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Comment: Added clause 6.1 which was added to the constitution at the AGM held Sept 10 2012


Meetings of the Club, working bees, and other meetings shall be held as required and will be notified on the Club's website and by email.
The Members may meet together either in person or by telephone, telex, radio, conference television or any other form of technology, audio or audio-visual instantaneous communication for the despatch of business and adjourn and otherwise regulate their meetings as they think fit. A resolution passed by such a conference shall, notwithstanding that the Members are not present together at one place at the time of the conference, be deemed to have been passed at a meeting of the Members held on the day and at the time at which the conference was held.

6.1 Special General Meetings
  1. The committee may convene a special general meeting of the Association at any time.
  2. The committee, on the requisition in writing of at least 10 members of the Association, is to convene a special general meeting of the Association.
  3. A requisition for a special general meeting –
    1. is to state the objects of the meeting; and
    2. is to be signed by each of the requisitionists; and
    3. is to be deposited at the office of the Association; and
    4. may consist of several documents, each signed by one or more of the requisitionists.
  4. If the committee does not cause a special general meeting to be held within 21 days after the day on which a requisition is deposited at the office of the Association, any one or more of the requisitionists may convene the meeting within 3 months after the day of the deposit of the requisition.
  5. A special general meeting convened by requisitionists is to be convened in the same manner, as nearly as practicable, as the manner in which a special general meeting would be convened by the committee.
  6. All reasonable expenses incurred by requisitionists in convening a special general meeting are to be refunded by the Association.

7. Annual General Meeting