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I'm visiting Hobart next week, from Tuesday. Will be there for a few days and wondered if anyone feels like showing me some local boulders?

I'll be in Tasmania for about a month and a half, mostly wwoofing. Will have some more time free from Jan onwards. If anyone feels like doing some bouldering around that period, I'm looking for adventures and people to have them with! Happy to hike around looking for boulders if anyone feels like some exploration. Also keen to sample anything going.

And one more thing - will the lake at Oatlands have receded by mid Jan? Contemplating spending some time there.



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  1. Can't make it this week but could get a day next week. 

    The lake at the moment looks like it is right into the main antichrist cave (I drove by yesterday). I'm guessing this will recede enough over summer to climb there without getting too much mud on you if the rain eases up.

  2. Been having fun doing new stuff Robin?

  3. robin mueller AUTHOR

    I've had loads of fun! I think Tasmania is a fantastic place, but I'm sure that's no surprise to you lot!

    Shame I didn't manage to meet up with people, I had to fit climbing in around wwoofing and sight-seeing with girl-friend. Never managed to make it to Handsome or Oatlands, so I guess I'll have to come back some day. Bicheno was really nice, I thought blow job and block rockin beats were both class. The stuff I added isn't quite in that league, but it kept me amused.

    Launceston was quite a unique venue. I'm amazed there aren't any problems recorded on the riverblocks. They look huge! I'd love to explore with a team of people and pads. Seems like a few lines to go on the tourist track as well - I added photos of things I didn't manage/have time for! Will keep checking back to see if anyone else takes an interest in them.

    Unfortunately, I'm now in Melbourne. I was planning a trip to the gramps, but it's looking less and less likely. I have no car and there are floods. Wondering whether I should buy a car or just give up.

    If anyone feels like spending two or three weeks bouldering in Tasmania - I'll happily hop on a plane and meet you there!



    p.s. Top website!

    1. Hi Robin,

      There's a bunch of us heading to Handsome Crag this Sunday (30th Jan) ... if you are still around and want to join us either send me a text (0428 891 288) or email me @

      More info on facebook too... .just do a search for Topout

      Cheers, Erin

      1. robin mueller AUTHOR

        Thanks Erin, but sadly I'm not in Tassie anymore.