Blog from March, 2018

Totem Pole

Finally discovered the Totem Pole, albeit in a support position to Andy Kuylaars' near flash of both pitches of the Deep Play/Back side free route.

Wonderful time.

I built Roger's model, and tried to update the lines on it–wondering if Roger has any interest in creating a updated version–took me a while to figure out the Gallegos line, but knowing those guys, and knowing the lines they find and climb, I think I see the way they aided their route (if indeed they went to the top).

Also wondering if people have climbed the original route, on aid, all clean.  Not climbing 27 at this time ((wink)), I was thinking it might be fun to give my dusty aiders a go in that wild cavernous gap in the ocean.

Photo by Derek Cheng

Hi everyone,


I've just arrived here in Tasmania and I would like to find someone or a group of climbers to hang out with.


My plans are not definite except that I am going to do the overland track the 14th of March and the 6 following days.


I feel comfortable climbing grade 20/21 on sport routes but I am also interested to try trad.


I have some gear and a rope cause my partner was with me for one week already. We were on our way to climb the Moai but her belay device has decided to land somewhere between the rocks down there !


If you have got time for a climb or a beer I'll be around Hobart this weekend and probably on the east coast after the 20th of March.


I am definitely keen to climb great Tassie walls.


You can reach me at this number 0448697875.