Excited about my new book on the history of Tasmanian rock climbing which should be out within 6 months. It's a condensed version of Adventures at the Edge of the World so some content will be the same but you get to read the history in a concise linear style. There's new photos and stories too so if you missed out on the big book 5 years ago then you'll enjoy this one. Stay tune for pre orders and book launch event. Thankyou

2815 History of Tasmanian Climbing Cover Concepts-2.jpg

Hi folks! Crag Care are hosting an end of year movie night and bbq at Freuhauf this Friday eve (24th Nov)! We'll be watching Augmentium, The muddiest known time, Doing it scared and Firetail, and projecting the films onto the cliff. It's open to everyone and we're catering! RSVP and more deets via the link below (bring something to sit on!).

A gorgeous grey shrike thrush trying to nest near Princess/Influenza. I put a little ribbon on the first bolt of Princess to indicate we should steer clear for a bit. I had no paper and pen etc. to make a little note. The written sign worked well last year. 

Peregrines at Panopticon

Several birds patrolling the valley. Have erected "Please keep out". sign as usual, up valley  past Shape Shifter.

Sandriver road!!!

Hello climbers, the private property you use to access the rocks off our property at 610 sand river road will NO longer be available for your access effective immediately!!!!!!!!

The police will be called and trespassers will be prosecuted.

signed the owners. Justin Fox 

North Ridge eagles
Hi Crew. here is the text from a CCT macebook post i did a couple of days ago.... might be a few climbers smart enough to stay away from social media but can't resist the hype and frenzy that is this forum...
Just a reminder that very close to North Ridge at Sand River there is a Wedgie nest. We were there two days ago and some eagles flew into the nest for a bit. This can happen anytime but it could also hint they may be considering using the site in the coming breeding season.
Regardless July onwards is the time to stay right away from this area so plan to go there in the next 10 days. It is a great area with some excellent moderate routes. Thanks  (smile) (big grin)

In addition:
In case anyone is wondering , this is unlikely to affect our use of other crags at Sand River. Keep in mind though that the far left of Panopticon area has been used by the sensational sky scythes, the Peregrine Falcons the last couple of seasons and that is likely to also be an area to keeeep out of in the months to come . Hopefully the usual suspects may give us an update on burds there in due course...
Hiiii! There's a Crag Care working bee at Flange on kunanyi tomorrow (Sunday 30th) 10am-3pm, and the council have asked that we close climbing at the buttress during that time. Open after 3pm!
This is probably the only track work working bee happening on the mountain this year, so if you're on the fence come along! A few more hands would be awesome. Meeting at the Chalet 10am, if you don't have time to register just turn up and we can sort it out.
Third Bird Top Anchor

There is finally an anchor to replace to tat at the top of Third Bird.  The glue bag I took home has set and gone hard so they should be ready to go tomorrow.  If anyone gets there before me feel free to give it a good tug with a quickdraw to test the glue and then remove any tat on the bollard to clean it up a bit.  But it should be good to go.

Missing xml data app error

Hi team, does anyone else get this error in IOS? Means a bunch of climb descriptions are missing for me. Suggestions?


Hi All,


I climbed a really nice hand crack on the Shady Side of Avalanche Couloir a few months ago. I couldn't really find it in the guide. The only description that loosely resembles the route I climbed is Celecia. Has anyone done Celecia recently or at all? Can anyone confirm if the route in the image below is Celecia? If it is, I reckon the description is due for an update, cause its a great route!








A huge boulder (about 200-300kg) rolled of the bottom part of the climb while merely touching it abseiling. The lower part of the climb and the area below should be treated with extreme caution until this area has been cleared (not yet done as of 24/2/2023). There might be more rocks and boulders that have come loose now. For now this route is very dangerous to climb as loose rock gets funneled by the rock and ends up at the belayers position.

Dear climbing community,

During 2021 and 2022 the CCT received a significant increase in the number of requests for better guidance on fixed anchor placement on the Organ Pipes. Accordingly the CCT held a community forum seeking input from climbers who have established new climbs (of any style) on the Organ Pipes in recent years to consider whether the community might benefit from publication of guidance statements for this particular cliff. The response rate was very high with only 1 among 19 climbers approaching expressing antagonism to the project.  A robust forum was held in person with a broad array of views being discussed.  A set of guidance statements were created and unanimously supported among those who participated. The working group, which included most of the Crag Stewards for the Organ Pipes, suggested that the statements will be published in the introductory/ethics section of Organ Pipes guidebooks.

Apologies for the slight delay in publication. It is timely to share the guidance statements here ("section 1"); inclusion in the guide will follow shortly. Note that section 2 details how the working group was formed and will be published separately on the CCT members page only.

I would like to thank the community members who gave significant time and thoughtful feedback to this project. I hope your efforts and leadership will help preserve the fantastic cliff character that you have participated in creating.

Hamish Jackson CCT president.

Organ pipes fixed anchor guidance statements.pdf


Hi all,

Last couple months I've been developing a new crag at Fortescue Bay (Canoe Bay) with some crew.  It's now posted under the Fortescue Bay guide.  Trad climbing with some mixed routes and an easy approach.  A great summer weekend option if you're camping down there, hopefully also provides good winter climbing too.  Please enjoy.


Vale Jon Jones

In the backcountry at Burstall Slabs in the Canadian Rockies

If you've ever done any sport climbing in British Columbia at Skaha Bluffs or across the border in Alberta, chances are that you've either climbed a route that Jon built, or used a guide book that he authored or contributed to significantly. Jon visited Tasmania several times and absolutely loved it here - especially being at Freycinet. One of my greatest climbing memories is of the day that Jon, Di and I did hiked over to Flowstone Wall and did Arocknaphobia together. Another day high on the list is when Jon took us to Burstall Slabs, which - like Flowstone - is a place where you've got to hike for at least a couple of hours for your reward. Back in the day when Jon and his mates were developing Burstall they used to leave a gear stash at the crag. They'd make an early exit from Calgary, drive to the road head and jump on their fully rigid mountain bikes  then ride to the crag. 

If you met Jon or are curious to learn more you might appreciate this tribute to him in Gripped Magazine: https://gripped.com/news/iconic-canadian-climber-jon-jones-dies/

Jon and Di scoping Burstall Slabs from the approach



Hi All,

due to the recent heavy rains, vehicle access along the beach at Cloudy Bay to Cloudy Corner is not at present allowed, or indeed, viable.The gravel approach to the concrete ramp is deeply trenched. Still, camping at Cloudy Corner is permitted, and it is a nice 30 minute walk, or 15 minute cycle, to get there.

Also, just notifying  a nice little new area called Shoreline has been opened up on the side of Beaufort Bay.


Ben Maddison