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Here are a couple I discovered last summer. Very worthwhile for anyone living up that way.

Preston Falls

Overhanging basalt.

Taylors Flats

Limestone cliffs up to 25m high, vertical to gently overhanging with some tuffas! Has some great potential but is on private land so the first people to climb here will need to discuss with the land owners.


  1. Tassie tufas, sweet! I always wondered if there was anything decent in the Leven / Gunns area

    Are the cliffs on the land owned by the accomodation place? Sounds like a great eco-tourism opportunity for them - get their cliffs developed so they can use them as a tourist attraction in return for some community access...

  2. I’ve been dreaming about limestone since I got here. I’d be super psyched to do some developing on that stuff. Kim, please give me a ring or send me a text  with some of your contact info as I’d like to hear what you think about the best way of going about gaining access to that place as well as the potential for other area’s that might yield some harder stuff up here in the North country. My mobile- 0457345053

    1. Checked Taylors Flats out yesterday. Worthless. Crumbly rock with a 3m wide moat of deep water up to the base of the cliff.

  3. This shows the limestone in northern tas:
    I guess the areas marked "exposed karst" would be the potentially interesting ones.
    The data is from:
    Sharples, C 2003, Tasmanian Karst Atlas v. 3.0 (2003), Department Primary Industries & Water, Hobart.