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thesarvo app on iPhone error 'missing xml data'

If you are having this issue then you need to update to the latest version of thesarvo iPhone app ( Version: 2.1, Updated: Jun 27, 2017 )

Delete the app and install again from the app store and your issue will be gone.

UK trip report

Here's a report of my 8 week trip to the UK and thoughts on climbing at Fairhead, Gritstone, Pembroke, North Wales and Cornwall.

Hi guys, I'll be heading over from WA from around Jan 9-19 next year. I've been climbing outdoors for 4 years with mostly sport experience, but am capable with trad/multipitch. I'm interested in having a crack at the totem pole as a seconder, as the highest grade I have led clean is 25. Having said that, I haven't found a 25 that I can't dog my way up on top-rope. I understand getting to the base of the tote is probably half the battle, and then finding the right line - which is why I'm looking to go with someone competent who has done it before.

I'd be looking to climb the 24/25 line/s (not too clear on these). I would be able to bring whatever gear I would need. 

Since this is a pretty serious climb I can imagine most people might not want a newbie tagging along, so my best chance of getting a look at it might be to pay a guide.

Can anyone put me in contact with potential climbers/guides for this?

Thanks in advance!


Hey guys,


Just wanted pick your brains about the Cradle Mountain Skyline Traverse in Winter. If anyone has done it before, would love to hear about their list of Do's and Don'ts. Let me know whether it is a walk in park or pretty serious in places. I will take crampons, though would brining ice axes be overkill?




Local Tasmanian climber and photographer Simon Bishoff is putting together a short film about climbing Blade Ridge (Federation Peak) in winter.

Check it out

Here's an article on my European trip so far, giving my observations on the crags at Kalymnos and Southern France.