Blog from July, 2007

The property at Bare Rock at Fingal now has a new landowner who is a rockclimber. Andrew Martin and his partner Alannah are the owners of the property and they are climbers who reside in Queensland. The house will be their holiday house. They have sent me the following email with their requests and conditions regarding access to Bare Rock which needs to be respected. posted by Gerry Narkowicz

Can you please indicate to the Tassie Climbing Crew that we are more than happy to have climbers access the land to climb at Bare Rock (Fingal), although we would prefer that people go up the side boundary fence (as opposed to the main drive) and then hook a right turn to the obvious parking area. We would also appreciate a quick call on 0418883418 telling us that you are heading up there... as we have neighbours looking out for the place and that way I can tell them of your intended arrival. The other number is not currently connected, but may well be by christmas. Either way the mobile is the way to go. Of PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE is the realization that the road up to Bare Rock is not council maintained, and in fact, is paid for and maintained by the 3 property owners (myself included). The other two have therefore asked that any climbers PLEASE DRIVE SLOWLY as this seems to really irritate them (the road gets chewed up very easily, as well as noise etc). I know this is a very small ask, but keeping the neighbours happy on this one would seem to be the wise option. Other than that I hope you all enjoy climbing there as much as I did. I will be down from Late November through to late January... so if you are around then... pop in, grab a beer (if there are any left) say hello etc... we would love to get to know the Tasmanian climbing crew!


hello! i'll be visiting hobart from sydney from august 25-29, and i'm looking for someone to climb with if the weather warms up! (but not on august 26)
i trad lead up to about 14, and will have a crack at seconding anything (but start falling off around 20). i'll only have shoes and harness with me.

The printed version of the new Mt Wellington Guide is now available.

It can be purchased online for $13 USD + postage at

The printed version comes out at 147 pages, in pocket-size format (slightly bigger than the last guide). B&W inside with color covers. Quite a few photos inside.

Hopefully it will be available in the shops in 3 weeks or so. Will let you know when it arrives.

As we are using publish-on-demand, the idea is that we will cut a new version of the printed guide every 6 months or so, or when the volume of new routes and content builds up.

It's awesome to actually get a version 1.0 out the door. A big thanks go to everyone involved in the project:

Tony McKenny: Editor and chief mover and shaker.
Al Adams: Editor and author of colourful descriptions.
Dave Humphries: Editor and topo tweak master.
Jon Nermut: Editor and boss of printed layout and web trickery .
Phil Robinson: Detail review officer and author of the 1981 guidebook.
Peter Jackson: Artmaster responsible for crafting the crag topos.
Ivan Riley: Site topos and maps.
Thanks to Max Banks, Al Beech, Doug Bruce, Josh Caples, Simon Carter, Lyle Closs, Nic Deka, Campbell Godfrey, Dave Gray, Stefan Karpiniec, Doug McConnell, Gerry Narkowicz, Roger Parkyn, Simon Parsons, Garry Phillips, Kim Robinson, Ian Snape, Pete Steane, The Wellington Park Management Trust, Al Williams, Alex Wilson, Simon Young, wives and partners of the editors and many others for their contributions, updates, comments and photos. Thanks everybody.