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<guide version="3" pagesize="150" guidestars="*">
  <header id="562" access="From the centre of Hobart drive up Davey Street, which becomes Huon Road, for 9.6km. Just before Fern Tree a well sign posted road (Pillinger Drive) leads off sharply to the right and winds up the mountain. Keep going up the road to reach the Summit. &lt;br/&gt;Plenty of parking at the summit." intro="Mt Wellington offers some good opportunities for bouldering. Its a bit scattered, and dolerite is an acquired taste for bouldering. But there are lots of problems, particularly moderates with easy access for after work climbing." rock="Dolerite" sun="Mixed sun and shade" walk="0min to 15min" name="The Summit Bouldering" acknowledgement="" history="" camping="" autonumber="false"/>
  <gps id="6">
    <point code="MWB200" description="Fence Boulders" zone="55G" northing="5250632" easting="519410" longitude="147.23774" latitude="-42.89667" pid="1" height="1250"/>
    <point code="MWB220" description="Above Stellas Arete" zone="55G" northing="5250681" easting="519443" longitude="147.23814" latitude="-42.89623" pid="2" height="1267"/>
    <point code="MWB230" description="Stellas Arete" zone="55G" northing="5250697" easting="519477" longitude="147.23856" latitude="-42.89609" pid="3" height="1241"/>
    <point code="MWB240" description="Below Stellas Arete" zone="55G" northing="5250656" easting="519498" longitude="147.23881" latitude="-42.89645" pid="4" height="1234"/>
    <point code="MWB250" description="Boulders above the Columns" zone="55G" northing="5250739" easting="519643" longitude="147.24059" latitude="-42.89570" pid="5" height="1182"/>
    <point code="MWB280" description="The Dildo" zone="55G" northing="5250901" easting="519379" longitude="147.23735" latitude="-42.89425" pid="6" height="1241"/>
    <point code="MWB210" description="Dont be such a Pussy" zone="55G" northing="5250747" easting="519516" longitude="147.23903" latitude="-42.89563" pid="7" height="1240"/>
  <text class="heading2" id="279">The Summit</text>
  <text class="text" id="280">There is tons of rock scattered around the summit of Mt Wellington. Park at the summit car park. These areas are described roughly north to south.</text>
  <text class="heading3" id="281">Dildo Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="282">These boulders are about 50m north of the northern lookout, just a bit below the road. The Dildo is an obvious landmark.</text>
  <image id="730" height="281" src="Dildo.jpg" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="52303" d="M344.0,203.0C326.8,185.4 316.9,177.7 301.0,159.0C285.1,140.3 258.3,104.5 253.0,96.0C247.7,87.5 248.8,81.6 246.0,72.0" points="344.0,203.0, 301.0,159.0, 253.0,96.0, 246.0,72.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="283"/>
  <problem id="283" name="The Dildo" number="1." stars="***" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)">Up the 45 degree overhanging pinnacle. Frickin' awesome, but watch for the friction.</problem>
  <problem id="284" name="The Dalek" number="2." stars="*" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)">Up the pinnacle just across from the Dildo. A hard move off the ground (hard to grade), then nicer and easier.</problem>
  <problem id="1188" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="">Sit start in the rock scar</problem>
  <text id="1189" class="text">Next boulders are a little way west-south-west</text>
  <problem id="287" name="Davros" number="5." stars="*" grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Up bulgy face on nice slopers.</problem>
  <problem id="285" name="Demented Dalek" number="3." stars="" grade="VE" extra="">Easy up pinnacle</problem>
  <problem id="286" name="" number="4." stars="" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)">Face around to left of Davros.</problem>
  <problem id="1190" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="">The face on the next boulder left.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="288">These problems are amongst the group of pinnacles up the hill, just below the road.</text>
  <problem id="289" name="" number="1." stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Easy face</problem>
  <problem id="290" name="" number="2." stars="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)">Up bulge</problem>
  <problem id="291" name="" number="3." stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Left arete</problem>
  <problem id="292" name="" number="4." stars="" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)">Face</problem>
  <problem id="293" name="" number="5." stars="" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)">Right arete</problem>
  <problem id="294" name="" number="6." stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Left side of slab</problem>
  <problem id="295" name="" number="7." stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Right side of slab, with amazing friction.</problem>
  <problem id="296" name="" number="8." stars="" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)">Up steep face. SDS is a project.</problem>
  <problem id="297" name="Imperial Dalek" number="9." stars="" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)">Tricky sit start to nice moves up pinnacle.</problem>
  <problem id="298" name="" number="10." stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Back of pinnacle behind Imperial Dalek.</problem>
  <problem id="299" name="" number="11." stars="" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)">Nice crack.</problem>
  <problem id="300" name="" number="12." stars="" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)">Arete</problem>
  <problem id="301" name="" number="13." stars="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)">Awkward bulge.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="823">Fifty metres downhill and south of Dildo is Satisfaction. There are a couple of easy low ball warmups on the way.</text>
  <image id="826" height="581" src="Satisfaction.jpg" width="400">
      <path id="74510" d="M184.0,315.0C174.8,231.8 157.1,141.5 161.0,107.0C164.9,72.5 193.4,66.2 215.0,39.0" points="184.0,315.0, 161.0,107.0, 215.0,39.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="824"/>
  <problem id="824" name="Satisfaction" number="1" stars="*" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Nice problem with mantle top out.</problem>
  <text class="heading2" id="317">Lookout Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="817">There are a range of boulders in the vicinity of the lookout. This area extends down and to the south of the Lookout. There look to be many possibilities in this area with landings varying from good to hospital visit.</text>
  <image id="819" height="564" src="Summit boulders.png" width="900"/>
  <problem id="1187" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="" name="Postcards" length="" grade="V0" fa="">Hand crack directly opposite the lookout. Probably best to avoid when there's tourists around.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="319">These boulders are straight below the lookout building in the scree. The landings are pretty bad except when smoothed out by some spring snow.</text>
  <image id="320" height="300" src="Mt Wellingtonlookout4.jpg"/>
  <problem id="321" name="       " number="1." stars="       " grade="V4" extra="(SDS)">Start underneath small fallen column and climb out bulge.</problem>
  <problem id="322" name="       " number="2." stars="       " grade="V4/5" extra="(SDS)">Start under fallen column and after tricky initial move climb up through bulge.</problem>
  <text class="access" id="323">This column is down the hill about 15m from the previous ones.</text>
  <image id="324" height="342" src="Mt Wellingtonlookout5.jpg"/>
  <problem id="325" name="       " number="1." stars="       " grade="V?" extra="(SDS)">Project - start underneath and go left and up</problem>
  <problem id="326" name="Don&apos;t be such a pussy Nerm!" number="2." stars="       " grade="V5" extra="(SDS)">Start on edges underneath column and use right heelhook to go up and right</problem>
  <text class="text" id="327">Follow a track marked by orange markers that starts on the right hand side of the lookout building for about 40-50m down the hill. These boulders are the first you come to, on the right, and can be seen from inside the lookout. From here Stella's Arete is 30-40m south.</text>
  <image id="329" height="344" src="Mt Wellingtonlookout3.jpg"/>
  <problem id="330" name="       " number="1." stars="*" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)">Thin seam up slab</problem>
  <problem id="331" name="       " number="2." stars="       " grade="V0" extra="(Stand)">Corner crack</problem>
  <problem id="332" name="       " number="3." stars="       " grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Slab/face</problem>
  <problem id="333" name="       " number="4." stars="       " grade="V2" extra="(Stand)">Face using aretes</problem>
  <problem id="334" name="Red" number="5." stars="*" grade="V2/3" extra="(Stand)">Nice face</problem>
  <problem id="335" name="       " number="6." stars="       " grade="V3" extra="(Stand)">Start 1m right of Red and up through bulge</problem>
  <problem id="336" name="       " number="7." stars="       " grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Slab/face, start just right of corner</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="795">Stella's Arete Area</text>
  <text class="text" id="337">This is the main group of boulders and is ~50 metres south of the lookout, and 30-40m south of the track. Stella's Arete is a landmark, and a bunch of the other boulders are described from here.</text>
  <image id="338" height="600" src="IMG_9428.jpg" width="800" legend="true" legendy="0" legendx="0">null
      <path id="25486" d="M30.0,355.0C30.4,335.0 25.6,324.3 31.0,305.0C36.4,285.7 49.7,271.0 59.0,251.0C68.3,231.0 71.6,220.4 80.0,200.0" points="30.0,355.0, 31.0,305.0, 59.0,251.0, 80.0,200.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="339"/>
      <path id="51591" d="M106.0,349.0C104.8,319.8 104.0,305.2 103.0,276.0C102.0,246.8 101.8,229.8 101.0,199.0" points="106.0,349.0, 103.0,276.0, 101.0,199.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="340"/>
      <path id="49029" d="M161.0,389.0C156.6,369.8 152.3,360.6 150.0,341.0C147.7,321.4 147.3,277.4 147.0,271.0C146.7,264.6 146.5,261.4 146.0,255.0C145.5,248.6 143.0,219.0 141.0,195.0" points="161.0,389.0, 150.0,341.0, 147.0,271.0, 146.0,255.0, 141.0,195.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="341"/>
      <path id="11418" d="M255.0,390.0C252.2,349.6 250.4,319.8 248.0,289.0C245.6,258.2 243.8,242.8 241.0,212.0" points="255.0,390.0, 248.0,289.0, 241.0,212.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="342"/>
      <path id="48695" d="M288.0,378.0C286.8,326.4 286.0,260.6 285.0,249.0C284.0,237.4 278.4,232.8 274.0,222.0" points="288.0,378.0, 285.0,249.0, 274.0,222.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="343"/>
      <path id="22230" d="M381.0,332.0C375.4,326.8 375.8,318.9 377.0,310.0C378.2,301.1 384.4,287.9 389.0,273.0" points="381.0,332.0, 377.0,310.0, 389.0,273.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="344"/>
      <path id="11329" d="M472.0,382.0C469.2,362.0 468.5,343.7 465.0,332.0C461.5,320.3 455.4,316.4 449.0,306.0" points="472.0,382.0, 465.0,332.0, 449.0,306.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="346"/>
      <path id="4783" d="M464.0,363.0C451.2,354.6 444.9,350.2 432.0,342.0C419.1,333.8 400.6,324.2 395.0,319.0C389.4,313.8 379.0,317.6 378.0,310.0C377.0,302.4 384.4,286.9 389.0,272.0" points="464.0,363.0, 432.0,342.0, 395.0,319.0, 378.0,310.0, 389.0,272.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="345"/>
      <path id="8785" d="M501.0,385.0C499.0,352.2 495.4,321.3 496.0,303.0C496.6,284.7 501.4,276.0 505.0,258.0" points="501.0,385.0, 496.0,303.0, 505.0,258.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="348"/>
      <path id="61916" d="M553.0,373.0C549.8,343.4 546.3,312.6 545.0,299.0C543.7,285.4 543.8,278.6 543.0,265.0" points="553.0,373.0, 545.0,299.0, 543.0,265.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="349"/>
      <path id="59253" d="M621.0,407.0C620.2,379.0 618.1,365.0 619.0,337.0C619.9,309.0 623.2,290.2 626.0,259.0" points="621.0,407.0, 619.0,337.0, 626.0,259.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="350"/>
      <path id="50317" d="M673.0,377.0C671.0,350.6 673.2,334.1 668.0,311.0C662.8,287.9 654.8,278.0 646.0,256.0" points="673.0,377.0, 668.0,311.0, 646.0,256.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="351"/>
      <path id="59711" d="M708.0,391.0C707.6,378.6 709.2,372.2 707.0,360.0C704.8,347.8 698.5,317.9 692.0,301.0C685.5,284.1 678.2,277.6 669.0,262.0" points="708.0,391.0, 707.0,360.0, 692.0,301.0, 669.0,262.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="352"/>
      <path id="71796" d="M448.0,386.0C447.2,378.0 450.6,372.6 446.0,366.0C441.4,359.4 424.6,353.4 417.0,342.0C409.4,330.6 411.6,322.2 408.0,309.0" points="448.0,386.0,label 446.0,366.0, 417.0,342.0, 408.0,309.0," arrow="false" linkedTo="885" lineStyle="dotted"/>
  <problem id="339" name="       " number="1." stars="       " grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Up broken prow</problem>
  <problem id="340" name="       " number="2." stars="       " grade="VE" extra="(Stand)">Corner</problem>
  <problem id="341" name="       " number="3." stars="*" grade="V3" extra="(Stand)">Up slopey slab</problem>
  <problem id="342" name="This Big" number="4." stars="       " grade="V3" extra="(Stand)">Climb slab by spanning aretes</problem>
  <problem id="343" name="       " number="5." stars="" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Slab and hand crack just around to right from This Big</problem>
  <problem id="344" name="Get Up" number="6." stars="*" grade="V2" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Up steep prow on jugs</problem>
  <problem id="345" name="       The Primis" number="7." stars="**" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" fa="R. Sklenica, 2017" length="">Start as for Grovel, traverse steeply left and finish through get up</problem>
  <problem id="346" name="Grovel" number="8." stars="" grade="V3/4" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Start off jug and thrutch straight up over bulge</problem>
  <problem id="885" name="Squirm til it&apos;s firm" number="" stars="**" grade="Ungraded" extra="" fa="Rye Stallard, Jan 2019" length="">Squeeze test. Peer under the start jug for the primus. See the dank hole? Breathe out, squeeze in, harden up.</problem>
  <problem id="347" name="       " number="9. " stars="*" grade="V3/4" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">The face left of Stella's Arete</problem>
  <problem id="348" name="Stella&apos;s Arete" number="10." stars="***" grade="V4" extra="(Stand)" fa="Jon Nermut" length="">Steep and classy arete</problem>
  <problem id="349" name="       " number="11." stars="" grade="V?" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Project - Hard face</problem>
  <problem id="350" name="Nice Job" number="12." stars="**" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Classic dolerite arete</problem>
  <problem id="351" name="       " number="13." stars="" grade="V0-" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Easy face</problem>
  <problem id="352" name="       " number="14." stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Easy corner</problem>
  <problem id="877" name="No Cable Car" number="15." stars="*" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">15m right of Nice Job is a short arete with an unusual number of big holds.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="773">Fatman Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="774">This group of boulders is just south and down from Stella's Arete area.</text>
  <image id="775" height="600" src="Fatman Boulders.jpg" width="800" legend="true">
      <path id="97137" d="M213.0,382.0C204.6,374.8 196.9,373.9 192.0,364.0C187.1,354.1 182.3,341.5 186.0,327.0C189.7,312.5 199.8,309.0 209.0,297.0" points="213.0,382.0, 192.0,364.0, 186.0,327.0, 209.0,297.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="777"/>
      <path id="50395" d="M154.0,365.0C154.0,348.2 155.4,339.7 154.0,323.0C152.6,306.3 148.6,283.4 145.0,257.0" points="154.0,365.0, 154.0,323.0, 145.0,257.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="776"/>
      <path id="65828" d="M240.0,387.0C238.0,377.0 235.2,372.2 235.0,362.0C234.8,351.8 241.0,338.5 239.0,325.0C237.0,311.5 230.6,306.4 225.0,294.0" points="240.0,387.0, 235.0,362.0, 239.0,325.0, 225.0,294.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="778"/>
      <path id="28062" d="M258.0,393.0C252.8,379.4 243.9,373.5 245.0,359.0C246.1,344.5 261.5,332.7 264.0,313.0C266.5,293.3 260.4,279.4 258.0,257.0" points="258.0,393.0, 245.0,359.0, 264.0,313.0, 258.0,257.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="779"/>
      <path id="29127" d="M371.0,371.0C366.6,353.0 363.3,344.2 360.0,326.0C356.7,307.8 350.3,293.5 354.0,278.0C357.7,262.5 369.0,259.4 379.0,247.0" points="371.0,371.0, 360.0,326.0, 354.0,278.0, 379.0,247.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="780"/>
      <path id="69717" d="M418.0,354.0C416.0,349.2 413.2,347.2 413.0,342.0C412.8,336.8 413.6,311.6 416.0,299.0C418.4,286.4 422.6,281.0 427.0,269.0" points="418.0,354.0, 413.0,342.0, 416.0,299.0, 427.0,269.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="784"/>
      <path id="79708" d="M484.0,375.0C486.0,356.6 486.8,347.4 489.0,329.0C491.2,310.6 498.0,258.4 498.0,258.0C498.0,257.6 498.0,257.4 498.0,257.0" points="484.0,375.0, 489.0,329.0, 498.0,258.0, 498.0,257.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="783"/>
      <path id="52707" d="M554.0,433.0C545.6,419.4 537.9,414.2 533.0,399.0C528.1,383.8 530.6,373.2 529.0,356.0" points="554.0,433.0, 533.0,399.0, 529.0,356.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="781"/>
      <path id="84583" d="M570.0,429.0C559.6,415.4 534.3,409.1 544.0,395.0C553.7,380.9 607.8,369.1 616.0,362.0C624.2,354.9 614.2,345.8 613.0,335.0" points="570.0,429.0, 544.0,395.0, 616.0,362.0, 613.0,335.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="782"/>
      <path id="89522" d="M604.0,409.0C606.0,400.6 607.0,396.4 609.0,388.0" points="604.0,409.0, 609.0,388.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="785" lineStyle="solid"/>
      <path id="67639" d="M611.0,461.0C623.8,451.0 633.6,443.7 643.0,436.0C652.4,428.3 661.0,427.1 666.0,416.0C671.0,404.9 666.0,397.4 666.0,385.0" points="611.0,461.0, 643.0,436.0, 666.0,416.0, 666.0,385.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="944" lineStyle="dashed"/>
  <problem id="776" name="Raiders of the Lost Compost" number="1" stars="" grade="V1" extra="" fa="Mike Hitchcock June 2019" length="">Elevated overhanging pillar to the left (south) of Fatman.&lt;br/&gt;</problem>
  <problem id="777" name="Fatman" number="2" stars="**" grade="V6" extra="(SDS)" fa="T. Krauss, 2014" length="">Start on flake in middle of block, move left and up to mantle via left arete and right sidepull above flake. Surprisingly good problem! Don't use holds to the right of left block. It goes about V3/4 if you use 'tall person beta'.</problem>
  <problem id="778" name="Fatman and Robin" number="3" stars="" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="T. Krauss, 2014" length="">Start on flake as for Fatman but move straight up. Don't back of block on right and mantle via Fatman block</problem>
  <problem id="779" name="Robin" number="4" stars="*" grade="V2" extra="(Hang)" fa="M. Young, 2017" length="">Start one move into F&amp;R, use arete on back right to move up, mantle top.</problem>
  <problem id="780" name="" number="5" stars="" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="T Krauss 2019" length="">Eeasy slap to high finish.</problem>
  <problem id="784" name="Project 1" number="6" stars="" grade="project" extra="" fa="" length="">On the block to the left of Project 2, low sit start to easy top. Around v0?</problem>
  <problem id="783" name="Project 2" number="7" stars="" grade="project" extra="(Hang)" fa="" length="">Hang with left hand on broken crimp, right hand around arete on sideways crimp, slap for crimp rail up and right, mantle. V5+</problem>
  <problem id="781" name="Project 4" number="8" stars="" grade="project" extra="(Hang)" fa="" length="">Start with right hand in roof jug underneath, left hand on flat jug. Move up and left, mantle. brushed and ready to go. Around v2ish?</problem>
  <problem id="782" name="Project 5" number="9" stars="" grade="project" extra="(Hang)" fa="" length="">Start as for project 2, move right underneath or around nose, mantle right side of block. Around v4ish?</problem>
  <problem id="785" name="Project 6" number="10" stars="" grade="project" extra="" fa="" length="">Around right of pillar, move left on slopers and mantle</problem>
  <problem id="944" name="The loftiest climb on the mountain" number="11" stars="" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Sit start hugging the underside of the pillar. Head towards the tip and mantle.</problem>
  <text id="1150" class="text">Just a few meters to climber's right.</text>
  <problem id="1151" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="Easy overhanging finger crack" length="" grade="V1" fa="C Lang 2019">Sit in the groove and climb the finger crack on the right to a mantle.</problem>
  <problem id="1152" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V2" fa="C Lang 2019">Star on the bottom of the diving platform, up and around.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="966">The next few climbs are downhill and south of the Fatman boulders.</text>
  <problem id="968" name="Unclimbed line" number="1" stars="" grade="Project " extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">This hasn't seen an ascent.</problem>
  <problem id="967" name="Two-toned Cadillac " number="2" stars="" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Sit start on the rail, and mantle up.</problem>
  <problem id="969" name="Foot Rose" number="3" stars="" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Sit start the face, avoiding the crap to the left.</problem>
  <text id="1153" class="text">Somewhere in the vicinity...</text>
  <problem id="1154" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V0" fa="A Lawson 2019">Short round pillar.</problem>
  <problem id="1155" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="C Lang 2019">Fist crack.</problem>
  <problem id="1156" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="C Lang 2019">Face between the cracks.</problem>
  <problem id="1157" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="C Lang 2019">Finger/hand crack.</problem>
  <text id="1158" class="text">Somewhere in the vicinity...</text>
  <problem id="1159" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="C Lang 2019">Layback and hook up the flake.</problem>
  <problem id="1160" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="A Lawson 2019">Up the crack</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="353">Snowflakes Area</text>
  <text class="text" id="354">Another small group further down and to the south of Stella's Arete.</text>
  <image id="762" height="600" src="IMG_9356.jpg" width="800" legend="true">
      <path id="52696" d="M186.0,414.0C184.0,403.6 180.6,396.8 181.0,388.0C181.4,379.2 187.9,375.9 188.0,367.0C188.1,358.1 170.8,330.0 177.0,306.0C183.2,282.0 202.2,270.6 219.0,247.0" points="186.0,414.0, 181.0,388.0, 188.0,367.0, 177.0,306.0, 219.0,247.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="763"/>
      <path id="3367" d="M187.0,367.0C187.1,358.1 185.9,339.7 192.0,333.0C198.1,326.3 202.9,324.7 209.0,318.0C215.1,311.3 245.9,311.2 252.0,292.0C258.1,272.8 244.8,262.0 240.0,242.0" points="187.0,367.0, 192.0,333.0, 209.0,318.0, 252.0,292.0, 240.0,242.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="764"/>
      <path id="57543" d="M230.0,405.0C233.6,384.6 235.1,374.3 239.0,354.0C242.9,333.7 245.9,310.2 252.0,291.0" points="230.0,405.0, 239.0,354.0, 252.0,291.0," linkedTo="765"/>
      <path id="45052" d="M305.0,452.0C301.4,432.4 298.7,422.7 296.0,403.0C293.3,383.3 285.8,316.6 279.0,259.0" points="305.0,452.0, 296.0,403.0, 279.0,259.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="766"/>
      <path id="15236" d="M444.0,467.0C453.2,441.4 464.6,430.1 467.0,403.0C469.4,375.9 456.9,343.0 456.0,331.0C455.1,319.0 457.8,313.0 459.0,301.0" points="444.0,467.0, 467.0,403.0, 456.0,331.0, 459.0,301.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="767"/>
      <path id="32083" d="M645.0,458.0C646.6,437.6 645.7,427.2 649.0,407.0C652.3,386.8 660.7,371.9 662.0,355.0C663.3,338.1 658.4,329.8 656.0,313.0" points="645.0,458.0, 649.0,407.0, 662.0,355.0, 656.0,313.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="768"/>
      <path id="83560" d="M730.0,386.0C730.4,370.0 730.8,362.0 731.0,346.0C731.2,330.0 734.6,316.3 731.0,297.0C727.4,277.7 719.0,261.6 711.0,238.0" points="730.0,386.0, 731.0,346.0, 731.0,297.0, 711.0,238.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="769"/>
      <path id="16847" d="M534.0,417.0C537.6,403.0 541.5,396.4 543.0,382.0C544.5,367.6 546.0,345.6 543.0,333.0C540.0,320.4 532.2,316.8 525.0,306.0" points="534.0,417.0, 543.0,382.0, 543.0,333.0, 525.0,306.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="941"/>
      <path id="89839" points="709.0,324.0, 696.0,274.0, 684.0,237.0," d="M709.0,324.0C703.8,304.0 700.3,289.0 696.0,274.0C691.7,259.0 688.8,251.8 684.0,237.0" linkedTo="1104" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="763" name="Snowflakes" number="1" stars="" grade="V3" extra="(Stand)" fa="T. Krauss, 2017" length="">Stand start with left hand on good crimp, right hand on lowest part of sloper rail. Punch straight up and mantle over left hand arete of boulder</problem>
  <problem id="764" name="Pancakes" number="2" stars="*" grade="V3" extra="(Stand)" fa="T. Krauss, 2017" length="">Start as for Snowflakes but traverse the big undercling roof feature to the right and mantle the centre of the top slab.</problem>
  <problem id="765" name="Kaiserschmarrn" number="3" stars="*" grade="V6" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Start on middle of big sloper, punch straight up into roof and top out as for Pancakes</problem>
  <problem id="766" name="Firing Line" number="4" stars="*" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Start on big detached boulder and climb wide crack feature to the right of Pancakes.</problem>
  <problem id="767" name="Hamburger Pie" number="5" stars="*" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="D Tan 2019" length="">Low sit start with left layaway and right crimp. Up through the arete to top out.</problem>
  <problem id="941" name="We&apos;re all so fucking unique" number="6" stars="" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Sit start the arete.</problem>
  <problem id="768" name="Muffled Optimist" number="7" stars="*" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="T. Krauss, 2017" length="">Sit start as low under overhanging pillar as possible, feet on large slopey feature, slap your way to the top, mantle nose lip</problem>
  <problem id="1104" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="8" name="Optimist project" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Up the front of the pillar. Somewhat independent of the Pessimistic Optimist, and very hard. Wait for winter conditions.</problem>
  <problem id="769" name="Pessemistic Optimist" number="9" stars="" grade="V5" extra="(Stand)" fa="R Schwarz 2019" length="">Stand start with feet in the scoop. Slap and crimp your way up to the top jugs.</problem>
  <problem id="942" name="" number="10" stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="T Krauss 2019" length="">Up the line behind the Optimist Project</problem>
  <problem id="943" name="A Unique Blend" number="11" stars="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Sit start on the crimps and head up.</problem>
  <image id="786" height="600" src="Snowflakes Boulder.jpg" width="800" legend="true">
      <path id="9870" d="M221.0,179.0C228.6,169.4 235.1,166.2 240.0,155.0C244.9,143.8 252.3,129.1 251.0,111.0C249.7,92.9 238.4,52.8 230.0,14.0" points="221.0,179.0, 240.0,155.0, 251.0,111.0, 230.0,14.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="788"/>
      <path id="49199" d="M126.0,265.0C132.4,241.0 137.5,229.4 142.0,205.0C146.5,180.6 144.5,162.0 150.0,134.0C155.5,106.0 165.8,64.0 173.0,47.0C180.2,30.0 190.4,25.4 202.0,11.0" points="126.0,265.0, 142.0,205.0, 150.0,134.0, 173.0,47.0, 202.0,11.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="787"/>
      <path id="69965" d="M518.0,383.0C510.0,366.6 501.1,360.0 498.0,342.0C494.9,324.0 499.1,310.1 502.0,289.0C504.9,267.9 521.8,242.6 536.0,235.0C550.2,227.4 560.2,260.2 573.0,251.0C585.8,241.8 576.1,225.5 568.0,212.0C559.9,198.5 528.4,164.6 502.0,133.0" points="518.0,383.0, 498.0,342.0, 502.0,289.0, 536.0,235.0, 573.0,251.0, 568.0,212.0, 502.0,133.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="764"/>
      <path id="9170" d="M482.0,367.0C488.0,357.0 494.1,353.3 497.0,342.0C499.9,330.7 499.1,309.1 502.0,288.0C504.9,266.9 502.7,237.0 493.0,205.0C483.3,173.0 459.8,146.9 454.0,129.0C448.2,111.1 453.4,100.8 453.0,82.0" points="482.0,367.0, 497.0,342.0, 502.0,288.0, 493.0,205.0, 454.0,129.0, 453.0,82.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="763"/>
  <problem id="787" name="Freefall Forewarned" number="11" stars="**" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)" fa="T. Krauss, 2017" length="">Classic for the grade. Stand start on good feet, reaching left to break, right around to slopers. Straight up and mantle via good holds up high.</problem>
  <problem id="788" name="Freefall Anyway" number="12" stars="**" grade="V4" extra="(Stand)" fa="T. Krauss, 2017" length="">Stand start on left hand sloper, big moves up right, then straight up for top.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="963">South of the Snowflakes area you'll find the next handful of problems.</text>
  <problem id="964" name="Choker" number="1" stars="" grade="V1" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Climb the free hanging pillar from the underside.</problem>
  <problem id="965" name="C.A.B" number="2" stars="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Sit start under the bulge left of Choker.</problem> 
  <text class="heading2" id="793">The Asylum Years Scree</text>
  <text class="text" id="818">There are some serious boulder problems further down the hill from Stella's Arete. James Trainer worked this area around 2010.&lt;br/&gt;These problems are actually in a quite small area, but the scree is a total maze, and its hard to describe. From Stella's Arete head straight down the hill past a lump of rock with no problems, and keep going to the scree. Once you've crested the wave of scree, try and find the Invisible boulder which is one of the first of the overhanging pillars, and is just a bit to the north. If you miss it to the south, and head further down the hill, you'll probably run into the Asylum Years.</text>
  <image id="882" height="311" src="asylum-scree.jpg" width="1000" legend="true" legendy="11" legendx="10" legendTitle="The Asylum Years Scree">
      <rect id="41822" style="black_text_on_solid_yellow" height="22" width="102" arrowDirection="south" text="The Asylum Years" y="92" x="719"/>
      <rect id="56926" style="black_text_on_solid_yellow" height="22" width="76" arrowDirection="south" text="Le Petit Pilier" y="12" x="299"/>
      <rect id="32498" style="black_text_on_solid_yellow" height="36" width="52" arrowDirection="south" text="Invisible&lt;br/&gt;(behind)" y="6" x="539"/>
      <rect id="27467" style="black_text_on_solid_yellow" height="36" width="70" arrowDirection="south_west" text="Sugarlumps&lt;br/&gt;(behind)" y="32" x="664"/>
  <text class="heading3" id="820">Invisible Area</text>
  <text class="text" id="821">This area is a landmark. It's pretty much down the hill from the lookout.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The ute mat was 'cleaned up' so Trinamic now has a serious landing.</text>
  <image id="822" height="555" src="Ute Mat Boulders.jpg" width="600" legend="true">
      <path id="15660" d="M172.0,402.0C141.6,361.6 117.2,346.9 96.0,301.0C74.8,255.1 58.5,207.0 60.0,160.0C61.5,113.0 86.4,94.6 104.0,51.0" points="172.0,402.0, 96.0,301.0, 60.0,160.0, 104.0,51.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="827"/>
      <path id="24320" d="M364.0,377.0C302.0,317.8 235.6,277.9 209.0,229.0C182.4,180.1 208.4,145.6 208.0,90.0" points="364.0,377.0, 209.0,229.0, 208.0,90.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="828"/>
      <path id="60425" d="M394.0,421.0C398.4,350.6 405.2,298.4 405.0,245.0C404.8,191.6 397.8,165.2 393.0,112.0" points="394.0,421.0, 405.0,245.0, 393.0,112.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="829"/>
  <problem id="827" name="Invisible Passports" number="1" stars="**" grade="V11" extra="(SDS)" fa="J. Trainer, 2010" length="">Sit start low on steep pillar, move up and out via burly climbing</problem>
  <problem id="828" name="Planned Aspiration" number="2" stars="" grade="V9" extra="(SDS)" fa="A Donoghue 2010" length="">A contrived but pleasant line. Sit start the double crack feature of the hanging sword, climb out and up using only the sword. If you layback/jam the crack to finish up the sword, it goes around V5.</problem>
  <problem id="829" name="Trinamic" number="3" stars="**" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" fa="T. Krauss, 2018" length="">Sit start with feet on ramp and left hand on low sidepulls, right hand on far right slopers. Climb straight out via compression following both opposing aretes. Finish by mantling over nose. Great steep problem!</problem>
  <problem id="874" name="Exfoliation" number="4" stars="*" grade="V2" extra="(SDS)" fa="Marco D&apos;Alessandro, April 2018" length="">Start as for Trinamic, match on large exfoliated ledge on right hand side and move directly up to slopes before reaching over to top out jugs.</problem>
  <text id="1161" class="text">Next few problems are a few meters to the climbers left from invisible area.</text>
  <problem id="1162" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V2/3" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Up and around the diving platform from below.</problem>
  <problem id="1163" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Unclimbed line -- Overhanging finger crack with a no so good landing.</problem>
  <problem id="1164" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="C Lang 2019">Up and around the diving platform.</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="789">Sugarlumps Boulder</text>
  <text class="text" id="878">Head ~30m north from Invisible, then down a little bit. You can see the 'horn' at the top of the boulder from Invisible.</text>
  <problem id="1009" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="" name="Fine dining" length="" grade="V1" fa="">The face direcly behind Sugarlumps. Sit start is a V2.</problem>
  <problem id="792" name="Sugarlumps" number="1" stars="***" grade="V8" extra="" fa="J. Trainer, 2010" length="">This problem is as exposed as it looks. Well, you won't fall to Hobart, but there is a several metre drop onto some ugly rocks.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</problem>
  <image id="791" height="600" src="sugarlumps.jpg" width="800">
      <path id="78025" d="M670.0,383.0C649.6,357.8 640.5,344.3 619.0,320.0C597.5,295.7 579.9,282.3 561.0,260.0C542.1,237.7 529.6,216.5 518.0,201.0C506.4,185.5 493.1,181.7 488.0,163.0C482.9,144.3 490.4,128.2 492.0,105.0" points="670.0,383.0, 619.0,320.0, 561.0,260.0, 518.0,201.0, 488.0,163.0, 492.0,105.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="792"/>
  <problem id="1165" stars="**" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V6" fa="T Krauss 2019">On the north-facing wall 3m uphill from the Sugarlumps boulder. Unlikely moves and holds seem to all face the wrong way.</problem>
  <problem id="1167" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="Push the bush" length="" grade="V2" fa="M Lovell 2019">What did that bush ever do to you?! Same start as **V6, but head right to easy climbing.</problem>
  <text id="1166" class="text">Next few problems are in the wall facing Sugarlumps.</text>
  <problem id="1168" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V3" fa="T Krauss 2019">Up the face from low LH side pull.</problem>
  <problem id="1169" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Sit start and up the left edge.</problem>
  <problem id="1170" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Unclimbed line -- Up the RH edge.</problem>
  <text id="1176" class="text">Just around to the right...</text>
  <problem id="1171" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="T Krauss 2019">Left edge</problem>
  <problem id="1172" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V0" fa="C Lang 2019">Right edge</problem>
  <problem id="1173" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="The Chode" length="" grade="V1" fa="C Lang 2019">Crawl into the bush, wrap your arms around the pillar, open your mouth, and climb it.</problem>
  <problem id="1174" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="What&apos;s that scrawl say?" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Climb the... hand crack or face climb? Fucked if I remember and fucked if we can read the notes...</problem>
  <text id="1175" class="text">The next boulders are just around to the right and uphill.</text>
  <problem id="1177" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="" name="Double mantle?!" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Everybody's favourite climb.</problem>
  <problem id="1178" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="" name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="T Krauss 2019">Easy face-arete thing.</problem>
  <problem id="1179" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Short and round.</problem>
  <problem id="1180" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="" name="Slab" length="" grade="V2" fa="T Krauss 2019">Short slab (literally, if you're not short there is no slab) to mantle.</problem>
  <problem id="1181" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="A Lawson 2019">Face like thing.</problem>
  <problem id="1182" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Crackity face.</problem>
  <problem id="1183" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Arete.</problem>
  <problem id="1184" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="" name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="C Lang 2019">Face</problem>
  <problem id="1185" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="Crack with bush" length="" grade="V0" fa="C Lang 2019">Read name, climb. Nothing more to add.</problem>
  <problem id="1186" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="" name="" length="" grade="VE" fa="M Hitchcock 2019">Short crack</problem>
  <text class="heading3" id="796">Asylum Years</text>
  <image id="799" height="600" src="Asylum Years.jpg" width="800" legend="true">
      <path id="39151" d="M280.0,355.0C290.8,343.8 296.3,337.9 307.0,327.0C317.7,316.1 325.3,308.5 334.0,300.0C342.7,291.5 347.5,287.7 356.0,279.0C364.5,270.3 370.4,263.4 380.0,253.0" points="280.0,355.0, 307.0,327.0, 334.0,300.0, 356.0,279.0, 380.0,253.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="797" lineStyle="dashed"/>
  <text class="text" id="879">~50m at 45 degrees down and south from Invisible.</text>
  <problem id="797" name="The Asylum Years Project" number="1" stars="***" grade="Project" extra="" fa="" length="">Rumoured to be Tassies hardest project. Tried by J. Trainer back in the day. Good landing for first couple of moves, the higher up the spicier it gets.&lt;br/&gt;</problem>
  <text class="text" id="883">There are two very steep and gnarly cracks just to the right of The Asylum Years - they probably haven't been done (?).</text>
  <text class="text" id="880">Le Petit Pilier is south and up from Asylum Years, and south and down from Invisible.</text>
  <image id="800" height="415" src="le grand pillier.jpg" width="800" legend="true" legendx="3" legendy="2">
      <path id="24365" d="M204.0,306.0C184.8,277.2 173.7,263.7 156.0,234.0C138.3,204.3 115.9,190.7 114.0,155.0C112.1,119.3 133.8,98.6 147.0,61.0" points="204.0,306.0, 156.0,234.0, 114.0,155.0, 147.0,61.0," linkedTo="802"/>
      <path id="21548" d="M305.0,312.0C279.4,249.2 244.9,182.5 241.0,155.0C237.1,127.5 270.7,121.5 274.0,94.0C277.3,66.5 263.8,51.4 257.0,23.0" points="305.0,312.0, 241.0,155.0, 274.0,94.0, 257.0,23.0," linkedTo="862"/>
      <path id="40030" d="M424.0,291.0C412.0,221.8 395.2,128.9 394.0,118.0C392.8,107.1 399.4,102.4 403.0,92.0" points="424.0,291.0, 394.0,118.0, 403.0,92.0," linkedTo="813"/>
      <path id="25496" d="M348.0,301.0C353.2,265.4 358.5,247.9 361.0,212.0C363.5,176.1 362.2,137.6 363.0,88.0" points="348.0,301.0, 361.0,212.0, 363.0,88.0," linkedTo="863"/>
      <path id="2386" d="M508.0,211.0C507.6,184.2 508.8,162.7 507.0,144.0C505.2,125.3 501.0,116.4 497.0,98.0" points="508.0,211.0, 507.0,144.0, 497.0,98.0," linkedTo="864"/>
      <path id="99021" d="M504.0,275.0C505.6,248.6 507.4,235.4 508.0,209.0C508.6,182.6 508.6,161.3 507.0,143.0C505.4,124.7 501.6,116.0 498.0,98.0" points="504.0,275.0, 508.0,209.0, 507.0,143.0, 498.0,98.0," linkedTo="865"/>
      <path id="71210" d="M557.0,232.0C556.6,220.0 552.3,213.4 556.0,202.0C559.7,190.6 580.7,163.0 587.0,139.0C593.3,115.0 588.2,101.8 589.0,77.0" points="557.0,232.0, 556.0,202.0, 587.0,139.0, 589.0,77.0," linkedTo="866"/>
  <problem id="802" name="Le Petit Pilier" number="1" stars="***" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="J. Trainer, 2010" length="">Compression moves to big sloper to top straight up.</problem>
  <problem id="862" name="Le Grand Pillier" number="2" stars="**" grade="V10/11" extra="(SDS)" fa="J. Trainer, 2010" length="">Sit start the right hand arete of the pillar, hard moves off ground follow arete to mantle top. Originally V11, possibly slightly easier due to a popped flake improving a foothold.</problem>
  <problem id="863" name="" number="3" stars="" grade="V?" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Unclimbed line ---- Stand start on lowest left possible arete sidepull way down in the hole, climb up via sidepulls, potentially hard dyno to lip. Brushed up and ready to go</problem>
  <problem id="813" name="Le Grande Pincée" number="4" stars="**" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" fa="R. Sklenica, 2017" length="">5 metres to the right of Le Petit Pillier is a very nice compression line. Sit start with a hand on each arete and a good left foot, strenuous from there. Stay away from the ominous hole on the left and top out straight via slightly sketchy but fun mantle directly up the lower face.</problem>
  <problem id="864" name="Aimless Pillar Stand" number="5" stars="*" grade="V4" extra="(Stand)" fa="T. Krauss, 2018" length="">Stand start to Aimless Pillar, start with good sidepull on left at around half height and slopers on the right, top out straight up via mantle</problem>
  <problem id="865" name="Aimless Pillar Project" number="6" stars="" grade="" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Sit start the pillar as low as possible, left hand on okay sidepul, right hand on bad slopers, feet on tiny crystal indentations, hard first move to crux when meeting stand start position, finish as for stand start. V9?</problem>
  <problem id="866" name="Treetops" number="7" stars="" grade="V3" extra="(Hang)" fa="T. Krauss, 2018" length="">Hang start of single hand slot in horizontal crack, move up and right to mentle the slab top.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="816">Twenty metres downhill from Le Petit Pillier this boulder faces northwards, or towards the Asylum Years Project.</text>
  <image id="814" height="358" src="Le Petit Pillier area warmup.jpg">
      <path id="1350" d="M221.0,237.0C222.2,207.8 223.6,193.2 224.0,164.0C224.4,134.8 223.4,109.4 223.0,73.0" points="221.0,237.0, 224.0,164.0, 223.0,73.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="815" lineStyle="solid"/>
  <problem id="815" name="Spanned Out" number="1" stars="*" grade="V3" extra="(SDS)" fa="Marco D&apos;Alessandro 2017" length="">Sit start with a hand on each arete (if you can reach!) and feet on smears. This problem can either be done by moving to the right arete (which may be slightly easier) or by using both aretes the whole way and toe hooks to help.</problem>
  <problem id="1127" stars="***" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="The Vibe Theory" length="" grade="V7" fa="M Hitchcock 2020">A rising traverse on slopers. Sit start low on the boulder (below the chock) with a decent right hand.</problem>
  <text id="1071" class="heading3">Alcove Boulders</text>
  <text id="1072" class="text">Follow the Organ Pipes track form the summit. About 50m from the top of the Organ Pipes there are a couple of groups of snow gums. The Alcove is the group to the right of the track and is best approached from the uphill side, heading south across the blocks until you can easily walk down.</text>
  <image id="1073" src="Alcove0.jpg" height="532" width="600" legend="true" legendx="3" legendy="6">
      <path id="72114" points="291.0,310.0, 244.0,115.0," d="M291.0,310.0C272.2,232.0 262.8,193.0 244.0,115.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1074"/>
      <path id="48143" points="479.0,306.0, 475.0,139.0, 460.0,38.0," d="M479.0,306.0C477.4,239.2 477.9,179.7 475.0,139.0C472.1,98.3 466.0,78.4 460.0,38.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1075"/>
  <problem id="1074" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="1." name="" length="" grade="V3" fa="">Start on the sidepull.</problem>
  <problem id="1075" stars="**" extra="(Stand)" number="2." name="" length="" grade="V0" fa="">Classic slab.</problem>
  <image id="1076" src="Alcove.jpg" height="502" width="700" legend="true">
      <path id="22397" points="103.0,443.0, 75.0,107.0," d="M103.0,443.0C91.8,308.6 86.2,241.4 75.0,107.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1075"/>
      <path id="14886" points="391.0,258.0, 367.0,119.0," d="M391.0,258.0C381.4,202.4 376.6,174.6 367.0,119.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1077"/>
      <path id="69220" points="555.0,241.0, 504.0,150.0, 546.0,106.0," d="M555.0,241.0C534.6,204.6 505.6,174.3 504.0,150.0C502.4,125.7 529.2,123.6 546.0,106.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1078"/>
      <path id="44807" points="451.0,339.0, 459.0,328.0," d="M451.0,339.0C454.2,334.6 455.8,332.4 459.0,328.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1079"/>
      <path id="64150" points="329.0,273.0, 297.0,185.0, 293.0,97.0," d="M329.0,273.0C316.2,237.8 304.1,219.5 297.0,185.0C289.9,150.5 294.6,132.2 293.0,97.0" linkedTo="1110" arrow="true"/>
  <problem id="1110" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="3" name="" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Ultimate power-compression project. Standstart with good RH and LH slope, go up the guts of the bulge.</problem>
  <problem id="1077" stars="" extra="" number="4" name="" length="" grade="V?" fa="">Overhanging line with a couple of variants by the look.</problem>
  <problem id="1078" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="5" name="Cope" length="" grade="V2" fa="">Start up the wall or crack then top out over the Coping block.</problem>
  <problem id="1079" stars="" extra="" number="6" name="Time in the hole" length="" grade="V1" fa="">Start in the hole behind 3. Climb the L arete starting off the rounded block.</problem>
  <text id="1080" class="heading3">Invisible Plus Boulders</text>
  <text id="1081" class="text">The Invisible Plus area is the other area of snow gums across the track and is about 50m North and slightly uphill from the Alcove.</text>
  <image id="1082" src="Invisible_plus1.jpg" height="703" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="93741" points="84.0,439.0, 94.0,288.0, 196.0,153.0," d="M84.0,439.0C88.0,378.6 71.9,344.4 94.0,288.0C116.1,231.6 155.2,207.0 196.0,153.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1083"/>
      <path id="58859" points="243.0,478.0, 270.0,122.0," d="M243.0,478.0C253.8,335.6 259.2,264.4 270.0,122.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1084"/>
      <path id="68997" points="352.0,240.0, 340.0,97.0," d="M352.0,240.0C347.2,182.8 344.8,154.2 340.0,97.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1085"/>
  <problem id="1083" stars="*" extra="(Stand)" number="1." name="L arete" length="" grade="V1" fa="">Slab up.</problem>
  <problem id="1084" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="2." name="Middle" length="" grade="V3" fa="">Straight up the layaway.</problem>
  <problem id="1085" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="3." name="R Arete" length="" grade="V1" fa="">Crimp.</problem>
  <image id="1086" src="Invisible_plus2.jpg" height="696" width="500" legend="true">
      <path id="23014" points="204.0,282.0, 201.0,126.0," d="M204.0,282.0C202.8,219.6 202.2,188.4 201.0,126.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1088"/>
      <path id="16791" points="415.0,514.0, 369.0,325.0, 299.0,99.0," d="M415.0,514.0C396.6,438.4 389.9,399.9 369.0,325.0C348.1,250.1 327.0,189.4 299.0,99.0" arrow="true" linkedTo="1087"/>
  <problem id="1087" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="4." name="" length="" grade="V1" fa=""/>
  <problem id="1088" stars="" extra="(Stand)" number="5." name="" length="" grade="V0" fa=""/>
  <text class="heading2" id="359">Fence Boulders</text>
  <text class="text" id="360">There are a couple of groups of small pinnacles in the vicinity of the mesh fence along side of the broadcast centre. The simplest method is to reach these boulders is to walk down the fence. If heading from Stella's arete area head towards the broadcast centre under the tower.</text>
  <problem id="977" name="" number="1" stars="" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="R Perry 2019" length="">Sit start the arete</problem>
  <problem id="978" name="Who what now?" number="2" stars="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Sit start the broken face</problem>
  <problem id="979" name="" number="3" stars="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="T Krauss 2019" length="">Sit start between Who what now? and the crack. Don't use either of the other lines.</problem>
  <problem id="980" name="" number="4" stars="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="C Lang 2019" length="">Crack</problem>
  <problem id="981" name="" number="5" stars="" grade="V5" extra="(SDS)" fa="T Krauss 2019" length="">Sit start the blanker area right of the crack. Avoid the crack.</problem>
  <problem id="982" name="Death from Above" number="6" stars="" grade="V2" extra="(SDS)" fa="C Lang 2019" length="">Lay start under the platform. Mantle.</problem>
  <problem id="983" name="The circumcised chode " number="7" stars="" grade="V2" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019 " length="">Sit start the short pillar, which has had a stone pulled off the top.</problem>
  <problem id="984" name="One-eyed Hoody" number="8" stars="" grade="V1" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Stand start the short rounded pillar. A hard sit start will go, but do you really want to spend more time here? Climbing this? Think that over.</problem>
  <image id="770" height="600" src="P1000831.jpg" width="800" legend="true">
      <path id="13243" d="M224.0,362.0C213.6,318.8 208.4,297.2 198.0,254.0" points="224.0,362.0, 198.0,254.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="771"/>
      <path id="1369" d="M431.0,344.0C425.4,326.4 427.6,315.1 417.0,300.0C406.4,284.9 352.2,237.0 343.0,218.0C333.8,199.0 348.4,186.8 352.0,166.0" points="431.0,344.0, 417.0,300.0, 343.0,218.0, 352.0,166.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="772"/>
  <problem id="771" name="Contrasted Stimulants" number="1" stars="" grade="V2" extra="(Hang)" fa="T. Krauss, 2012" length="">Hang/Sit start on edges, move up and mantle, short but sweet.</problem>
  <problem id="772" name="Type Mining" number="2" stars="*" grade="V6?" extra="(SDS)" fa="2012" length="">Sit start on edges in middle and right of low face, make left trending moves and up via mantle.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="811">The next boulders are slightly downhill and close to the fence.</text>
  <image id="809" height="710" src="Summit Fence2.jpg" width="400" legend="true">
      <path id="68980" d="M128.0,405.0C118.8,339.0 114.2,306.0 105.0,240.0" points="128.0,405.0, 105.0,240.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="806"/>
      <path id="52553" d="M256.0,377.0C265.6,235.4 270.4,164.6 280.0,23.0" points="256.0,377.0, 280.0,23.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="807"/>
  <problem id="806" name="Almost a problem" number="1" stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="" length="">Start with a hand either side of bloc.</problem>
  <problem id="807" name="Almost a classic" number="2" stars="" grade="V0" extra="(Highball, Stand)" fa="" length="">Great problem with a good landing, but a little easy to evade the tough questions.</problem>
  <image id="803" height="710" src="Summit fence1.jpg" width="400" legend="true">
      <path id="75816" d="M103.0,280.0C140.6,224.0 159.4,196.0 197.0,140.0" points="103.0,280.0, 197.0,140.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="804"/>
      <path id="23672" d="M219.0,380.0C245.0,312.4 258.0,278.6 284.0,211.0" points="219.0,380.0, 284.0,211.0," arrow="true" linkedTo="805"/>
  <problem id="804" name="" number="1" stars="" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Start in scoop move right and mantle.</problem>
  <problem id="805" name="Low Ball Jam" number="2" stars="" grade="V0" extra="(SDS)" fa="" length="">Start jamming crack as far back as possible. Mantle the top.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="970">Almost directly below the Fence Boulders, you'll find the next problems.</text>
  <problem id="971" name="Alligator Dimples" number="1" stars="" grade="V4" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Go up the slab and up the face above. Avoid the temptation to use the boulders on the left.</problem>
  <problem id="972" name="21 Chump Street" number="2" stars="" grade="V3" extra="(Hang)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Campus the underside of the boulder. Start on the lowest jug.</problem>
  <text id="1147" class="text">Somewhere in the vicinity are the next two boulders.</text>
  <problem id="1148" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V0" fa="C Lang 2019">Short pinnacle.</problem>
  <problem id="1149" stars="" extra="(SDS)" number="" name="" length="" grade="V1" fa="C Lang 2019">Slap up the larger pinnacle.</problem>
  <text class="text" id="973">On the next tier below Alligator Dimples....</text>
  <problem id="974" name="Left " number="1" stars="" grade="V0" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Lovell 2019" length="">Up the left side.</problem>
  <problem id="976" name="Straight up your innuendo" number="2" stars="" grade="VE" extra="(SDS)" fa="M Hitchcock 2019" length="">Up the crack.</problem>
  <problem id="975" name="Right " number="3" stars="" grade="VE" extra="(Stand)" fa="M Lovell 2019" length="">UP the right side.</problem>