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Hello all.  Its been a while between drinks but I've decided to get back into climbing.  Having lived in Hobart and spent time in launi I am yearning for an after work crag for the humble folk of wynyard and a weekend crag for her neighbours.  I think I may have just stumbled across something and hope to hear feedback from anyone who may have landed on this moon before me!  Protruding from table Cape are two sizable basal crags which until today have always intrigued me.  This afternoon I headed off with only a  dog called Red and my curiosity to find a North facing amphitheatre of small crags (much like the gorge) and two decent buttress' maybe 100m high at most and 50m at the very least.  Having rubbed noses briefly with some of the smaller crags I can say that the rock looks clean and of good quality with sections for potential crack climbing and delicate face climbing.  The northerly aspect allows for quick drying times and the sea helps (like freycinet) with good exposure.  When my working life allows I will be looking into exploring this area and hope to create another avenue for any Northern climbers. DSC_5985.JPG If this is of any interest to any northern climbers at all then I'd love to talk exploring the area further, new routes and any hurdles associated with climbing within a conservation area.  Thanks bloggers. Joe Carter. 

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  1. Hey joe,

    There is a small mention at the back of "Climb Northern Tasmania": 

    "Nic Deka and Fred Dutton did a route (Lizard, grade 15) on the cliff at Table Cape near Wynyard but the cliff and the route are a pile of choss."

    I think that is the sum total of climbing literature on Table Cape.

    But don't believe everything you read... A lot of modern crags start out as a pile of choss... If it looks worthwhile to you then have a go.

    But the best advice I've seen on the question of whether to develop a crag or a route is "phone a friend". 

    NB there is bouldering and some short routes at

    Did Red enjoy himself?

  2. joe carter AUTHOR

    Haha he did Jon.  Thanks for the feed back.  I'm a local in sisters Beach so I've got sea side buttress at my finger tips but the variety of climbing can disappoint a bit.  For now I've decided to explore the area in my spare time and rap both crags in search of something other than what nic and Fred found.  I'll post anything of interest to thesarvo and hopefully there are a few multi pitches of something descent.