Blog from February, 2020

Hey, made a small blood sacrifice to the gods of trad today and ended up leaving a 0.4 friend on moonraker to go get some stitches. If someone pulled it and feels generous about returning it then I can offer some beers in return!

Cheers in advance,

Ash 0 423 535 547

Clip stick

Hi every one

I have lost my well loved clip stick. Green beta one. Has Prussic cord on the base of it.

Some where above Paradiso or even the car park.





**The gravel is in its most fragile state currently please take care of the track as it beds down. No spinning wheels, consistent steady speed will help you get up.  if you loose traction roll back down and try again.**

as the rain falls it will help compact the gravel and bed it down better, it is a very steep section. thanks


Now the less important part that most wont read, the track works are basically completed. some containment edges to stop the track from growing outward could be continued, we have done some already, and also some erosion barriers to stop the soft sand washing down could also be created to help maintain it. i will attempt to take a ute load of FCR with me for the next few climbing trips out there to top up the lower section and pot hole, ( one truckload could only stretch so far) if you also have a Ute and would like to partake in this feel free to contact me if you needed some advice,

Lastly Huge thanks to everyone that made this happen, i wont publicly name everyone that helped out either on the day or logistically at risk of missing someone off, but thanks heaps,