Blog from January, 2020

Many have probably noticed the vehicle access track to the main parking area has become trashed, and post the most recent lot of rain all the low clearance 2wd vehicles that have clearly forgotten their limitations have all but destroyed the steep section, the low vehicle parking area by the road has also become almost unusable due to potholes and erosion, vehicles have begun parking on the opposite side of the road. 

were very fortunate to have such a good parking area at such a popular crag, but no one will be coming to maintain the track for us. if anyone is interested in helping or maybe someone from the CCT could help facilitate some potholing or track repair lets be pro-active rather than reactive, happy to offer my time to help but cant do it alone. 


In the short term if you have low clearance try to refrain from getting stuck on the hill and spinning wheels, and park closer to the road while we sort this out.




Pardn’r wanted

Aloha, I’m looking to get out and pull on some Tassie rock. I’m a Californian trad climber and have cams and rope with me. I’ve completed guiding and emergency medical certs and if I wasn’t so humble I would boast that I am a fairly decent climbing accomplice. I will be joining a partner from the states for a few days but mostly I am a free agent in tassie. I’m flying into Hobart tonight and then heading to cape huay or Frenchmans cap tomorrow or the next day. I’m planning to find a public park to sleep in this evening unless somebody has a backyard or couch that they aren’t too precious about. Send me a message! Happy 2020.