C306.0,317.2 292.7,303.4 292.0,291.0C291.3,278.6 295.0,264.6 297.0,254.0C299.0,243.4 301.8,238.3 304.0,228.0C306.2,217.7 304.2,207.0 308.0,202.0C311.8,197.0 319.2,192.0 323.0,187.0C326.8,182.0 331.4,182.9 337.0,180.0C342.6,177.1 351.0,173.8 358.0,169.0C365.0,164.2 370.1,162.5 374.0,155.0C377.9,147.5 376.0,141.6 376.0,134.0C376.0,126.4 374.2,122.6 374.0,115.0C373.8,107.4 373.7,92.4 375.0,84.0C376.3,75.6 379.2,72.0 382.0,64.0" linkedTo="26"/>
  <climb name="Branded and Shackled" id="96" fa="O Gervasoni, July 2017" grade="19" length="10m" number="89." extra="5Þ" stars="">Shares the initial bouldery start with Glowing Embers, but instead of moving right, mantles left onto the wall above. Once established, climb up the steep wall to a slopey anchor clip.</climb>
  <climb name="Glowing Embers" id="26" fa="O Gervasoni, May 2017" grade="22" length="18m" number="910." extra="9Þ" stars="**">On the left end of the main overhanging 'Fire Wall'. Boulder up the short left arete then trend right on immaculate rock to a rest at the base of a pillar. Up pillar to roof, and a strenuous pull on flakes.</climb>
  <climb name="Flash Point" id="81" fa="G Phillips 2017" grade="26/27" length="18m" number="1011." extra="Þ" stars="**">As for Gambit but at the second last bolt head left to a slightly easier finish.</climb>
  <climb name="Gambit" id="126" fa="G Phillips 2017" grade="26/27" length="18m" number="1112." extra="Þ" stars="**">As for Firewall to the ledge. Then head left and up.</climb>
  <image id="120" width="600" legendTitle="Firewall" legend="true" height="1067" src="fire3.jpg" legendx="6" legendy="5">
      <path id="6751" points="29.0,1016.0, 24.0,976.0, 15.0,934.0, 16.0,898.0, 44.0,872.0, 62.0,807.0, 65.0,764.0, 57.0,719.0, 44.0,660.0, 44.0,617.0, 46.0,588.0, 59.0,560.0, 83.0,532.0, 110.0,501.0, 128.0,462.0, 111.0,427.0, 91.0,402.0, 96.0,378.0, 118.0,360.0, 135.0,322.0, 148.0,304.0, 142.0,276.0, 134.0,255.0, 140.0,237.0, 139.0,217.0, 124.0,208.0, 119.0,188.0, 105.0,175.0, 76.0,170.0, 57.0,163.0, 47.0,144.0, 41.0,118.0,lower" d="M29.0,1016.0C27.0,1000.0 26.7,991.9 24.0,976.0C21.3,960.1 16.5,948.3 15.0,934.0C13.5,919.7 9.9,911.0 16.0,898.0C22.1,885.0 37.1,885.6 44.0,872.0C50.9,858.4 58.7,823.9 62.0,807.0C65.3,790.1 66.0,781.2 65.0,764.0C64.0,746.8 60.6,736.9 57.0,719.0C53.4,701.1 46.2,677.1 44.0,660.0C41.8,642.9 43.7,628.6 44.0,617.0C44.3,605.4 43.0,599.2 46.0,588.0C49.0,576.8 52.2,570.3 59.0,560.0C65.8,549.7 73.4,543.2 83.0,532.0C92.6,520.8 101.1,514.8 110.0,501.0C118.9,487.2 127.8,477.6 128.0,462.0C128.2,446.4 117.7,437.9 111.0,427.0C104.3,416.1 93.9,411.4 91.0,402.0C88.1,392.6 90.7,386.2 96.0,378.0C101.3,369.8 111.5,369.3 118.0,360.0C124.5,350.7 130.8,329.8 135.0,322.0C139.2,314.2 146.7,312.8 148.0,304.0C149.3,295.2 144.5,284.6 142.0,276.0C139.5,267.4 134.4,262.6 134.0,255.0C133.6,247.4 139.0,244.5 140.0,237.0C141.0,229.5 142.4,223.1 139.0,217.0C135.6,210.9 128.0,213.8 124.0,208.0C120.0,202.2 124.9,192.9 119.0,188.0C113.1,183.1 110.9,179.9 105.0,175.0C99.1,170.1 83.9,172.0 76.0,170.0C68.1,168.0 63.0,168.4 57.0,163.0C51.0,157.6 49.9,152.1 47.0,144.0C44.1,135.9 43.4,128.4 41.0,118.0" linkedTo="19"/>
      <path id="42229" points="561.0,950.0, 542.0,914.0, 509.0,875.0, 475.0,850.0, 446.0,810.0, 431.0,769.0, 426.0,729.0, 409.0,692.0, 388.0,662.0, 359.0,646.0, 340.0,624.0, 332.0,595.0, 326.0,564.0, 312.0,551.0, 292.0,535.0, 292.0,509.0, 300.0,490.0, 311.0,462.0, 319.0,435.0, 309.0,409.0, 292.0,390.0, 299.0,369.0, 307.0,348.0, 314.0,324.0, 311.0,308.0, 304.0,288.0, 299.0,271.0, 298.0,256.0, 292.0,231.0, 276.0,212.0, 252.0,200.0, 238.0,183.0, 236.0,168.0, 224.0,154.0, 220.0,125.0, 222.0,97.0, 232.0,69.0, 248.0,64.0, 256.0,57.0,lower" d="M561.0,950.0C553.4,935.6 551.3,927.4 542.0,914.0C532.7,900.6 521.2,886.7 509.0,875.0C496.8,863.3 486.7,862.1 475.0,850.0C463.3,837.9 454.3,825.3 446.0,810.0C437.7,794.7 434.9,784.7 431.0,769.0C427.1,753.3 430.4,744.5 426.0,729.0C421.6,713.5 416.2,704.7 409.0,692.0C401.8,679.3 397.7,671.0 388.0,662.0C378.3,653.0 368.1,653.2 359.0,646.0C349.9,638.8 345.4,634.3 340.0,624.0C334.6,613.7 334.7,606.7 332.0,595.0C329.3,583.3 329.2,571.0 326.0,564.0C322.8,557.0 317.8,556.0 312.0,551.0C306.2,546.0 296.4,544.2 292.0,535.0C287.6,525.8 290.6,517.1 292.0,509.0C293.4,500.9 296.9,497.6 300.0,490.0C303.1,482.4 307.3,472.6 311.0,462.0C314.7,451.4 319.4,446.1 319.0,435.0C318.6,423.9 314.2,417.7 309.0,409.0C303.8,400.3 294.1,398.6 292.0,390.0C289.9,381.4 296.0,377.3 299.0,369.0C302.0,360.7 304.2,356.5 307.0,348.0C309.8,339.5 313.4,330.5 314.0,324.0C314.6,317.5 312.7,314.3 311.0,308.0C309.3,301.7 306.2,294.7 304.0,288.0C301.8,281.3 300.1,276.9 299.0,271.0C297.9,265.1 299.0,261.9 298.0,256.0C297.0,250.1 296.4,239.9 292.0,231.0C287.6,222.1 283.9,218.1 276.0,212.0C268.1,205.9 259.0,205.3 252.0,200.0C245.0,194.7 240.7,188.4 238.0,183.0C235.3,177.6 238.7,173.4 236.0,168.0C233.3,162.6 226.6,160.9 224.0,154.0C221.4,147.1 220.4,136.2 220.0,125.0C219.6,113.8 219.6,108.0 222.0,97.0C224.4,86.0 227.9,74.3 232.0,69.0C236.1,63.7 244.2,65.9 248.0,64.0C251.8,62.1 252.8,59.8 256.0,57.0" linkedTo="28"/>
      <path id="17794" points="589.0,584.0, 567.0,564.0, 513.0,540.0, 472.0,527.0, 468.0,506.0, 479.0,488.0, 504.0,466.0, 518.0,440.0, 515.0,418.0, 519.0,394.0, 536.0,364.0, 549.0,345.0, 566.0,325.0, 561.0,306.0, 549.0,297.0, 516.0,287.0, 482.0,272.0, 482.0,245.0, 489.0,218.0, 489.0,195.0, 494.0,167.0, 516.0,139.0, 529.0,121.0, 515.0,102.0, 507.0,80.0, 511.0,62.0, 503.0,52.0,lower" d="M589.0,584.0C580.2,576.0 577.3,570.0 567.0,564.0C556.7,558.0 529.0,546.2 513.0,540.0C497.0,533.8 478.8,532.2 472.0,527.0C465.2,521.8 466.5,514.3 468.0,506.0C469.5,497.7 473.4,494.3 479.0,488.0C484.6,481.7 496.6,475.2 504.0,466.0C511.4,456.8 516.0,448.7 518.0,440.0C520.0,431.3 514.8,426.9 515.0,418.0C515.2,409.1 515.5,403.1 519.0,394.0C522.5,384.9 531.2,371.9 536.0,364.0C540.8,356.1 543.4,352.3 549.0,345.0C554.6,337.7 563.7,332.5 566.0,325.0C568.3,317.5 565.8,309.6 561.0,306.0C556.2,302.4 553.8,300.6 549.0,297.0C544.2,293.4 528.9,291.8 516.0,287.0C503.1,282.2 488.8,280.4 482.0,272.0C475.2,263.6 480.6,255.7 482.0,245.0C483.4,234.3 487.7,227.1 489.0,218.0C490.3,208.9 488.1,204.2 489.0,195.0C489.9,185.8 489.1,177.2 494.0,167.0C498.9,156.8 510.6,146.1 516.0,139.0C521.4,131.9 529.2,129.9 529.0,121.0C528.8,112.1 519.4,110.3 515.0,102.0C510.6,93.7 507.7,87.3 507.0,80.0C506.3,72.7 512.5,66.9 511.0,62.0C509.5,57.1 504.5,56.9 503.0,52.0" linkedTo="91"/>
  <climb name="Firewall" id="19" fa="Garry Phillips, Apr 2017" grade="26" length="18m" number="1213." extra="Þ" stars="***">A striking line on superb rock.</climb>
  <climb name="Firestarter" id="28" fa="G Phillips May 2017" grade="24" length="18m" number="1314." extra="Þ" stars="**">Steep climbing over a series of bulges.</climb>
  <image id="121" width="600" legendTitle="Firewall" legend="true" height="1067" src="fire4.jpg" legendx="19" legendy="897">
      <path id="53104" points="224.0,981.0, 236.0,940.0, 240.0,895.0, 243.0,843.0, 255.0,794.0, 254.0,749.0, 250.0,724.0, 253.0,684.0, 263.0,653.0, 267.0,620.0, 269.0,591.0, 264.0,563.0, 265.0,534.0, 255.0,507.0, 246.0,486.0, 237.0,467.0, 228.0,445.0, 213.0,423.0, 211.0,402.0, 219.0,377.0, 222.0,352.0, 220.0,329.0, 205.0,314.0, 180.0,296.0, 163.0,276.0, 142.0,257.0, 128.0,238.0, 112.0,210.0, 97.0,202.0, 79.0,194.0, 75.0,170.0, 80.0,152.0, 87.0,132.0,lower" d="M224.0,981.0C228.8,964.6 232.9,956.8 236.0,940.0C239.1,923.2 238.7,913.0 240.0,895.0C241.3,877.0 240.0,863.0 243.0,843.0C246.0,823.0 252.9,811.9 255.0,794.0C257.1,776.1 254.7,759.1 254.0,749.0C253.3,738.9 250.2,734.1 250.0,724.0C249.8,713.9 250.7,696.8 253.0,684.0C255.3,671.2 260.2,665.7 263.0,653.0C265.8,640.3 265.9,631.6 267.0,620.0C268.1,608.4 269.6,602.4 269.0,591.0C268.4,579.6 264.8,574.3 264.0,563.0C263.2,551.7 266.8,545.4 265.0,534.0C263.2,522.6 258.4,515.5 255.0,507.0C251.6,498.5 249.5,493.7 246.0,486.0C242.5,478.3 240.4,474.7 237.0,467.0C233.6,459.3 232.6,453.3 228.0,445.0C223.4,436.7 216.1,430.8 213.0,423.0C209.9,415.2 209.9,410.4 211.0,402.0C212.1,393.6 216.8,386.8 219.0,377.0C221.2,367.2 221.8,361.2 222.0,352.0C222.2,342.8 225.3,335.6 220.0,329.0C214.7,322.4 210.3,320.6 205.0,314.0C199.7,307.4 187.8,303.0 180.0,296.0C172.2,289.0 170.3,283.5 163.0,276.0C155.7,268.5 148.4,263.9 142.0,257.0C135.6,250.1 133.1,246.0 128.0,238.0C122.9,230.0 117.3,214.3 112.0,210.0C106.7,205.7 102.3,206.3 97.0,202.0C91.7,197.7 83.5,200.5 79.0,194.0C74.5,187.5 74.8,177.5 75.0,170.0C75.2,162.5 77.7,159.1 80.0,152.0C82.3,144.9 84.2,140.0 87.0,132.0" linkedTo="28"/>
      <path id="13344" points="170.0,893.0, 180.0,871.0, 186.0,841.0, 186.0,803.0, 194.0,779.0, 199.0,743.0, 196.0,710.0, 199.0,679.0, 200.0,649.0, 208.0,622.0, 223.0,599.0, 224.0,565.0, 213.0,526.0, 204.0,493.0, 190.0,470.0, 190.0,447.0, 175.0,418.0, 184.0,399.0, 174.0,370.0, 160.0,355.0, 147.0,334.0, 132.0,318.0, 119.0,302.0, 112.0,308.0, 100.0,303.0, 84.0,276.0,lower" d="M170.0,893.0C174.0,884.2 177.2,880.2 180.0,871.0C182.8,861.8 184.9,853.2 186.0,841.0C187.1,828.8 184.7,813.0 186.0,803.0C187.3,793.0 191.9,788.9 194.0,779.0C196.1,769.1 198.6,756.2 199.0,743.0C199.4,729.8 196.0,722.5 196.0,710.0C196.0,697.5 198.2,691.0 199.0,679.0C199.8,667.0 198.2,660.1 200.0,649.0C201.8,637.9 203.4,632.0 208.0,622.0C212.6,612.0 220.0,609.6 223.0,599.0C226.0,588.4 225.8,578.5 224.0,565.0C222.2,551.5 216.7,539.2 213.0,526.0C209.3,512.8 208.1,503.0 204.0,493.0C199.9,483.0 192.7,478.8 190.0,470.0C187.3,461.2 192.5,455.8 190.0,447.0C187.5,438.2 176.0,426.3 175.0,418.0C174.0,409.7 184.2,407.4 184.0,399.0C183.8,390.6 177.9,377.2 174.0,370.0C170.1,362.8 164.9,361.6 160.0,355.0C155.1,348.4 152.2,340.4 147.0,334.0C141.8,327.6 137.2,324.4 132.0,318.0C126.8,311.6 122.3,303.6 119.0,302.0C115.7,300.4 115.7,307.8 112.0,308.0C108.3,308.2 103.4,306.9 100.0,303.0C96.6,299.1 90.4,286.8 84.0,276.0" linkedTo="19"/>
      <path id="72384" points="300.0,961.0, 313.0,916.0, 327.0,871.0, 352.0,824.0, 360.0,778.0, 364.0,732.0, 368.0,697.0, 384.0,655.0, 375.0,621.0, 361.0,596.0, 364.0,567.0, 342.0,544.0, 316.0,515.0, 302.0,479.0, 294.0,444.0, 285.0,420.0, 280.0,390.0, 281.0,362.0, 300.0,336.0, 316.0,311.0, 313.0,286.0, 294.0,281.0, 265.0,243.0, 240.0,219.0, 213.0,185.0, 200.0,157.0, 196.0,122.0, 200.0,82.0, 193.0,45.0, 182.0,27.0, 149.0,12.0, 130.0,7.0,lower" d="M300.0,961.0C305.2,943.0 307.6,933.9 313.0,916.0C318.4,898.1 319.6,888.4 327.0,871.0C334.4,853.6 345.8,841.6 352.0,824.0C358.2,806.4 357.6,796.3 360.0,778.0C362.4,759.7 362.6,746.0 364.0,732.0C365.4,718.0 364.5,710.6 368.0,697.0C371.5,683.4 382.7,669.0 384.0,655.0C385.3,641.0 379.2,631.7 375.0,621.0C370.8,610.3 363.3,607.2 361.0,596.0C358.7,584.8 368.0,578.0 364.0,567.0C360.0,556.0 350.6,553.4 342.0,544.0C333.4,534.6 324.1,528.2 316.0,515.0C307.9,501.8 306.3,492.7 302.0,479.0C297.7,465.3 296.8,453.9 294.0,444.0C291.2,434.1 287.6,429.9 285.0,420.0C282.4,410.1 280.8,401.2 280.0,390.0C279.2,378.8 277.1,372.5 281.0,362.0C284.9,351.5 293.3,345.8 300.0,336.0C306.7,326.2 313.5,320.7 316.0,311.0C318.5,301.3 317.6,292.3 313.0,286.0C308.4,279.7 299.9,286.2 294.0,281.0C288.1,275.8 274.1,253.5 265.0,243.0C255.9,232.5 249.3,229.3 240.0,219.0C230.7,208.7 219.7,195.4 213.0,185.0C206.3,174.6 203.2,168.9 200.0,157.0C196.8,145.1 196.0,136.1 196.0,122.0C196.0,107.9 200.6,97.1 200.0,82.0C199.4,66.9 195.6,53.0 193.0,45.0C190.4,37.0 188.8,32.1 182.0,27.0C175.2,21.9 156.3,14.8 149.0,12.0C141.7,9.2 137.6,9.0 130.0,7.0" linkedTo="91"/>
      <path id="17518" points="447.0,811.0, 457.0,746.0, 472.0,684.0, 484.0,626.0, 484.0,579.0, 456.0,542.0, 417.0,498.0, 412.0,428.0, 397.0,385.0, 392.0,328.0, 386.0,296.0, 367.0,228.0, 381.0,179.0, 381.0,138.0, 348.0,96.0, 300.0,65.0, 290.0,32.0, 288.0,4.0," d="M447.0,811.0C451.0,785.0 452.1,771.0 457.0,746.0C461.9,721.0 466.8,707.1 472.0,684.0C477.2,660.9 481.9,644.7 484.0,626.0C486.1,607.3 489.9,596.6 484.0,579.0C478.1,561.4 467.8,556.3 456.0,542.0C444.2,527.7 425.5,519.9 417.0,498.0C408.5,476.1 415.2,445.9 412.0,428.0C408.8,410.1 400.6,402.9 397.0,385.0C393.4,367.1 393.6,340.9 392.0,328.0C390.4,315.1 389.2,308.6 386.0,296.0C382.8,283.4 367.9,248.4 367.0,228.0C366.1,207.6 378.5,195.2 381.0,179.0C383.5,162.8 387.1,153.2 381.0,138.0C374.9,122.8 363.9,110.3 348.0,96.0C332.1,81.7 309.3,75.2 300.0,65.0C290.7,54.8 292.2,43.0 290.0,32.0C287.8,21.0 288.8,15.2 288.0,4.0" linkedTo="97"/>
  <climb name="Thor&apos;s Hammer" id="91" fa="Garry Phillips Aug 2017" grade="26" length="17m" number="1415." extra="Þ" stars="***">Easy climbing leads to a bouldery crux.</climb>
  <climb name="Adam ProjectFawks" id="97" fa="Alex Hartshorne Sept 2019" grade="28" length="18m" number="1516." extra="Þ" stars="**"/>
  <text class="text" id="127">To the right of Thor's Hammer, the crag curves and becomes southeast facing. The rock in this section isn't of the same cleanliness or quality as the routes further left, but features some good climbing at more achievable grades.</text>>Starts 2m right of Thors Hammer.&lt;br/&gt;Up hanging corner then traverse right and pull the roof. Chill on the ledge and pull a funky boulder to the chains.</climb>
  <climb id="409" stars="***" extra="" number="17." name="Fawks Direct Finish" length="20m" grade="28" fa="Alex Hartshorne Sept 2019">Up Fawks to break but instead of busting the weird boulder, move right into Firestorm and pull some big moves up the hanging arete.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Brilliant.</climb>
  <climb id="408" stars="***" extra="" number="18." name="Firestorm " length="20" grade="26" fa="G Phillips sept 2019">Starts 6 metres right of Thors Hammer.&lt;br/&gt;Steep climbing with some cool moves. Finishes up the steep arete.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb name="Deputy Warden" id="102" fa="O Gervasoni, September 2017" grade="12" length="8m" number="1619." extra="5Þ" stars="**">Towards the right end of the Firewall is an 8m high buttress under the main wall. On its right side is a featured slab. Get established, moving left onto the slab proper. Up to DBB.</climb>
  <climb name="The Towering Inferno" id="103" fa="O Gervasoni, September 2017" grade="14" length="18m" number="1720." extra="11Þ" stars="**">Remarkably steep and exposed for the grade. Start as for Deputy Warden, but continue straight up the corner. At the top of the sub-buttress move boldly right onto the main wall, and continue up the exposed arête and corner above.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="212">Floodland</text>
  <text class="text" id="215">Floodland is located 3 or 4 minutes further up the dry river bed past the Fire Wall. It is on the opposite side of the valley, so offers shade when the Fire Wall is in sun (before about 1pm to 2pm), and visa versa. Access as for the Fire Wall, but about 20 metres before the path arrives at the Fire Wall proper, head down to the river bed. Walk upstream for about 3 minutes. The climbs start right out of the (dry) river bed. There is scope for 2 or 3 routes to the left of the route Floodland with a little cleaning, and scope for 2 or 3 to the right of HM&amp;M with an epic amount of cleaning.&lt;br/&gt;</text>
  <climb name="Floodland" id="213" fa="Owen Gervasoni, Nov 2017" grade="23" length="16m" number="1821." extra="8Þ" stars="**">Shares the first 2 bolts with HM&amp;M, then offers a thin and technical rising leftward traverse followed by a punchy steep finish to anchor chain. There is a fixed biner on the third bolt for the leader to clip through when lowering (to save from a potential big awkward swing).</climb>
  <climb name="Hot Metal and Methedrine" id="214" fa="Owen Gervasoni, Nov 2017" grade="23" length="25m" number="1922." extra="12Þ" stars="*">Good looking line that has its moments. Up through overlap and shallow left facing corner feature. Step left and climb thin face before some interesting steep moves through the summit overhang.</climb>
  <text class="heading2" id="5">Riverside Crag</text>
  <text class="text" id="6">Riverside Crag is a series of short walls to the south of the junction of Sand River and the fork that heads up towards the Colosseum. You go past the northern end of it on taped track to the Colosseum, just after the turn off to the Firewall. It's shadier than most of the other crags.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="165">Riverside Main</text>
  <text class="text" id="166">Keep going left around the corner form the first bit to find the main wall. It has partial shade until about 1pm then full shade after that.</text>
  <climb name="Copperhead" id="252" fa="Jon Nermut, Jan 2018." grade="21" length="8m" number="2023." extra="3Þ" stars="*">The short, steep and fun arete left from The Tiger Snake.</climb>
  <climb name="The Tiger Snake" id="222" fa="Jon Nermut, Dave Humphries, Dec 2017." grade="22" length="12m" number="2124." extra="Þ" stars="*">The left arete of the main face. Do a high stick clip to protect the bouldery start on the right, then head left past a big heuco to the arete and up.</climb>
  <climb name="Streamline" id="210" fa="Roger Parkyn, Owen Gervasoni. Nov 2017. " grade="21" length="15m" number="2225." extra="Þ" stars="*">Follow the straight line.</climb>
  <climb name="The Diving Board" id="176" fa="Dave Humphries, Jan 2018." grade="23" length="15m" number="2326." extra="Þ" stars="**">Up the middle of the wall, to a steep cruxy bulge.</climb>
  <climb name="Grey Goshawk" id="167" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Nov 2017." grade="22" length="15m" number="2427." extra="Þ" stars="*">The wall a couple of metres to the R of previous. Juggy to start with, then thinner on the grey headwall at the top.</climb>
  <climb name="Currawong" id="249" fa="Jon Nermut, Jan 2018." grade="18" length="15m" number="2528." extra="6Þ" stars="**">Start as for Grey Goshawk, then head right to fun, juggy climbing just to the left of the Blackwood tree.</climb>
  <text class="heading3" id="136">Riverside Right</text>
  <text class="text" id="137">This is the sunny, north facing bit that the track goes right past.</text>
  <climb name="Eastern Quoll" id="138" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Oct 2017." grade="23" length="12m" number="26." extra="5Þ" stars="*">A hard bouldery start leads to face climbing, then head right to the last two bolts of Spotted Tail Quoll.</climb>
  <climb name="Spotted Tail Quoll" id="139" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Oct 2017." grade="19" length="12m" number="27." extra="5Þ" stars="*">Follow the seam, with a tricky move right at the top.</climb> 
  <text class="heading2" id="7">Barbecue Crag</text>
  <text class="text" id="8">With some excellent north facing rock only five minutes walk from the road, these cliffs are bound to be popular. From the main road take the left fork for a hundred metres or so to the old metal barbecue, where there is a turning circle and limited parking. Orange tape marks the way first to the base of the upper crags (Wave Wall and the Balconies), and then leads to the lower crag (Shadow Wall).</text>
  <text id="405" class="heading3">Wave Wall</text>
  <text id="406" class="text">The orange taped track leads along the base of Wall Wall, initially a small low angle cliff suitable for some beginner's climbs, rising to a small steep buttress where the cliff line bends to the left.</text>
  <image id="407" src="WaveWallRight.jpg" height="1208" legend="true" legendTitle="Wave Wall Right End">
      <path id="63821" points="19,1022, 103,550, 228,129,lower" d="M19.0,1022.0C52.6,833.2 63.0,721.0 103.0,550.0C143.0,379.0 178.0,297.4 228.0,129.0" linkedTo="408"/>
      <path id="36685" points="306,995, 290,561, 320,408, 404,185, 406,82,lower" d="M306.0,995.0C299.6,821.4 288.5,623.3 290.0,561.0C291.5,498.7 301.9,467.7 320.0,408.0C338.1,348.3 393.5,224.8 404.0,185.0C414.5,145.2 405.2,123.2 406.0,82.0" linkedTo="409"/>
  <climb id="408" stars="*" extra="" number="2829." name="PointThe Break"Ogoh length=Ogoh"8m" grade="13" fa="David Stephenson, August 2018">Up the nose of the buttress, with a harder move or two to negotiate the steepening midway. Nice climbing.</climb>
  <climb id="409" stars="*" extra="5Þ" number="29." name="Crest" length="8m" grade="2024" fa="DavidJon StephensonNermut, AugustDave 2018">UpHumphries the right side of the buttress, passing the protruding flake on its left, followed by some neat moves back right onto the nose and up the overhanging headwall.</climb>
  <text id="410" class="heading3">The Balconies</text>
  <text id="411" class="text">Continuing along the base of the cliffs for 50m or so, the next steep red buttress is flanked on either side by large rooves that cap the cliff.</text>
  <image id="412" src="Balconies.jpg" height="1208" legendTitle="The Balconies" legend="true">
      <path id="44789" points="258,1188, 253,681, 322,465, 220,302, 353,105,lower" d="M258.0,1188.0C256.0,985.2 245.0,771.3 253.0,681.0C261.0,590.7 328.7,541.6 322.0,465.0C315.3,388.4 213.4,378.6 220.0,302.0C226.6,225.4 299.8,183.8 353.0,105.0" linkedTo="413"/>
      <path id="81095" points="572,1197, 606,703, 600,397, 587,200, 568,74,lower" d="M572.0,1197.0C585.6,999.4 601.7,825.3 606.0,703.0C610.3,580.7 603.0,475.9 600.0,397.0C597.0,318.1 592.0,250.7 587.0,200.0C582.0,149.3 575.6,124.4 568.0,74.0" linkedTo="414"/>
      <path id="19290" points="682,722, 625,471, 608,303,lower" d="M682.0,722.0C659.2,621.6 636.7,537.5 625.0,471.0C613.3,404.5 614.8,370.2 608.0,303.0" linkedTo="415"/>
  <climb id="413" stars="**" extra="5Þ" number="30." name="Tarzan" length="9m" grade="19" fa="David Stephenson, August 2018">Starts up the steep left side of the buttress, stepping right onto the nose and then back left over the overhang with some interesting moves gaining the upper arête. Climb past the tree on the right, slightly harder if the tree is not used, to the lower offs.</climb>
  <climb id="414" stars="" extra="5Þ" number="31." name="The Optimist (Project DS)" length="9m" grade="" fa="David Stephenson">The right hand arête. CLOSED PROJECT.</climb>
  <climb id="415" stars="*" extra="4Þ" number="32." name="Jack Horner" length="6m" grade="18" fa="David Stephenson, September 2019">The overhanging corner on the right.</climb>
  <text id="416" class="heading3">Shadow Wall</text>
  <text id="417" class="text">Following the orange tape a couple of minutes downhill from the right hand end of Wave Wall leads to the top of Shadow Wall, which offers a good concentration of nice routes in the upper teens. Abseil (18m, DBB) to base of cliff, or follow the tapes down to the right (as you face out from the cliff).</text>
  <image id="418" src="ShadowWall.jpg" height="795" legend="true" legendTitle="Shadow Wall">
      <path id="30982" points="83,785, 249,459, 393,159,lower" d="M83.0,785.0C149.4,654.6 189.9,578.3 249.0,459.0C308.1,339.7 335.4,279.0 393.0,159.0" linkedTo="419"/>
      <path id="92441" points="322,774, 430,439, 527,155,lower" d="M322.0,774.0C365.2,640.0 392.3,553.0 430.0,439.0C467.7,325.0 488.2,268.6 527.0,155.0" linkedTo="420"/>
      <path id="24457" points="499,774, 622,127,lower" d="M499.0,774.0C548.2,515.2 572.8,385.8 622.0,127.0" linkedTo="421"/>
      <path id="63667" points="857,784, 722,407, 792,113, 803,90,lower" d="M857.0,784.0C803.0,633.2 733.7,527.3 722.0,407.0C710.3,286.7 789.5,122.9 792.0,113.0C794.5,103.1 798.6,99.2 803.0,90.0" linkedTo="422"/>
      <path id="86604" points="1153,776, 989,563, 837,430, 807,335, 837,177, 857,82,lower" d="M1153.0,776.0C1087.4,690.8 1043.5,622.7 989.0,563.0C934.5,503.3 861.9,461.1 837.0,430.0C812.1,398.9 807.0,374.8 807.0,335.0C807.0,295.2 829.5,215.1 837.0,177.0C844.5,138.9 849.0,120.0 857.0,82.0" linkedTo="423"/>
      <path id="67376" points="14,644, 122,451, 224,287, 271,174,lower" d="M14.0,644.0C57.2,566.8 82.8,517.6 122.0,451.0C161.2,384.4 200.8,330.1 224.0,287.0C247.2,243.9 252.2,219.2 271.0,174.0" linkedTo="424"/>
  <climb id="425" stars="" extra="" number="33." name="Keep Calm and Carry On Project TM" length="16m" grade="" fa="Tony McKenny">Takes a line up the left hand arête of Shadow Wall. CLOSED PROJECT.</climb>
  <climb id="426" stars="" extra="" number="34." name="Storm(y) in a D-Cup Project NS" length="16m" grade="" fa="Neale Smith">Next line right, on the steepening wall. CLOSED PROJECT.</climb>
  <climb id="424" stars="*" extra="7Þ " number="35." name="Annica" length="17m" grade="18" fa="Stu Scott, September 2018">What a surprise - thin start followed by good climbing to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="419" stars="*" extra="7Þ" number="36." name="Enemy of the People" length="18m" grade="17" fa="Stu Scott, August 2018">Starts on the left side of the wall, with the crux moves coming in the initial steeper section and a thinnish move at the very Jul 2019.">The steep left arete of the wall. A V4 to a V0. Stick clip the first bolt.</climb>
  <climb name="Eastern Quoll" id="138" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Oct 2017." grade="23" length="12m" number="30." extra="5Þ" stars="*">A hard bouldery start leads to face climbing, then head right to the last two bolts of Spotted Tail Quoll.</climb>
  <climb name="Spotted Tail Quoll" id="139" fa="Dave Humphries, Jon Nermut, Oct 2017." grade="19" length="12m" number="31." extra="5Þ" stars="*">Follow the seam, with a tricky move right at the top.</climb>
  <climb id="420406" stars="**" extra="" number="3732." name="Witch HuntThylacine" length="18m10m" grade="1819" fa="StuJon ScottNermut, August 2018">Some thin moves Dave Humphries, Jul 2019.">Hard move through the firstinitial sectionroof, followedthen by pleasant climbing up the head-wall. Very worthwhile.nice jugs.</climb>
  <climb id="421407" stars="***" extra="" number="3833." name="DeepTussock StateSkink" length="19m10m" grade="1720" fa="TonyDave McKennyHumphries, andJon Bob BullNermut, August 2018">Classic of the crag. Sustained interesting climbing the whole way. Excellent.</climb>
  <climb id="422" stars="**" extra="9Þ" number="39." name="Shadowplay" length="19m" grade="15" fa="Tony McKenny, August 2018">Lovely climbing passing a series of small overhangs on the right side of the wall.</climb>
  <climb id="423" stars="**" extra="" number="40." name="Shady Deals" length="20m" grade="15" fa="Bob Bull,  Stu Scott Sept 2018">Entertaining climbing up the arete with a cut loose move to boot!</climb>
  <climb id="427" stars="*" extra="" number="41." name="Shady Deals Variant" length="20m" grade="19" fa="Stu Scott, Bob Bull 2018">Up the groove to the right of Shady Deals to join at bolt 3.</climb>Jul 2019.">The right most route on the wall. Follow the curving feature right of the top bolt.</climb>