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Went and did "Left Out" on " Step Tier" last night. Whats with the description? Doesn't say anything about climbing the first pitch of Moonraker?

Can I suggest a few changes? Maybe could be edited to say "A gob smacking sustained pitch. Climbs the face L of 2nd pitch of Moonraker

and in the Moonraker description the pitches should read as 1a. 30m & 1b. 30m (not 2b. 30m) also Nick's Moonraker picture in the guide says 15 instead of 16?


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  1. Hey Jed,

    Normally you would scramble up tier drop gully to the base of Left Out, coming from moonraker you would have joined the route halfway up wouldn't you?

    Am i the only person who gets confused by the click right to go left page navigation on the mt. guide!?

  2. Jed Parkes AUTHOR

    Yeah i thought that might be the case but from the 2nd pitch of Moonraker you step down off the ledge about 2 meters and that's what i gathered was the start of the route. Hard to explain but thought the description could be a bit better

    where it says "Start L below the main ledge" i'm assuming it means the ledge at the top of pitch 2 of moonraker

    It says "and move L along the horizontal break to the intermittent crack line. Up this and the face above for 20m to another horizontal break" this is exactly what i did from that ledge

    Does that make sense, i'm confused :)

    Campbell said that "Sucked In" was good but gear is very spaced? Does that sound right? Keen to have a look but not if gear isn't great...

    And yes the whole guide is back to front, that should be changed too :)

  3. As well as putting it the right way around (left to right) it should be open for editing like all the other material that people have contributed to thesarvo.  These are good enough reasons for a re-write. 

    1. Hear hear Roger!

      A guide written right to left is bogus! :)