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The boulder guide to Mount Wellington is getting unwieldy. Heaps of problems and heaps of photos. Great, but makes it hard to find things (plus I get pumped scrolling). 


Can we split the guide into two? Perhaps lower/higher or Dolerite/Sandstone.


Happy to put in the eLabour, but wanted to see what others think and how to best go about it.





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  1. guess so, it's a matter of finding the most logical split(s), moving the xml around, and then moving the attachments to the right spot (this will be the biggest PITA as there are heaps)


  2. Great. Would you see it as 2 or more splits? I'm happy as long as it's not too derivative and hard to find things.

    We could have:

    2 areas: Upper (dolorite) and lower (Sandstone)

    3 areas: Summit, Big bend, Sandstone

    What do you think, John?