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The thesarvo iPhone app has a new version in the App Store - version 2.0.

Major changes are:

  • Content updated
  • I rewrote the navigation to use a menu that you can show and hide
  • Searching is better
  • It shows a table of contents of the current guide in the menu, so you can flick between climbs easier
  • Maps show tracks as well as points for the maps that have them (eg Killiecrankie, Kempton, a few others)
  • And most importantly, changes to the guides on now sync to the app. It checks for updates to content every now and again, and immediately pulls down new text and images.
  • iOS 8 and later

It's still free at the moment (as Apple made it more complicated to charge money and I haven't filled in the right forms).

Get it by searching for "thesarvo" on the app store, or click the buttone below:


There's probably plenty of bugs in it, as there is lots of new code, add a comment here if you find one.

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  1. Bloody fantastic Jon!  Thanks for your handwork on this.

  2. Brilliant stuff Jon... the syncing of recent edits on the website now means the app is always up-to-date. I really like the new show/hide contents menu. Hiding the menu provides the larger format needed to accommodate images plus text in portrait mode.

  3. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    cool, glad you like it. Al you use the app on an iPad mostly right?

    Btw the change sync may have a bit of a delay in it - to avoid overloading the server. 

  4. Yes correct... Jon. I'm using an iPad with the app. With the delay, what length of time are you looking at?

  5. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

    Version 2.4 of the iOS app is available now.

    What's New:

    * Content update
    * Sync thesarvo index so that new and split guides automatically show up without me having to update the app
    * Improved guide table of contents:
    - TOC stays open when you first open a guide - allowing you to quickly go to the section you want
    - allows climbs to be shown or hidden
    - shows sub pages as well as page content
    - search in page or all
    - shows Map in TOC if there is one in the guide
    * On a app restart the entire path to the last guide shown is shown
    * Improve weather links to use mobile BOM site
    Thanks to Jed Parkes for suggestions on some of these.
    Let me know if I've screwed anything up.
  6. Looks great Jon... 

  7. New update is great! Love the hide/show climbs feature. Much easier to navigate around.


    This may be deceptively hard, but what about show/hide climbs of type? For example sport or trad climbs? I don’t think there’s a differentiation between them in the database? So might not be feasible without a metric butt ton of work.