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I may be hitting Hobart for work in ~2 weeks. I will try to link it with the 18-19th weekend if any locals feel like giving a 2 day tour of the local classics?  please email (will dot monks at gmail dot com), cheers!

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  1. Cripes they'll be lining up with an offer like that...

    1. Will is german for Wilma, and she's young tall blonde strong and will climb with anybody...

  2. Hi Will, Are you the one I met from Araps ( judgment day and so on ? ) If so,  I would be happy to climb again together, the pipes are fucking awesome, too many classics ;)

  3. Will Monks AUTHOR

    sorry, I'm not blonde (but thanks for trying Stu)... and not the fella from judgement day!  But if it keeps you interested I happily climb trad to mid 20s (or easier!).  still waiting for confirmation on the work trip but will be really keen to climb if possible.