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If you didn't know....February marks the 40th anniversary of the first ascent of Rysavy Ridge on Mt Roland, and it seems like a good excuse for climbers around the state to get together.

Sooooo....the CCT has decided to celebrate the occasion by organising a “meet”, from Friday 24th Feb through to Sunday 26th Feb, open to all climbers state wide. 

A reminder: This is not a beginner meet and climbers attending are expected to have the necessary skills, equipment, and experience suitable for any climbing activity they choose to participate in.

Talked to Steve at Mt Roland and he has several beds, floor space and space in barns etc for people to sleep in if they want, plus space for maybe 4 tents.

BBQ sat night, bring your own meat and wine, and if you have a 4 wheel drive, save your legs (and time) and drive to top of paddock. He has a land cruiser and is willing to give lifts up! C u there.


PS Unless weather is rubbish.

PPS Let me know if you need a lift/have a car space and I will try to broker deals

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