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Hey. Im pretty new to this forum. Me and my boyfriend are visiting Tasmania in couple of weeks. We are from Poland coming on holiday, we are both seconders, fluent in english and climbed previously in Oz ( 16-22 grade seconding outdoors).

We are a part of the cliffhangers rockclimbing club in Australia.We would love to do some climbing while visiting Tasmania, thus looking for some climbers keen to climb with us (someone who can lead and would like a friendly, super keen on climbing in Tas seconder). 

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  1. Give me buzz if you fancy a climb on the Organ Pipes, Mt Wellington.

    Cheers Phil

    1. Lukrecja AUTHOR

      Hi Phil, I messaged you

  2. See my post just above yours. I'll be there solo for the first two to three weeks in February and looking to climb as much as possible. Let me know how to get in touch with you if you're interested.

    1. Lukrecja AUTHOR

      Hi Joshua, do you have an email address that I can get back to you? 

      1. Hey, it's my first name (josh), then my last name, at yahoo dot com 

    2. Hi Josh,

      I will be in Hobart from 2nd weekend of February to end of February and would to climb every weekend. I wonder if we can climb together in the weekends including February 12th. Please let me know if you can.

      Cheers Max.

      1. Hey Max, can you email me your contact info at the email address I listed above? Presently at Freycinet but headed to Hobart soon...


  3. How did it go getting into the crag Josh?

    1. Doug - things are good thus far: Day one I soloed Rysavy Ridge after arriving on the ferry, then two absolutely excellent days at Ben Lomond with Gerry. Then a day of ass-kicking at Fingal (I'd like to revisit this crag) and a day at the Star Factory. I'm currently at the Whitewater Wall and will probably stay here through the weekend but will head down to Hobart soon - I'll give you a ring when I do. Things are good so far!