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So I've got some climbing gear that for various reasons I do not want and it seems like thesarvo is the best place to reach tassie climbers (If anyone knows a better venue for this stuff please let me know). The following gear is bran-spanking-new-never-used-out-of-the-box stuff.
BD Rock Lock screwgates carabiners - 5 available, $10 each

BD ATC belay devices - 2 available, $20 each

BD Momentum AL harness - size Medium, $60

Petzl Reverso belay device - $35

Petzl Tikka Plus 2 headlamp - $40

Evolv Kaos II climbing shoes - Men US 9.5 (EUR 42.5), $75

Evolv Electra climbing shoes - Women US 7 (EUR 37.5), $75

My partner Leanne also has a few pairs of shoes that she's had for a long time but never really used because they were too small. They'd be good for kids or a woman with really small feet. The Anasazis and Locos are unisex, the Dominatrix is supposedly designed for women, but I'd had worn them if they'd have fit.
MadRock Locos - US 5 (EUR 37, but seemed small for that size), $20. The rubber is excellent.

Scarpa Dominatrix - US 4 (EUR 35.5) $20. actually bigger than the Locos. Leanne made a small cut a few centimetres down the heals because they bothered her achilles

Anasazi Lace ups - US 4 (EUR 35.5) $40. Old school, but an awesome shoe. Never really been used.

If your interested or want more info give me a call – 0457345053

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  1. I'm keen for the harness, I assume it would fit me! Flick me a line on 0407356556, cheers!

    Simon (smile)

  2. Mark Polinski AUTHOR

    Sorry, I've sold the harness and the 5 screwgate biners already. want anything else though? The reverso is pretty slick for multipitching (or just belaying from the top). A spare ATC  can always come in handy too