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Residents Opposed to the Cable Car

What part of ‘No Cable Car’ do they not understand?
In May, thousands of people gathered together to say a resounding NO to the proposed cable car up kunanyi/Mount Wellington.
Carlton & United Breweries listened, saying they wouldn’t allow the proponents to use their land because the project does not have community support. That would have been a sensible time for MWCC to walk away from the project. But they haven’t.
Instead they want to have a secret meeting with the Council next week to discuss their latest proposal - which is rumoured to be starting from the South Hobart tip. We kid you not!
We are sick of the secrecy and will continue to fight this unpopular proposal. It’s irrelevant where it starts from - as our concern is with the impact on the mountain.
Will you join us?
We’ll be having a snap protest at the gates to the South Hobart tip to show Mount Wellington Cableway Company that their proposed cable car is not wanted at the tip – or anywhere else for that matter.
When: 4.15pm, Saturday 4th August
Where: Waste Transfer Station, McRobies Road, South Hobart
We hope to see you there!
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