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Does anyone know what happened here?

Injured climber winched to safety

Posted Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:04pm AEDT

A rock climber has been taken to the Launceston General Hospital with suspected spinal injuries after a fall on Ben Lomond in state's north east.

It took police more than six hours to rescue the 30 year old solo climber, after he fell into a crevice half way up a rock face.

Paramedics had to climb to reach the patient, who was given first aid before being winched to the ground and put in a rescue helicopter.

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  1. Not solo, rope soloing.

    Haven't got the full story but he's alive in Launceston hospital atm surgery on his back. Fingers crossed.

  2. There's no spinal damage, fractured vertebrae though. Hip sounds pretty smashed up. Could have been a lot worse.

    Haven't spoke to Owen yet to hear what happened. I do know he's a bloody good climber. Thoughts are with you brother.

    1. Owen who? Not a local launceston climber (not that it matters). What was he climbing? This is the second climbing related back injury in as many weeks around Launceston. Good luck to him on recovering.

  3. Shit Simon was that Owen??!  No good mate, hope he comes through ok. 

    Was just chatting to Bob McMahon who, as you say Stephen, told me about another climber which fell at Duck Reach last week and has just come out of hospital after surgery on his back.  Luckily look like he'll be ok after some long recovery. 

  4. I just rang LGH. Apparently, they don't have our mate Owen Gervasoni in the hospital, so I phoned Bob McMahon. Apparently, this is a different Owen from NSW. Let's hope he's recovering well.

    1. Im overseas, and thankfully fit and healthy. My mobile isnt working, so I understand that there was some confusion and concern when I wasnt reachable. All the best to the injured climber. 

  5. Owen Davies - WA climber, now living on the east coast.  Thoughts go out to you mate...