Clean out:


Wooden bed frame for a van - $10.

Suitable for a quick and easy van fit out. Allows some storage underneath. Used to be in a Volkswagen T4 van.

Campus board - $30 (SOLD).

9 rungs. As per the photo.

Available in Bonnet Hill - Hobart.

Contact me on anthony_j_allan at if you're interested.





Hobart 2018 - 20xx

Hi everybody,

just moved to Hobart and started a PhD after being a short while around here last year. Looking for motivated climbing partners in Sport and Trad. I'm climbing low to mid 20s at the moment. Really love to see new stuff and go exploring as far as my schedule permits me. Don't mind a short Fruehauf session in the evening as well.

Love to hear from you: jeroen5446 at or 0490209215

Cheers, Jeroen

Helmet found Sand River

Last Saturday a black Black Diamond Helmet at The bottom of Plebians Wall. Call me 0448364527 

Nesting swallows

2 Nov.Swallows are nesting  just below the overhang on the The Plebeian (23) on Plebeian Wall at Sand River, Would be good if climbers could avoid routes in that area for a while. Thanks

Freycinet climbing partner

 Hi looking to find a climbing partner/people to climb regularly over summer in Freycinet. Here full time. Let me know!

Bouldering News

I recently found a bouldering area at Mt Hobbs near Buckland and have just written up the first few problems.

The bouldering area is formed by the dolerite columns of Mt Hobbs falling down the southern side providing slabs, vertical and overhanging faces on the one outcrop, literally something for everyone. The boulders range in size from low balls to massive highballs that will require special trousers, with everything in between.

The potential looks enormous but it’s hard to know without trying a range of the available boulders, so get a brush and a shovel/spade to clean the toupee of ferns off the top out holds and put your name to something!

The boulders are featured on almost all faces and the dolerite texture is like coarse sandstone. The landings are generally, surprisingly good.

A typical block steep front vertical to overhanging sides and featured.

And a slab to show the diversity of problems!

Has anyone been on this route lately that can comment on the condition of the bolts? I notice that the guide on thesarvo mentions that some of the bolts on pitch six were in poor condition as of January 2016. 

Hey does anyone know where to access the video of Cedar Wright & Co climbing down at Cape Pillar. I think it might be from a Reel Rock, maybe 2010? Does anyone have a URL, keen to check it out


Just letting people know that there is a huge loose flake/block above the 2nd bolt on Sacred Site.  Its the flake that takes the gear.

Hello everyone, my name is Chris. My wife (Devi) and I just moved to Tasmania and are looking to build a Trad Rack. We currently have gear focused toward Top Roping/Sport and are looking to broaden our climbing abilities after a Trad Course at Joshua Tree in LA before we left. We are hoping to gain some insights into which sized cams would be best out here for the local crags around Hobart and even all over the Island. If there is any consensus as to that, it would be very much appreciated since we can't go buying everything just yet but if there is a wide variety then just let us know and we'll do what we can. Thank you for any help, looking forward to meeting some of you around the crags! 

Residents Opposed to the Cable Car

What part of ‘No Cable Car’ do they not understand?
In May, thousands of people gathered together to say a resounding NO to the proposed cable car up kunanyi/Mount Wellington.
Carlton & United Breweries listened, saying they wouldn’t allow the proponents to use their land because the project does not have community support. That would have been a sensible time for MWCC to walk away from the project. But they haven’t.
Instead they want to have a secret meeting with the Council next week to discuss their latest proposal - which is rumoured to be starting from the South Hobart tip. We kid you not!
We are sick of the secrecy and will continue to fight this unpopular proposal. It’s irrelevant where it starts from - as our concern is with the impact on the mountain.
Will you join us?
We’ll be having a snap protest at the gates to the South Hobart tip to show Mount Wellington Cableway Company that their proposed cable car is not wanted at the tip – or anywhere else for that matter.
When: 4.15pm, Saturday 4th August
Where: Waste Transfer Station, McRobies Road, South Hobart
We hope to see you there!
RSVP on Facebook

Hello all.  Its been a while between drinks but I've decided to get back into climbing.  Having lived in Hobart and spent time in launi I am yearning for an after work crag for the humble folk of wynyard and a weekend crag for her neighbours.  I think I may have just stumbled across something and hope to hear feedback from anyone who may have landed on this moon before me!  Protruding from table Cape are two sizable basal crags which until today have always intrigued me.  This afternoon I headed off with only a  dog called Red and my curiosity to find a North facing amphitheatre of small crags (much like the gorge) and two decent buttress' maybe 100m high at most and 50m at the very least.  Having rubbed noses briefly with some of the smaller crags I can say that the rock looks clean and of good quality with sections for potential crack climbing and delicate face climbing.  The northerly aspect allows for quick drying times and the sea helps (like freycinet) with good exposure.  When my working life allows I will be looking into exploring this area and hope to create another avenue for any Northern climbers. DSC_5985.JPG If this is of any interest to any northern climbers at all then I'd love to talk exploring the area further, new routes and any hurdles associated with climbing within a conservation area.  Thanks bloggers. Joe Carter. 

Climbing partner,

If anyone is keen for a climb on saturdays in southern tassie shoot me a message or give me a buzz my availability can be a bit fluctuating but I’m always keen to try fit something in, low to mid 20’s, 0438081020

cheers Dan 


can someone tell me if freuhauf is climbable or is it still weeping from the last lot of rain we had?  And if so is anyone keen for a couple hours there tomorrow around lunchtime? Let me know! Cheers Dan 

So great to see the continued exploration of sand river, the area that seemingly continues to gift with the hard work of so many, but does it not seem questionable in suggesting that a certain feature would be desecrated by adding bolts to it? Sand river is unquestionably a premier Tasmanian sport climbing crag  so  if  there is a line that can be climbed free by adding bolts to it surely this is a good thing?