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Hi, I'm thinking of writing a history of Tasmanian climbing, coffee table size with lots of pics and stories. I'd be grateful for any advice on format, where to start (ascents of peaks by bushwalkers? or just origins of roped climbing), and any contributions of photos, and people I should talk to. This could be a lovely momento for the climbing community for years to come..I look forward to people's opinion, advice, photos, stories etc. Thankyou, Gerry Narkowicz

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  1. Great idea Gerry.

    One thing that could be cool is to write it in an 'open' manner. Kinda like a wiki on thesarvo (or an evolving google doc). This way it would give everyone the opportunity to chip in with details and potentially producing a more in-depth view of the history. Of course this has some downsides in terms of making $$$....

  2. Good idea Gerry

    I guess chronological makes sense as far as organising it

    If you can get them, first hand interviews would be good as well as the stories etc

    Here's a just a bunch of random thoughts off the top of my head of some important point in the history:


    1900 - 1930s

    • First traverse of Cradle Mt Skyline Traverse 1914. Steele route 1930. Tony M knows lots about this
    • FA of Mt Anne 1929 by HWC members


    • FA of Federation Peak by Bechervaise in 1947 and the MUMC routes in the 50s. There is a book about the history of Fedder
    • First recorded routes on the Pipes - Skyline Minor in 1958


    • Formation of the CCT. There is a table of contents of CCT circulars going back to the 60s that Deano compiled that may be interesting.
    • NW Face of Federation - 1961. One of the harder routes in Aus at the time.
    • The Sydney Route and others at Frenchmans - 1965
    • Geryon traverse and East face routes
    • Fingal early routes
    • Totem pole and candlestick FAs


    • The golden age of trad FAs on the Pipes & Ben Lomond
    • McMahon on the Ben & Cataract Gorge
    • Closs & Lewis
    • Visit of Henry Barber. Incipience etc.
    • Visit(s) of Carrigan/Child/Law (80s too) etc
    • Discovery and development of Whitewater / Lassies wall


    • Ben Lomond expansion - Pavement, Africa, Southern escarpment etc 
    • Pipes harder trad routes - Parsons/Steane/Bigg/Deka/Adams/Cooper many others etc etc
    • Lots of smaller crags developed. North & South Esk. Lowdina. Handsomes. etc


    • Development of sport climbing in Tas. 
      • Edwards / Phillips / Parkyn / Rowbottom / Peacock many others etc 
      • First Pipes sport routes 
      • Adamsfield / Hillwood / Paradiso
    • FFA of the Totem Pole in 1995
    • Second generation Tas climbers active eg Al Williams, Kim Robinson
    • The Climbing Edge


    • The Star Factory
    • Mount Brown main face routes
    • Cape Raoul
    • Development of Bouldering areas


    • Fingal renaissance
    • ... Any third generation climbers yet?