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Hey all, Long shot at what i am after here but have a read if it intrigues you.

late 20's male is seeking climbing partners of a similar age/mentality in the Hobart region.

I am not into the whole climbing heals the soul type mentality, nor the hey we have a regular climbing group, the more the merier replies. If you are a bit of a lone wolf then this is aimed at you.

i can sport to mid 20's and trad around 20 when invested, however am away for work lots. (away now, not climbed in 6 months). 

i really dont mind what skill level you are at, never climbed outdoors? no problems, get yourself some shoes and i will cover the rest of the gear and teach you what you need to know. it is the attitude i am searching for.

so, if you are a no nonsense, lets snap some necks and cash some cheques type of person who is interested in hitting up quick missions to freufreu, waterworks or the pipes before getting back to the real world then get in touch.

i doubt you are out there, but its worth a shot.

transationsrule (at) or replies here.


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