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Rock Shoes For Sale

Five FOUR TWO pairs of climbing shoes, surplus to our needs. See photos for condition of edges, etc.

Call Doug (0407 310 287) or email (

Two One pair of Scarpa Techno X

SOLD: Mens Techno X Size 42

Women’s Techno X Size 39.5  $95

Techno Womens 3.JPG

Techno Womens 2.JPG

Techno Womens 1.JPG

SOLD: One pair of Scarpa Thunder Size 41.5 

One pair of La Sportive Miura Size 38 $55

Nicely worn in, still completely sound structurally, re-soled and re-capped.

Miura 1.JPG

Miura 2.jpg

Miura 3.jpg

Miura 4.jpg

SOLD: Evolv Bandit Size 43 $25



The boulder guide to Mount Wellington is getting unwieldy. Heaps of problems and heaps of photos. Great, but makes it hard to find things (plus I get pumped scrolling). 


Can we split the guide into two? Perhaps lower/higher or Dolerite/Sandstone.


Happy to put in the eLabour, but wanted to see what others think and how to best go about it.






From Bartlett, Mathew 

The City Of Hobart will be treating environmental weeds on a number of cliff faces around Hobart before the end of June. The two sites with public access include Waterworks Quarry in Waterworks Rd and Fruehauf in Tara St. Notification signs will be placed at the Quarries to inform people of what is happening but it would also be great if you could inform members of your group.


The sites will be closed during the weeding works but it is estimated that each site will only take one day.


The work will involve the treatment of the woody weeds at the moment because of the growing conditions. Other weed types are scheduled to be treated at a later time.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




Mathew Bartlett

Team Leader Fire and Biodiversity | Bushland and Reserves | Parks and City Amenity


16 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7000

Hi, I'm thinking of writing a history of Tasmanian climbing, coffee table size with lots of pics and stories. I'd be grateful for any advice on format, where to start (ascents of peaks by bushwalkers? or just origins of roped climbing), and any contributions of photos, and people I should talk to. This could be a lovely momento for the climbing community for years to come..I look forward to people's opinion, advice, photos, stories etc. Thankyou, Gerry Narkowicz

Access to White Water Wall

The access to White Water Wall is now kinda fucked unless you have a 4wd

Most people will find themselves walking in.

Its around 30 minutes to the White Water Wall campsite

But if you are climbing around the Tetragrammaton a new track has started to be developed which takes half that time.

The track has been cairned (could do with a few more) and starts 1/4 way down the 4wd drive track and ends at the top of Tetragrammaton buttress.

I've added the GPS coordinates for the new track here Coastal Crags

lost gear

I left an ascender and etrierre at the top of flange butress on saturday (June 3rd).  If anyone found it I'd be psyched to get it back.........I'm happy to provide some beers as a reward.



It's a hangboard.

For rock-climbing training.


1000 mm wide; 170 mm high. Mega jugs, mono, bi and tri doigts, slopes, pinches and edges. In other words all the fun things.

Old style, so perhaps not so "ergonomically" (or politically) correct. See attached photos.

Collection only. Call 0407 310 287