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This should be in the Choss file I guess as it is unproven, but it is the best granite area I have found for bouldering with fine compact granite.

I have spent some time in Scottsdale lately and noticed as the sun was going down some large blocks on Mt Stronach. Went up to have a look at a small area (about 15 minutes from the Mt Stronach carpark) that was easy to access and saw a range of fine grained granite slabs and boulders. The slabs weren't much and the boulders weren't the area I was hoping it would be but the boulders were featured and in the area I looked ranged from slabs to steep problems.

This would be a great area to explore for boulders/crags as in the tree line there are plenty of hints of large outcrops/boulders (confirmed by google maps). 

The photos I took don't do the problems justice but here is one of an area that I would go back to when in the area it is about 4 metres high with about 5 degree overhang and the one behind the tree offers some steep sits starts. The stuff on this rock is unusual for the area as most boulders were pretty clean.

Its about an hour from Launceston what with Oatlands flooded this could be the new Handsomes crag of the North!! Well worth a look anyway.