Trashing Tassie 2.0

Hi all,
This is not intended to start raging online vitriol, but rather to prompt a conversation about route development in Tassie - an issue that I am sure a lot of climbers think about but seems to be rarely discussed these days. Please have a read of the attached document, which summarises my thoughts on the state of bolting on the Organ Pipes and some other areas in the state. I intend to raise these issues with the CCT, but I also think it's important that this is an ongoing and constructive conversation within the broader climbing community.

Cheers, Pat

Yet another new crag..

There's another new crag at Fortescue Bay.. This time at Bivouac Bay. Can be done as a day trip, or enjoyed as a weekend camped at Bivouac Bay campsite. The rock is here is quite good and there's quite a good collection of climbs. The trio of the Moai, Golden Pillar and Bivouac Bay crag on this side of the bay makes camping at Bivouac Bay a nice option now, with a suite of different options.

Crag Stewards update

Big news - after two years of effort the Crag Stewards program is now fully live!!

Crag emails are up and running on theSarvo, and will be listed on The Crag shortly. These automatically direct emails to appropriate Stewards. You can view the Crag Stewardship Program document, which contains more details of the program, here: CCT Crag Stewardship v3.4.pdf

Thanks to the nominated Stewards for helping us maintain the relationships, access, and safety of our climbing areas, and to the many people who have put in the work to get the program to this stage. Stay tuned for a formal launch event!

- Chris

Attention Crag Stewards:

Someone has kindly offered to donate an old 10.1 mm climbing rope for use as a hand line (e.g. Bruny Aviary) or for a similar purpose where suitable.  Please let me know if you need something and I will put you into contact with them. Cheers.

I'll be upgrading the servers that thesarvo runs on over the next week, which is long overdue.

There will be some outages and probably some temporarily busted stuff.


Does anyone have experience framing for the 1m x 1m fiberglass climbing wall panels (many with ~150mm holes for insert climbing holds). See photo.

Mark Sands has acquired 25 of these panels and wants to build a bouldering wall in his 12m geodesic dome.

Hi everyone,

I am a climbing photographer from Chamonix/Canada ( I have an ongoing project of documenting the best climbing locations in the world (, and will be in Tasmania from Jan 24 to Feb 5. 
I have been giving talks on the Mont Blanc Lines project or on climbing photography in general, and was wondering if this would be something the local community might be interested in. If so, would you have any idea where to look for a venue for this kind of thing?

Also, if anyone is keen to get action photos on some of the more aesthetic locations, I'd love to organize a photoshoot or two while I'm in town!


Hi there lovely folks, my friend is looking to head down to Whitewater wall for some New Year’s Eve sending. He gets in to Launny at midday on 31st Dec but public transport options are obviously not looking too juicy… many beers/beverages of your choice and eternal gratitude shall be bestowed upon any kind soul who could get a lovely climber matey down to Freycinet in time for his new years plans . Thanks all(smile) 

Kempton Quoin has been closed by the landowner to all forms of climbing.

Discussions with the landowner will continue in the new year, so please put off any trips to the crag until future access has been resolved.



Mt Roland Bothy

The Roland Bothy.

Heading up to Mt Roland to do Rysavy Ridge or some of the other classics? Need a base to explore the mountain?

Basic accommodation is now available for climbers and like- minded people at the base of the mountain, directly below the famous Ridge.

Gas and electric cooking. Fridge. Microwave. Heater. Shower. and toilet.  One double bed. One couch. Bring Own sleeping bags/ doona and pillow. $30 pp a night.

Contact Steve at 102 Rysavy Road, or phone 0408 441945 or  email

For more details on access and climbs on the mountain, see:

Excited about my new book on the history of Tasmanian rock climbing which should be out within 6 months. It's a condensed version of Adventures at the Edge of the World so some content will be the same but you get to read the history in a concise linear style. There's new photos and stories too so if you missed out on the big book 5 years ago then you'll enjoy this one. Stay tune for pre orders and book launch event. Thankyou

2815 History of Tasmanian Climbing Cover Concepts-2.jpg

Hi folks! Crag Care are hosting an end of year movie night and bbq at Freuhauf this Friday eve (24th Nov)! We'll be watching Augmentium, The muddiest known time, Doing it scared and Firetail, and projecting the films onto the cliff. It's open to everyone and we're catering! RSVP and more deets via the link below (bring something to sit on!).

A gorgeous grey shrike thrush trying to nest near Princess/Influenza. I put a little ribbon on the first bolt of Princess to indicate we should steer clear for a bit. I had no paper and pen etc. to make a little note. The written sign worked well last year. 

Peregrines at Panopticon

Several birds patrolling the valley. Have erected "Please keep out". sign as usual, up valley  past Shape Shifter.

Sandriver road!!!

Hello climbers, the private property you use to access the rocks off our property at 610 sand river road will NO longer be available for your access effective immediately!!!!!!!!

The police will be called and trespassers will be prosecuted.

signed the owners. Justin Fox