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Hi, looking for some new partners to climb with over the summer and Autumn (till around April/May). Onsight 19 - 20 trad, maybe a bit harder on sport. Happy to climb harder if you are the rope gun. Working as a bush walking guide so I have a fair bit of time off. If you're looking for a new climbing partner or just stuck without a belay for the day give me a call.



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  1. hi,

    I'm in Tasmania visiting family for the next two weeks and hoping to get some climbing in.  Going to be in Launceston for the next couple of days then heading up to Hawley Bay for a week or so then back down to Launceston for another week or so.  Looking for basically any climbing: haven't done a lot of trad (and not for a while and don't have a trad rack with me), so happy to do trad but would be either easy climbing or seconding!!!  On sport I'm climbing about 21 onsight, and working up to 25, although that's limestone (and I haven't really done any crack climbing!) so I may find I get spanked down here!!  would also love to get on Ben Lomond but I have my own transport (didn't bring driving licence) so Launceston-based climbing might be easier.  Let me know if that works for you and if you fancy a climb in the next couple of days or the first week in January.  Otherwise is ther a good spot in Launceston to pick up partners that you know of? email's or my brother-in-law's mobile is: 0437 173 187