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  <header autonumber="true" camping="Camping with facilities can be found at Killiecrankie Bay. To book a spot at this privately owned camping area  contact Jude on 03 6359 8464. It is also possible to camp at the old climbers hut directly below the cliff where water and food must be carried in. " access="On the north east coast of Flinders Island, which is in the middle of Bass Strait. There are flights from both Launceston and Melbourne that arrive in Whitemark on Flinders Island. You can hire a car on the Island (expensive) or try and get a ride up to Killiekrankie. There&apos;s a new road that comes into the north of the cliffs, and its about a half hours walk from the end of the road along the shore. The cliff is set back about 400m from the coast. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Please be very discrete if toileting in the area, use common sense and best practice. Although it may seem as if you&apos;re at the ends of the earth, The Dock and Killicrankie is a very special place to many locals and folks off the island. Please try to represent climbers in as positive light as you can! :) " acknowledgement="" history="" intro="Mt Killiekrankie is a large granite crag on Flinders Island in Bass Strait that has more than 200 climbs on excellent rock. It has mainly been developed by Victorian climbers. In the past five years the crag has received a new wave attention resulting in some truly amazing rock climbs.  " new="false" rock="Compact, fine grained granite up to about 100m high." sun="Afternoon sun" walk="About half and hour" id="1" name="Flinders Island"/>
  <gps id="345">
    <point zone="55H" northing="5594114" easting="573895" longitude="147.863178" latitude="-39.799723" pid="6" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = B.O.O.B."/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593332" easting="572562" longitude="147.847694" latitude="-39.806889" pid="7" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Dildo Direct"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593579" easting="572826" longitude="147.85075" latitude="-39.804639" pid="8" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Pain Toy"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5594114" easting="573923" longitude="147.863496883" latitude="-39.799720585" pid="9" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = TITS"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593484" easting="572718" longitude="147.8495" latitude="-39.8055" pid="10" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Trust Me I&apos;m an Idiot"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5592835" easting="572213" longitude="147.843667" latitude="-39.811389" pid="11" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Colin&apos;s treasure chest"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593588" easting="572586" longitude="147.847937" latitude="-39.804573" pid="12" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Old Driftwood Hut"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5594073" easting="573390" longitude="147.85727689" latitude="-39.800139305" pid="13" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Intersection to Toberone"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5594054" easting="573887" longitude="147.863091" latitude="-39.800265" pid="14" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Red Wall"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593980" easting="576199" longitude="147.8901" latitude="-39.800727" pid="15" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Road intersection to the docks"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593189" easting="572493" longitude="147.846899" latitude="-39.808179" pid="16" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Slash"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5594234" easting="573929" longitude="147.863556" latitude="-39.798639" pid="17" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Split Rock Track intersection"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5594258" easting="573690" longitude="147.860757029" latitude="-39.798443333" pid="18" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - The Dock Campsite"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5594195" easting="573923" longitude="147.863494" latitude="-39.798996" pid="19" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - The Docks intersection"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593082" easting="572244" longitude="147.844" latitude="-39.809167" pid="20" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - The Lingam saddle"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593888" easting="573420" longitude="147.85765" latitude="-39.801804" pid="21" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Toblerone"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593485" easting="572595" longitude="147.848056164" latitude="-39.805507786" pid="22" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - upper cliff Interestion - Finish"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593716" easting="572837" longitude="147.850863261" latitude="-39.803401152" pid="23" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - upper cliff Interestion - Start"/>
    <point zone="55H" northing="5593592" easting="572872" longitude="147.851286" latitude="-39.804518" pid="24" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - upper cliff turn right"/>
    <polyline pid="25" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Track - Walk from old driftwood hut to Climb - Dildo Direct">-39.804573,147.847937 -39.804671,147.847925 -39.804761,147.84786 -39.804836,147.847776 -39.804963,147.847742 -39.805069,147.847742 -39.805151,147.847799 -39.805255,147.847843 -39.805356,147.847917 -39.805451,147.848 -39.805528,147.848081 -39.805614,147.84813 -39.805708,147.848101 -39.805792,147.848158 -39.805846,147.848058 -39.805937,147.848049 -39.806011,147.847977 -39.806102,147.848004 -39.806159,147.847909 -39.806215,147.847806 -39.806276,147.847718 -39.806363,147.847685 -39.806467,147.847668 -39.80655,147.847623 -39.806637,147.847588 -39.806727,147.847621 -39.806816,147.847687 -39.806889,147.847694</polyline>
    <polyline pid="26" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Track - Walk from car to old driftwood hut">-39.804573,147.847931 -39.804492,147.848001 -39.804444,147.848103 -39.804387,147.848194 -39.804466,147.848321 -39.804492,147.848439 -39.804495,147.848565 -39.804414,147.848662 -39.804373,147.848778 -39.804337,147.848902 -39.804241,147.849024 -39.804269,147.849212 -39.804212,147.849314 -39.804102,147.849402 -39.804126,147.849522 -39.804107,147.849645 -39.804029,147.849752 -39.804004,147.849906 -39.803951,147.850038 -39.8039,147.850159 -39.80385,147.850261 -39.80385,147.850404 -39.803721,147.850483 -39.803685,147.850595 -39.803582,147.850666 -39.803503,147.850728 -39.803434,147.850804 -39.803024,147.851511 -39.80307,147.851619 -39.803082,147.85174 -39.803051,147.851857 -39.802964,147.851927 -39.802881,147.85199 -39.802785,147.852025 -39.802689,147.852068 -39.802628,147.852171 -39.802572,147.852333 -39.802492,147.852431 -39.80241,147.852521 -39.802342,147.852598 -39.802285,147.852697 -39.802242,147.852808 -39.802183,147.8529 -39.802095,147.852993 -39.80202,147.853108 -39.801932,147.853159 -39.801804,147.85315 -39.801677,147.853169 -39.801574,147.853284 -39.801502,147.853404 -39.801399,147.853487 -39.801362,147.853646 -39.801353,147.853806 -39.801291,147.85397 -39.801231,147.854086 -39.80112,147.854193 -39.801071,147.854345 -39.801044,147.85447 -39.801039,147.854616 -39.800952,147.85475 -39.800882,147.854865 -39.800809,147.854984 -39.800819,147.855114 -39.800797,147.855258 -39.800722,147.855396 -39.800655,147.85555 -39.800552,147.855624 -39.800481,147.85575 -39.800486,147.855908 -39.800447,147.856076 -39.800431,147.85623 -39.800433,147.856363 -39.800397,147.856505 -39.800352,147.856632 -39.800242,147.856723 -39.800181,147.856866 -39.800134,147.856972 -39.80009,147.857095 -39.800131,147.857206 -39.800128,147.857392 -39.800137,147.857518 -39.800096,147.85765 -39.800042,147.857766 -39.800031,147.857883 -39.800003,147.858 -39.799929,147.85811 -39.799912,147.858242 -39.7999,147.858358 -39.799914,147.858482 -39.799916,147.858618 -39.799893,147.858771 -39.79983,147.858921 -39.799762,147.859057 -39.799727,147.859171 -39.799677,147.859283 -39.799669,147.8594 -39.799618,147.859505 -39.799551,147.859637 -39.79951,147.85988 -39.799474,147.86008 -39.799383,147.86024 -39.799371,147.860433 -39.79932,147.860583 -39.799271,147.860733 -39.799225,147.860858 -39.799123,147.860963 -39.798993,147.861047 -39.798892,147.861128 -39.798785,147.861111 -39.798661,147.861087 -39.798564,147.861001 -39.798482,147.860855 -39.798447,147.860754</polyline>
    <polyline pid="27" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Track - Walk from Camp to Red Wall">-39.798996,147.863494 -39.79906,147.863405 -39.799132,147.863334 -39.799203,147.863257 -39.799285,147.863305 -39.799365,147.863362 -39.799451,147.863322 -39.799532,147.863266 -39.799611,147.863207 -39.7997,147.863239 -39.799753,147.863132 -39.799813,147.863038 -39.799894,147.862977 -39.799972,147.863122 -39.80006,147.863085 -39.800147,147.863125 -39.800265,147.863091</polyline>
    <polyline pid="28" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Track - Walk upper cliff track">-39.805513,147.848057 -39.805412,147.848054 -39.805333,147.848117 -39.805368,147.848231 -39.805299,147.848312 -39.805277,147.848431 -39.805265,147.84855 -39.805225,147.848656 -39.805187,147.848768 -39.80515,147.848879 -39.805125,147.848993 -39.80516,147.849104 -39.805173,147.849221 -39.805134,147.849331 -39.805059,147.84941 -39.804972,147.849444 -39.804881,147.849479 -39.804876,147.849605 -39.80484,147.849717 -39.804832,147.849835 -39.804884,147.849943 -39.804853,147.850071 -39.804782,147.850153 -39.804723,147.850254 -39.804668,147.850355 -39.804655,147.850477 -39.804567,147.850505 -39.804555,147.850626 -39.804588,147.850735 -39.804572,147.850857 -39.804527,147.850958 -39.804498,147.851071 -39.804494,147.851204 -39.804515,147.851289 -39.804397,147.851338 -39.804337,147.851443 -39.804304,147.851586 -39.804215,147.851598 -39.804125,147.851623 -39.804034,147.851584 -39.803943,147.851567 -39.803849,147.851599 -39.803761,147.851561 -39.803682,147.851632 -39.803602,147.851569 -39.803584,147.851413 -39.803628,147.851287 -39.80358,147.851177 -39.803503,147.851108 -39.803495,147.850981 -39.803405,147.850866</polyline>
    <polyline pid="29" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Track - Walk to Climb - Toblerone">-39.800131,147.857272 -39.800193,147.857289 -39.800282,147.857329 -39.800378,147.857324 -39.800476,147.857327 -39.800563,147.857373 -39.800656,147.857379 -39.800731,147.857445 -39.800825,147.857472 -39.800914,147.857504 -39.801,147.85754 -39.801094,147.857537 -39.801185,147.857577 -39.801274,147.85762 -39.801364,147.857622 -39.801451,147.857662 -39.801533,147.857714 -39.801626,147.857718 -39.801686,147.857625 -39.801791,147.857649</polyline>
    <polyline pid="30" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Track - Walk to Climb - Slash">-39.808179,147.846899 -39.808175,147.847019 -39.808146,147.847131 -39.808178,147.847243 -39.808223,147.847386 -39.80822,147.847507 -39.808129,147.847506 -39.80805,147.847569 -39.80803,147.847453 -39.807982,147.847346 -39.807893,147.847369 -39.807801,147.847345 -39.80773,147.84727 -39.807647,147.847325 -39.807624,147.847201 -39.807529,147.847203 -39.807444,147.84724 -39.807484,147.847348 -39.807563,147.847426 -39.807463,147.847395 -39.807383,147.847471 -39.807174,147.847426 -39.807061,147.84748 -39.806958,147.847593 -39.80689,147.847697</polyline>
    <polyline pid="31" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Track - Walk to Climb - TITS">-39.798646,147.863556 -39.798714,147.863467 -39.79877,147.863363 -39.798822,147.863461 -39.79892,147.863489 -39.798995,147.863494 -39.799006,147.863571 -39.799062,147.863583 -39.799154,147.863598 -39.799232,147.863534 -39.799326,147.863523 -39.799415,147.863487 -39.799467,147.863583 -39.799563,147.863604 -39.799588,147.86372 -39.799687,147.863707 -39.799786,147.863639 -39.799761,147.863597 -39.799712,147.863605 -39.799693,147.863566 -39.799721,147.863496</polyline>
    <polyline pid="32" description="Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Track - Drive from main rd to camp">-39.800725,147.890102 -39.800684,147.889875 -39.800896,147.889234 -39.80111,147.888452 -39.8013,147.8876 -39.801667,147.886749 -39.80209,147.885732 -39.802377,147.88483 -39.802619,147.883808 -39.803182,147.882782 -39.804093,147.881706 -39.804788,147.880482 -39.805117,147.879161 -39.805495,147.877819 -39.805763,147.876481 -39.806139,147.875151 -39.806086,147.873789 -39.805754,147.872423 -39.805268,147.871554 -39.804615,147.870653 -39.80406,147.870008 -39.803375,147.869494 -39.803275,147.86909 -39.803229,147.868646 -39.803064,147.868104 -39.80352,147.867784 -39.803208,147.867121 -39.803224,147.866519 -39.803121,147.866142 -39.802772,147.866121 -39.802418,147.866056 -39.801973,147.865981 -39.801278,147.865929 -39.800397,147.865708 -39.799728,147.865663 -39.799084,147.865374 -39.798855,147.864694 -39.798713,147.863965 -39.798647,147.863553 -39.798614,147.86329 -39.798493,147.863094 -39.79829,147.862626 -39.798442,147.862248 -39.798602,147.86178 -39.798688,147.86146 -39.79864,147.86108 -39.798582,147.861015 -39.798524,147.860922 -39.798483,147.860843 -39.798447,147.860756</polyline>
  <text new="false" id="2" class="indentedHeader">Guide: Climb Northern Tasmania by Bob McMahon and Gerry Narkowicz contains a comprehensive guide to the island, including both Killiekrankie and the other crags on the island.</text>
  <text id="350" class="heading2">The Docks</text>
  <image id="351" legendy="12" legendx="9" legendTitle="The Docks" legend="true" width="1200" height="800" src="Flinders Island Topos - The Docks.jpg">
      <path id="39703" linkedTo="3" d="M26.0,646.0C30.0,626.0 31.4,615.9 36.0,596.0C40.6,576.1 50.1,530.4 57.0,511.0C63.9,491.6 73.8,476.6 82.0,466.0C90.2,455.4 97.6,453.4 108.0,445.0" points="26.0,646.0, 36.0,596.0, 57.0,511.0, 82.0,466.0, 108.0,445.0,"/>
      <path id="27043" linkedTo="349" d="M418.0,588.0C424.4,540.0 433.4,475.3 434.0,468.0C434.6,460.7 429.7,457.4 430.0,450.0C430.3,442.6 438.1,426.8 436.0,419.0" points="418.0,588.0, 434.0,468.0, 430.0,450.0, 436.0,419.0,lower"/>
      <path id="48950" linkedTo="5" d="M509.0,585.0C509.0,569.4 511.6,559.0 509.0,546.0C506.4,533.0 500.5,527.6 495.0,516.0C489.5,504.4 486.2,498.8 481.0,487.0C475.8,475.2 471.5,462.6 467.0,453.0C462.5,443.4 459.4,436.1 454.0,430.0C448.6,423.9 439.1,426.8 437.0,419.0" points="509.0,585.0, 509.0,546.0, 495.0,516.0, 481.0,487.0, 467.0,453.0, 454.0,430.0, 437.0,419.0,"/>
      <path id="73839" linkedTo="13" d="M1171.0,465.0C1166.6,445.0 1165.3,425.7 1160.0,415.0C1154.7,404.3 1142.1,406.8 1137.0,396.0C1131.9,385.2 1125.9,362.3 1124.0,339.0C1122.1,315.7 1124.0,277.8 1124.0,237.0" points="1171.0,465.0, 1160.0,415.0, 1137.0,396.0, 1124.0,339.0, 1124.0,237.0,belay"/>
      <path id="64642" linkedTo="17" d="M606.0,222.0C604.4,184.0 603.6,165.0 602.0,127.0" points="606.0,222.0, 602.0,127.0,"/>
  <climb id="4" name="Gravel Road" number="1." grade="16" length="25m" stars="**" extra="" fa="">A fun little route with decent pro for the grade 16 leader. Several short cruxes with nice finish make it interesting.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Farthest route on the left before heading up gulley to summit.</climb>
  <climb id="3" name="Dykes at the Docks" fa="" extra="" number="2." grade="17" length="35m" stars="**">A fun climb with a few carrots. Single trubolt added at top of dykes at the docks with mallion to amend existing expansion with chain links Dec 2017</climb>
  <climb id="352" name="J.U.G.S. ( Jump Up Gravelley Slopers)" fa="Nick Hancock  2004" extra="" number="3." grade="25" length="20m" stars="**">Climb the overhanging intermittent cracks on the left side of the back wall of Dykes at the Docks, via 5 bolts to a DBB.</climb>
  <climb id="349" name="Big Wide Dyke" fa="FFA John Fischer, Simon Bischoff, Alex Hartshorne  6th December 2014" extra="Þ" number="4." grade="27" length="25m" stars="**">10m left of BOOB is a broken slanting wide crack that leads to a short overhang. Turn this with difficulty to a vague rest on R and then climb the crystally seam that takes stonker gear. Step left at the top and grab the jug rail at the top of the cliff (crux). The big cracks take plenty of gear up to 4 and 5 camalots but surprisingly require no OW technique. The higher seam takes small cams and medium to small wires. DBB.</climb>
  <climb id="5" name="B.O.O.B. (Bag of old bones)" fa="" extra="" number="5." grade="20" length="25m" stars="**">&lt;br/&gt;GPS Coordinates (Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = B.O.O.B.)</climb>
  <climb id="6" name="Best Line on Cliff" number="6." grade="17 M1" length="42m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="7" name="Parrot Fish and Polenta" number="7." grade="19" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="8" name="True Grit" number="8." grade="13" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="9" name="Nude Woman Tries Miracle Shampoo" number="9." grade="12" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="10" name="Gravel Pit" number="10." grade="18" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="11" name="Games People Play" number="11." grade="18" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="12" name="Watch the Road Sailor" number="12." grade="16" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <text id="337" class="heading2">Red Wall</text>
  <image id="338" legendTitle="Red Wall" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Red Wall.jpg">
      <path id="67666" linkedTo="14" d="M22.0,868.0C60.4,803.6 96.0,739.8 118.0,707.0C140.0,674.2 160.3,660.5 181.0,631.0C201.7,601.5 207.0,583.6 226.0,553.0C245.0,522.4 286.4,461.0 287.0,460.0C287.6,459.0 325.6,391.5 338.0,371.0C350.4,350.5 383.2,322.0 371.0,321.0C358.8,320.0 349.3,314.0 347.0,302.0C344.7,290.0 355.6,224.8 349.0,207.0C342.4,189.2 316.6,197.4 305.0,189.0C293.4,180.6 296.2,167.5 284.0,160.0C271.8,152.5 248.0,153.4 241.0,150.0C234.0,146.6 224.4,139.3 230.0,134.0C235.6,128.7 246.2,124.0 256.0,116.0C265.8,108.0 272.2,102.7 281.0,92.0C289.8,81.3 294.8,71.6 304.0,58.0" points="22.0,868.0, 118.0,707.0, 181.0,631.0, 226.0,553.0, 287.0,460.0, 338.0,371.0, 371.0,321.0, 347.0,302.0,label 349.0,207.0, 305.0,189.0, 284.0,160.0, 241.0,150.0, 230.0,134.0, 256.0,116.0, 281.0,92.0, 304.0,58.0,"/>
      <path id="27431" linkedTo="13" d="M287.0,460.0C287.6,459.0 289.9,462.7 289.0,462.0C288.1,461.3 264.3,448.3 256.0,433.0C247.7,417.7 264.1,400.1 250.0,390.0C235.9,379.9 177.5,377.3 161.0,365.0C144.5,352.7 151.7,335.4 149.0,315.0C146.3,294.6 140.3,253.8 143.0,231.0C145.7,208.2 159.1,188.7 165.0,178.0C170.9,167.3 175.0,162.0 185.0,155.0C195.0,148.0 223.4,138.3 229.0,133.0" points="287.0,460.0, 289.0,462.0, 256.0,433.0,label 250.0,390.0, 161.0,365.0, 149.0,315.0, 143.0,231.0, 165.0,178.0, 185.0,155.0, 229.0,133.0,"/>
      <path id="94590" linkedTo="15" d="M445.0,98.0C438.6,124.8 434.1,137.9 429.0,165.0C423.9,192.1 426.0,226.2 415.0,256.0C404.0,285.8 383.2,323.0 371.0,322.0" points="445.0,98.0, 429.0,165.0, 415.0,256.0,label 371.0,322.0,"/>
  <climb id="13" name="A Bolt From the Blue" number="13." grade="21" length="45m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="14" name="High Stepping Stone" fa="" extra="" number="14." grade="18" length="45m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="15" name="Morrison of Peking" number="15." grade="19" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="16" name="Paradise Prow" number="16." grade="24" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="17" name="T.I.T.S. (Tasmania&apos;s Incredibly Tiny Serpentine)" fa="Nick Hancock  Dec 2002" extra="Þ" number="17." grade="24" length="15m" stars="**">GPS Coordinates (Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = TITS)&lt;br/&gt;Climb the stunning North face of the top block at the Docks. Four U bolts to a single U bolt belay.</climb>
  <climb id="18" name="Salty Dog" number="18." grade="18" length="10m" stars=""/>
  <image id="294" legendTitle="Suspension Trauma Area" legend="true" width="1200" height="800" src="Flinders Island Topos - Suspension Trauma.jpg">
      <path id="93758" linkedTo="19" d="M406.0,515.0C404.4,489.0 406.2,461.5 402.0,450.0C397.8,438.5 380.7,444.0 376.0,434.0C371.3,424.0 379.6,417.8 382.0,407.0" points="406.0,515.0, 402.0,450.0, 376.0,434.0, 382.0,407.0,"/>
      <path id="52708" linkedTo="293" d="M958.0,318.0C949.2,274.8 944.8,253.2 936.0,210.0" points="958.0,318.0, 936.0,210.0,"/>
  <climb id="19" name="Suspension Trauma" number="19." grade="M4" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="293" name="If you give a Moose a Muffin" fa="Simon Bischoff and Tierney O’sullivan Dec 2014" extra="" number="20." grade="23" length="15m" stars="*">The shorter tombstone buttress around 50m to the right of suspension trauma cave with a splitter running up the middle. Harder than it looks.</climb>
  <text id="316" class="heading2">Toblerone Area</text>
  <image id="318" legendy="7" legendx="7" legendTitle="Toblerone Area" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Toblerone.jpg">
      <path id="8742" linkedTo="317" d="M170.0,524.0C176.8,500.0 180.9,488.2 187.0,464.0C193.1,439.8 195.1,419.0 204.0,390.0C212.9,361.0 233.9,306.9 243.0,282.0C252.1,257.1 256.8,244.8 266.0,220.0" points="170.0,524.0, 187.0,464.0, 204.0,390.0, 243.0,282.0, 266.0,220.0,lower"/>
      <path id="26587" linkedTo="319" d="M379.0,795.0C369.4,770.6 361.3,749.0 355.0,734.0C348.7,719.0 346.4,710.9 338.0,697.0C329.6,683.1 312.9,661.0 301.0,645.0C289.1,629.0 281.2,618.7 270.0,606.0C258.8,593.3 252.0,588.0 240.0,576.0" points="379.0,795.0, 355.0,734.0, 338.0,697.0, 301.0,645.0, 270.0,606.0, 240.0,576.0,belay"/>
  <climb id="319" name="Bounty" fa="Anna-Veronique L&apos;hoest, Alex Hartshorne 11th December 2014" extra="Þ" number="21." grade="19" length="15m" stars="*">Fun route by itself but really a warm up and access for Toblerone. Dark friction slab below the pyramid of granite candy. 4 bolts. You can belay easily from the giant she oak.</climb>
  <climb id="317" name="Toblerone" fa="Anna-Veronique L&apos;hoest, Alex Hartshorne 11th December 2014" extra="4Þ" number="22." grade="21" length="18m" stars="**">Summits the amazing candy shaped chunk of granite that stands out on the Killiecrankie skyline. ~15 minutes walk from the end of 4wd track at the docks. Can be viewed briefly from the last clearing on the track. The best way to get there is up the cairned drainage gully (the third one along the track). Follow this easily up to a wombat hole and another cairn then bash for about 5 meters to another clearing and head directly to the base of Bounty. Climb Bounty to access or scramble around left (but who would?) Ascends the left arête and face via excellent friction climbing to gain the one foot wide ridge at the top. Amazing. 4 bolts to DBB.&lt;br/&gt;GPS Coordinates (Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Toblerone)</climb>
  <text id="320" class="heading2">Suck Me up the Funnel of Death</text>
  <image id="321" legendy="6" legendx="7" legendTitle="Suck Me up the Funnel of Death" legend="true" width="1200" height="800" src="Flinders Island Topos - Suck Me Up the Funnel of Death.jpg">
      <path id="64465" linkedTo="24" d="M462.0,591.0C466.0,566.2 456.6,548.9 472.0,529.0C487.4,509.1 507.0,513.7 530.0,503.0C553.0,492.3 582.8,490.5 603.0,468.0C623.2,445.5 618.8,425.4 626.0,396.0C633.2,366.6 634.3,345.5 641.0,312.0C647.7,278.5 655.6,245.6 660.0,226.0C664.4,206.4 666.6,196.6 671.0,177.0" points="462.0,591.0, 472.0,529.0, 530.0,503.0, 603.0,468.0, 626.0,396.0, 641.0,312.0, 660.0,226.0, 671.0,177.0,lower"/>
  <climb id="24" name="Suck Me up the Funnel of Death" fa="Nick Hancock  Jan 2003" extra="9Þ" number="23." grade="27" length="25m" stars="**"/>
  <header id="388" name="Main Cliff" walk="" sun="" rock="" acknowledgement="new photos from Bob Burton" intro="The main Killiecrankie cliff and surrounds begins with the Far Eastern Gulley.  There are several dozen mostly moderate routes in the gully, but apparently few have ventured into it since the early ascents in the 90&apos;s, so trails have returned to bushbash.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Skye Descent Gulley is the major gulley on the right side of the main cliff with a number of routes, at the top is Blue Skies Coming, a recommended route.  It is also the descent for many of the routes that go to the top of the cliff.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Next you have Skye Buttress and Beagle Buttress, with quality short routes that can be rappelled.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Moving to the right the main wall is intersected with three slabs: Pyramid Slab, Shining Slab, and Bruce&apos;s Wall.&lt;br/&gt;To the right of Pyramid Slab is the Skull, a obviously named feature and the locale of many hard overhangs, and between The Skull and Shining Slab is a steep section with &quot;Trust me, I&apos;m an idiot&quot;, the Diamond Traverse and Jaws crack. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;The dozen or so moderate routes on Shining Slab and Bruce&apos;s Wall are not well known, so first photos below are of that section." history="" access="" camping="" autonumber="false"/>
  <text id="396" class="heading3">Far Eastern Gully and Skye Descent Gulley</text>
  <climb id="25" name="Brown and Yellow Streak" number="24." grade="15" length="90m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="26" name="Shoulder Arms" number="25." grade="13" length="68m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="27" name="Road Gang" number="26." grade="14" length="23m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="28" name="Grand Stand" number="27." grade="17" length="18m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="29" name="Southern Stand" number="28." grade="14" length="24m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="30" name="Measley Mumps" number="29." grade="11" length="12m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="31" name="Consumptive Cancer" number="30." grade="15" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="32" name="Chatternooga Choo-Choo" number="31." grade="15" length="18m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="33" name="Birthday Boy" number="32." grade="13" length="18m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="34" name="Thirty Three" number="33." grade="11" length="18m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="35" name="Avoid the Arete" number="34." grade="13" length="16m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="36" name="Lying Eyes" number="35." grade="20" length="25m" stars="***"/>
  <climb id="37" name="Chock a Block" number="36." grade="18" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="38" name="Men at Work" number="37." grade="14" length="30m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="39" name="Democratic Dictator" number="38." grade="14" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="40" name="Sea Mist" number="39." grade="12" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="41" name="Little Sir Echo" number="40." grade="14" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="42" name="In the Groove" number="41." grade="17" length="30m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="43" name="Groovy Baby" number="42." grade="18" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="44" name="Fingertip" number="43." grade="20" length="28m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="45" name="Buffalo Bill" number="44." grade="18" length="30m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="46" name="Happy Chapp" number="45." grade="15" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="47" name="Ross Crescent" number="46." grade="16" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="48" name="Flaky Pastry" number="47." grade="14" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="49" name="Windansea" number="48." grade="18" length="27m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="50" name="Hello Sailor" number="49." grade="23" length="28m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="51" name="First Blood" number="50." grade="13" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="52" name="Skye Pilot" number="51." grade="19" length="23m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="53" name="Glorified Labourers" number="52." grade="21" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="54" name="Blue Skies Coming" number="53." grade="20" length="40m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="55" name="Camberwell Junction" number="54." grade="18" length="27m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="56" name="Beat Around the Bush" number="55." grade="14" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="57" name="Double Move With Pike" number="56." grade="12" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <text id="304" class="heading2">Skye Buttress</text>
  <image id="305" legendTitle="Skye Buttress" legend="true" width="1200" height="800" src="Flinders Island Topos - Skye Buttress.jpg">
      <path id="42882" linkedTo="303" d="M479.0,678.0C473.6,661.5 473.4,643.7 469.0,621.0C464.6,598.3 455.2,559.4 448.0,518.0C440.8,476.6 435.8,432.3 431.0,401.0C426.2,369.7 423.2,354.2 418.0,323.0" points="479.0,678.0,belay 469.0,621.0, 448.0,518.0, 431.0,401.0, 418.0,323.0,lower"/>
      <path id="67030" d="M531.0,798.0C524.2,777.2 513.9,746.6 514.0,746.0" points="531.0,798.0, 514.0,746.0," lineStyle="dashed"/>
      <path id="68728" d="M514.0,746.0C514.1,745.4 514.9,745.6 515.0,745.0C515.1,744.4 506.1,728.2 500.0,717.0C493.9,705.8 484.4,695.5 479.0,679.0" points="514.0,746.0, 515.0,745.0, 500.0,717.0, 479.0,679.0," lineStyle="dashed"/>
      <path id="68266" d="M515.0,745.0C515.1,744.4 514.9,747.6 515.0,747.0C515.1,746.4 547.4,717.8 573.0,705.0C598.6,692.2 641.1,682.6 661.0,674.0C680.9,665.4 705.1,668.5 708.0,647.0" points="515.0,745.0, 515.0,747.0, 573.0,705.0, 661.0,674.0, 708.0,647.0," lineStyle="dashed"/>
      <path id="38398" linkedTo="60" d="M697.0,635.0C699.9,613.5 673.4,598.7 662.0,574.0C650.6,549.3 648.9,535.3 639.0,510.0C629.1,484.7 613.6,465.9 609.0,439.0C604.4,412.1 610.9,398.0 615.0,371.0C619.1,344.0 635.1,302.8 637.0,256.0C638.9,209.2 627.7,85.8 627.0,71.0C626.3,56.2 623.1,43.2 626.0,34.0C628.9,24.8 648.0,26.8 644.0,18.0" points="697.0,635.0, 662.0,574.0, 639.0,510.0, 609.0,439.0, 615.0,371.0,label 637.0,256.0, 627.0,71.0, 626.0,34.0, 644.0,18.0,lower"/>
      <path id="41893" linkedTo="348" d="M639.0,509.0C619.8,489.0 607.8,481.0 591.0,459.0C574.2,437.0 545.2,406.0 532.0,369.0C518.8,332.0 524.8,299.4 524.0,271.0C523.2,242.6 527.1,216.9 527.0,200.0C526.9,183.1 535.2,169.6 523.0,158.0C510.8,146.4 486.4,146.0 462.0,138.0" points="639.0,509.0, 591.0,459.0, 532.0,369.0,label 524.0,271.0, 527.0,200.0, 523.0,158.0, 462.0,138.0,"/>
      <path id="38976" linkedTo="346" d="M855.0,453.0C851.4,439.8 850.9,432.8 846.0,420.0C841.1,407.2 834.3,384.4 821.0,364.0C807.7,343.6 791.8,327.2 780.0,319.0C768.2,310.8 754.3,316.8 745.0,311.0C735.7,305.2 736.8,296.6 730.0,288.0C723.2,279.4 718.5,262.4 703.0,258.0C687.5,253.6 636.3,256.5 610.0,254.0C583.7,251.5 570.8,248.5 545.0,243.0C519.2,237.5 494.0,230.4 460.0,222.0" points="855.0,453.0, 846.0,420.0, 821.0,364.0, 780.0,319.0, 745.0,311.0, 730.0,288.0, 703.0,258.0, 610.0,254.0, 545.0,243.0, 460.0,222.0,"/>
      <path id="40239" linkedTo="347" d="M710.0,541.0C709.2,480.6 708.8,428.8 708.0,390.0C707.2,351.2 705.5,320.2 705.0,293.0C704.5,265.8 701.3,243.6 705.0,225.0C708.7,206.4 723.4,200.3 727.0,183.0C730.6,165.7 726.6,156.3 723.0,139.0C719.4,121.7 713.1,101.6 707.0,87.0C700.9,72.4 697.5,64.8 687.0,53.0C676.5,41.2 650.0,26.8 646.0,18.0" points="710.0,541.0, 708.0,390.0, 705.0,293.0, 705.0,225.0, 727.0,183.0, 723.0,139.0, 707.0,87.0, 687.0,53.0, 646.0,18.0,"/>
  <climb id="58" name="Swell Corner" number="57." grade="17" length="20m" stars="" extra="" fa="Peter Cunningham and Stuart Willis 3rd January 1984">Unfortunately not so swell. Starts at the foot of the corner on the front of the LH skye buttress. Climb up over the ledge, up the corner to short wall and to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="303" name="Golden Presents" fa="Squib  Feb 2015" extra="" number="58." grade="24" length="20m" stars="*">The thin seam to the right of Swell corner and to the left of the obvious arete. Technical climbing on great rock with bomber gear. First rapped and cleaned by Simon Bischoff and gifted to squib when he visited the island. Ascend easy terrain and make a belay below the big ledge where the seam begins. Bolted anchor at the top.</climb>
  <climb id="59" name="Skye" number="59." grade="16" length="79m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="348" name="Lalla Rooke" fa="" extra="" number="60." grade="??" length="??" stars="">Hamish Jackson project&lt;br/&gt;Thin crack 3-4m left of Pain toy. 2 BR</climb>
  <climb id="60" name="Pain Toy" fa="" extra="" number="61." grade="21" length="35m" stars="***">GPS Coordinates (Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Pain Toy)</climb>
  <climb id="347" name="The Spirit Level" fa="" extra="" number="62." grade="??" length="??" stars="">Hamish Jackson project&lt;br/&gt;Arete right of pain toy, 3 BR so far, needs more, plus has some natural. it will end at same point as pain toy (anchors installed), possibly will be split as 2 pitches. and has two alternate starts either side of arete (see BR left of arete near start)</climb>
  <climb id="346" name="Flight of the Moon bird" fa="" extra="" number="63." grade="??" length="??" stars="">Hamish Jackson project&lt;br/&gt;Traverses the massive rising diagonal (right to left) out of Rock and Roll. Pitch 1 to arete (done in 1995 by me, but back climbed as descent). Pitch 2 Project goes around arete via BR and onto finish on Skye ledge (scramble off)</climb>
  <climb id="61" name="Beagle in the Skye With Diamonds" number="64." grade="17" length="33m" stars=""/>
  <text id="282" class="heading2">Beagle Buttress</text>
  <climb id="62" name="Rock and Roll" number="65." grade="16" length="78m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="63" name="Shake, Rattle and Roll" number="66." grade="25" length="75m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="64" name="Magic Moments" number="67." grade="18" length="80m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="65" name="Frustrated Ambitions" number="68." grade="18" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <image id="322" legendTitle="Beagle Buttress" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Beagle Buttress.jpg">
      <path id="17251" linkedTo="66" d="M192.0,776.0C173.6,659.2 153.5,534.3 146.0,484.0C138.5,433.7 130.4,405.9 130.0,358.0C129.6,310.1 126.7,264.6 144.0,239.0C161.3,213.4 216.6,255.7 220.0,225.0" points="192.0,776.0, 146.0,484.0, 130.0,358.0, 144.0,239.0, 220.0,225.0,lower"/>
      <path id="36336" linkedTo="67" d="M566.0,876.0C552.4,841.2 546.0,823.6 532.0,789.0C518.0,754.4 507.5,728.1 490.0,688.0C472.5,647.9 452.7,604.5 444.0,587.0C435.3,569.5 424.5,563.8 419.0,545.0C413.5,526.2 414.7,505.9 416.0,492.0C417.3,478.1 424.0,472.6 427.0,459.0C430.0,445.4 433.0,437.4 431.0,423.0C429.0,408.6 425.5,393.3 416.0,380.0C406.5,366.7 396.7,364.9 383.0,356.0C369.3,347.1 349.2,341.0 331.0,325.0C312.8,309.0 308.8,291.0 289.0,273.0C269.2,255.0 216.6,254.7 220.0,224.0" points="566.0,876.0, 532.0,789.0, 490.0,688.0, 444.0,587.0, 419.0,545.0, 416.0,492.0, 427.0,459.0, 431.0,423.0, 416.0,380.0, 383.0,356.0, 331.0,325.0, 289.0,273.0, 220.0,224.0,"/>
  <climb id="66" name="Willy the Wimp" number="69." grade="18" length="20m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="67" name="That Sinking Feeling" number="70." grade="17" length="20m" stars="**" extra="" fa="">Double fixed hangers added at top of WtW and TSF</climb>
  <climb id="68" name="Beagle Rock" number="71." grade="17" length="118m" stars="***"/>
  <climb id="69" name="Absolute Beginners" number="72." grade="17" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="70" name="Jamie&apos;s Jamb" number="73." grade="17" length="55m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="71" name="Ramblers Route" number="74." grade="15" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <text id="397" class="heading2">Pyramid Slab</text>
  <image id="391" src="Left Side.JPG" height="533" width="800" printLayout="FitToPage"/>
  <image id="398" width="800" height="1201" printLayout="FitToPage" src="pyramid2.jpg"/>
  <image id="399" width="800" height="1201" printLayout="FitToPage" src="pyramid front.jpg"/>
  <climb id="72" name="Holding Back the Years" number="75." grade="17" length="23m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="73" name="Poem Lovely as a Tree" number="76." grade="18" length="30m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="74" name="Golden Streak" number="77." grade="17" length="113m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="75" name="Fighting Back the Years" number="78." grade="19" length="93m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="76" name="Yellow Streak" number="79." grade="14" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="77" name="Topaz" number="80." grade="15" length="115m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="78" name="Laid Back Days" number="81." grade="17" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="79" name="Beginners" number="82." grade="12" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <text id="331" class="heading2">Skull Walls</text>
  <image id="402" src="pyramidSkull.jpg" height="400" width="600" printLayout="FitToPage"/>
  <image id="336" legendy="15" legendx="9" legendTitle="Skull Walls" legend="true" width="1200" height="800" src="Flinders Island Topos - Skull Walls.jpg">
      <path id="92815" linkedTo="333" d="M252.0,730.0C252.4,672.4 254.5,601.3 253.0,586.0C251.5,570.7 241.5,562.8 235.0,552.0C228.5,541.2 219.7,538.4 217.0,526.0C214.3,513.6 215.5,469.1 215.0,459.0C214.5,448.9 217.9,442.1 212.0,434.0C206.1,425.9 157.7,379.8 150.0,370.0C142.3,360.2 140.2,353.4 139.0,341.0C137.8,328.6 139.0,287.6 139.0,252.0" points="252.0,730.0, 253.0,586.0, 235.0,552.0, 217.0,526.0,belay 215.0,459.0, 212.0,434.0, 150.0,370.0, 139.0,341.0, 139.0,252.0,"/>
      <path id="74278" linkedTo="327" d="M509.0,654.0C513.4,605.6 517.1,551.0 520.0,533.0C522.9,515.0 530.3,507.6 535.0,490.0C539.7,472.4 543.0,443.6 547.0,431.0C551.0,418.4 559.6,414.8 563.0,402.0C566.4,389.2 566.6,370.2 569.0,349.0" points="509.0,654.0, 520.0,533.0, 535.0,490.0, 547.0,431.0, 563.0,402.0, 569.0,349.0,lower"/>
      <path id="62550" linkedTo="88" d="M741.0,581.0C733.8,551.4 725.9,521.6 723.0,507.0C720.1,492.4 718.1,484.9 719.0,470.0C719.9,455.1 714.6,427.3 710.0,403.0C705.4,378.7 700.6,365.8 695.0,343.0C689.4,320.2 686.6,308.8 681.0,286.0" points="741.0,581.0, 723.0,507.0, 719.0,470.0, 710.0,403.0, 695.0,343.0, 681.0,286.0,lower"/>
      <path id="75805" linkedTo="87" d="M744.0,563.0C738.4,520.6 729.1,471.9 730.0,457.0C730.9,442.1 753.1,444.2 770.0,440.0C786.9,435.8 823.1,430.6 847.0,428.0C870.9,425.4 897.9,428.8 907.0,425.0C916.1,421.2 905.7,408.5 912.0,401.0C918.3,393.5 933.4,378.7 952.0,372.0C970.6,365.3 1008.9,361.3 1034.0,357.0C1059.1,352.7 1071.8,351.0 1097.0,347.0" points="744.0,563.0, 730.0,457.0,belay 770.0,440.0, 847.0,428.0, 907.0,425.0, 912.0,401.0,belay 952.0,372.0,label 1034.0,357.0, 1097.0,347.0,"/>
      <path id="93331" linkedTo="89" d="M1135.0,520.0C1129.4,481.6 1127.7,455.4 1121.0,424.0C1114.3,392.6 1104.7,368.0 1098.0,347.0C1091.3,326.0 1075.5,316.5 1080.0,295.0C1084.5,273.5 1115.0,256.8 1121.0,237.0C1127.0,217.2 1113.0,206.6 1113.0,186.0C1113.0,165.4 1129.4,151.6 1121.0,131.0C1112.6,110.4 1079.0,72.8 1051.0,34.0" points="1135.0,520.0, 1121.0,424.0, 1098.0,347.0, 1080.0,295.0,lower 1121.0,237.0, 1113.0,186.0, 1121.0,131.0, 1051.0,34.0,"/>
      <path id="92959" linkedTo="328" d="M583.0,641.0C585.8,625.0 588.4,608.0 590.0,601.0C591.6,594.0 593.1,590.6 596.0,584.0C598.9,577.4 601.6,571.6 606.0,565.0C610.4,558.4 616.3,553.4 619.0,550.0C621.7,546.6 621.1,542.9 625.0,541.0C628.9,539.1 637.6,540.0 641.0,539.0C644.4,538.0 646.6,540.0 650.0,539.0C653.4,538.0 658.1,533.6 659.0,528.0C659.9,522.4 657.2,511.2 656.0,500.0C654.8,488.8 653.5,477.0 652.0,465.0C650.5,453.0 649.6,447.0 648.0,435.0" points="583.0,641.0, 590.0,601.0, 596.0,584.0, 606.0,565.0, 619.0,550.0, 625.0,541.0, 641.0,539.0, 650.0,539.0, 659.0,528.0, 656.0,500.0, 652.0,465.0, 648.0,435.0,lower"/>
      <path id="58533" linkedTo="309" d="M762.0,580.0C769.6,555.2 778.1,527.6 781.0,518.0C783.9,508.4 787.1,504.0 788.0,494.0C788.9,484.0 788.7,470.5 787.0,455.0C785.3,439.5 780.7,415.6 778.0,400.0C775.3,384.4 773.6,374.6 771.0,361.0C768.4,347.4 766.8,340.6 764.0,327.0" points="762.0,580.0, 781.0,518.0, 788.0,494.0, 787.0,455.0, 778.0,400.0, 771.0,361.0, 764.0,327.0,lower"/>
  <image id="332" legendTitle="Skull Walls Left Hand Side" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Skull Walls Left.jpg">
      <path id="29075" linkedTo="333" d="M337.0,848.0C339.4,747.2 343.0,596.0 343.0,596.0C343.0,596.0 344.1,549.0 339.0,532.0C333.9,515.0 328.7,504.3 313.0,496.0C297.3,487.7 261.6,507.8 250.0,485.0C238.4,462.2 254.5,411.7 257.0,386.0C259.5,360.3 267.3,333.0 266.0,322.0C264.7,311.0 250.8,312.4 247.0,302.0C243.2,291.6 227.5,232.0 225.0,210.0C222.5,188.0 239.4,179.9 251.0,161.0C262.6,142.1 282.2,114.2 303.0,83.0" points="337.0,848.0, 343.0,596.0, 339.0,532.0, 313.0,496.0,label 250.0,485.0,belay 257.0,386.0, 266.0,322.0, 247.0,302.0, 225.0,210.0, 251.0,161.0, 303.0,83.0,"/>
      <path id="48010" linkedTo="80" d="M343.0,595.0C343.0,595.0 343.0,595.0 343.0,595.0C343.0,595.0 358.2,531.4 363.0,506.0C367.8,480.6 371.5,460.2 372.0,442.0C372.5,423.8 371.6,413.3 366.0,397.0C360.4,380.7 354.9,373.3 344.0,360.0C333.1,346.7 319.0,336.4 303.0,320.0C287.0,303.6 266.0,285.9 252.0,266.0C238.0,246.1 228.5,233.0 226.0,211.0" points="343.0,595.0, 343.0,595.0, 363.0,506.0,label 372.0,442.0,belay 366.0,397.0, 344.0,360.0, 303.0,320.0, 252.0,266.0, 226.0,211.0,"/>
      <path id="5366" linkedTo="81" d="M424.0,734.0C423.6,643.2 426.7,567.9 423.0,507.0C419.3,446.1 408.6,416.6 401.0,356.0C393.4,295.4 384.5,187.2 381.0,173.0C377.5,158.8 355.4,166.0 351.0,152.0C346.6,138.0 347.4,96.8 345.0,60.0" points="424.0,734.0, 423.0,507.0, 401.0,356.0, 381.0,173.0, 351.0,152.0, 345.0,60.0,"/>
  <climb id="333" name="Socket Rocket" fa="Niels Tietze &amp; Liz Oh Feb 2015" extra="" number="83." grade="20" length="50" stars="*">1 move wonder through a cool feature. (No gear on top slab)</climb>
  <climb id="80" name="Highbrow" number="84." grade="17" length="63m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="81" name="Crossbones" number="85." grade="18" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="82" name="Haggis" number="86." grade="19" length="32m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="83" name="Trigger" number="87." grade="21" length="85m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="84" name="Phantom" number="88." grade="25" length="80m" stars=""/>
  <text id="329" class="heading2">Goonies Cave</text>
  <image id="330" legendTitle="Goonies Cave" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Goonies Cave.jpg">
      <path id="46319" linkedTo="327" d="M162.0,761.0C170.0,696.2 178.9,615.0 182.0,599.0C185.1,583.0 197.2,578.8 201.0,563.0C204.8,547.2 203.0,510.1 207.0,495.0C211.0,479.9 220.2,475.6 228.0,462.0C235.8,448.4 241.9,442.2 246.0,427.0C250.1,411.8 249.6,394.6 252.0,373.0" points="162.0,761.0, 182.0,599.0, 201.0,563.0, 207.0,495.0, 228.0,462.0, 246.0,427.0, 252.0,373.0,lower"/>
      <path id="24252" linkedTo="328" d="M251.0,754.0C255.0,734.4 253.0,722.3 261.0,705.0C269.0,687.7 290.6,668.8 291.0,668.0C291.4,667.2 307.4,635.8 319.0,626.0C330.6,616.2 349.3,628.1 355.0,614.0C360.7,599.9 352.2,567.0 351.0,547.0C349.8,527.0 349.2,517.0 348.0,497.0" points="251.0,754.0, 261.0,705.0, 291.0,668.0, 319.0,626.0,label 355.0,614.0, 351.0,547.0, 348.0,497.0,lower"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_yellow" id="82060" width="32" height="22" y="473" x="352" text="30m"/>
      <path id="52829" linkedTo="85" d="M291.0,667.0C291.4,666.2 291.6,669.8 292.0,669.0C292.4,668.2 290.4,650.4 290.0,638.0C289.6,625.6 289.2,617.0 290.0,603.0C290.8,589.0 293.0,569.4 295.0,547.0" points="291.0,667.0, 292.0,669.0, 290.0,638.0, 290.0,603.0,label 295.0,547.0,lower"/>
  <climb id="327" name="Lion Heart" fa="Niels Tietze &amp; Liz Oh Feb 2015" extra="" number="89." grade="25" length="25m" stars="***">Up face, through roof to crux pulling a move to a flaring hand crack. Underling and offwidth the crack above roof till able to move right and climb face to DBB</climb>
  <climb id="85" name="Diana Palmer" number="90." grade="26" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="328" name="Truffle Shuffle" fa="Crazy John Fischer 22 Feb. 2015" extra="" number="91." grade="29" length="25m" stars="***">In the big cave right of Diana Palmer. Tie into 2 ropes. Up to first bolt of Diana Palmer. Traverse R a few metres and then downwards and out the 10 metre roof. At the lip of the roof, wack in double knee bars, place a nest of gear for the 2nd rope then chuck off your first rope and finish up the crux 10 metre overhanging headwall taking the L hand crack.&lt;br/&gt;All gear + or - the bolt on Diana Palmer to DBB</climb>
  <text id="307" class="heading2">Skull Walls - Right Hand Side</text>
  <image id="308" legendTitle="Skull Walls - Right Hand Side" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Skull Walls - Right Hand Side.jpg">
      <path id="10555" linkedTo="306" d="M182.0,498.0C182.0,498.0 182.0,498.0 182.0,498.0C182.0,498.0 177.9,404.8 176.0,372.0C174.1,339.2 169.3,316.7 170.0,290.0C170.7,263.3 173.4,249.6 180.0,224.0C186.6,198.4 201.6,188.4 203.0,162.0" points="182.0,498.0, 182.0,498.0, 176.0,372.0,label 170.0,290.0, 180.0,224.0, 203.0,162.0,lower"/>
      <path id="14271" linkedTo="86" d="M311.0,851.0C297.8,800.2 296.0,773.3 278.0,724.0C260.0,674.7 182.0,498.0 182.0,498.0C182.0,498.0 154.3,450.7 146.0,432.0C137.7,413.3 135.3,403.0 131.0,383.0C126.7,363.0 123.2,333.8 118.0,301.0" points="311.0,851.0,label 278.0,724.0, 182.0,498.0, 146.0,432.0, 131.0,383.0,label 118.0,301.0,"/>
      <path id="18868" linkedTo="309" d="M388.0,818.0C398.4,777.2 409.9,736.1 414.0,716.0C418.1,695.9 418.2,685.5 419.0,665.0C419.8,644.5 422.0,603.2 420.0,562.0C418.0,520.8 411.4,450.0 407.0,416.0C402.6,382.0 394.5,355.9 390.0,332.0C385.5,308.1 381.4,283.1 380.0,272.0C378.6,260.9 379.4,255.2 379.0,244.0" points="388.0,818.0, 414.0,716.0, 419.0,665.0, 420.0,562.0, 407.0,416.0, 390.0,332.0, 380.0,272.0, 379.0,244.0,lower"/>
      <path id="84820" linkedTo="88" d="M328.0,839.0C317.6,792.2 309.6,760.6 302.0,722.0C294.4,683.4 288.9,647.7 286.0,625.0C283.1,602.3 281.7,590.9 282.0,568.0C282.3,545.1 287.3,505.2 288.0,480.0C288.7,454.8 290.0,441.9 286.0,417.0C282.0,392.1 276.7,378.7 268.0,354.0C259.3,329.3 251.3,314.4 242.0,292.0C232.7,269.6 226.0,259.2 219.0,236.0C212.0,212.8 201.6,188.4 203.0,162.0" points="328.0,839.0, 302.0,722.0, 286.0,625.0, 282.0,568.0, 288.0,480.0, 286.0,417.0, 268.0,354.0, 242.0,292.0, 219.0,236.0, 203.0,162.0,"/>
      <path id="51072" points="346.0,826.0, 347.0,661.0, 353.0,557.0,belay 383.0,472.0, 405.0,463.0, 434.0,466.0, 482.0,449.0, 597.0,416.0," d="M346.0,826.0C346.4,760.0 345.9,702.7 347.0,661.0C348.1,619.3 346.3,592.4 353.0,557.0C359.7,521.6 378.4,480.3 383.0,472.0C387.6,463.7 395.6,464.1 405.0,463.0C414.4,461.9 422.5,468.1 434.0,466.0C445.5,463.9 462.5,455.0 482.0,449.0C501.5,443.0 551.0,429.2 597.0,416.0" linkedTo="87"/>
  <climb id="86" name="Apes in Space" number="92." grade="21" length="20m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="306" name="Squibs Slab" fa="Squib and Danger Darren Feb 2015" extra="" number="93." grade="22" length="45m" stars="**">Amazing and extremely run out climbing on the second half of the route... Start up apes in space, but instead of traversing out left continue blasting up the face until you reach the last good runner. Then head off boldly up the proud arête until you reach the rappel for trust me I’m an idiot. It was top roped prior to the first ascent.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <image id="403" src="diamond Traverse.jpg" height="1201" width="800" printLayout="FitToPage"/>
  <climb id="88" name="Trust Me, I&apos;m an Idiot" fa="Mark Colyvan and E. Bieske 19th january 1984" extra="" number="94." grade="20" length="68m" stars="***">Great, a must do. Lower off two U bolts next to old thread. &lt;br/&gt;GPS Coordinates (Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Trust Me I'm an Idiot)</climb>
  <climb id="309" name="Heart of stone" fa="Simon Bischoff Feb 2015" extra="Þ" number="95." grade="26" length="30m" stars="***">Fully bolted. Line of bolts to the right of trust me I’m an idiot. Incredible varied sport climbing with a technical crux at half height followed by an amazing flaked roof with a powerful finish.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="87" name="Diamond Traverse" number="96." grade="22" length="60m" stars="**" extra="R." fa="FA Robert Staszewski and Wayne Maher 2nd January 1985. Rests on pitches 2 and 3 eliminated by Simon Bischoff and Daniel Hazell October 2020">P1 15m. Climb Chimney and Belay where the crack steepens into TMIAI.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;P2 21 R. 20m. Traverse R and slightly downwards Cross Heart of stone. Follow dyke until you can climb upwards to belay at the apex of the diamond overlap with no pro for final 6 metres.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;P2 22 25m. Follow undercling flake, climbing down slightly through the central over lap. Once the crack of Jaws is gained, continue up into alcove and thread to rap off.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="89" name="Jaws" number="97." grade="21" length="86m" stars="" extra="" fa=" Robert Stazewski, Wayne Maher, Peter Cunningham 31.12.84">The major line at the R end of the diamond traverse roofs.&lt;br/&gt;1. 36m Through the small roofs and up to the large chockstones to belay, or belay on the left arete.&lt;br/&gt;2. 50m Ignore the crack line above, step R across the gully, traverse 15m, then follow the shallow groove up to easy ground.</climb>
  <climb id="90" name="Sell Out" number="98." grade="22" length="75m" stars="*"/>
  <text id="400" class="heading2">Shining Slab</text>
  <image id="394" src="the Slabs.jpg" height="533" width="800" printLayout="FitToPage"/>
  <image id="404" src="Shining Slab.jpg" height="1201" width="800" printLayout="FitToPage"/>
  <climb id="91" name="Carefree Highway" number="99." grade="15" length="26m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="92" name="Silver Stream" number="100." grade="17" length="115m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="93" name="The Shining Path" number="101." grade="18" length="115m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="94" name="Wrong Turn" number="102." grade="13" length="120m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="95" name="Second Time Around" number="103." grade="16" length="120m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="96" name="Uppers and Downers" number="104." grade="19" length="10m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="97" name="Jive Time" number="105." grade="18" length="10m" stars=""/>
  <text id="401" class="heading2">Bruce's Wall</text>
  <image id="405" src="bruce3.jpg" height="1201" width="800" printLayout="FitToPage"/>
  <climb id="98" name="Silver Stairs Variant Start" number="106." grade="16" length="16m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="99" name="Silver Stairs" number="107." grade="13" length="136m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="100" name="Blow Hole" number="108." grade="14" length="146m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="101" name="Wet and Dry" number="109." grade="18" length="??m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="102" name="Shine on Me Crazy Diamond" number="110." grade="18" length="138m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="103" name="Undertow" number="111." grade="21" length="10m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="104" name="Beginning Middle End" number="112." grade="18" length="93m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="105" name="Innocent Man" number="113." grade="16" length="65m" stars=""/>
  <text id="376" class="heading1">The Brain Area</text>
  <image id="373" src="the brain.jpg" height="400" width="600">
      <path id="26168" points="292.0,397.0, 291.0,397.0, 277.0,315.0, 273.0,310.0,belay" d="M292.0,397.0C292.0,396.6 291.0,397.4 291.0,397.0C291.0,396.6 277.5,317.5 277.0,315.0C276.5,312.5 274.6,312.0 273.0,310.0" linkedTo="107"/>
      <path id="15694" points="301.0,398.0, 300.0,398.0, 315.0,365.0, 303.0,313.0,belay" d="M301.0,398.0C301.0,397.6 300.0,398.4 300.0,398.0C300.0,397.6 314.5,379.5 315.0,365.0C315.5,350.5 307.8,333.8 303.0,313.0" linkedTo="372"/>
      <path id="38867" points="317.0,292.0, 318.0,279.0, 314.0,246.0, 313.0,215.0, 359.0,200.0,belay 349.0,171.0, 345.0,112.0,lower" d="M317.0,292.0C317.4,286.8 318.3,284.2 318.0,279.0C317.7,273.8 315.0,258.4 314.0,246.0C313.0,233.6 304.3,223.9 313.0,215.0C321.7,206.1 351.2,209.5 359.0,200.0C366.8,190.5 350.9,183.1 349.0,171.0C347.1,158.9 346.6,135.6 345.0,112.0" linkedTo="111"/>
      <path id="82460" points="231.0,283.0, 229.0,252.0, 218.0,222.0, 225.0,211.0, 231.0,202.0,lower" d="M231.0,283.0C230.2,270.6 231.6,264.2 229.0,252.0C226.4,239.8 218.5,227.2 218.0,222.0C217.5,216.8 222.6,214.6 225.0,211.0C227.4,207.4 228.6,205.6 231.0,202.0" linkedTo="109"/>
      <path id="3815" points="451.0,203.0,lower" d="M451.0,203.0"/>
      <path id="70565" points="459.0,397.0, 456.0,304.0,belay 446.0,275.0, 436.0,243.0, 434.0,209.0,belay 425.0,221.0, 402.0,220.0," d="M459.0,397.0C457.8,359.8 457.3,316.2 456.0,304.0C454.7,291.8 449.8,286.7 446.0,275.0C442.2,263.3 438.4,256.2 436.0,243.0C433.6,229.8 439.8,210.5 434.0,209.0C428.2,207.5 430.8,222.5 425.0,221.0C419.2,219.5 411.2,220.4 402.0,220.0" linkedTo="375"/>
      <path id="11972" points="403.0,164.0, 406.0,202.0, 401.0,220.0," d="M403.0,164.0C388.3,160.1 406.3,194.5 406.0,202.0C405.7,209.5 403.0,212.8 401.0,220.0" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="65121" points="404.0,164.0, 348.0,112.0," d="M404.0,164.0C389.3,160.1 370.4,132.8 348.0,112.0"/>
      <path id="70136" points="563.0,377.0, 563.0,343.0, 550.0,324.0, 542.0,303.0, 546.0,294.0,belay 536.0,213.0, 532.0,184.0, 526.0,164.0, 512.0,133.0, 501.0,103.0, 482.0,64.0,belay" d="M563.0,377.0C563.0,363.4 565.2,351.9 563.0,343.0C560.8,334.1 554.2,332.0 550.0,324.0C545.8,316.0 542.5,306.9 542.0,303.0C541.5,299.1 546.3,297.9 546.0,294.0C545.7,290.1 537.5,224.6 536.0,213.0C534.5,201.4 533.7,192.2 532.0,184.0C530.3,175.8 529.0,171.8 526.0,164.0C523.0,156.2 516.8,144.8 512.0,133.0C507.2,121.2 506.1,114.7 501.0,103.0C495.9,91.3 489.6,79.6 482.0,64.0" linkedTo="115"/>
      <path id="71797" points="456.0,60.0,lower" d="M456.0,60.0"/>
      <path id="21338" points="197.0,294.0, 191.0,281.0, 175.0,259.0, 176.0,240.0, 177.0,210.0, 181.0,171.0,belay" d="M197.0,294.0C194.6,288.8 194.0,285.8 191.0,281.0C188.0,276.2 177.6,266.1 175.0,259.0C172.4,251.9 175.7,247.6 176.0,240.0C176.3,232.4 176.1,222.0 177.0,210.0C177.9,198.0 179.4,186.6 181.0,171.0" linkedTo="108"/>
      <path id="51205" points="108.0,352.0, 124.0,350.0, 140.0,329.0, 161.0,321.0, 180.0,321.0, 196.0,321.0," d="M108.0,352.0C113.7,349.0 118.3,353.0 124.0,350.0C129.7,347.0 132.9,334.5 140.0,329.0C147.1,323.5 153.5,322.5 161.0,321.0C168.5,319.5 173.6,321.0 180.0,321.0C186.4,321.0 189.6,321.0 196.0,321.0" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="20589" points="312.0,209.0, 312.0,181.0, 301.0,162.0, 297.0,133.0, 304.0,117.0,lower" d="M312.0,209.0C312.0,197.8 314.0,189.6 312.0,181.0C310.0,172.4 303.6,170.4 301.0,162.0C298.4,153.6 296.5,140.0 297.0,133.0C297.5,126.0 301.2,123.4 304.0,117.0" linkedTo="381"/>
      <path id="26174" points="303.0,296.0, 306.0,269.0, 299.0,236.0, 290.0,184.0, 277.0,188.0,lower" d="M303.0,296.0C304.2,285.2 306.3,274.2 306.0,269.0C305.7,263.8 301.5,249.3 299.0,236.0C296.5,222.7 292.3,188.9 290.0,184.0C287.7,179.1 278.1,193.3 277.0,188.0" linkedTo="383"/>
      <path id="89361" points="283.0,281.0, 278.0,187.0," d="M283.0,281.0C281.0,243.4 279.1,192.3 278.0,187.0" linkedTo="382"/>
  <climb id="106" name="Bow Saw" number="114." grade="??" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="107" name="Persistence" number="115." grade="14" length="15m" stars="" extra="" fa=" Robert Stazewski Solo 2.1.86">Low angle Crackline marked with a P below the brain. Originally granded 17, but probably knock 2 or 3 grades off. Nice little low grade ramble and a fun way to go check the brain out.</climb>
  <climb id="372" stars="*" extra="" number="116." name="Plonker" length="15m" grade="14" fa="Hannah Vasiliades and Simon Bischoff 22.08.20">Start up Persistence to first ledge then traverse a couple metres right and head up the cracked face, take the line of jugs slightly to the left near the top.</climb>
  <climb id="375" stars="**" extra="" number="117." name="Mr Rumpy Pumpy" length="50" grade="18" fa="Simon Bischoff and Hannah Vasiliades 20.08.20">This ones got lots of character. The Chimney on the right side of the buttress below The Brain. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 20m (18) Ascend the plank ladder until you can reach high enough to stuff a 5 in the crack. Use the #5 to pull yourself up into the chimney proper. It is suggested using some micro cams in the seem beside the ladder as Alex Hartshorne took a ladder fall on the second ascent when multiple rungs on the ladder exploded. The ships carpenter has been fired. Once in the chimney there is ample protection. Belay below the over hang.&lt;br/&gt;2. 10m (16) Thrutch beautifully through the roof. Once over the top continue 4 or so metres up the crack to a good belay on the right side of the cave.&lt;br/&gt;3. 20m (12) Cross the cave and traverse out left over the big hanging nose. Continue over the lip and traverse easily over to the rap for tumour (thread).</climb>
  <climb id="108" name="Left Brain Dominant" number="118." grade="16" length="10m" stars="*" extra="" fa="Hamish and Marcel Jackson 7.1.95">Starts at the furthest L of the main floor of the brain (as opposed to lower down and left). Tend L to climb hanging arete in good position.</climb>
  <climb id="109" name="Real Brainy" number="119." grade="22" length="10m" stars="*" extra="" fa="Robert Staszewski 2.1.87">Starts in the middle of the brain, 5m L of the twin cracked roof. Move up tending L on the jugs to the thread. Up into next hole then move right onto arete through the final roof. Move L into the gully.</climb>
  <climb id="382" stars="**" extra="" number="120." name="Brain Fart " length="10m" grade="24" fa="Alex Hartshorne and Simon Bischoff September 2020">Takes the main line of the brain. Climb the Twin cracked roof. With a little knee bar trickery its not as diabolical as it looks. Rap of thread.</climb>
  <climb id="383" stars="*" extra="" number="121." name="Bwain Dead" length="10m" grade="22" fa="Simon Bischoff and Alex Hartshorne September 2020 ">Fun 3D climbing. Climb the steep roof into chimney a couple metres R of twin cracked rood (Brain Fart). Two bolts down low, careful clipping the second one, a few intermediate cams might help. Rap of thread as for Brain Fart.</climb>
  <climb id="110" name="Lobotomy" number="122." grade="25" length="15m" stars="**" extra="" fa="Hamish and Marcel Jackson 7.1.95">Starts at the back of the brain just to the R of a thin crack. This is about 4m right of the twin cracks and 8 m R of real brainy. Head out L at the base of the hanging corner of pitch 1 of tumour (about 9m) to swing onto the L wall of the bottomless chimney (crux). Abseil from sling at the back R of the short gully at the top. Excellent and unusual climbing.</climb>
  <climb id="111" name="Tumour" number="123." grade="24" length="28m" stars="***" extra="" fa="Hamish and Marcel Jackson">A truly incredible climb!&lt;br/&gt;1. (24) 18m Starts as for lobotomy. Climb the huge roof, tending R out past a three way tie off at 4m and on up the short hanging corner on the R. Head R across the lip of the cave to belay beneath suspended wide chimney and face in the very centre of the brain.&lt;br/&gt;2. (16) 10m Climb the brilliant face and chimney in an unrivalled position to easy ground above. Rap of thread.</climb>
  <climb id="381" stars="**" extra="" number="124." name="Pinky (Tumour Direct)" length="20m" grade="24" fa="Alex Hartshorne and Simon Bischoff September 2020">Start up Tumour. Where tumour backs off and heads R to the belay go straight up through strenous bulge (crux). Continue up and over the lip. Rap off Bollard.</climb>
  <climb id="112" name="Right Brain Dominant" number="125." grade="16" length="23m" stars=""/>
  <text id="295" class="heading2">Campsite Area</text>
  <image id="299" legendTitle="Campsite Boulder 1" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Campsite Boulder Project.jpg">
      <path id="31366" linkedTo="298" d="M216.0,701.0C210.8,650.2 219.7,619.2 203.0,574.0C186.3,528.8 148.8,500.7 133.0,476.0C117.2,451.3 112.6,437.0 99.0,411.0" points="216.0,701.0, 203.0,574.0, 133.0,476.0, 99.0,411.0,lower"/>
  <climb id="298" name="Stingray" fa="Simon Bischoff October 2020. " extra="Þ" number="126." grade="27" length="10m" stars="*">Bolted by Alex Hartshorne and climbed by Simon Bischoff. Short and powerful route in a perfect location. Sharp rock at the top detracts a bit.</climb>
  <climb id="296" name="Killer Crank" fa="Nick Hancock  Dec 2002" extra="" number="127." grade="27" length="7m" stars="***">The overhanging wall directly opposite the driftwood shack. A variant was done by Tommy Krauss and Simon Bischoff in 2015. After the big jump move (crux), move R onto the arete for a more sustained finish.</climb>
  <climb id="297" name="A Flay at the Beach" fa="Nick Hancock  Dec 2002" extra="" number="128." grade="21" length="7m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="356" name="Red Snapper" fa="Nick Hancock  2004" extra="" number="129." grade="21" length="7m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="300" name="Death or Gory" fa="Nick Hancock  Jan 2003" extra="" number="130." grade="25" length="6m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="301" name="Meat Jamaica" fa="Nick Hancock  Dec 2002" extra="" number="131." grade="24" length="8m" stars=""/>
  <text id="367" class="heading1">Don't Knock the Rock Cave Area.</text>
  <text id="302" class="text">&lt;br/&gt;Some nice climbing here, most of the routes originally went to the summit however a rap anchor can be found in a slightly awkward spot on the left side of the ledge where most of the good climbing ends. The scramble down from the top of sunbeam is a little sketchy so you may want to rope up. It's a 40 m rap from here to the ground or if using a single rope you can rap to the left side of the wall and utilize a very memorable thread on the RHS of the brain.</text>
  <image id="334" legendy="5" legendx="5" legendTitle="Don&apos;t Knock the Rock Cave Area" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Don&apos;t Knock the Rock Cave Area.jpg">
      <path id="43982" linkedTo="113" d="M487.0,383.0C447.8,372.6 422.2,368.0 389.0,357.0C355.8,346.0 340.8,336.2 308.0,324.0C275.2,311.8 244.3,301.3 215.0,292.0C185.7,282.7 156.7,297.5 141.0,271.0C125.3,244.5 135.3,216.8 157.0,194.0C178.7,171.2 264.4,117.2 336.0,66.0" points="487.0,383.0, 389.0,357.0, 308.0,324.0,label 215.0,292.0, 141.0,271.0,belay 157.0,194.0, 336.0,66.0,"/>
      <path id="95739" linkedTo="115" d="M558.0,865.0C549.2,751.4 540.4,618.2 536.0,581.0C531.6,543.8 523.0,526.3 514.0,490.0C505.0,453.7 504.8,424.0 487.0,384.0C469.2,344.0 418.4,276.2 418.0,275.0C417.6,273.8 416.9,262.8 412.0,257.0C407.1,251.2 404.4,216.4 403.0,198.0C401.6,179.6 408.3,169.9 404.0,152.0C399.7,134.1 389.8,121.4 382.0,110.0C374.2,98.6 364.1,92.4 358.0,85.0C351.9,77.6 350.2,73.0 345.0,65.0" points="558.0,865.0, 536.0,581.0, 514.0,490.0, 487.0,384.0, 418.0,275.0, 412.0,257.0, 403.0,198.0,label 404.0,152.0, 382.0,110.0, 358.0,85.0, 345.0,65.0,lower"/>
      <path id="72210" linkedTo="114" d="M418.0,275.0C417.6,273.8 415.9,262.8 411.0,257.0C406.1,251.2 372.8,260.9 351.0,254.0C329.2,247.1 313.4,242.4 303.0,223.0C292.6,203.6 302.9,187.4 305.0,168.0C307.1,148.6 316.0,130.9 314.0,120.0C312.0,109.1 288.9,112.3 293.0,102.0C297.1,91.7 318.2,81.6 335.0,68.0" points="418.0,275.0, 411.0,257.0, 351.0,254.0,label 303.0,223.0, 305.0,168.0, 314.0,120.0, 293.0,102.0, 335.0,68.0,"/>
      <path id="57628" linkedTo="116" d="M418.0,275.0C417.6,273.8 417.4,273.2 417.0,272.0C416.6,270.8 429.2,232.6 435.0,220.0C440.8,207.4 452.0,204.7 454.0,191.0C456.0,177.3 455.4,146.4 450.0,119.0C444.6,91.6 436.2,79.4 427.0,53.0" points="418.0,275.0, 417.0,272.0, 435.0,220.0, 454.0,191.0,label 450.0,119.0, 427.0,53.0,belay"/>
      <path id="11177" points="248.0,298.0, 240.0,233.0, 225.0,143.0," lineStyle="dotted" d="M248.0,298.0C244.8,272.0 243.8,258.9 240.0,233.0C236.2,207.1 231.0,179.0 225.0,143.0"/>
      <path id="57786" points="107.0,241.0,lower" d="M107.0,241.0"/>
  <climb id="113" name="Killiecranking" number="132." grade="19" length="50m" stars="**" extra="" fa="Robert Staszewski, Wayne Maher 30.12.84">Great route with a couple of quite tricky sections on the traverse. &lt;br/&gt;1. Start behind the large block that leans up against the face. Climb up to below the roof and traverse left for 15 meters to a obvious thread belay. &lt;br/&gt;2. Follow the cracks and flakes to easy ground above and the large ledge with a rappel anchor on the left side. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;An alternate solution to the first pitch can be found by heading straight from a small stance halfway through the traverse. Trend left and join the original line to belay. FA Simon Bischoff March 2019</climb>
  <climb id="114" name="Cold Journey" number="133." grade="17" length="50m" stars="*" extra="" fa="Wayne Maher, John Pawson 13.1.83">Mostly moderate climbing with an interesting crux. &lt;br/&gt;1. Start up Armageddon and climb through the first roof. Move up and left onto the large flake on the left wall and traverse left in to the main line in middle of the wall. Follow the line to the ledge and rap anchors. &lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="115" name="Armageddon" number="134." grade="18" length="50m" stars="**" extra="" fa="G.Baudinette, Stuart Willis 19.4.81">Really fun route. The main corner line.&lt;br/&gt;1. Start behind the large flake leaning up against the wall. Chimney up the slab with no pro until the corner is reached. Great crack climbing up the corner and through the roof. Either belay here or continue up the corner on the right at about 15, or slightly harder in the crack to the left. At the top of the corner head left across blank looking grey face to the rappel anchor.</climb>
  <climb id="116" name="Sunbeam" number="135." grade="20" length="50m" stars="**" extra="" fa="Robert Staszewski, J Mendoza 7.1.85">climb through the roof as for Armageddon. Step right around the corner and follow cracks up the face. Belay in the gully above and to the right of the rappel anchors. Down climb 5 meters to get to the rappel anchors to get off.</climb>
  <climb id="117" name="Don&apos;t Knock the Rock" number="136." grade="16" length="139m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="118" name="Exodus" number="137." grade="15" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="119" name="Savant" number="138." grade="17" length="18m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="120" name="Reflex Arc" number="139." grade="14" length="13m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="121" name="Over Balance" number="140." grade="18" length="55m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="122" name="Blue Skies" number="141." grade="18" length="55m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="123" name="Race Off" number="142." grade="18" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="124" name="Jug After Jug" number="143." grade="21" length="60m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="125" name="Michael&apos;s Friend" number="144." grade="14" length="82m" stars=""/>
  <text id="377" class="heading1">The Main Wall</text>
  <image id="370" src="X.ray.jpg" height="600" width="900">
      <path id="10236" points="334.0,595.0, 333.0,595.0, 329.0,534.0, 317.0,516.0,belay 314.0,489.0, 309.0,462.0, 296.0,411.0, 297.0,395.0, 288.0,349.0, 288.0,335.0, 274.0,290.0, 271.0,260.0,lower" d="M334.0,595.0C334.0,594.6 333.0,595.4 333.0,595.0C333.0,594.6 330.7,542.5 329.0,534.0C327.3,525.5 319.7,524.2 317.0,516.0C314.3,507.8 315.6,499.7 314.0,489.0C312.4,478.3 311.5,472.7 309.0,462.0C306.5,451.3 297.1,417.3 296.0,411.0C294.9,404.7 297.8,401.4 297.0,395.0C296.2,388.6 288.8,354.5 288.0,349.0C287.2,343.5 289.3,340.4 288.0,335.0C286.7,329.6 276.7,301.8 274.0,290.0C271.3,278.2 272.2,272.0 271.0,260.0" linkedTo="128"/>
      <path id="49091" points="225.0,589.0, 215.0,534.0, 200.0,452.0,belay 180.0,374.0, 178.0,288.0, 183.0,192.0,belay" d="M225.0,589.0C221.0,567.0 219.0,556.0 215.0,534.0C211.0,512.0 206.9,483.5 200.0,452.0C193.1,420.5 184.3,405.9 180.0,374.0C175.7,342.1 177.4,322.4 178.0,288.0C178.6,253.6 181.0,230.4 183.0,192.0" linkedTo="126"/>
      <path id="53142" points="269.0,575.0, 257.0,313.0, 268.0,260.0," d="M269.0,575.0C264.2,470.2 257.1,334.7 257.0,313.0C256.9,291.3 263.6,281.2 268.0,260.0" linkedTo="127"/>
      <path id="4839" points="682.0,556.0, 678.0,498.0, 663.0,418.0, 664.0,397.0,belay 698.0,387.0, 704.0,334.0, 708.0,297.0, 704.0,276.0, 708.0,263.0,lower" d="M682.0,556.0C680.4,532.8 681.2,521.0 678.0,498.0C674.8,475.0 664.2,426.3 663.0,418.0C661.8,409.7 664.1,397.4 664.0,397.0C663.9,396.6 690.4,399.0 698.0,387.0C705.6,375.0 702.4,348.8 704.0,334.0C705.6,319.2 708.0,305.6 708.0,297.0C708.0,288.4 704.0,281.4 704.0,276.0C704.0,270.6 706.4,268.2 708.0,263.0"/>
      <path id="72203" points="663.0,399.0, 664.0,399.0, 586.0,277.0, 579.0,207.0,belay 583.0,176.0, 563.0,3.0," d="M663.0,399.0C662.9,398.6 664.1,399.4 664.0,399.0C663.9,398.6 597.4,302.7 586.0,277.0C574.6,251.3 579.4,219.5 579.0,207.0C578.6,194.5 584.0,188.5 583.0,176.0C582.0,163.5 571.0,72.2 563.0,3.0" linkedTo="139"/>
      <path id="94213" points="606.0,571.0, 595.0,501.0, 600.0,479.0, 570.0,443.0, 530.0,392.0,belay 515.0,382.0, 509.0,347.0, 520.0,324.0, 543.0,304.0, 529.0,247.0,belay 504.0,178.0, 496.0,133.0, 489.0,78.0, 492.0,9.0,lower" d="M606.0,571.0C601.6,543.0 595.6,510.0 595.0,501.0C594.4,492.0 603.6,487.3 600.0,479.0C596.4,470.7 581.8,457.6 570.0,443.0C558.2,428.4 534.8,397.4 530.0,392.0C525.2,386.6 518.0,388.5 515.0,382.0C512.0,375.5 508.1,357.2 509.0,347.0C509.9,336.8 513.7,332.0 520.0,324.0C526.3,316.0 541.6,316.1 543.0,304.0C544.4,291.9 535.9,269.4 529.0,247.0C522.1,224.6 509.1,195.6 504.0,178.0C498.9,160.4 498.7,151.1 496.0,133.0C493.3,114.9 489.7,100.2 489.0,78.0C488.3,55.8 490.8,36.6 492.0,9.0" linkedTo="135"/>
      <path id="65006" points="753.0,516.0, 740.0,463.0, 740.0,419.0, 730.0,351.0, 709.0,267.0," d="M753.0,516.0C747.8,494.8 742.3,480.4 740.0,463.0C737.7,445.6 741.6,436.5 740.0,419.0C738.4,401.5 735.5,377.9 730.0,351.0C724.5,324.1 717.4,300.6 709.0,267.0" linkedTo="385"/>
  <climb id="126" name="Mark Mark" number="145." grade="20" length="45m" stars="" extra="" fa="Robert Staszewski and Mark Grundy 30.12.80">The left leaning crack left of BBMN.&lt;br/&gt;1. 40m (20) Follow the line and take the R hand crack near the top. May be better as two pitches.</climb>
  <climb id="127" name="Braw Black Midnight Night" number="146." grade="15" length="110m" stars="" extra="" fa="Stuart Willis, Ian Sedgman, D. Smith 7.3.81">Massive bloody chimney. Completely subterranean and unique. Can Rap off as for deb Ball rather than continue to the top.</climb>
  <climb id="128" name="Deb Ball" number="147." grade="22" length="35m" stars="*" extra="" fa=" John Pawson, Robert Staszewski, Wayne Maher 25.12.86">Steep line to the right of Braw black midnight night. Rap of Tat and wire around chockstone. Was in good nick as of 16.08.20&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 15m (16) up line to belay on ledge&lt;br/&gt;2. 20m (22) Follow line to the top</climb>
  <climb id="129" name="Side Saddle" number="148." grade="17" length="112m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="130" name="Double Diabolical" number="149." grade="16" length="74m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="131" name="Tendernitis" number="150." grade="18" length="68m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="132" name="Avoid Overhangs" number="151." grade="21" length="70m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="133" name="Sea Shanty" number="152." grade="17" length="22m" stars="" extra="" fa="D.Vissor, A. Scholes jan 84">First Line L of ejector. Climb steep groove through the bulge to Bollard.</climb>
  <climb id="134" name="Ejector" number="153." grade="23" length="22m" stars="" extra="" fa="Robert Staszewski 6.1.86">Offwidth crack 5m R of double diabolical. Climb strenuous and technical crack through the roof to easy ground. Rap of using bollard (Same as Sea shanty).</climb>
  <climb id="135" name="Deep End" number="154." grade="16" length="60m" stars="" extra="" fa="Stuart Willis, D.Smith, K.Rand 18.4.81">Originally went to the summit in four pitches. You can now make a 60m rap of a thread at the end of the third pitch. If climbing without double ropes a second thread can be found to the left of the belay for pitch two.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;Start in the scooped chimney 10m R of ejector (offwidth).&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 20m (12) Bridge up the chimney to the roof, exit it to the R and head up to belay on the LHS of the cave.&lt;br/&gt;2. 20m (12) Traverse L into crack and up until airy move brings you to a sloping ledge on the right. cross this and climb up crack to belay in the chimney/Cave&lt;br/&gt;3. 20m (16) Continue up the steep groove directly above. Thread can be found 6 metres below the cave to rappel. Or continue to the cave and make another easy pitch to top out.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="136" name="Die Laughing" number="155." grade="15" length="25m" stars="" extra="" fa="Melanie Taws, Jmaes Mcintosh 30.12.86">Starts 2m R of deep end. Step up and L into the crack, move up and belay in the cave.</climb>
  <climb id="137" name="Aquamarine" number="156." grade="18" length="70m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="138" name="X Ray" number="157." grade="18" length="62m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="139" name="Smile For Me" number="158." grade="21" length="70m" stars="" extra="" fa="Robert Staszewski and J. Mendoza 4.1.85">1. (21) 20m. climb the cracks in the wall R of X-ray.&lt;br/&gt;2. 25m. Move left following two diagonal cracks, the follow crack up to cave.&lt;br/&gt;3. 25m. Move L through the roof then R onto the arete.&lt;br/&gt;get off some how... &lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="371" stars="**" extra="" number="159." name="Kathy Rindhoops" length="35m" grade="21" fa="Simon Bischoff and Hannah Vasiliades 2020">1. (21) Climb crack on RHS of chimney to Belay (Same first pitch as smile for me).&lt;br/&gt;2. (17) Traverse right and up to the crux and continue heading right to a lower off over The far away tree.</climb>
  <climb id="385" stars="**" extra="" number="160." name="The Magical Far-away Tree" length="20m" grade="23" fa="Hannah Vasilliades and Simon Bischoff October 2020">First route in Central gully (LHS). Climb the ladder out of the bushes and onto the beautiful wall with five U bolts and some finger and hand sized cams near the top. Pre-clipping the second bolt is suggested.</climb>
  <text id="379" class="heading1">Central Gully</text>
  <climb id="140" name="Blooming Heather" number="161." grade="16" length="158m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="141" name="Blazing Heather" number="162." grade="15" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="142" name="Breezin&apos;" number="163." grade="14" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="143" name="When the Wind Blows" number="164." grade="15" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="144" name="Crystal Gully" number="165." grade="19,M0" length="120m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="145" name="Why, Thank You Panda Bear" number="166." grade="23" length="100m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="146" name="Screw Driver" number="167." grade="14" length="??" stars=""/>
  <climb id="147" name="Rap Route" number="168." grade="15" length="106m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="148" name="Low Road" number="169." grade="??" length="??" stars=""/>
  <climb id="149" name="Wet Road" number="170." grade="17" length="121m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="150" name="High Road" number="171." grade="14" length="170m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="151" name="Coast&apos;n" number="172." grade="15" length="28m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="152" name="Ahistma" number="173." grade="13" length="23m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="153" name="Gale" number="174." grade="16" length="90m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="154" name="Dolphin" number="175." grade="19" length="28m" stars=""/>
  <text id="323" class="heading2">Campsite Buttress</text>
  <image id="324" legendTitle="Campsite Buttress" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Campsite Buttress.jpg">
      <path id="51060" linkedTo="155" d="M87.0,876.0C100.6,836.0 111.8,808.3 121.0,776.0C130.2,743.7 128.3,725.8 139.0,694.0C149.7,662.2 175.6,607.4 186.0,582.0C196.4,556.6 204.0,544.2 211.0,518.0C218.0,491.8 216.7,469.6 221.0,451.0C225.3,432.4 231.2,420.7 237.0,406.0C242.8,391.3 241.5,380.8 253.0,370.0C264.5,359.2 288.2,353.1 305.0,342.0C321.8,330.9 336.5,323.2 344.0,310.0C351.5,296.8 348.5,284.7 345.0,272.0C341.5,259.3 329.5,253.9 326.0,245.0C322.5,236.1 323.6,230.5 325.0,221.0C326.4,211.5 330.6,193.3 335.0,183.0C339.4,172.7 345.7,169.9 351.0,160.0C356.3,150.1 366.4,127.7 369.0,120.0C371.6,112.3 412.3,69.0 420.0,62.0C427.7,55.0 434.4,56.0 444.0,52.0" points="87.0,876.0, 121.0,776.0, 139.0,694.0, 186.0,582.0, 211.0,518.0, 221.0,451.0, 237.0,406.0, 253.0,370.0, 305.0,342.0, 344.0,310.0,belay 345.0,272.0, 326.0,245.0, 325.0,221.0, 335.0,183.0, 351.0,160.0, 369.0,120.0, 420.0,62.0, 444.0,52.0,lower"/>
      <path id="25093" linkedTo="157" d="M414.0,853.0C424.0,815.4 432.0,797.3 439.0,759.0C446.0,720.7 455.7,670.8 453.0,641.0C450.3,611.2 429.5,601.9 422.0,573.0C414.5,544.1 415.0,512.0 411.0,478.0C407.0,444.0 401.0,414.2 401.0,393.0C401.0,371.8 406.0,361.6 411.0,341.0C416.0,320.4 425.5,289.4 429.0,278.0C432.5,266.6 435.6,258.9 439.0,250.0C442.4,241.1 443.8,236.5 448.0,228.0C452.2,219.5 465.6,210.0 466.0,195.0C466.4,180.0 456.5,170.9 450.0,159.0C443.5,147.1 437.0,133.2 431.0,131.0C425.0,128.8 421.0,132.2 415.0,130.0C409.0,127.8 401.6,131.8 393.0,134.0C384.4,136.2 379.1,144.9 372.0,141.0C364.9,137.1 366.4,128.7 369.0,121.0" points="414.0,853.0, 439.0,759.0, 453.0,641.0, 422.0,573.0, 411.0,478.0, 401.0,393.0, 411.0,341.0, 429.0,278.0, 439.0,250.0, 448.0,228.0, 466.0,195.0,belay 450.0,159.0, 431.0,131.0, 415.0,130.0, 393.0,134.0, 372.0,141.0, 369.0,121.0,"/>
      <path id="53610" points="133.0,769.0, 190.0,698.0, 213.0,628.0, 240.0,603.0, 269.0,538.0, 312.0,463.0, 369.0,338.0, 389.0,280.0, 407.0,248.0,belay" d="M133.0,769.0C155.8,740.6 175.5,723.6 190.0,698.0C204.5,672.4 206.1,641.0 213.0,628.0C219.9,615.0 232.2,615.5 240.0,603.0C247.8,590.5 256.0,563.3 269.0,538.0C282.0,512.7 296.5,493.9 312.0,463.0C327.5,432.1 359.5,360.6 369.0,338.0C378.5,315.4 383.3,293.5 389.0,280.0C394.7,266.5 405.3,253.1 407.0,248.0" linkedTo="156"/>
      <path id="52351" points="406.0,238.0, 403.0,225.0, 391.0,205.0, 391.0,189.0," d="M406.0,238.0C407.7,232.9 405.2,229.9 403.0,225.0C400.8,220.1 393.0,211.1 391.0,205.0C389.0,198.9 391.0,195.4 391.0,189.0" lineStyle="dotted" linkedTo="156"/>
      <path id="48009" points="392.0,173.0, 379.0,164.0, 373.0,149.0," d="M392.0,173.0C386.8,169.4 382.9,169.0 379.0,164.0C375.1,159.0 375.4,155.0 373.0,149.0" linkedTo="156"/>
      <path id="56979" points="345.0,269.0, 364.0,215.0, 369.0,122.0," d="M345.0,269.0C352.6,247.4 360.3,237.6 364.0,215.0C367.7,192.4 366.4,129.7 369.0,122.0" linkedTo="357"/>
  <climb id="155" name="Taipan" number="176." grade="22" length="60m" stars="***" extra="" fa="John Pawson, Wayne Maher 14.1.83">A great test piece. Originally graded 21 it requires a good bit of ooze to get through the cux!&lt;br/&gt;1. (17) Start as for geranium but head straight up the middle of the steep buttress and belay on the ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2. From the belay climb up smooth crack system moving left on the black section to a small cave. Continue easily up glorious cracks on the head wall. From the ledge, trend right to a bollard belay in a cave. You can rappel to the ground from here on double ropes. Or with a 60 you can rappel down to the bollard at the top of the first pitch and make a second abseil to the ground.&lt;br/&gt;Rap anchor consists of slung bollard (2 separate lengths of tape 1.5-2m loops and prussic cord) and knotted sling in crack with 2 recycled and one new aluminium snap gates. Should be replaced with stainless mallion or wrap ring and be prepared to replace tat</climb>
  <climb id="357" stars="" extra="" number="177." name="Project" length="" grade="27" fa="">Project with bolt added by Simon Bischoff. Go for it! Start up second pitch of Taipan but head out right at the crux and up to boulder problem (levitation required) continue up easy wall and into geranium.</climb>
  <climb id="156" name="Geranium" number="178." grade="15" length="60m" stars="**" extra="" fa="D. Smith, Stuart Willis 8.3.81">1. 35m Climb up the front of the buttress then traverse right into the corner. Follow the corner up and belay in the back of the chimney. &lt;br/&gt;2. An awesome pitch weaving in and out of the chimney on interesting holds with good gear. Rappel as for Taipan.</climb>
  <climb id="157" name="Sunset Boulevard" number="179." grade="20" length="60m" stars="***"/>
  <image id="359" src="Best forgotten art 29  (1 of 1)-2.jpg" height="899" width="600">
      <path id="5382" points="457.0,892.0, 446.0,776.0, 390.0,733.0, 375.0,655.0, 343.0,650.0, 311.0,600.0, 306.0,570.0, 321.0,520.0, 297.0,450.0, 267.0,409.0," d="M457.0,892.0C452.6,845.6 457.0,802.0 446.0,776.0C435.0,750.0 404.3,757.4 390.0,733.0C375.7,708.6 381.4,666.3 375.0,655.0C368.6,643.7 352.8,658.4 343.0,650.0C333.2,641.6 316.1,611.0 311.0,600.0C305.9,589.0 304.5,582.1 306.0,570.0C307.5,557.9 322.6,540.8 321.0,520.0C319.4,499.2 305.9,468.3 297.0,450.0C288.1,431.7 279.0,425.4 267.0,409.0" linkedTo="358"/>
      <path id="9947" points="157.0,772.0, 172.0,759.0, 184.0,753.0, 196.0,737.0,belay 189.0,698.0, 186.0,636.0, 218.0,584.0, 226.0,467.0,belay 220.0,427.0, 220.0,387.0, 205.0,321.0, 193.0,273.0, 176.0,272.0,belay 194.0,255.0, 203.0,236.0, 208.0,206.0,belay" d="M157.0,772.0C161.3,768.7 167.7,762.3 172.0,759.0C176.3,755.7 180.0,756.6 184.0,753.0C188.0,749.4 195.3,745.0 196.0,737.0C196.7,729.0 190.6,713.8 189.0,698.0C187.4,682.2 180.0,659.7 186.0,636.0C192.0,612.3 212.4,607.8 218.0,584.0C223.6,560.2 225.8,483.2 226.0,467.0C226.2,450.8 221.2,443.0 220.0,427.0C218.8,411.0 222.2,402.8 220.0,387.0C217.8,371.2 209.6,340.3 205.0,321.0C200.4,301.7 196.5,278.9 193.0,273.0C189.5,267.1 172.5,277.8 176.0,272.0C179.5,266.2 189.0,261.7 194.0,255.0C199.0,248.3 200.7,244.1 203.0,236.0C205.3,227.9 206.0,218.0 208.0,206.0" linkedTo="360"/>
      <path id="85948" points="144.0,886.0, 153.0,739.0, 105.0,601.0,belay 140.0,592.0, 172.0,573.0, 246.0,489.0, 280.0,333.0, 302.0,251.0,belay 280.0,236.0, 264.0,211.0, 263.0,190.0, 273.0,148.0, 289.0,116.0,belay" d="M144.0,886.0C147.6,827.2 160.9,796.9 153.0,739.0C145.1,681.1 106.3,615.4 105.0,601.0C103.7,586.6 126.7,597.6 140.0,592.0C153.3,586.4 161.3,583.4 172.0,573.0C182.7,562.6 227.6,529.8 246.0,489.0C264.4,448.2 272.2,366.1 280.0,333.0C287.8,299.9 302.0,261.7 302.0,251.0C302.0,240.3 287.3,243.7 280.0,236.0C272.7,228.3 266.9,218.9 264.0,211.0C261.1,203.1 261.8,198.3 263.0,190.0C264.2,181.7 268.3,161.5 273.0,148.0C277.7,134.5 282.6,128.8 289.0,116.0" linkedTo="159"/>
      <path id="71852" points="525.0,899.0, 519.0,816.0, 524.0,736.0, 538.0,686.0, 564.0,665.0, 549.0,602.0, 519.0,522.0, 488.0,417.0, 484.0,311.0, 442.0,245.0, 397.0,181.0,belay 375.0,162.0, 377.0,137.0, 378.0,114.0, 387.0,72.0,belay" d="M525.0,899.0C522.6,865.8 519.2,848.1 519.0,816.0C518.8,783.9 521.0,756.6 524.0,736.0C527.0,715.4 531.4,697.6 538.0,686.0C544.6,674.4 562.3,678.3 564.0,665.0C565.7,651.7 556.8,626.7 549.0,602.0C541.2,577.3 529.7,554.5 519.0,522.0C508.3,489.5 494.9,458.9 488.0,417.0C481.1,375.1 492.1,341.2 484.0,311.0C475.9,280.8 459.4,271.0 442.0,245.0C424.6,219.0 404.3,190.0 397.0,181.0C389.7,172.0 379.2,171.1 375.0,162.0C370.8,152.9 376.4,146.2 377.0,137.0C377.6,127.8 376.6,123.1 378.0,114.0C379.4,104.9 383.4,88.8 387.0,72.0" linkedTo="355"/>
      <path id="10111" points="122.0,593.0, 140.0,566.0,belay 154.0,542.0, 163.0,523.0, 175.0,501.0, 176.0,478.0, 170.0,452.0, 179.0,439.0, 174.0,419.0, 172.0,395.0,belay 167.0,358.0, 148.0,338.0, 152.0,295.0, 175.0,273.0,belay" d="M122.0,593.0C129.2,582.2 134.1,575.4 140.0,566.0C145.9,556.6 150.0,549.4 154.0,542.0C158.0,534.6 159.2,530.5 163.0,523.0C166.8,515.5 172.4,509.8 175.0,501.0C177.6,492.2 176.9,487.2 176.0,478.0C175.1,468.8 169.5,458.3 170.0,452.0C170.5,445.7 178.2,445.3 179.0,439.0C179.8,432.7 175.3,427.1 174.0,419.0C172.7,410.9 173.1,404.6 172.0,395.0C170.9,385.4 171.3,368.2 167.0,358.0C162.7,347.8 150.6,348.7 148.0,338.0C145.4,327.3 147.1,306.8 152.0,295.0C156.9,283.2 171.5,278.8 175.0,273.0" linkedTo="384"/>
      <path id="13296" points="379.0,643.0, 404.0,603.0, 412.0,567.0, 410.0,521.0, 434.0,470.0, 433.0,414.0, 417.0,360.0, 407.0,319.0, 415.0,277.0, 439.0,239.0," d="M379.0,643.0C389.0,627.0 398.1,616.5 404.0,603.0C409.9,589.5 410.9,581.7 412.0,567.0C413.1,552.3 405.9,539.0 410.0,521.0C414.1,503.0 429.3,491.9 434.0,470.0C438.7,448.1 436.4,436.1 433.0,414.0C429.6,391.9 421.5,376.3 417.0,360.0C412.5,343.7 407.4,335.9 407.0,319.0C406.6,302.1 408.6,292.9 415.0,277.0C421.4,261.1 429.4,254.2 439.0,239.0" linkedTo="386"/>
  <climb id="158" name="Rock Garden" number="180." grade="15" length="90m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="384" stars="**" extra="" number="181." name="Subterranean homesick alien" length="90" grade="22" fa="Simon Bischoff and Alex Hartshorne September 2020"/>
  <climb id="360" stars="*" extra="" number="182." name="Squirrel " length="" grade="" fa="Simon Bischoff, Hannah Vasiliades ">Nice multi pitch with a great chimney pitch through some amazing rock architecture. The 22 pitch is a bit out of character although fun. Easy to skip it by doing the start of the second pitch of AIP. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1 - (17) Climb the crux of the first pitch of AIP but when it backs off move right and step across the gully in a alcove to belay.&lt;br/&gt;2 - (22) Short but good little pitch. Up cracks and cool scoops. After a few punch moves head out on right leaning crack towards improbably looking torpedo chock-stone. Continue up easy ground to belay behind the tree below the chimney.&lt;br/&gt;3 - (12) Really fun chimney pitch. Straight up the chimney with a few entertaining squeezes. Belay at big ledge where a nice thread can be found. &lt;br/&gt;4 - (16) Step back over chimney from belay, make a few committing moves right on a small wire to get around the corner and onto the head wall. Pick your own adventure to the top. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="159" name="Adventures in Paradise" number="183." grade="18" length="85m" stars="**" extra="" fa=""/>
  <climb id="160" name="Adventures in Paradise Direct Finish" number="184." grade="17" length="18m" stars="**" extra="" fa="">Rap anchor at top of AiP DF. Right on 30m rap to mid point anchor on top of overhanging blob, 37m rap to ground.</climb>
  <climb id="161" name="Bonny Doon" number="185." grade="15" length="95m" stars=""/>
  <image id="354" legendy="17" legendx="7" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Hook line and Sinker.png">
      <path id="31844" linkedTo="162" d="M534.0,868.0C526.8,807.2 532.2,775.0 516.0,716.0C499.8,657.0 439.3,496.1 423.0,464.0C406.7,431.9 384.6,426.0 357.0,403.0C329.4,380.0 292.1,374.8 281.0,346.0C269.9,317.2 276.5,288.2 275.0,269.0C273.5,249.8 270.3,231.6 271.0,221.0C271.7,210.4 278.0,204.2 280.0,196.0C282.0,187.8 283.2,183.3 282.0,175.0C280.8,166.7 275.7,157.3 273.0,149.0C270.3,140.7 269.8,136.3 267.0,128.0C264.2,119.7 261.6,114.2 258.0,105.0" points="534.0,868.0, 516.0,716.0, 423.0,464.0, 357.0,403.0, 281.0,346.0, 275.0,269.0, 271.0,221.0, 280.0,196.0, 282.0,175.0, 273.0,149.0, 267.0,128.0, 258.0,105.0,lower"/>
      <path id="74622" linkedTo="355" d="M288.0,876.0C287.2,769.2 288.8,628.6 286.0,609.0C283.2,589.4 254.8,594.0 246.0,580.0C237.2,566.0 237.0,554.7 242.0,539.0C247.0,523.3 262.8,518.2 269.0,507.0C275.2,495.8 274.0,488.4 277.0,476.0C280.0,463.6 285.5,453.0 286.0,437.0C286.5,421.0 292.1,374.8 281.0,346.0" points="288.0,876.0, 286.0,609.0, 246.0,580.0, 242.0,539.0, 269.0,507.0, 277.0,476.0, 286.0,437.0, 281.0,346.0,"/>
      <path id="77047" points="178.0,741.0, 193.0,616.0, 214.0,528.0, 175.0,487.0, 175.0,427.0, 197.0,369.0, 208.0,322.0, 218.0,296.0, 222.0,226.0, 238.0,165.0, 263.0,122.0," d="M178.0,741.0C184.0,691.0 187.0,651.7 193.0,616.0C199.0,580.3 217.1,550.4 214.0,528.0C210.9,505.6 183.2,508.1 175.0,487.0C166.8,465.9 170.6,450.6 175.0,427.0C179.4,403.4 191.2,387.4 197.0,369.0C202.8,350.6 204.9,332.7 208.0,322.0C211.1,311.3 216.4,307.0 218.0,296.0C219.6,285.0 218.2,250.9 222.0,226.0C225.8,201.1 230.7,183.5 238.0,165.0C245.3,146.5 253.0,139.2 263.0,122.0" linkedTo="386"/>
  <climb id="358" stars="***" extra="" number="186." name="Firetail" length="30 m" grade="30" fa="Simon Bischoff ">This route is absolutely incredible. Definitely one of the best routes in Tassie for the grade and is a solid benchmark for a three star route! The first ascent saw an all out siege over 15 days and was sent at last light on the last day of the trip in true Flinders Island style. Start up the corner directly to the left of HLS direct. A few cams and wires get you to the first bolt at the first crux. Funky and sustained climbing through two more distinct cruxes. The final crux culminates in a spectacularly desperate throw to a jug. Continue up easy ground to anchor on ledge. A few extra wires may be needed here if you don't want to run it out. Like all hard routes on this wall, the best conditions can be found in the evening.</climb>
  <climb id="386" stars="***" extra="" number="187." name="Thrasher" length="35m" grade="30" fa="Simon Bischoff October 2020">Climb firetail corner and the first crux of firetail (bolt) then head right on bulging cracked arete to eventually join HLS. FA done placing the gear.</climb>
  <climb id="355" name="Hook, line and Sinker Direct" fa="Simon Bischoff 2016" extra="" number="188." grade="26" length="35m" stars="***">Sensational. Overhanging route on perfect rock. Head up cracks on good holds and slightly left around bulge past a bolt. Clip second bolt from rest with a long sling to reduce rope drag. Technical moves on right facing flake get you below the roof. Small cams or a #six protect the crux moves around the lip. Continue straight up to good rest below the hanging dihedral, which is the second pitch of hook line and sinker. Finish the final pitches as for hook and sinker. Unless im totally tripping this must be one of the best routes for the grade in Tasmania.</climb>
  <climb id="162" name="Hook, Line and Sinker" fa="Peter Woolford &amp; Russel Crow  Apr 1997, FFA. Doug McConnell &amp; Nick Hancock (alt)  Feb 2004" extra="" number="189." grade="26" length="81m" stars="***"/>
  >1. 20m (25) Climb the corner crack to the roof, traverse L and up to a hanging belay at the foot of the imposing blank corner.&lt;br/&gt;2. 25m (26) Stem up the incredible corner past good small wires and cams to the L hand finish over the capping bulge.&lt;br/&gt;3. 18m (21) Trend up R to airy prow then back L to upper corner line. Exit L to AP's third belay on big bushy ledge.&lt;br/&gt;4. 18m (17) Step L and climb black flake crack to small cave. Step R and through roof. Classic of the island , but the initial corner is sometimes wet.</climb>
  <climb id="163" name="Norseman" number="190." grade="24" length="60m" stars="**" extra="" fa="Robert Staszewski and J. Mendoza 10 January 1985">Starts up corner of HLS. &lt;br/&gt;1. 15m (23) Up Hook, Line and Sinker, traverse right at roof and take left line into the corner. Belay five metres above the roof. Better taking a bigger rack and eliminate this belay.&lt;br/&gt;2. 20m (24) Climb directly into small roof and steep black corner above. Initially 22, the black corner has been freed at around 24. Unfortunately the rock and gear kind of deteriorates here. Belay above on shattered ledges. &lt;br/&gt;3. 25m ? Up cracks and into bombay chimney up to the cave and belay.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="164" name="Peppermint" number="191." grade="23" length="60m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="165" name="Avalon" number="192." grade="22" length="70m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="166" name="Farewell Gesture" number="193." grade="18" length="55m" stars="***" extra="" fa="John Pawson and Wayne Maher 1983">The first pitch climb the obvious crack on the leftside of the pinnacle recess. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 35m (17) Climb up15m to the large ledge on the wall. Up the nice crack in the centre of the wall, the up small chimney in the overhang to a stance on the right.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 20m (18) step left and make some tricky moves heading left around over hang and into a nice corner crack. Abseil off bollards</climb>
  <climb id="167" name="Carnival of Fear" number="194." grade="21" length="75m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="168" name="Hysterectomy" number="195." grade="20" length="75m" stars=""/>
  <text id="325" class="heading2">The Pinnacle</text>
  <image id="406" src="right side.jpg" height="533" width="800" printLayout="FitToPage"/>
  <image id="335" legendTitle="The Pinnacle" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Far Away Places.jpg">
      <path id="50338" linkedTo="170" d="M359.0,892.0C354.2,820.0 352.6,778.9 347.0,712.0C341.4,645.1 331.6,556.7 330.0,545.0C328.4,533.3 330.0,524.6 321.0,517.0C312.0,509.4 292.4,524.1 291.0,512.0C289.6,499.9 297.4,348.2 298.0,325.0C298.6,301.8 297.4,290.2 297.0,267.0C296.6,243.8 296.9,227.8 296.0,209.0C295.1,190.2 298.1,176.0 292.0,162.0C285.9,148.0 270.4,143.7 264.0,136.0C257.6,128.3 253.1,123.9 252.0,114.0C250.9,104.1 256.2,99.6 259.0,90.0" points="359.0,892.0, 347.0,712.0, 330.0,545.0, 321.0,517.0, 291.0,512.0, 298.0,325.0, 297.0,267.0, 296.0,209.0, 292.0,162.0, 264.0,136.0, 252.0,114.0, 259.0,90.0,lower"/>
      <rect style="black_text_on_solid_yellow" id="95917" width="32" height="23" y="67" x="261" text="36m"/>
      <path id="77285" points="75.0,707.0, 105.0,534.0, 132.0,457.0, 192.0,467.0, 285.0,535.0," d="M75.0,707.0C87.0,637.8 97.7,565.8 105.0,534.0C112.3,502.2 112.7,471.8 132.0,457.0C151.3,442.2 170.3,455.9 192.0,467.0C213.7,478.1 247.8,507.8 285.0,535.0" lineStyle="dotted"/>
  <climb id="169" name="Stone the Crows" number="196." grade="17" length="55m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="170" name="Far Away Places" number="197." grade="18" length="40m" stars="**" extra="" fa="">Lovely route. You can lower off with a 60m rope to the ledge and scramble the last past on the left of the recess.</climb>
  <climb id="171" name="Well Hung" number="198." grade="18" length="27m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="172" name="So Fine" number="199." grade="20" length="27m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="173" name="White Water" number="200." grade="17" length="38m" stars=""/>
  <image id="326" legendTitle="Dildo Direct" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Dildo Direct.jpg">
      <path id="42255" linkedTo="174" d="M282.0,876.0C288.0,772.0 295.0,720.2 297.0,616.0C299.0,511.8 295.3,419.2 292.0,343.0C288.7,266.8 280.5,199.4 277.0,153.0C273.5,106.6 272.2,83.4 269.0,37.0" points="282.0,876.0, 297.0,616.0, 292.0,343.0, 277.0,153.0, 269.0,37.0,"/>
  <climb id="174" name="Dildo Direct" fa="Mark Colyvan 20 January 1984" extra="" number="201." grade="23" length="50m" stars="">The greasy looking offwidth on the West side of the pillar. So bloody good. Requires hand stacking :)</climb>
  <image id="363" src="pinnacle.jpg" height="900" width="600">
      <path id="64352" points="200.0,835.0, 209.0,569.0,belay 148.0,519.0, 146.0,415.0, 113.0,359.0,belay 133.0,245.0, 183.0,116.0,belay" d="M200.0,835.0C203.6,728.6 214.1,600.1 209.0,569.0C203.9,537.9 159.9,548.2 148.0,519.0C136.1,489.8 151.6,440.4 146.0,415.0C140.4,389.6 115.0,384.9 113.0,359.0C111.0,333.1 120.2,289.5 133.0,245.0C145.8,200.5 163.0,167.6 183.0,116.0" linkedTo="179"/>
      <path id="31207" points="327.0,547.0, 346.0,480.0, 376.0,427.0, 365.0,378.0, 356.0,356.0, 345.0,348.0, 338.0,317.0, 324.0,244.0, 318.0,159.0,lower" d="M327.0,547.0C334.6,520.2 336.8,502.6 346.0,480.0C355.2,457.4 372.3,446.7 376.0,427.0C379.7,407.3 367.6,387.2 365.0,378.0C362.4,368.8 359.0,360.5 356.0,356.0C353.0,351.5 347.3,352.9 345.0,348.0C342.7,343.1 340.5,329.5 338.0,317.0C335.5,304.5 327.7,273.5 324.0,244.0C320.3,214.5 320.4,193.0 318.0,159.0" linkedTo="362"/>
      <path id="54537" points="312.0,532.0, 311.0,536.0, 303.0,482.0, 285.0,418.0, 277.0,373.0, 275.0,356.0, 280.0,328.0, 281.0,295.0, 271.0,271.0, 282.0,256.0,belay 283.0,229.0, 283.0,186.0, 281.0,159.0, 268.0,137.0, 271.0,112.0, 284.0,89.0, 285.0,44.0," d="M312.0,532.0C311.6,533.6 311.3,537.6 311.0,536.0C310.7,534.4 307.7,503.3 303.0,482.0C298.3,460.7 289.2,435.8 285.0,418.0C280.8,400.2 278.1,379.8 277.0,373.0C275.9,366.2 274.5,362.8 275.0,356.0C275.5,349.2 278.9,339.3 280.0,328.0C281.1,316.7 282.6,305.3 281.0,295.0C279.4,284.7 270.8,278.4 271.0,271.0C271.2,263.6 280.0,263.2 282.0,256.0C284.0,248.8 282.8,239.8 283.0,229.0C283.2,218.2 283.3,196.8 283.0,186.0C282.7,175.2 284.0,168.8 281.0,159.0C278.0,149.2 270.1,146.9 268.0,137.0C265.9,127.1 267.8,121.6 271.0,112.0C274.2,102.4 281.9,99.4 284.0,89.0C286.1,78.6 284.6,62.0 285.0,44.0" linkedTo="365"/>
      <path id="75282" points="319.0,8.0,lower-left 292.0,38.0," d="M319.0,8.0C308.2,20.0 302.8,26.0 292.0,38.0" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="81909" points="404.0,778.0, 393.0,668.0, 345.0,575.0, 320.0,532.0," d="M404.0,778.0C399.6,734.0 404.7,708.2 393.0,668.0C381.3,627.8 354.4,592.5 345.0,575.0C335.6,557.5 330.0,549.2 320.0,532.0" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="43912" points="490.0,776.0, 487.0,540.0, 489.0,465.0,belay 452.0,282.0,belay 440.0,123.0, 443.0,57.0, 458.0,2.0," d="M490.0,776.0C488.8,681.6 487.1,570.0 487.0,540.0C486.9,510.0 493.0,494.7 489.0,465.0C485.0,435.3 461.0,345.1 452.0,282.0C443.0,218.9 441.1,149.4 440.0,123.0C438.9,96.6 439.6,79.6 443.0,57.0C446.4,34.4 452.0,24.0 458.0,2.0" linkedTo="187"/>
  <climb id="175" name="Tendonitis" number="202." grade="20" length="68m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="176" name="Tendonitis Variant Finish" number="203." grade="15" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="177" name="Avoid Overhangs" number="204." grade="21" length="30m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="178" name="Captain Pugwash" number="205." grade="19" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="179" name="A Christmas Carol" number="206." grade="16" length="45m" stars="*" extra="" fa="Wayne Maher, Iain Sedgman (alt), A Salisbury, 25.12.81">1. (16) 17m. climb crack to ledge&lt;br/&gt;2. (16) 16m. from the ledge step around left and climb the bottomless chimney to the over hang (crux). Traverse left to the arete and belay.&lt;br/&gt;3. 12m. Head to the top on easy terrain. &lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="180" name="Plain Sailing" number="207." grade="18" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="181" name="Rich Girl" number="208." grade="22" length="55m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="182" name="Inheritance" number="209." grade="22" length="43m" stars="***"/>
  <climb id="183" name="Circumcision" number="210." grade="12" length="46m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="365" stars="**" extra="" number="211." name="Golden Ticket" length="45m" grade="17" fa="Merry Schimanski and Simon Bischoff 2019">Fantastic route with lots of interesting climbing.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. 20m (17) Start by scrambling up to the top of the recess. Head up the chimney on good holds until you reach an under cling flake, jam through this until you can begin stemming on the opposite wall. Head up the crack for a few more metres until you can step across to the adjacent wall at a large obvious pod and a Double Bolt belay. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;2. 25m (17) Continue up crack system to the R of the belay, Mostly Trending L and slightly back R near the summit. There is a bolted rap anchor 10 metres back from the summit. With a 60 metre rope you can rappel to the top of the pinnacle and then make a second rappel to the ground.</climb>
  <climb id="362" stars="***" extra="" number="212." name="Milk and Honey" length="25m" grade="26" fa="Merry Schimanski 2019">A brilliant route with steep technical jamming on perfect rock with ample protection. Start by scrambling to the top of the recess where you can make a belay with a chock-stone. Climb weakness in slab that trends right to the base of the steep climbing. Follow the natural line until an obvious lower off from a big horn appears as the crack widens and the climbing becomes easier. Take some tat for the horn or continue to the summit with a fairly moderate pitch.</climb>
  <image id="366" src="milk and honey (1 of 1).jpg" height="600" width="400">
      <path id="29015" points="92.0,593.0, 91.0,593.0, 101.0,536.0, 142.0,491.0, 180.0,447.0, 185.0,412.0, 185.0,381.0, 166.0,359.0, 156.0,323.0, 167.0,295.0, 184.0,275.0, 196.0,197.0, 210.0,1.0," d="M92.0,593.0C92.1,592.6 90.9,593.4 91.0,593.0C91.1,592.6 90.6,556.7 101.0,536.0C111.4,515.3 126.6,508.4 142.0,491.0C157.4,473.6 173.2,459.4 180.0,447.0C186.8,434.6 184.1,424.4 185.0,412.0C185.9,399.6 188.9,391.9 185.0,381.0C181.1,370.1 171.2,369.4 166.0,359.0C160.8,348.6 155.8,335.0 156.0,323.0C156.2,311.0 161.7,304.1 167.0,295.0C172.3,285.9 181.0,285.1 184.0,275.0C187.0,264.9 193.0,228.4 196.0,197.0C199.0,165.6 204.4,79.4 210.0,1.0" linkedTo="362"/>
  <climb id="184" name="Bobbit" number="213." grade="22" length="55m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="185" name="Excuses" number="214." grade="21" length="50m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="186" name="Mr.Jeremy Fisher" number="215." grade="22" length="50m" stars="*"/>
  <text id="339" class="heading2">Soaks</text>
  <image id="340" legendy="5" legendx="432" legendTitle="The Soaks" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Soaks.jpg">
      <path id="51423" linkedTo="188" d="M334.0,870.0C330.8,752.4 327.2,606.9 326.0,576.0C324.8,545.1 330.9,527.5 319.0,499.0C307.1,470.5 270.9,478.7 241.0,461.0C211.1,443.3 183.8,436.4 160.0,405.0C136.2,373.6 119.5,309.0 114.0,294.0C108.5,279.0 104.6,271.0 105.0,255.0C105.4,239.0 114.5,165.1 118.0,120.0C121.5,74.9 121.6,52.2 124.0,7.0" points="334.0,870.0, 326.0,576.0, 319.0,499.0, 241.0,461.0,label 160.0,405.0, 114.0,294.0, 105.0,255.0, 118.0,120.0, 124.0,7.0,"/>
      <path id="94343" linkedTo="341" d="M318.0,498.0C306.1,469.5 274.4,343.4 276.0,309.0C277.6,274.6 321.2,261.7 330.0,242.0C338.8,222.3 336.3,208.7 330.0,188.0C323.7,167.3 282.6,77.2 273.0,56.0C263.4,34.8 257.4,24.8 247.0,4.0" points="318.0,498.0, 276.0,309.0,label 330.0,242.0, 330.0,188.0, 273.0,56.0, 247.0,4.0,"/>
      <path id="1146" d="" points=""/>
  <image id="368" src="rainshadow.jpg" height="800" width="600">
      <path id="42653" points="379.0,766.0, 383.0,685.0, 391.0,668.0, 388.0,606.0,belay 394.0,484.0,belay 391.0,430.0, 381.0,395.0, 378.0,361.0, 366.0,311.0, 355.0,212.0, 353.0,147.0,belay" d="M379.0,766.0C380.6,733.6 382.1,692.5 383.0,685.0C383.9,677.5 390.5,675.5 391.0,668.0C391.5,660.5 387.6,630.8 388.0,606.0C388.4,581.2 393.6,505.6 394.0,484.0C394.4,462.4 393.1,444.4 391.0,430.0C388.9,415.6 383.5,408.4 381.0,395.0C378.5,381.6 380.4,374.4 378.0,361.0C375.6,347.6 369.1,331.3 366.0,311.0C362.9,290.7 357.1,237.9 355.0,212.0C352.9,186.1 353.8,173.0 353.0,147.0" linkedTo="187"/>
      <path id="14318" points="188.0,95.0,lower-right" d="M188.0,95.0"/>
      <path id="81620" points="251.0,262.0,lower" d="M251.0,262.0"/>
      <path id="65374" points="148.0,718.0, 138.0,643.0, 135.0,575.0, 128.0,486.0, 120.0,443.0, 118.0,421.0, 128.0,415.0,belay 118.0,384.0, 114.0,360.0, 109.0,307.0, 92.0,254.0,lower" d="M148.0,718.0C144.0,688.0 140.5,670.1 138.0,643.0C135.5,615.9 136.7,602.2 135.0,575.0C133.3,547.8 130.0,503.4 128.0,486.0C126.0,468.6 121.3,451.7 120.0,443.0C118.7,434.3 116.7,425.5 118.0,421.0C119.3,416.5 128.0,419.7 128.0,415.0C128.0,410.3 120.4,393.4 118.0,384.0C115.6,374.6 115.1,369.7 114.0,360.0C112.9,350.3 113.3,327.8 109.0,307.0C104.7,286.2 98.8,275.2 92.0,254.0" linkedTo="166"/>
      <path id="36040" points="238.0,253.0, 238.0,256.0, 234.0,233.0, 214.0,211.0, 208.0,185.0, 215.0,163.0, 219.0,145.0, 188.0,95.0," d="M238.0,253.0C237.7,251.8 238.3,257.2 238.0,256.0C237.7,254.8 238.4,241.2 234.0,233.0C229.6,224.8 219.1,220.4 214.0,211.0C208.9,201.6 207.8,194.2 208.0,185.0C208.2,175.8 213.0,170.1 215.0,163.0C217.0,155.9 221.7,151.9 219.0,145.0C216.3,138.1 200.4,115.0 188.0,95.0" linkedTo="365"/>
  <climb id="187" name="Rain Shadow" number="216." grade="19" length="70m" stars="" extra="" fa="John Pawson and Wayne Maher 17.1.83">Usually people only climb the first pitch and lower off some fixed gear, the top pitches are well worth doing though. Originally climbed to the summit in two pitches it can be nicer to do as three even though the middle pitch is short it packs some punch. Descend as for Golden Ticket or AIP. &lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;1. (19) 15m. The slippery right leaning crack up to fixed gear and belay.&lt;br/&gt;2. (19) 10m. Continue up the line to a small but comfy belay stance.&lt;br/&gt;3. (16) 30m. Continue straight up the lovely crack system which eventually backs of to more slabby territory on grey rock.&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <climb id="188" name="Do Not Fear" number="217." grade="20" length="50m" stars="**" extra="" fa="Robert Staszewski and John Pawson. 27 December 1986">Excellent. Start in the flaky orange scoop to the left of the old soaks. Up the scoop to overlap then move left till you almost join Rainshadow. Instead, trend R to the bombay alcove and locate the anchor for Park and Soak.</climb>
  <climb id="341" name="Park and Soak" fa="John Fischer, Alex Hartshorne 9th December 2014" extra="" number="218." grade="26" length="30m" stars="***">Just left of the soaks there is a bolt about 13 metres up. Start up the easy face under the bolt and trending left with good gear until the overhangs are reached. Move up and right to a bomber big cam placement (#4 camalot). Committing moves to an amazing undercling let you clip the bolt. The bolt protected crux is a crazy sequence R into the corner then up and back left to a massive jug. Tricky corner (22) up to a big hueco filled cave to a roof. Turn the roof using the giant ear of rock at about grade 22. DBB immediately after roof. The next pitch is a 25 metre 14 that will be popular for people looking for another moderate pitch before rapping to the ground.</climb>
  <climb id="189" name="Shipwreck" number="219." grade="16" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="190" name="Scotch and Dry" number="220." grade="20" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="191" name="Wobbles Water World" number="221." grade="12" length="??" stars=""/>
  <climb id="192" name="Cam It" number="222." grade="17" length="53m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="193" name="Loch Ness" number="223." grade="11" length="45m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="194" name="Tilt in the Kilt" number="224." grade="15" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <image id="369" src="uyk.jpg" height="450" width="300">
      <path id="67854" points="152.0,400.0, 151.0,400.0, 158.0,313.0, 139.0,274.0, 150.0,194.0, 158.0,32.0,lower" d="M152.0,400.0C152.0,399.6 151.0,400.4 151.0,400.0C151.0,399.6 159.6,330.3 158.0,313.0C156.4,295.7 140.2,291.3 139.0,274.0C137.8,256.7 147.5,226.2 150.0,194.0C152.5,161.8 166.2,85.2 158.0,32.0" linkedTo="195"/>
      <path id="23464" points="179.0,382.0, 183.0,301.0, 195.0,245.0, 201.0,208.0, 211.0,154.0, 159.0,30.0," d="M179.0,382.0C180.6,349.6 180.3,323.8 183.0,301.0C185.7,278.2 192.2,259.7 195.0,245.0C197.8,230.3 198.4,222.8 201.0,208.0C203.6,193.2 216.0,175.4 211.0,154.0C206.0,132.6 167.2,83.2 159.0,30.0" linkedTo="196"/>
  <text id="380" class="heading1">Sedgies Buttress</text>
  <climb id="195" name="Up Your Kilt" number="225." grade="14" length="17m" stars="*" extra="" fa="Stuart Willis and Chris Reeves 27.12.80">A pretty average route really. But deservedly popular as low commitment, easy route with good pro and U Bolts lower offs.</climb>
  <climb id="196" name="Mantis" number="226." grade="16" length="18m" stars="" extra="" fa="John Pawson, Robert Staszewski, Wayne Maher 28.12.86">Starts in shallow corner 1m right of UYK. The face with two mantle shelf moves to the lower off. Kind of sketchy at the start, better off top roping it or leading UYK for the first 5-6m until you can traverse right into the line.</climb>
  <image id="364" src="sedgies.jpg" height="400" width="600">
      <path id="20893" points="256.0,372.0, 261.0,264.0, 259.0,233.0, 241.0,222.0, 245.0,183.0, 253.0,161.0, 234.0,132.0,belay" d="M256.0,372.0C258.0,328.8 260.7,276.4 261.0,264.0C261.3,251.6 262.6,240.6 259.0,233.0C255.4,225.4 243.3,230.1 241.0,222.0C238.7,213.9 243.2,192.2 245.0,183.0C246.8,173.8 255.0,170.2 253.0,161.0C251.0,151.8 234.2,138.6 234.0,132.0" linkedTo="198"/>
      <path id="86678" points="193.0,370.0, 204.0,309.0, 207.0,286.0, 207.0,233.0, 234.0,132.0," d="M193.0,370.0C197.4,345.6 202.5,318.2 204.0,309.0C205.5,299.8 206.6,295.3 207.0,286.0C207.4,276.7 203.3,253.9 207.0,233.0C210.7,212.1 234.2,138.6 234.0,132.0" linkedTo="342"/>
      <path id="76053" points="250.0,380.0," d="M250.0,380.0"/>
      <path id="39452" points="249.0,354.0, 244.0,324.0, 242.0,282.0, 243.0,270.0, 222.0,271.0, 229.0,205.0, 234.0,131.0," d="M249.0,354.0C247.0,342.0 245.2,336.1 244.0,324.0C242.8,311.9 243.5,286.6 242.0,282.0C240.5,277.4 244.5,274.6 243.0,270.0C241.5,265.4 223.8,279.2 222.0,271.0C220.2,262.8 226.7,231.5 229.0,205.0C231.3,178.5 232.0,160.6 234.0,131.0" linkedTo="197"/>
      <path id="63478" points="222.0,133.0, 209.0,123.0, 200.0,109.0, 183.0,109.0, 156.0,114.0, 137.0,126.0, 112.0,127.0,lower" d="M222.0,133.0C221.8,126.4 213.4,127.8 209.0,123.0C204.6,118.2 205.9,112.2 200.0,109.0C194.1,105.8 189.8,108.2 183.0,109.0C176.2,109.8 164.4,110.9 156.0,114.0C147.6,117.1 145.6,123.5 137.0,126.0C128.4,128.5 122.0,126.6 112.0,127.0" lineStyle="dotted"/>
      <path id="80310" points="243.0,269.0, 245.0,250.0, 226.0,229.0," d="M243.0,269.0C243.8,261.4 248.0,257.0 245.0,250.0C242.0,243.0 233.6,237.4 226.0,229.0" linkedTo="387"/>
  <climb id="342" name="Offhand Comment" fa="J. Fischer, N. Tietze, S. Young 17 Feb. 2015" extra="" number="227." grade="27" length="25m" stars="**">First crack L of Grunter. Crux is a short flaring hand crack with excellent pro. Finish up 15 metres of grade 22 fun. All gear. DBB</climb>
  <climb id="197" name="Grunter" number="228." grade="21" length="40m" stars="" extra="" fa="John Pawson and Robert Staszewski 27.12.86">The fierce thrutchy crack to the left of Sporran.</climb>
  <climb id="387" stars="" extra="" number="229." name="Munter" length="25m" grade="23" fa="Simon Bischoff October 2020">If you get lost on Grunter you're probably on this. Interesting climbing for a few metres climbing the through the roofs to join Grunter.</climb>
  <climb id="198" name="Sporran" number="230." grade="13" length="65m" stars="" extra="" fa="M. Norton and A Mihan 2.1.81">Better than it looks. Up chimney, through steepness and traverse out left before the tree rather than continue up the crack line.</climb>
  <climb id="199" name="Dire Straits" number="231." grade="18" length="??m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="200" name="Genesis, One, Nine" number="232." grade="19" length="93m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="201" name="Toss the Caber" number="233." grade="14" length="72m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="202" name="White Burgundy" number="234." grade="18" length="65m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="203" name="Exodus Twenty,Three" number="235." grade="16" length="70m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="204" name="Going Coasty" number="236." grade="18,M0" length="26m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="205" name="Highland Games" number="237." grade="16" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="206" name="Rechabites Picnic" number="238." grade="14" length="80m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="207" name="Edge of Reality" number="239." grade="17" length="50m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="208" name="New Year&apos;s Revelations" number="240." grade="18" length="90m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="209" name="P Power" number="241." grade="21" length="22m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="210" name="Highland Malt" number="242." grade="17" length="28m" stars=""/>
  <image id="312" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Siberian Khatru.jpg">
      <path id="92315" linkedTo="311" d="M308.0,547.0C318.0,499.8 326.9,462.0 333.0,429.0C339.1,396.0 335.3,377.8 345.0,346.0C354.7,314.2 371.8,297.2 381.0,271.0C390.2,244.8 395.5,230.8 395.0,203.0C394.5,175.2 380.9,129.9 378.0,110.0C375.1,90.1 375.6,80.0 374.0,60.0" points="308.0,547.0, 333.0,429.0, 345.0,346.0, 381.0,271.0, 395.0,203.0, 378.0,110.0, 374.0,60.0,lower"/>
  <climb id="311" name="Siberian Khatru" fa="Simon Bischoff Feb 2015" extra="" number="243." grade="24" length="20m" stars="**">The obvious prow with a crack running up it on the far right of Sedgies buttress. The start (crux) is protected by a single bolt and bomber gear follows. Bolted anchor at the top.&lt;br/&gt;</climb>
  <text id="310" class="heading2">Sedgies Buttress Alcove</text>
  <image id="344" legendTitle="Sedgies Buttress Alcove" legend="true" width="600" height="900" src="Flinders Island Topos - Sedgies Buttress Alcove.jpg">
      <path id="36129" linkedTo="211" d="M488.0,845.0C482.0,719.8 477.2,611.6 473.0,532.0C468.8,452.4 461.9,399.5 461.0,333.0C460.1,266.5 479.0,206.5 468.0,167.0C457.0,127.5 418.7,117.3 395.0,95.0C371.3,72.7 358.4,62.6 334.0,41.0" points="488.0,845.0, 473.0,532.0, 461.0,333.0, 468.0,167.0, 395.0,95.0, 334.0,41.0,"/>
      <path id="96309" linkedTo="343" d="M337.0,863.0C340.2,727.8 344.1,592.2 345.0,525.0C345.9,457.8 364.5,418.2 344.0,357.0C323.5,295.8 258.1,246.1 246.0,229.0C233.9,211.9 226.2,194.8 221.0,183.0C215.8,171.2 215.6,164.4 212.0,152.0" points="337.0,863.0, 345.0,525.0, 344.0,357.0, 246.0,229.0, 221.0,183.0, 212.0,152.0,lower"/>
  <climb id="343" name="Simons Route - Name ??" fa="Simon Young Feb 2015" extra="Þ" number="244." grade="27" length="15m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="211" name="Crayfish Pots and Bowline Knots" number="245." grade="20" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="212" name="Rock Bottom" number="246." grade="20" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="213" name="Incinerator" number="247." grade="16" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="214" name="Litter Tiger" number="248." grade="11" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="215" name="Bush Bash" number="249." grade="12" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="216" name="Kathunk" number="250." grade="20" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="217" name="Three Fingers" number="251." grade="20" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <text id="313" class="heading2">Billy Goat Bluff</text>
  <image id="315" legendTitle="Billy Goat Bluff" legend="true" width="1200" height="800" src="Flinders Island Topos - Billy Goat Bluff.jpg">
      <path id="47422" linkedTo="314" d="M861.0,410.0C865.4,385.2 868.4,362.9 872.0,348.0C875.6,333.1 880.6,322.4 885.0,312.0C889.4,301.6 894.7,297.8 898.0,287.0C901.3,276.2 905.8,251.6 911.0,228.0" points="861.0,410.0, 872.0,348.0, 885.0,312.0, 898.0,287.0, 911.0,228.0,"/>
      <path id="30799" linkedTo="225" d="M409.0,584.0C407.4,559.2 408.7,546.6 405.0,522.0C401.3,497.4 394.6,467.4 388.0,444.0C381.4,420.6 374.0,399.0 367.0,387.0C360.0,375.0 352.6,370.4 341.0,364.0C329.4,357.6 309.0,355.0 309.0,355.0" points="409.0,584.0, 405.0,522.0, 388.0,444.0, 367.0,387.0, 341.0,364.0, 309.0,355.0,"/>
      <path id="7113" linkedTo="221" d="M309.0,355.0C309.0,355.0 309.0,355.0 309.0,355.0C309.0,355.0 314.0,327.7 322.0,313.0C330.0,298.3 337.9,293.6 349.0,281.0C360.1,268.4 368.4,259.0 382.0,245.0C395.6,231.0 402.9,220.6 420.0,208.0C437.1,195.4 454.2,188.2 477.0,175.0" points="309.0,355.0, 309.0,355.0, 322.0,313.0, 349.0,281.0,label 382.0,245.0, 420.0,208.0, 477.0,175.0,"/>
      <path id="67537" linkedTo="227" d="M988.0,413.0C991.2,382.2 992.8,366.8 996.0,336.0C999.2,305.2 1002.0,278.4 1006.0,240.0" points="988.0,413.0, 996.0,336.0, 1006.0,240.0,"/>
      <path id="92737" linkedTo="228" d="M689.0,609.0C685.4,597.0 686.2,589.9 680.0,579.0C673.8,568.1 659.0,553.5 647.0,535.0C635.0,516.5 622.9,494.7 612.0,474.0C601.1,453.3 589.7,443.4 587.0,421.0C584.3,398.6 585.6,377.7 599.0,366.0C612.4,354.3 625.5,369.0 643.0,372.0C660.5,375.0 685.6,380.3 714.0,386.0C742.4,391.7 777.3,399.3 792.0,402.0C806.7,404.7 814.1,407.5 829.0,407.0C843.9,406.5 897.0,413.7 919.0,398.0C941.0,382.3 930.5,358.8 934.0,332.0C937.5,305.2 938.8,267.2 942.0,224.0" points="689.0,609.0, 680.0,579.0, 647.0,535.0, 612.0,474.0, 587.0,421.0, 599.0,366.0,belay 643.0,372.0, 714.0,386.0, 792.0,402.0, 829.0,407.0, 919.0,398.0,belay 934.0,332.0, 942.0,224.0,"/>
      <path id="63378" linkedTo="229" d="M1019.0,551.0C1020.2,515.8 1024.2,476.4 1022.0,463.0C1019.8,449.6 1008.8,447.4 1000.0,437.0" points="1019.0,551.0, 1022.0,463.0, 1000.0,437.0,"/>
      <path id="47193" d="" points=""/>
  <climb id="218" name="Running for the Bus" number="252." grade="15" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="219" name="Vanishing Bus" number="253." grade="14" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="220" name="GoatTrack" number="254." grade="13" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="221" name="Unprecedented Finale" number="255." grade="13" length="30m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="222" name="Granitoid Dichotomy" number="256." grade="13" length="55m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="223" name="Shimmer" number="257." grade="16" length="36m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="224" name="Moon Landing" number="258." grade="16" length="48m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="225" name="Slash" fa="" extra="" number="259." grade="20" length="35m" stars="***">A great line!&lt;br/&gt;2x BDc4#6's 2x BDc4#5's sling a chockstone then a full rack from BDc4#4 to BDc4#0.3&lt;br/&gt;GPS Coordinates (Flinders Island - Killiecrankie - Climb = Slash)</climb>
  <climb id="226" name="Sandy Codpiece" number="260." grade="12" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="228" name="Ziggy" number="261." grade="12" length="62m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="229" name="Crackling Crystals" number="262." grade="14" length="18m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="314" name="Currawong crack" fa="FA. Joel Murray and Ben French Dec 2014 FFA Simon Bischoff Dec 2014" extra="" number="263." grade="25" length="25m" stars="***">Incredible finger/hand splitter crack, All gear.</climb>
  <climb id="227" name="Macho Man (Savage)" number="264." grade="18" length="26m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="230" name="Boags" number="265." grade="18" length="10m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="231" name="Sesame Street" number="266." grade="10" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="232" name="Don&apos;t Blink" number="267." grade="10" length="12m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="233" name="Gone Fishing" number="268." grade="8" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="234" name="Hook, Line and Sinker" number="269." grade="8" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="235" name="The One That Got Away" number="270." grade="15,M2" length="42m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="236" name="Barracouta" number="271." grade="13" length="27m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="237" name="Minutes To Memories" number="272." grade="17" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="238" name="Attack of the Killer Rainbow" number="273." grade="15" length="32m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="239" name="Waiting For Harry" number="274." grade="10" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="240" name="Jack High" number="275." grade="16" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="241" name="Gas Attack" number="276." grade="8" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="242" name="Trench Warfare" number="277." grade="14" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="243" name="Crank Start" number="278." grade="14" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="244" name="Bird of Pray" number="279." grade="17" length="60m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="245" name="Cock-Up" number="280." grade="8" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="246" name="Vasectomy" number="281." grade="15" length="30m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="247" name="Darren&apos;s Downfall" number="282." grade="18" length="20m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="248" name="Wheatly&apos;s Wackers" number="283." grade="20" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="249" name="Colin Ain&apos;t Here, Man" number="284." grade="16" length="20m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="250" name="Foreskin Fred" number="285." grade="14" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="251" name="Juggler&apos;s Slab" number="286." grade="13" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="252" name="Feed the Fear" number="287." grade="18" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="253" name="Jamb for Joy" number="288." grade="16" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="254" name="Money for Jam" number="289." grade="14" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="255" name="Girl&apos;s Best Friend" number="290." grade="13" length="23m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="256" name="Your Worship" number="291." grade="15" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="257" name="Spike Milligan" number="292." grade="15" length="21m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="258" name="Staghorn" number="293." grade="13" length="24m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="259" name="Scorpion" number="294." grade="14" length="25m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="260" name="Sitting on a Fortune" number="295." grade="15" length="50m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="261" name="Underneath the Arches" number="296." grade="18" length="50m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="262" name="Rutting With a Beached Whale" number="297." grade="18" length="75m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="263" name="Swans" number="298." grade="17" length="57m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="264" name="Sea Eagle" number="299." grade="18" length="50m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="265" name="Dunklings" number="300." grade="21" length="35m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="266" name="Leapfrog" number="301." grade="21" length="47m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="267" name="Rough Cut" number="302." grade="22,M0" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="268" name="Diamonds are Forever" number="303." grade="18" length="48m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="269" name="First of the First" number="304." grade="12" length="40m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="270" name="Bridge Over Troubled Ants" number="305." grade="9" length="38m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="271" name="Snap,Crackle,and Pop" number="306." grade="20" length="32m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="272" name="Turkeys" number="307." grade="17" length="45m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="273" name="The Climb That Never Ended" number="308." grade="15" length="15m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="274" name="Ruby Red" number="309." grade="15" length="19m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="275" name="Royal Pearl" number="310." grade="20" length="10m" stars=""/>
  <climb id="276" name="Jewel Thief" number="311." grade="12" length="18m" stars=""/>
  <text id="409" class="heading3">Bottle Rocks</text>
  <climb id="353" name="Into the Barasco" fa="Nick Hancock, Angus McIntosh, Josh Gatehouse, Raiden Lemon &amp; Alex Hogan-Jones  Nov 2016" extra="" number="312." grade="16" length="20m" stars="">At Bottle Rocks south of Killiecrankie. On the furthest right (south) crag, north of the gully. Climb an easy crack to the bulge, step right, then up easier but poorly protected slabs.</climb>
  <text id="411" class="heading3">West End</text>
  <text id="413" class="text">Four km south of the turnoff to Killiecrankie township, head west on West End Road to the end of the road overlooking Roydon Island to the SE. Walk 15 mins beyond to below the large orange south facing cliff, topped with grey lichen. It's easily recognised by the massive R trending flake line down L, and the huge bomb bay roof up R. Avoid the scrub by starting the approach way L and trending R to a terrace leading across below the face from the far R.</text>
  <climb id="412" stars="**" extra="" number="313." name="Achilles Heel" length="60m" grade="26 A0" fa="Nick &amp; Heather Hancock  2020">1. 35m 22. In the centre of the cliff is a massive undercut R facing flake line. About 20 m R of this, climb the cool L facing flake with hidden good gear to a short traverse R. Pull up to a hanging flake, then crank over the roof on brilliant locks to a groove. Exit R past two bolts to a DBB on the spacious ledge.&lt;br/&gt;2. 10m 23. Bridge up the steep blank corner past bolts and traverse awkwardly R to a ledge below the massive roof and DBB.&lt;br/&gt;3. 15m 26 A0. Use the high anchor bolt to start up the juggy wall leading to the massive bomb bay chimney through the roof. Stem wildly out to the lip and crank up L to DBB above. All bolts for P2 &amp; 3.</climb>
  <text id="410" class="heading3">Blythe Point</text>
  <climb id="277" name="Picking Pumpkins" fa="Toby Story" extra="" number="314." grade="17" length="10m" stars="">At Blyth Point north of the Docks.</climb>
  <climb id="278" name="Runnel For Your Life" fa="Nick Hancock" extra="" number="315." grade="24" length="20m" stars="**"/>>On a large beak topped buttress, step across from a boulder and climb the thin face past carrot bolts and a sling to a cool tunnel finish.</climb>
  <climb id="279" name="One Small Step For Mankind, One Giant Leap For Sophie Le Roux" fa="Nick Hancock" extra="" number="316." grade="22" length="25m" stars="**"/>
  <climb id="280" name="Faith in Friction" number="317." grade="22" length="7m" stars="*"/>
  <climb id="281" name="Castle Rock" fa="Nick Hancock" extra="" number="318." grade="18,M2" length="20m" stars=""/>