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Reposted for Andrew, 

Bare Rock Access

Hi all, just a quick message to say that, due to increased traffic (and 8 years since I last properly fixed it), we are now at the point of having to do major repairs to the access road over the next few weeks. This work started today.

Part of the process is that (once we do all the drainage and then put the road material down) the material used needs to get quite wet (proper rain) and then dry for a number of days before it properly 'sets'. To use it before then will result in heaps of damage / erosion and us then needing to redo the whole thing. This will be quite a pricey project, so I am keen to not do it twice!

As such, can I please ask that any parties coming to Bare Rock over the next few weeks park at the very bottom of the driveway (just before the steep 'pinch' bit; about 200m from the white gate) and walk up the remainder of the way. Alternatively, you can drive to the top from Avoca or from West of Fingal at the roadwork site office.

Please also be sure to keep the neighbours road access clear at all times. This is essential.

I will post again when all is good, the road has dried and access can revert back to normal. Until then, thanks so much in anticipation of you all helping to look after what will hopefully be a much-improved drive to the cliff!?

Thanks again....

Andrew & Alanna

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