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The boulder guide to Mount Wellington is getting unwieldy. Heaps of problems and heaps of photos. Great, but makes it hard to find things (plus I get pumped scrolling). 


Can we split the guide into two? Perhaps lower/higher or Dolerite/Sandstone.


Happy to put in the eLabour, but wanted to see what others think and how to best go about it.





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  1. guess so, it's a matter of finding the most logical split(s), moving the xml around, and then moving the attachments to the right spot (this will be the biggest PITA as there are heaps)


  2. Great. Would you see it as 2 or more splits? I'm happy as long as it's not too derivative and hard to find things.

    We could have:

    2 areas: Upper (dolorite) and lower (Sandstone)

    3 areas: Summit, Big bend, Sandstone

    What do you think, John?


  3. Hey guys, figured I'd put my in my 2 cents since the MW bouldering guide is something I've spent countless of hours with

    I'd be happy for a subdivison of the guide, BUT it needs to make sense to outsiders just as much as it does to us.

    A split into dolerite and sandstone bouldering doesn't make the most sense in my opinion

    I'd prefer a split similar to:

    A: Summit B: Big Bend C: Springs

    This would make the most sense right? These three are the big three subdivisions I could first think off, everything that's on the mountain bouldering wise fits quite nicely into those categories


    1. I think your probably right Tommy, if we split it we might as well put in more than 2 categories, and where you approach from makes sense. The bits that's don't quite fit are Sphinx, rocky whelans, pipeline track, crocodile rock, probably others

  4. Great idea. Yes, there will be some that don't necessarily fit perfectly, but it will improve the guide regardless. If we split them up into general parking areas, they should still fit (e.g. Awesome boulder and Sphinx in the Springs section). We would just need to note this in the start, and if there are any more subtle parking (e.g. Luckman's is not at the bend but just up the road) - just note it in the guide. Doesn't have to be perfectly split up to be improved.


    So, we could have 

    1) Summit parking (dildo, ticktack, fence, etc.)

    2) Big bend parking (gold coast, lost world, etc.)

    3) Springs parking (Sphinx, springs, etc.)

    4) Chalet parking (crocodile rock boulders, etc.)

    5) Other areas (e.g. Morphet's road and pipe line boulders)


    Feel free to suggest any others. I've been to all the areas.


  5. Mike I had forgotten about the Pipeline stuff but was thinking about just having the four areas, Summit (including Luckman's, panaorama) Big Bend, Springs (including sphinx, Croc rock and Rocky Whelan's) and now pipeline too. This will probably need a general Mountain introduction page pointing to the sub-pages too (top bit of the existing page). Happy to implement other cutups if you feel this suggestion would be too odd.

    Discussed the method to cut up the original with Jon who thought that cloning the pages as many times as needed, then removing what isn't in the area (text and attachments) would be the best method because it maintains the attachment links.

    The other aspect is that the old page will need to be maintained while the changes are being worked on so it doesn't disappear from the app. I'm not sure if we can stop it being updated to avoid new problems being added to the old page rather than the new ones while both exist.

    I was hoping to get the pages cloned and roughly cut down to the areas by next week (this is mainly bulk xml work), after that editing shouldn't be too onerous using the usual edit tools.

    Also thought it might be worth removing things like Vx/y grades by making them Vx and removing beta where sensible from the descriptions. Anyone have any thoughts on this or more general editing?

  6. Sounds like a plan (smile) You're choice with cut ups. I'm not fussed. Though, if there are out-of-the-way areas that you struggle with - maybe just go with a "Other boulders" section. 

    Yes, would be great to improve while we are splitting them. There is some random information! Some climbs with beta for three or four variations. Happy to slim these down into something more sensible after the split. 

  7. The guide has been broken into areas with a minimal edit. Basically the pages are ready for editing. Intros need some work on the various pages and the unused attachments need removal, one at a time appears to be the only way.

    1. Awesome thanks, Dave (smile)