National Parks, Wellington Park, and some other climbing areas closed until further notice
Sand River

Stu Scott just got a text from Justin, the owner of the farm at Sand River. He was pretty concerned that people were still climbing at Sand River this weekend, and he asked that 1. No one to climb or be on his land (which is the Panopticon South as well as his farm), and 2. no one to come near his house eg in the case of emergency, which has happened before.
I think from that anyone thinking of climbing out there should think again, at the risk of damaging long term relationships with the locals.

Wellington Park closed to the public till further notice


Following advice from the Tasmania Department of Health and Tasmanian Government that our community should limit unnecessary travel and movement in public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trust has closed Wellington Park until further notice.

The Trust urges Tasmanians to support the national effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 and stay home during this time. 

and from Parks:

Closed area: All parks and reserves closed
From 26/3/2020, last reviewed 26/3/2020

Following advice from the Tasmania Department of Health and Tasmanian Government that our community should limit unnecessary travel during the COVID-19 pandemic, the PWS has closed all national parks, reserves and campgrounds until further notice.

The PWS is calling on Tasmanian’s to support the national effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 and stay home during this time. 

From midnight Thursday 26 March, PWS is temporarily closing all national parks, reserves, campgrounds and facilities to recreational and tourism use. This means that all day walks, mountain biking, fishing and tours will not be permitted.  Washrooms, day use facilities, showers and visitor centres are closed until further notice.

So obviously no climbing allowed in Freycinet, Tasman Peninsula, the TWWHA, Mt Wellington and any other National Parks and reserves.

Also: Andy Martin has requested people not to visit Bare Rock,

And info for Sand River


Found keys at Sand River

Set of keys picked up at SR yesterday(Sunday 8th March). Key (Mitsubishi) tag labeled "Vegas". Have left them at Rockit, ask at the front desk for them.

Good luck!

Looking for a climbing partner for the grade 12, 430m rysavy ridge climb at Mt Rowland,

Sometime over the next 5 days while the weather is fine 





Let me know, I have all the gear, just need a partner 


Hey, made a small blood sacrifice to the gods of trad today and ended up leaving a 0.4 friend on moonraker to go get some stitches. If someone pulled it and feels generous about returning it then I can offer some beers in return!

Cheers in advance,

Ash 0 423 535 547

Clip stick

Hi every one

I have lost my well loved clip stick. Green beta one. Has Prussic cord on the base of it.

Some where above Paradiso or even the car park.





**The gravel is in its most fragile state currently please take care of the track as it beds down. No spinning wheels, consistent steady speed will help you get up.  if you loose traction roll back down and try again.**

as the rain falls it will help compact the gravel and bed it down better, it is a very steep section. thanks


Now the less important part that most wont read, the track works are basically completed. some containment edges to stop the track from growing outward could be continued, we have done some already, and also some erosion barriers to stop the soft sand washing down could also be created to help maintain it. i will attempt to take a ute load of FCR with me for the next few climbing trips out there to top up the lower section and pot hole, ( one truckload could only stretch so far) if you also have a Ute and would like to partake in this feel free to contact me if you needed some advice,

Lastly Huge thanks to everyone that made this happen, i wont publicly name everyone that helped out either on the day or logistically at risk of missing someone off, but thanks heaps, 






Many have probably noticed the vehicle access track to the main parking area has become trashed, and post the most recent lot of rain all the low clearance 2wd vehicles that have clearly forgotten their limitations have all but destroyed the steep section, the low vehicle parking area by the road has also become almost unusable due to potholes and erosion, vehicles have begun parking on the opposite side of the road. 

were very fortunate to have such a good parking area at such a popular crag, but no one will be coming to maintain the track for us. if anyone is interested in helping or maybe someone from the CCT could help facilitate some potholing or track repair lets be pro-active rather than reactive, happy to offer my time to help but cant do it alone. 


In the short term if you have low clearance try to refrain from getting stuck on the hill and spinning wheels, and park closer to the road while we sort this out.




Pardn’r wanted

Aloha, I’m looking to get out and pull on some Tassie rock. I’m a Californian trad climber and have cams and rope with me. I’ve completed guiding and emergency medical certs and if I wasn’t so humble I would boast that I am a fairly decent climbing accomplice. I will be joining a partner from the states for a few days but mostly I am a free agent in tassie. I’m flying into Hobart tonight and then heading to cape huay or Frenchmans cap tomorrow or the next day. I’m planning to find a public park to sleep in this evening unless somebody has a backyard or couch that they aren’t too precious about. Send me a message! Happy 2020. 

Candlestick Rescue

The council opened the latest addition to the Freuhauf area today the 'Rain coming' sculpture. The sculpture is to commemorate the flood that inundated the area in 2018.

The CCT participated in the community consultation process, with Roger and I attending a meeting with the council community engagement officer and the artist earlier in the year.

The photos I took are suss so you will have to have a look next time you are at Freuhauf or watch the Southern Cross news tonight to catch the speeches...

THE book on our climbing history by Gerry Narkowicz and Simon Bischoff,  a rich mixture of superb old and new photographs, and  the best of the writings of many of our climbing pioneers, Gerry and Simon have produced a classic - buy one now while you can, before they sell out!

Available from  for $99.95 plus $20 postage, or at all outdoor shops in Hobart and Launceston, as well as Fullers Book store in Collins St, the Hobart Bookshop in Salamanca Place and Petrarchs bookstore in Launceston.

I’m wanting to get down to tassie more to climb but hire cars are too expensive (4 week trip it’s over $2000). So I’m wanting to buy a car and use it for climbing trips from Qld (hoping this will mean I come down more). But I need to leave it somewhere for most of the year. Ideally someone with lots of land. And happy for it to be used occasionally if they need another car at times. Happy to pay for storage too. Whatever works. 

If you can help please text or call. Thanks

Adam Donoghue


Hi everyone!

We are comming to Tasmania in December and are trying to organize a crash pad that joins us on our little 3-week road trip. We would love to buy a pad from second-hand or rent it for 2-3 weeks if somebody here doesn't need hers/his in December (smile)

If you have any information about where else we could be lucky we would also be very grateful!

Have a wonderful day. Best wishes from Germany,

Iva and Felix