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Yesterday Mark and myself replaced the half rap rope with a full length line that now goes right to the bottom, using the blue semi-static supplied by CJ from the cammo box. I plan on going back there asap in the next week or 2 to cut the remaining length from the top rap anchors, cut the existing black/red line, and take them back up to the cammo box for spare lines like eventually replacing the two jug lines with the remaining blue rope, and the other red/black for the safety lines at the cliff base or something like this. I will re-tie the top rap rope into the rings once I've cut the rope. If anyone plans on doing this before i get another chance please leave my wire gates in the cammo box.

Please don't rap down this line at any speed and melt it, no matter how desperate you are to get to the bottom, unless you are going to buy and replace this rope yourself. Use your brain(if you have one).

Thanks for the rope CJ.


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  1. i also have another static to put in as well which should do the bottom rap if you want it

  2. adam bogus AUTHOR

    save it for the next time thanks gaz, this one did both raps

  3. Thanks for the work Adam. Thanks for the rope really goes to Steve at Climbing Anchors and also a big thanks to Garry, Andrew, Gerry, Ingvar, Chris C (who welded the fixed line supports) and everyone else who sunk the time and bolts($) into Bare Rock. It is such an awesome gift to come back from a world class climbing destination like Yangshuo and climb just as good routes (or better!) at our local crag.