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Dave H and I found a great new crag north of Buckland in April this year, that combines nice solid sandstone with a warm, sheltered, north facing aspect.

It's probably the best winter crag around hobart.

Since we found it a cast of dozens have been busily developing new routes.

There are 56 routes in the guide at the time of writing, including 14 projects. Pretty much everything is U bolted.

The crags are on Forestry/Crown land. There havent been any access problems so far.


  • Stay off the private land to the south, and the military range to the north
  • Leave the fixed and stashed gear as you found it
  • Respect projects
  • Don't do stupid shit!

Here's the guide, enjoy: Sand River



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  1. Hi guys, 


    firstly thankyou,

    but just wondering does the sand river crag details automatically update to the app or do I need to do something like reinstall it, maybe your gonna tell me to back off you've been too busy to do it ha ha 

    Many thanks


    1. Jon Nermut AUTHOR

      I need to do an update to the app. Soon.

      The iPhone app has been updated. Android in the next week or so.

  2. And then they arrived, in swarms, like flies at fruehauf on a summers day, the outcast android users of society are still wondering where everyone has gone. 



    Thanks jon