I went up to Northern Buttress last Saturday with Deano "The Carrot Eradicator" and together we removed all the old gear and re-equipped it with U's.  Now much improved. 

As an aside, our discussions that day included the vexed topic of "stars" are the perrenial question: "Are they being doled out too freely"?  By Deano's view everyone's gone soft and they should be assigned as parsimoniously as Michelin stars.  I didn't take the conversation as far as "How many do you thing Boys Games in now worth"? as that may have put him in an embarassing situation (especially since some versions of Craglets sprayed stars around like they were going out of fashion!). I am content to say that whetever number the old route was given, they are now more justified. 

Dean has been doing some great work with the Rob De Ceasare carrot puller.  Check out Upper Teardrop Gully.