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Fred Beckey Obituary

Some of the older readers of this forum might know of prolific first ascenionist Fred Beckey. Responsible for many iconic and groundbreaking routes throughout North America including - along with Yvon Chouinard - the Beckey-Chouinard in the Bugaboos, Beckey was one of a kind. As I was doing a bit of surfing I came across this obituary that explores his unique life and personality.

And if you fancy a bit of moderate technical difficulties over a long committing route in an alpine setting, here is a topo of the brilliant Beckey-Chouinard that will forever stand as a monument to this phenomenal man:


Hi! I`m in Devonport since this week i`m from Chile and am traveling in tassie! I could only bring my climbing shoes my harness and my helmet but i have a lot o motivation to knew crags spots and to climb! my wpp number is +569 965 30 597,  you could msg me if you're looking for a partner or know anyone who does! would be great 

BYE!! Paula

Hello everyone !


I recently arrived in Tasmania as part of my cycling journey around Australia. Just spent 2 days in Hillwood and really enjoyed it, specially the quirky Far Side. Im planning to be around Lauceston for a while and then head elsewhere in the island. 


Got some sport climbing gear including a rope but I'm very keen on finally starting trad. Did a trad course in NZ but never got to practice. Can climb 17s, maybe 18s once I warm up well :) Msg me if you're looking for a partner or know anyone who does ! My phone number is 0474 165 233 !






partner for Alix

An aquaintance is coming to Tassie, and looking for a partner for some cool Tassie stuff.

She's a valley local, I believe, saw her there last Fall.

I think she climbs pretty hard.

Contact Alix Morris on Facebook, or post here and I will point her here.