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  1. Couldn't find the trail leading away from the East Cloudy Head track. Nor indications for it. Unfortunately, I would have loved to see the crag because the area is stunning. Well worth the walk though anyway. Wearing long trousers would make it even more pleasant.

  2. ahhh,thanks for the feedback Jeroen, and sorry you didn't make it there. Yes long strides are a good idea. I'll add GPS points to the description, and if you ( or anyone else) want to go out there, I'm happy to show you the way until I get the GPS happening, give me a ring - 0420535664.



    1. Ben I added a GPS widget to the top of the guide, for the time being you can drop points on the map if you can work out where they should go, while you get the accurate GPS points.

  3. The description seems to be a bit cloudy Ben..