East Coast
      Bicheno200 problems
      Coles Bay1 climbs 220 problems
      St Helens69 problems
      Swansea4 problems
      Blackmans Bay6 problems
      Gnarly Spider
      Gordons Hill11 problems
      Hobart Urban174 problems
      Kingston118 problems
      Mt Wellington
            The Springs178 problems
            Big Bend Area190 problems
            The Summit157 problems
            Mt Wellington Other Areas26 problems
            South Wellington2 climbs 143 problems
            Luckmans Hut2 climbs 97 problems
            The Promised Land33 problems
      Risdon23 problems
      Roches Beach46 problems
      Rocky Tom23 problems
      Sandfly30 problems
      Taroona24 problems
      Waverly Park52 problems
      Burnt Ridge1 climbs 22 problems
      Elderslie100 problems
      Oatlands1 climbs 238 problems
      Bradys Lookout28 problems
      Burnie Bouldering4 problems
      Doctors Rocks1 climbs 35 problems
      Flinders Island6 climbs 44 problems
      Hillwood4 problems
      Mersey Bluff31 problems
      Sheffield9 problems
      Sisters Beach45 problems
      The Gorge117 problems
      West Head2 problems
      Adamsfield21 problems
      Bruny Island24 problems
      Buckland Area
            Bluff River41 problems
            Ironstone Boulders10 problems
            Mt Hobbs37 problems
            Sand River32 problems
            Wood Hookers11 problems
      Eldon38 problems
      Fort Direction15 problems
      Handsome Crag299 problems
      Hungry Flats16 problems
      Kempton Quoin66 problems
      Meadowbank17 problems
      Mt Brown1 problems
      Riverside5 problems
      Anthony Link Road8 problems
      Jukes Boulder Field
      Mount Owen
            Natural Selection boulders13 problems
      Mt Lyell
            Mt Lyell - Low Area23 problems
            Mt Lyell - No Mans Land11 problems
            Mt Lyell - Middle Area28 problems
            Mt Lyell - The Creek3 problems
            Mt Lyell - Main Area72 problems
            Mt Lyell - The Valley32 problems
            Mt Lyell - Imported Posse Area4 problems
            Mt Lyell - The Saddle23 problems
            Mt Lyell - Fist Full of Dollars Area25 problems
            Mt Lyell - West Spur4 problems
      Red Hills6 problems

Total Problems: 3388

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